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tv   France 24  LINKTV  May 28, 2018 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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24.": this is "france italy's president asked at imf official carlo cottarelli to form a government, after the man named last week as prime minister walked off the job after failing to get parliamentary -- approval for .is eurosceptic prime minister in colombia, anti-farc
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conservative ivanka duque -- v duque wins the first round, but in a runoff will face gustavo petro. france is buzzing over thehe heroism of an illegal immigrant a buildingho scacad barehanded to save a child. he has just been awarded an offer of french citizenship from president emmanuel macron. this hour in business, cutting the cost of fuel. the brazilian president is trying to and a weeklong trucker strike that has crippled large parts of latin america's largest economy. in france kicks off a plan to use money from lottery tickets to help save historic sites. first, our top story, live from paris.
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the president of italy has just asked a former imf official to be prime minister, after the man named last week failed to get approval for his aunt i.e. you ti-e.u. nomineeangi for minister. the five star movement and far right leg have joined in a coalition, but so far without success. josephine mckenna has been covering this story from rome. tell us a little more about this man, carlo cottarelli, and what his role is going to be in the coming weeks. josephine: carlo cottarelli is an economist.
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he is a former executive director of the international monetary fund. responsible for the review of public spending here in italy, and proposed serious reductions in spending. today, he said he was very honored to take up this exploratory mandate to form a government. he will gogo away and put togetr a list of ministers to take back to president mattarella. he will be proposing two get theives, if you can budget through and a vote of confidence from the parliament. he would seeee himself staying n government until early 2019, when there would be elecectionsn the new year. he fails to get a vote of confidence in the parliament, which is a real possibility, the parliament would be dissolved by the end of august, and we would see fresh elections in september. so a perioiod of transition, and
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of some instability, particularly as the main political players, the league italia, are talking about blocking him in power. genie: break this down a bit. the last man named prime minister stepped aside as the president of italy rejected one of his cabinet nominations. just to much power does the president have in italy, as opposed to the prime minister, and what effect might that have with this new person who has just been named? josephine: under the constitution, it is up to president sergio mattarella, who is elected by the parliament. it is up to him m to approveve e ministers. thth is why there were problems at thehe weekend when he rejectd the proroposed financnce minist, paolo savona, who was suggested by the northern league and the
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five star movement,t, because he german,osceptic and a anti- describing the euro as a german cage. it is up to the president to approve the list of ministers. as you know, we have heard rumors of impeachment proposals if he blocks the proposed list at the weekend. that is unlikely under this constitution. e.u. president is guardian of the italian voters and has a duty to n notiate thehe ministerial agendas proposed by any prime minister designate. going back to cottarelli, he sasays he will work very quiuicy to come up with h a list of candidates. they are likely to be more technocrats than politicians. aeir job isis to put in place workable b budget going into net year. his job will also be to attend
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various international meetings taking place in the next couple of months. josephine mckenna reporting from rome. two days after ireland back to historic change in its strict antiabortion law, british foreign minister theresa may is facing a showdown over abortion reform in northern ireland, a country that has some of the strictest rules in europe. far refused to back the reform and is facing calls within her cabinet to bring the near total ban in northern ireland in line with the more moderate law in the rest of the u.k. says only a northern irish government should change the rules, but the country has been without a working government since january 2017. in colombia, anti-farc conservative ivan duque way -- won the first round, causes a the 50% that
