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tv   France 24  LINKTV  June 4, 2018 2:30pm-3:00pm PDT

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separate. times survivors ie along the. line i know kind of coming out of russians and kill thousands of people and make yourself hot markets. gold gold aftermath with which is you anytime anybody kill kill that wasn't isn't it odd that. senator. edward worry.
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in. on. the tenth. day. okay. hadley headley one. israel. no there's. i'm sure. this week we will gain. what a lot of? he says as. which is a deliberate without. mediated. rest. there's a losers around wrangling fine fine. but the dream he'd ever have anything even eat
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an died on these are social still. theigioel out over also let's look a little. iraq's lasting love las gas guzzlers we have pressure to love all seven hundred. and that i should come come all one to guatemala malik six. what about in month? they can get a little is just forty forty titleist irony s because shed says that about iran and it you know you shouldn't feel so so #1100 at landing. area would look i got i got to know a wave
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of refugees. story. talk to your your monday benjamin chan and now you know how to how don't want one thing on his. mind. iran. w of houses such such bushings you know united a stay with with from the from one twenty fifteen clear clearly deal the israeli. to convince the other. to five final stop berlin. rolls are in our destructio. . but it also seeking nuclear weapons carry out all genocide lines online we know me those are for. theo. that is long gone to call call the middle east this was when and where another other religious war. the stunned on religion.
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and the call comments will. be any many many changes and not knowing exactly local come. one thousand benjamin netanyahu this was a sorry e ideal meal should have never ever been made me. but the remaining eighty five plus one one tries his whole hog. looked. it seems seems unlikely multinomial confidence in yourlity tohange online mine. overload lately believable has to the. action on details will not. deal such as a. run run as listeners
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also. the size idea global usually right now does lucy going home on the. european allies riverfront wrong wrong establishing its military tr
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std general. the. listener at threats of the use had already ready laid around our work for mathematics content ten. during those two years here on all says the government's authority to need more money for public services turning journey iran. hundreds of one three million dollars alone twenty one sixteen. despite my resignation the demonstrations are expected to continue publicgain five products that you use our. right right on one leg day. in the nineteen i say they heard the president. has said he is in the. right called on his cell cell much outside price says that he would be reduced to
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if he hadn't had. any wrong wrong firefighters come including meditation by spiritual counsel on a lot unconstitutional the treasurer has oratory. he does he does need immediate. you as you as it is a. del selflessly sedated the o muslim but i died since with whatever whatever label you as a person a leading. charges from some lately to weeks we bought all our. differences are inflammatory rattled is a daily. trying to avoid hitting downtown refer directly stay say sight is mom allah i
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files all every everyone and with that a better letter of that and we're not. unless we get get all those documents. jane market consensus our selves this is a legitimate education. instead of trump leaves uses an email one has decided he. would was that a significant progress. something something could sparkling clean the cdc things. that's. at the every every dance and enjoy join us now from washington dc to advocate a little. legally device my whole of lot of not now ss festival eric. basically my question katty. tracks are usually legally pops out self. no it would be
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unconstitutional it alleged that it might might take a while the process play out of the reward award. because it is. and legally go out quite a. bit of never having had a good where literally grant that the four. so the religious wars of the white out out in the executive branch ran on time then he could push i am saying thatt have the authority or data is i start out with that role. know that they also growing. thing that that i'm really on the is a ongoing although leading yesterday whatever. today they want to have to have water would would and then they'll go back.
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yeah yeah i action but you're. going to need to be. up right from more media. president clark argued well they don't john. cocke county show film bases whether whether you work hard you know that would be a violation of it of this sort awarded and the. you'rs that. the supreme court were limited animation nine not knowing that there are quite nick nick could be included in it and workforce give over very merriment. leading. morning that that so i. but a very very close intended not been challenged
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and in the middle bill inflicted through asian we had always. ruling that could could be the people that i thought i might be the. which would let let. okay so when the when all. we really really that that is that the press can be indicated needed but there is little we got that out and played out out here now. and trump. it makes my size as i said sorry. about the marine and he is now attack taking navy investigator read or write me today that it was all modern constitutional and had its own memory none of t that. the legal answers and i
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have. a president so far try try anything. that but he did on. that his door one night i day date for the one read ready today to take a. better actor to go digestive our garments that are in iraq i don't know how. well and that and. how from the i mean i never ever have happened before or and if we don't we don't know how to say i am wrong wrong wrong certainly in the short run runs? people it's confing them and add does the log on a negative perception among the people about about. it of the of the of this but we have not not in the very very much. thinking back to support for a grows very very plane landed on this issue every. once one ball.
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imagine and i were for awfully lonelyifes lle now went when you think think problem on my come up with solutions with a little. well let me let i mean i cad that from troubled polite might be a bit frustrated right without. well well it again yeah we have a look at the contract like what and and. of under. here this is not got out there with great care years and value to be to look at. the actual account on that. they've taken a lot longer than that after my mom died later. like when investigation was much much longer.
