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tv   France 24  LINKTV  June 7, 2018 5:30am-5:59am PDT

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>> this is "france 24." e the lithesare the interest per attempt was the supreme chris has a cannot rule on an appeal against northern ireland's strict abortion laws due to a technicality, but that it would have ruled against them if it could. i will speak to our .orrespondent in belfast spain's new socialist government makes history with almost twice as many women as men in the cabinet. madridom our
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correspondent on the way. emmanuel macron and justin trudeau sit-down ahead of the g7 summits this weekend. the leaders are trying to figure out just how to t donakond trump. , record earnings for europe's top football club. more than 25 billion euros a year. more on that in business. fighting to get a copyright on its own name in france. it has been owned by an american company for decades. but on that coming up, fiour top story live from paris. the u.k.'s supreme court has decided not to rule on the legality of abortion laws in northern ireland.
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some of the strictest in the world, preventing abortions even in cases of rape and incensed. but the judges said they believe northern ireland's rules contraveneopean human rights law. pressure is mounting on the british government to intervene and change the law in theh is do the st of the u.k. from in our reporter -- and bel. us about can you tell this decision basically not to cidede >> well, the supreme court is the highest legal authority in the u.k., and it carries considerable more weight. the majority from the current -- is anavenes compatible with article eight of the european convention of human in the case of rape,
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insist, and fatal fetal abnormality. took this toes the women who testified before the court and said they were going a terrible ordeal having to travel to another jurisdiction i conditions to have an abortion, and most of them were told here in northern ireland that their fes cannot survive outside of the womb. one of the judges even talked referred to that in reference to what these women had to suffer. but at the end of the day, they decided that they cannot be competent, the supreme court declared itself incompetent to impo changin lla d s fol nica res. becausehe itit brought the case to thsupreme court was not competent itself moralso, but on the standing, this declaration of
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the supreme court increased dramatically the pressure on the legislator here in northern ,reland to change, to reform the context of the referendum in the republic of ireland just across the border two weeks ago, two-thirds of the voters decided that the abortion legislation in the republic needed to be , that itnd legalized was about time to change things. genie: given what you are saying and the fact that in northern ireland there has not been a working government in 18 months in the ball is in the british government court, why hasn't the british governmentade moves to change the law? >> will, it is indeed up to theresa may to make a decision on the legislation. could be changed for northern ireland and implemented. but theresa may has a particular good reason to dismiss this. aresays that health issues
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up to the northern assembly. it is up to northerelandnd its legislators here to change the legislation if they want to do so. the lem is that there is no one sitting in this is only behind me, and there has not been sincean 2017. is ae ther reason why theresa may is not keen to tackle this issue, because of her conseative government, and they nto the 10 northern ireland members, and they do not want to change the legislation here. genie: thank you for explaining the situation for northern ireland. other european news, the new in veain has made history with the most women ever to serve in a cabinet. new prime minister pedro sanchez has named 11 female ministers, almost twice as many as the men.
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>>s negovernment is committed to equality in an unequivocal way. you have heard me say on many occasions spain changed on march there e was a befan after in our country with the feminist protests, and the new government is a true retion othat movement. genie: last week, sanchez as the conservative veteran prime minister and socialists are running on a m minority government. to talk more about the situation, let's go to major it -- madrid. start with this historic cabine 11 women on it, something we have nevever seen before. who isis doinghat? absolutely histori pedroasicanly said that tens of thousands came out on march 8 and have basically changed history. lots of women said, whwhy was it
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that more women went to , yet there were fewer women positions of power? and why was e a pagap for the same jobs? bigas given some of the hitting roles of e andconomy budget, justice, allll of those have gone to women.. lots of people were joking on twitter saying there are a few men in the cabinet, and the joke is that they hope they are there for their owowmerits. ng which. today, evenmen and the plural is often masculine for ministers. lots of those women put their hands on the constitutioion, and they put the word female ministers first. genie: given all of that, the socialists are stitill going t e
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a minority government and parliament. what kind of challenges is it going to face,e, and is it up po the task? challenges have already started, because this was a government brought in with the help of the left-wing party. the socialists have just 84 seats in that 350 seat parliament. the new government has been criticized, for instance the naming of a judge who is the interior minister, saying he was somebody who was pronounced a conservative judgment, more fitting of the people's party government. that is a gay judge that has defended gay rights. many people think he a very progressive judge. that they willed because: with this government, and m note cialt to get a lot through the parliament.