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runoff. she will face the first leftist candidate to make it to the final round. reporter: a conservative headquarters, celebrating wildly. their man has come out on top. won the first round with 39% of ththe vote. god and alltoto thank voted today,o expressing their voices for me and all other candidates. today, colombia's democracy has won. duque's victory sets up a second-round runoff since no candidate hit 50%. he will face left-wing candidate gustavo petro, bogota's former mayor, who ended second place with 25% of the vote. after the results came in, on the mind was already runoff. he stuck to one of his campaign
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themes, saving the peace deal with farc. >> this is what we are going to talk about at the ballot boxes in 15 days. the return to violence, or building peace. we have given it our all. we are not playing with fire. we can have a colombia that is at peace. reporter: it is the first time a left-wing candidate has made it to the second round. it is also the first election since the government signed the agreement with the farc rebel group in 2016. the deal is one of the major talking points of this election. petro supports it. duque has vowed to rewrite the agreement. the future of the peace deal will likely depend on the outcome of the second round runoff in june. genie: u.s. and north korean officials are scrambling to save a historic summit between donald trump and kim jong-un. delegations from both sides met
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at a border truce village on sunday to hammer out the details, with donald trump tweeting the summit has "brilliant potential" for the north. that is a major turnaround from three days ago, when trump said the summit was canceled. correspondent bruce harrison told us more. bruce: things are moving so quickly, it is really hard to keep up with all the developments. today, we just heard from officials in seoul that president moon jae-in and like to attend the summit hihimself,f talks go well between the u.s. and north korerea. they're seeing how does play out. the u.s. has a team at the border now, led d by a man named ambassador to the phphilippines.s. before he took that post, he served extensively in the u.s. state department regarding enter koreanan affairs, korean affairs in general. he is widely considerered to be onone of the state depararent'ss top experts in that field. in 2005, or at leastst under the
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bush administration, he was a key playayer in nuclear negotiatations at the time. ultimately, those talks did not convince north korea to abandon its weapons program, and that brbrings us to today, when we he another round of presidential administration's buying -- admi nistrations vying for the samee goal. thee talk tuesday w will focus n the summit a agenda and the key issues that should be discussed, denuclearization, how they can convince, the u.s. can convince kim jong-un to give up nuclear weapons. genie: that is bruce harrison reporting from seoul. let's look at other stories around the world. thousands of people forced to evacuate from florida as subtropical stormm alberto aims for the gulf coast. alabama and mississippi are in its sites as well, after flooding in cuba. forecasters warn of more in the u.s. tornadoes also expected across the florida panhandle.
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concern is rising in hawaii about a volcano which has been continuously spewing lava for several weeks now. in the past day alone, there were some 270 explosions from the summit of kilauea. the love of flow has crossed onto the property of a geothermal power station. flow has crossed onto the property of a geothermal power station, which has shut down. in germany, thousands of demonstrators faced off in mass rival rallies in berlin. police, who were out in force to keep those groups apart, said it was organized by the anti-islam alternative to germany, and over 5000 supporters, a counter demonstrations against the far right were five times larger than that. this weekend, all of france was buzzing over the heroic rescue of a four-year-old child by an illegal immigrant from mali. it took mamoudou gassama just
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seconds to scale four floors of a buildiding with his bare hand. the foototage went viral. today, he met french president emmanuel macron, who announced that the man who came to france as an illegal alien a few months ago we get french citizenship. has the details. simon: a presidential thank you, with french citizenship as a reward, and a job with the firemen brigade. emmanuel macroron wanted to personally congratulate mamoudou gassama, a 22-year-old migrant who saved a little boy hanging from a fourth floor balcony. after his meeting at the palace, the shy young man said he was very happy with his medal for bravery. happy to receive this award. the president was very nice. time i haverst received this kind of prize, so i am very happy. footage of his miraculous
