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tv   France 24  LINKTV  June 1, 2018 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> we are live from paris. thanks for joining us. these are the main headlines. spain's socialist leader is a new prime minister. it comes after the no-confidence. he conceded ahead of the vote. there are convictions with members of the conservative party. we will bring you more of the latest live from madrid.
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italian populist repair for office. it's paving the way for the five-star movement and the coalition to be sold -- sworn in. north and south chris is a breach to deal on military operations as part of a position to promote peace. progress was made on preparations for talks. we have the latest war correspondent. sharon: coming up on business,
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standing on the brink of a trade war, they plan retaliatory measures against trump administration tariffs on steel and aluminum. 14-year-old has won the top prize in the national spelling bee after getting into the composition as a wild-card entry. first to spain, they have a new prime minister after the loss date vote of no-confidence. he congratulated the new prime minister. if all is a corruption conviction involving members of the conservative popular party. the motion one 180 ballots. byis expected to take office monday. he will have his cabinet staff
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appointed next week. hear, we are expecting to from him shortly. let reaction has been coming in so far today? bit, hee heard a little went off to seek an audience with the king. afternoon,ke this the speaker r of the parliament will communicate what happened in the parliament. that's a formality to let the ceremony be organized for the handover. we are told that could happen as soon as tomorrow. his will publish news of investiture in the parliament. he made those very brief comments, we are conscious of the responsibility and he assumes the premiership with humility, hard work, and forming consensus.
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he feels h he's going to need to do that if he can build some kind of parliamentary stability because his government will have to stay socialist. he will need the left-wing party to join him. he will be reaching out across the party. he said he will be looking to build bridges with catalonia, with the citizens there. he won't have an easy task. we've seen lots of people say this is a weak government. it will be unstable and won't be able to pass any laws. the markets of not reacted as they did in recent days to italy. spain is uprket in on this news. the risk spread to germany.
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that is closing. it looks as if investors are not disgruntled about the changeover and the ousting of the conservative government that has been having allegations of corruption. sharon: tell us a little bit about him. he's been in power for six years. is this a humiliation coming after what we had back in october? criticism incing terms of that court case which ended last week, the corruption allegations about members of the conservative party. sarah: he feels better i think. he insists he is done nothing wrong. he did have to give evidence in the corruption case that was decided last week. he said he knew nothing about
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the people who took bribes from businesses. he said he knew nothing about that/fund. who a humiliation for a man feels he brought spain out of an economic recession and he won back the confidence of the international community. growingthe economy is thanks to the difficult reforms he implemented. capable ine is handling that catalonia problem. managed to get the consensus. they agreed with him. declaration in the autumn. going to potentially face a leadership challenge. the people party is very loyal.
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eliminate any leadership challenges. right.t feel the time is sharon: thank you very much. when6 role takes the helm europe is facing numerous challenges. he is a staunch supporter of the year -- zero in the eu. -- euro and the eu. we take a look at his career. >> after losing to elections and sanchez is the new prime minister of spain. the economist worked in the european parliament before getting into politics. he became a city counselor. 2009, he lost hihis seat and returned to academia.
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politics was always his passion. 2013, he was elected socialist party leader. election, he became in second place. he fell l short of winning a majority. failedshed him to make a bid for government leadership. the socialist party suffered their worst loss in history, wininning jusust 84 ses out of 350. he returned to office. sanchez resigned this socialist party leader in 2016. he refused to support the support of the coalition. made opposing it his number one priority. he is the third spanish primecian to unseat the
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minister without holding a seat in parliament. italy is emerging from its political uncertainty. accepted a list of ministers put forward by the prime minister. had a previouste appraisal this week. the coalition means the country avoids another election. the anti-austerity government has sent alarm bells. class suburb,ing unemployment and crime loom large. this is a stronghold for the traditional left. it voted massively for the five-star movement. he got involved because of a dislike of mainstream politics.
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>> i am here to fight all of five stars battles. the most important thing is the sovereignty of the people. believes in an upstart movement that finds itself at the forefront of italian politics. >> i was attracted to them because they are young and of the people. maybe they will be able to get rid of the old guys. >> they are total clowns. all they do is talk. they are liars and they are deluded. >> he used to be a five-star activist, now he is a senator.
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much an alliance is a governing contract to change the country. principles,nge our our ideals. same,jective is still the to make lives better. >> the five-star movement rose to prominence by railing against the system. now the challenge is to deal with it. mike pompeo said progress is being made preparations to hold talks with north korea. he had it two days of meetings in new york. deliver al will message from the north korean leader. president trump moved to down play hopes of making a rapid deal. received a high-level police talks.
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they are building trust between the nations. we can speak now with our correspondent. north and sosouth korea, they reached a deal on military operations today. they are promoting peace of the peninsula. >> exactly. are doing a follow-up to the summit they held last month at the border. decoration --a declaration to bring peace. military talks and beyond. what they agreed to do is sometime next month, presumably after a summit, they will have sit-downf the military
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to discuss operations on each side. that way they are not surprised by any activity. it releases tensnsions. it's s a step toward keeping things peaceful. we heard from this meeting today they w want to hold talks for family reunions. once again, these talks of an held before under previous administrations. steps.e baby we've been hearing a lot aboutt this letter on the way to donald trump. you have any idea what in it?