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he first challenge will be the budget pedro sanchez has said he will sit witith the budget approved by the cservative riano rajoy, and he said that will give the government stability. many party's they will not support it. the people's party has suggested toey might actually look do some amendments in the senate. major centers has already got his first -- pedro sanchez already has his first problem brewing. genie: thank you for that report. u.s., donald trump heading to the g-7 summit friday with his gloves on. the u.s. president went ahead with his threat to impose tough tariffs on imported o o washington's closest allies, including canada and france. the leaders of those two countries met yesterday to try and figure out the best response. let's get the details. policies trump's trade
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are in the works at the g-7 summit. will justiends say say they will engineer strong multilateralism. >> we are friends, great partners in the global arena. the way we work together will without a doubt bring to a successful g-7 summit this week. french president emmanuel macron and canadian prime minister justin trudeau met in ottawa, displaying unity ahead of what looks to be a tricky summit. >> the g-7 comes at a critical time. it is also an occasion to compare viewpoints and review onential issues multilateralism, which couldld e economic, geopolitical, environmental.l. there is a real convergegence. saide united states has all otother coununtries in the 7 with import tariffs on steelelnd aluminum. alall have responded with levies re u.s. goods or hav d
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the u.s. president ended an exemption for the eu and canada last macron called the tariffs illegal and a mistake against allies. trudeau announced that u.s. goods would be subject to similar one-on-one meetings are set during the summit, and they will each try to persuade trump n to bring the hammer down. en macron, who formed a bond with trump early on, is reported to have had a tense phone call with him recently. trudeau has said g7 talks will be frank and sometimes difficult. on trade atuniqué the en the summit is unlikely to genie: the white house is hammering out the details on thstoric meeting five days from now bween trump and kim jong-un. aump is hostingnz today, who wants his voice to be heard ahead of the talks. let's go live to tokyo for more.
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big concernso's going into this meeting with donald trump andhead of thi historic u.s.-north korea summit? sorry, we seem to be having some trouble. can you hear me in tokyo? >> i am not hearing anything from studi genie: we will try and sort that out for you and willback to you in a m minute or do o yoe on the air at the moment. can you hear me? >> now i hear you. genie: telll us about the concernsnsokyo has going intoo this meetingododay. inyes, prime ministster abe japapa has been summmmit pushedo the siside in these negogotiati, anand he very much w wants to me sure his own agenda, japan's agenda, is at the forerefront of donald trump'ss mind as he
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negotiates with kim jong-un. means thatar, it thater range missiles threaten japan are definitely in the talks. genie: what is the likelihood that abe will get what he wants now that he hahas talk to o dond trump today? >> i think he will get some of what he wants. it is probably not too difficult for donald trump to bring up the abduampl isso abe may get some of that. in the longer run, it is more likely that the u.u.s. agenda al be guided momore by u.s. interes than japanese interests, but abe is doing wtt he can to singngle to his allies and the u.s., don't forget me andnot lee me at the side of the table without anything that japan needs. genie: thank you for that report from tokyo. back to france, where one of the most famous château's is
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fighting to get back the copyright in its own name. name has been owned by an american commior decades, capitalist ishe to to produce its own wine, it is a problem.. let's get the repoport. >> o o of francece's most visitd castles and of late a vineyard. three years ago, the shantou began to make wine and plant a vineyard in the style of the french king who had the castle built in the 1500's. >> you have the cancel and friend saw -- y have the castle and a great friday. > 60,000 bottles a year, butt has t a snag. the name has been copyrighted. it belongs to the $3 billion distillery giant that produces a cherry liquor under the name. from the director, that is unfair. >>might bebe one of the most
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drastitic things that could happen. the catastrophe is that this wine will sell because of where it is produced. if we cannot market it under its name, it will not sell the same. >> for the american alcohol giant, a wine under the same name would be prejudicial. they st the p owns the copyright of the name in france and has been used as an alcohol since at least the 1960's. weery ason teveo beli this could harm our brand. that distillery is not the only one who picked the name chambord . >> there are even coffins called chambord. cigars, smoked salmon, water in australia, lots of others. >> t the châteteau wants to chae that and possibly receive royalties that would restore the national monument.
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first, they need to be able to use the name chamobbord for ther wine. britain's supreme courtcourt. says it cannot rule on an appeal against northern ireland's strict abortion laws due to a techli, but it did say he have ruled against them if it could. and emmanuel macrojust trudeau sit down to talk ahead of the g7 summit this weekend, trying to figure out how to take on donald trump. thr buriness g ahyod to the g-7 meeting, and the big issue will be trade. be face torump will faith we leadof other economies affected by his tariffs on the imports of steel and aluminum. it may make for difficult conversations in québec. seven friends or
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of six friends against one foe. dold trump's steel ande heels of aluminum tariffs hitting ever7 e pact. >> blame the nations that have broken away from those conditions. >> those conditions, meaning fair trade practices, having long exist others of hurting american indusies and fairly, donald trump dropped a bombshell in march. pridentmp wi-fi percent for steel, 10% for aluminum -- 25% for steel. me will be for a long ti washington then offed a temporary exemption to most , and mexico, whilencluding tcaa tariffs on japanese d chinese exports went into effect. but that grace period expired a week ago. others have announced retaliatory measures.