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rescue went viral in a matter of hours. in just over 30 seconds, "spiderman" is to pull himself to rescue the child. focus has shifted from his personal situation to migrants who arrived in france, trimming of building a new life. in september 2017, the young man settled in paris illegally, before being temporarily housed in a welcome center east of the capital. his journey to france mirrors the cases of thousands of andle, leaving mali crossing deserts before a perilous journey across the mediterranean to italy, and finally arriving in france. with a promise of a job and a french passport, his dream should now become reality. genie: also in france, a special edition lottery and scratch card game is due to come out this fall. lotteryalled heritage is inspired by our british neighbors, and meant to help finance the restoration of some of france's most vulnerable
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monuments. peter o'brien takes a look. peter: you are forgotten treasures, g gems of french story. the proceeds of the heritage lottery, a national lottery and scratch card game to be launched in september, will help restore sosome of the most endangegered monumentnt from a fofort in others. to 18 of france's monuments in urgent needs of funds were benefit from the lottery, inspired by the british lottery fund. in 2017, then-candidate emmanuel macron made the lottery a campaign promise, a way to show attachment to france's history and grandeur. e> our monuments hour r -- ar up ofritage, one made passion and economic activities. peter: 5%, or around 2000
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monuments, are currently in jeopardy. the lottery and scratch cards are expected to generate 15 million euros to 20 million euros, but this is a scratch on the surface of a monumental challenge, as heritage spending has fallen 40% since 2010. the french government has said they will raise heritage spending by 5% next year. with this increase and a lottery, macron hopes his campaign promise to restore the symbols of french history will pay off. genie: let's take a closer look at the top stories. italy's president has asked carlo cottarelli to form a government, after the man named last week as prime minister walked off the job after failing foret presidential approval his eurosceptic proposal for finance minister. in colombia, anti-farc winsvative ivan duque round one of the presidential election, but under the 50% mark
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needed to avoid a runoff. he will face gustavo petro, the first ever leftist candidate too make it to the final round. and france is buzzing over the heroism of an illegagal immigrat who scaled a building barehanded to save a child. offer ofng awarded an french citizenship from president emmanuel macron, and a job as a fireman. it is time for our business update with brian quinn. you are going to start with emergency measures in brazil to end a strikeke by the nation's truckers that has crippled large parts of the economy. brian: for the past week, truck drivers protested soaring fuel prices, blocking roads, refusing to deliver basic goods, and bringing the economy to a halt. ththe president has offered to lower diesel prices, amid other measures, but will it be enough to resolve the crisis? a week into brazil's
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truckers crisis, protests can be heard even at night. that is when president michelle tamir appeared on television with a set of propositions. >> the first request of the truckers -- the price of diesel will be reduced by 0.46 cents per liter. reporter: the cut down price is meant to last 60 days. the government will pay petrobras subsidies to finance the discount. overall, the measures are expected to cost $2.7 billilion. wiwill that be enough to end the strike and weeklong blockade of roads, ports, and deliveries? not necessarily. some protesters say that diesel prices have increased so much that a temporary decrease is no solution. just this year, the
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government increased the price of fuel by more than 25%, and now they are offering a 10% discount. they're forgetting that truckers are not illiterate or uneducated people. a a significantst decrease of prices at petrol stations. reporter: the price of diesel has doubled in brazil since 2016, the year when authorities decided petrobras will set its own prices. in the past week, truck drivers have shown their strength. the cost of the crisis -- more than $3 billion. two turkey now, were trouble on the currency market is being felt in the election campaign. bryan: the turkish lira has lost over 20% of its value over the past year. with less than a month to go before crucial elections, it's fate has become a major campaign issue as recep erdogan campaigns. has blamed thea
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currency fall as a conspiracy to weaken turkey. speaking over the weekend, erdogan reiterated that. >> we are aware of the game being played on us, and fighting it with the tools we have in hand. and national of turkey, you have to first protect your own currency. here is my request for my people -- protect your own currency. my brothers who have dollars or euros under their pillows, go and convert your money into lira. we will support this together. genie: how are the markets looking so far today? bryan: european indexes losing some ground midday despite a positive start. minor dips on the cac and dax. london is closed today. losing amidmilan italy's political crisis.