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do much much like when this one already bad what what we're what we're talking about. to a warm act on some say they are they are going to do sedition if they think we will you know i thought i'd northward they're they're on so it's a lot of money and. that. the president can cooperate right or not he's. like a lot one. the other that that they had at any i to the public so. they could currently if he e that that happened you should have active. during during a campaign and and then i bought online here.
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right now every. wednesday i just hear you ready thank you very very much indeed. thank you thank you. well thank you as the lead role has always. i refuse to make to make went twenty i break a couple innocent evidence to take this is what comes out the other all right. right right magician had failed failed to make that jack jack. religious today relate this really wanting bbc. a little the tech techni digital reference rather than allow now you see this is this is just.
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that. respected justices. while runs right some sort of sense i suggestion many many. it's not not this is the right right. religion. this is the decision. we had hoped. but. are. please that the type. i can't scandals. mark lately. that. big big we are sorry. as well as well times restrictio the were not nine at random that.
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justice kennedy had a live. right magician. shortly after the politicization quickly their buyer by light leading religious rights writers on first amendment. but because judges is avoiding wheat issue which ave bee in in in langley now that is a nine week we bring friend leave the house i would i would out doing right right. make makeshift refugee camps. and since nineteen ninety regulations several hundred feet maybe maybe i'm and i and i it dawned on and on and on and on the news from from. asians are now now how's it going today stations as well that i i change resources on
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price isis us not on sergeant has more. hahang hang the air nice reward wants us in a way away for. no man man who stay in irann but he's already said twent. had our had already taking care area. under leaves dozens of little or no right right must must in fact that the first. fingerprinted which which many. today. logician. shell shocked. we're friends right.
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is intended. and acts. also. the. resolution is to take care of france. what? in a database of these days usually now in other. and i. and from atlanta and is now i already. does a lot of over fifive percent. it's going to bed. three percent stake in the company that. ally the violence and date date the goverernment says since when it's a little too
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in the limelight to being. a classical. listen. i the i. wonder is there is a discussion between the two companies could legion industrial project. sense and what it would require. michael. stone wall on how damaged sums on this question nstop and a shutdown down seven seven percent. mexico's of the just. sending an injury joi ventures wrong to eat less i sanctions the decision from china. come come as one washington told the iran on you year deal large french i have come. to our country what what i'm from talal
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european companies have such a strong team to exemptions us sanctions. says the movie. not tax by now outlook for the year. next. time hearts when giles it was john johnson the new the new now the now the comn common calls out of like isolated area has a real money money going crazyand sport. actually helen halogens. the fine line of seveven hundre.
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dollars large financial. actual quickly st street i don't doue. back i set aside the cc mated to treat. more than one fifty four dollars out. reports my lack of. once we. which i got criminals also. terrorists. because online bank meditated a delayed by by they the fifty three healthsouth and got jon jones and t a llstles home. mason eastern which is connected to tied up by political machines which
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could it could accept up twenty one also. time from anonymous. is has while any any of our transaction record ball wowould promotional cd itale once again. that we will not tole wrong wrongdoing and answers as they say. federal courts to. next medicine the transponders racism has hold on something called. i'm just outside identity disappointment this also you anyway dictates exams and
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well. he leaves restriction and while lies and measurements to see. . you . alan mainstreamm could come comes along. to protect. we know we don't free trade. could be that. this is interesting this isg reading. not in london hafer center st month long speeches about jobs jobs without out at night and it states kate clark rt sauce are. session the dow down t. territorial eight treating ninety seven seven tenths of one percent.
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next night muscle size and now he's lying my is just how seven seven point five billion dollars. that's a nice to know because when twenty eating a meal out of ours ours it'stt asian hundred and fifty sex acts such under del ally. mike might also says it will not allow come to stress strain it work work with developers and its commitment. to intimidation. next next george working has a has a place on the country prime minister over the house on your short sncc because eagles. this enzyme mac back mns and. the country for for. what was to still doing out on the streets and exciting? but. the.
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like. for use used to these easier price price hikes to high. forty. the protests. already reliable times on here in indian country. by other government mountain also offffers partly under e bill will raise taxes on. ice by five cents sent and we and we expect all businesses by twenty twenty thirty forty sent. the idea. in some on. ththseven hundred forty three million dollar three. line. in twenty twenty seen. the i know nothing headed had to return to your door o
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invented. thank landed on either.
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06/04/18 06/04/18 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy:y: from cififica, thisis is dedemocracy now! >> the whole world saw whwhat happened to my daughter and i call for international protection. where is this international protection? where are the human rights? what was my daughter's weapon? amy: witnesses say israeli soldiers shot dead 21-year-old palestinian medic, razan al najjar as she ran toward the border fence to provide medical aid to a wounded protester.


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