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iniethe world bank has issued a stark warning about the attentional fallout. and of the potential follow-up. -- he world bank is issued a low- -- fat.g about the >> it sets back other economies. >> the g7 summit began as a platform based on trust to hash out differences for the grace of good, but that trust is in question. what is look at happening in the markets. european shares up generally. subside as that foot of confidence in its gomend parliamene the italian markets upoday but ilelis unlded. ftse up.
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a slow start of the day today. an hour late starting trading. they may have slept agenie: the world cup is around the corner. we're going to talk about the big five football leagues in europe that and record revenues last year. they said the european football market is now worth some 25 billion euros a year. lasteason re turning point for the club is turnedlish premier . an income of over 5 billion euros a year, 86% more than the next most profitable l which is just under 3 billion a year. the rest of the top five is italy, andgermany, france.
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germany's bundesliga had the besten in europe. genie: all right, microsoft has come up with a new way to reduce the heat generated by data centers. >> buse ess heads a chain is to close mor halfith the of 6000 jobs, pt of an net e company which the chairman says is necessary to stay in business. among bishops slated for closure is the house of fraser flagship store in london. gdp expanding by just .4%, and rs fell in april for the fourth month in a row. one economist describes it as a horrible start to the second quarter. agenay have to faory in germany this summerin because of delays with new emissions tests.
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theyarmaker told staff ofre planning closure days until september to clear a backlog of cars. an emissions standard comes into place across the eu from september. now to that story on microsoft, finding a way to produc heat generated by data centers. it has done so by submerging it on the sea of scotland. the northern isles data center has 864 servers inside, enough to store 5 million phones. it is connected to the islands ab heat is a big issue for these data centers and how to keep it down. the downside of summer to get in the sea is if it breaks down, repairs will be tricky. genie: welell, my cell ys hot. an you for that. me forress the peview.
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let'ss get a look at the main stories today. canadag-7 summit in kicks off tomorrow, but china and russia are not part of that. xi jinping and vladimir putin are binning -- our meeting sechinparate g7sia used to be part of the when it was known as the g8 nference, but they were suspended after the annexation of crimea. vladimir putin has been orienting moreore towards china, hence this meeting. "the washington post" says the pair have met 25 times in the past, including five times last year alone wite defense ministen berateseho ia as his first overseas official visit to send a message to the u.s. genie: vladimir putin give an interview to a chinese tv station where he boasted about how he and xi jinping actually
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partied together. >> yes, putin recounted a birthday party to the tv station, revealing that he and president xi during vodka and es,ed saying xi is the onl world leader who celebrated his birthday with him that year. but they say it is more nuanced happy other leadersang birthday to him at a conference the day before. they say it is a way to play up this russia-china romance. elections, month's the front runner's trackk to stp the release of a tell-all book by an ex-wife. >> it was written by a , andalist andx-wife she's trying to publish this book revealing details about their very short-lived marriage er, scandals, according to h within pakistani politics just
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in time for next month's elections. imran khan is trying to block the release of the book, saying it is a coup like competitors a court temporarily sidedh him. buthahas not stopped his ex-wife from revealing details from theook,, judges of nepotism, sexual favors, sexual code is and sexual harassment. genie: in france, and newspaper is reporting on an explosive health scandal. >> it is called a ticking time bomb. is latively unknown here in france basically, it is the story of a contamination in overseas caribbean islands dating backo t 1972. asideo 1993, a toxic dust was widely used onana
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plantations -- a toxic pesticide was widely used. it was declared as being cas anouaffecting fertility. it has affected possibly over 90% of the population inoth guadalupe and martinique. genie: tomany, a far right leader become the victim of a politically motivated prank. >> he is co-leader of the far right alternative germany party. a man on the still his him hi walk home in hisrawers, their esco by poce. many on social media have celebrated this, saying it is payback after he dismissed the zi era as a speck of bird poop in germany's history. sgh at per trace thelish the ititician in -- saying
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portrarays the pololitician inn undignified way. genie: 20 years since "sex and the city" first aired on hb and it is still relevant today. it empoweren anme shamelessly exposed sexual libey. "vanity fair" is looking at this in an article. the show broached issues like workplace sexual harassment and the blurry lines between consensual sex and brutal sex. many times in the series, abated a way f women talked women having coffee or brunch, but the now, millions of women are verbalizing this in the public domain. canadiansidents in a neighborhood have been alarmed by recent attacks on their cars. >> by peacocks. peacock canned ammonium in britis- peacock
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pandimonium. thusanav of there.k mating seasonar the carsççññññññzñvpx]
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