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oil prices falling amid signs that the top three producers will step up output among supply concerns. point 7%.opping one brent crude back around the $75 topping $80riefly per barrel lasast weekek. earlier, "france 24" spoke to fundead of trading at a about those moves on the oil market. >> i thought it was originally a problem, close to the st. petersburg meeting. the markets have reacted aggressively. the markets dropped on friday and continue to pair back positions on oil. i think what the markets fear is a total breakdown in compliance, which would send oil prices significantly lower. i think right now we are seeing a risk. we need to hear more input as we near the june 22 opec meeting. i think that is where the big, major point of consensus is going to be developing. business, an age-old
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job is actually getting a high-tech update. bryan: london is rolling out a new scheme for its buskers, street musicians who will now be able to accept donations via contactless card readers. the initiative is in partnership with a swedish tech company which is now a subsidiary of paypal. it rolled out across london's 32 borougughs, wi m more catitions planned soon. they will be bringing the service to charity organizations and ngo's. , the averagebuskers preset donation is two pounds, which is something like three euros. kind of generous. genie: i wonder if with credit cards people will spend more. thanks for that, bryan. it is now time for our press review. laurent is with me on set to talk about w what has ben mamaking news around the world.
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lots of focus still on the champions league final saturday, with a lot of focus on the german goalkeeper, whose blunders cost liverpool the game. dheepthika: that is right. tears is making the front pages of the sports papers today. " is what they caption reads. it comes after he essentially cost liverpool three goals in saturday's dramatic final. on sunday, he broke his silence on twitter, saying he was sorry, that he had not slept much since the final, and he essentially begged forgiveness from fans, his teammates, from staff. it has not been enough to prevent deaths strut -- death threats against him and his family. police in liverpool are investigating these online death threats. genie: fortunately, it seems the sports pages are treating karias a little more kindly than usual. dheepthika: the british press
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tend to be harsh when it comes to footballers, but this time it seems they are going easy. "the telegraph" says karias needs protecting now. mistakes like this can ruin resulthe writes, but no is worth a cell crucifixion. the german tabloid "bild" is a little harsher. did say, you know karius mess up, and he deserves the consequences. such as thesaid, .erciless nature of football now, we need to show some compassion and support. the papersermany, are focusing on sunday's protest marches by the far right, the anti-islam party, the asd. their march is to protest angela merkel and her policy on immigration. it was dwarfed by a bigger march against them. the counter protest -- this was one of the first public marches
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in berlin against angela merkel by the afd party since they became the third biggest political party in germany last year. a lot of the papers are focusing ti-afd 20,000 an protesters who turned up to counter the far right. the papers call it a good day for democracy, hailing the relatively peaceful nature of the protests. it munich-based paper says was a love parade all over again. out of the counter protests, one cene.ed by berlin's club s they put on a techno music party. it was they, the paper says, who had sovereignty on the streets. had the firsta election since signing a peace deal with the farc rebels, with very different front runners heading into the front round. dheepthika: one is the leftist candidate who made it into the second round for the first time, gustavo petro. he will face the conservative ivan duque.
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this is the first vote since the peace deal with the farc rebels, showing that colombia is about more than just extremists. that is what the colombian daily says. also hailing the fact it was a blow to abstention, with 53% of colombians voting and betting on democracy, and freedom of expression. genie: in italy, more chaos, almost three months after their election. dheepthika: they cannot get it together. italy's president, sergio mattarella, refused to accept the nomination of paolo savona, a eurosceptic, as finance minister. this prompted giuseppe conte to renounce his own nomination as prime minister. mattarella has ruined everything bowing down to- europe, says conservative paper "libero."
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tothought sovereignty belong italians, and not imperialists in berlin, they add. another italian daily says king sergio has blown it up, forcing the populace to start all over. genie: we will wrap up in france for our final story, an incredible one that went viral over the weekend. this is the story of an undocumented malian man who became a hero after he scaled four stories of a building with barehands to save a young child. dheepthika: the child was dangling off a balcony. it is a great story at a time when migrants and immigration are getting a bad rap in france and europe. his name is mamoudou gassama. he is saturday night's hero. the video of him scaling the building went viral, viewed millions of times. it has earned him the nickname "spiderman," and made him a national hero. he is quoted as saying, "i did not think of the risks. i did it because there was a child in danger, simply."
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the town halltes is vowing to help him in his quest to settle down in france. he met with president and mala macron well. they wonderful and for a young man who arrived in france a few months ago. -- aççagg1ab;ñ;ñ;ñ;ñ;ñ;ñ;ñ;ñ;ñ1
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