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will it help progress things? >> i know the south korean president would help it progress things to make sure that the summit takes place. it's hard to suggest what will be in that matter. there is so much diplomatic activity taking place. there were talks in singapore, there were advanced talks at the border between the koreas. had the high-level delegates in new york. much aboutow very any of those talks at this point. the main sticking point is how north korea wouldld it denuclearize, over what time frame it would dismantle nuclear
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weapons. the u.s. wanted to happen very quickly. the north koreans of said that's not an option. what we are trying to figure out is where both sides stand. we need to make sure the summit is viable. sharon: that is our correspondent. his spelling skills did not see him succeed, but the 14-year-old has won the top prize in the national spelling bee. >> can you please repeat the word? that is correct. what about that last word? would you have the idea this is it? >> when i heard it. sharon: he won after a dramatically abrupt and.
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even though he lost the regional, he won through a new wildcard program. just reminder now of our top stories. is the socialist leader new prime minister. it comes after there was a vote of no-confidence in parliament. he conceded defeat ahead of the vote and congratulated his successor. there were convictions with former members of the conservative party. italian populists are preparing for opted -- office. they are paving way for the antiestablishment five-star movement to be sworn into office. it's time now for a look at the business news. brian quinn joins me in studio.
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we are starting with those trade tariffs imposed by the u.s. on some of its allies. brianna: they are firing back at the u.s.. the exemptions expire. there plans for retaliation. u.s.u has a long list of industries to target. europe says it will also be bringing a dispute case to the world trade organization. they met with the chinese state counselor on frididay. no one will they extend their own tariffs, it would be deepening trade ties with china. you the measures will be reasonable and proportionate and in full compliance with our obligations. t -- keyiscuss the
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importance of the wto has in this particular moment. to tradecommitment therality so we can express chinese working. sharon: those the measures could backfire badly on the u.s.. targeting dollar to dollar retaliations. some experts in the countermeasures could be putting americans out of jobs. >> a measure that could backfire on the united states. on friday, american tariffs on steel and aluminum against canada, mexico and the european union came into effect. the country of vowowed to retaliate with tariffs onon u.s. imports. >> we are the second largest
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market for american steel exports. andre the biggest cononsumers we will impact was produced in the united states. >> donald trump said the measure will protect u.s. workers. of although the industries are expected to create 34,000 jobs, makets say the tariffs may 146,000 americans jobless. they employ 400,000 workers. they will have to increase the price of their product and cut jobs. over 5000 workers from the car industry and 28,000 in the construction industry could be jobless. over 34,000 jobs could be at risk. receivedmic policy criticism from fellow republicans. >> i disagree with this
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decision. we should be working with our allies to look at china. >> this is not the first time they have imposed tariffs on imported steel. bush -- 2002, george w. combated cheap imports. 200,000 workers were out of a job. how are the markets handling this today? brian: the europeans are rallying friday. --ly's political prices crisis is ended. let's take a look at some more top business headlines. the sale of its memory chip unit. it's crucial to keeping the electronics company afloat after
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losses under the bankruptcy of its westinghouse unit. for $21 billion. australia's bank is facing criminal cartel charges in his home country. the consumer watchdog is investigating the arrangement for the sale of $2 billion worth of shares. aregroup and deutsche bank also facing possible charges, all three banks tonight wrongdoing and said they will fight the charges. finally, they will be blocking australia from e-commerce sites as part of the dispute. brian: it is back-and-forth in australia. they will impose a consumption tax on all -- online retailers.
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consumer advocates fear it will reduce the range of choices for australian shoppers. it's only fair that amazon compete with local retailers on their rules. amazon will redirect shoppers to a local version of the site with only 60 million products. 480 million products are available on the u.s. site. sharon: thank you. it's time to take a look at was making headlines around the world. allison joins us for the press review. but started italy, where there's been a lot of talk of things. allison: the populists that their government. celebration is not the mood, it's resignation. we take a look at the paper. it is closest to the five-star
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movement. now let's see the change. they have hope and expectation, though not high expectations. they wonder if things are going to get better or just less bad. sharon: they think things are likely to get worse? some damning have things to say about the government. they call it a buffoonery. they saved the marriage between them will ruin the country. it's not really a surprise they are bitter about having been abandoned. there is also quite low disappointment because of the far right quality of this new government. desolatering cartoonist is holding his nose in his cartoon as he accepts this new government.
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after all, it's done. the terminal might be running down. it could be just beginning in spain. >> that's right. things were bracing that no-confidence vote against him. support the to vote. several papers are bidding him goodbye. page,read on the front it's a catalan paper. they are celebrating his downfall. they have a hostile relationship with him surrounding the independence referendum in the violence and the crackdown that followed. shameful, but deserved. concernedigures are about changes happening in spain.
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they are calling it unfeasible. the no-confidence motion has only just created instantly. sharon: it looks like there are concerns across the board about what may happen in spain. i will; assist not political. check out this cartoon. outsidealliance parliament are sharing anxiety. one says it's horrible. the other one says it's an opportunity for political renewal. the first one says he's worried about the coach of real madrid. some people find that more distressing. at some oft's look the sports papers for they are reacting with shock. this announcement was unexpected, it comes after they
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won the champions league for the first time in rope. -- third time in a row. 's departure raised hope. he was moving closer to coaching the french national team. the current code says he will one day that the rain -- rains. sharon: in saudi arabia, people can drive for the first time. >> they tried to celebrate the lifting of this fan. if this is vogue arabia. it shows a saudi princess behind the wheel of a car. people are finding this usually hypocritical because he's a member of the royal family. they have thrown female
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activists in prison. people quieted a critical because the activists are not recognized for their efforts. zñvpx]ççaóóóóówówówoñ0
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