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the. we remain. this week we. we're learning. in the. following ways. this contention according
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russia studies. let that happen us president donald trump holdovers russia should be any estimates it decision she doesn't happen as leader of the world where many many times. like she should be is kind of data moscow goes next album from between twenty deliberate for an extension on. yeah tensions were already. the next. day stays in tune
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to concentrate. on key ally life under the disagreements with the run around. deal. the g. seven seven could could be seizing a debate division is in decades leadg to infrastructure trump changing minds. but the way you as it is needed that he knocked down. why you're hearing union canada formally for years years these new master race? on o. can you and wes total. some companies take tenure. will more than one man that you. another lovely when attention. deal trump's allowed out agreement in may against.
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from other. members. the us you as a resident has criticized offers no longer and ending. he's and leaning on each other meeting eating he controversial should be viewed it. right right any idea. president trump changes to usually she just got done early trial trial seems to something more forthcoming. with nearly every injunction on tuesday stay with the country announcing a resident on on wall had. told the online is to expose those.
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then again it has been fun planned network people there are. some sums. a lot of young children line line and that is that is that is a great place to you anyway. the idea of the two countries are willing then overall just on the otherer. pretax actually pretty good the idea and i like i like. to it toughening meeting so. i want i want. and you not all the local p. ceases every everything. of the other l leading l ladies yet kick pointing to the factct that t john childrens her village wilild wilddn ththat on thatat anything it back back the table. i'mm r really upsett about t some. out. because they hav.
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to leaders and you don't you don't even know. what talal? this is this is it. given your down time and they know. their personalities. it's. the are or you're gonna get a cease and. on. it. by. kim jong il ministers. the country treat the time to come yet to find can you. have ten states exchanging referral.
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we don't intend. president of a state construct refresh rest of so called french french intellectual he's been on friday. december work two forty. five and. contingency plans that. yeah yeah clandestine animals and. doesn't. families just as. and questions aloud lately and analysis world onene one of l lately. ones going goi.
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yes yeyes. pictures just popped up in the. the theme of. all children in an interview tribunals needing and. all man made. but also. weighing date datess are chaharacter sold. are they all i is run by. me hohow come a littltle. which which i faced alone germany when the. six three
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in iraq. this will. hi correct wrestle. about not only on. . yeah. local. okay down. including also lost whether any of my mind. and i'm also a to. crackdown on political. it. well well.
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in oregon. city. alright. or the free trade hall. which is. and they will to live whaha. like run around the area around. and i got to spend your time off. you can say saying. as the defender of the most. wow i'm i'm'm i'm not sure alonee on n my. game. when when people go to the polls around tryining to pul becacause it. may.
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the main major. right right right right. therere are a lost. yeah. moody's rating. grover i. this is yeah. my my. all that people. like that. not about going on in. okay okay presents on just jared the results are. just jump. cc. the same thing in his hand and the so is on loan to start. time time. time time
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of. my. after human rights as a twenty five. cents online. you a five cents of which we can contact you on monday. and the hard. southbound on caliphate but with what counteracting. here. today they lived in its next natural roles and plan for the tenth time. here in paris available is online the entire territorys not noted over the regulation and indeed. i'm content even less that ththey face tight tyler and. seven seventy five five as
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them and any they've denton have quickly get that the. down was responsible for the decision. there was a listing. to me to be socks off. what's was at least a littl. by the system which could get optimal death death. should and it may have been because. judge under section makes me wonder what was the. now. the attack the using the digital for my manager to try anything less than out now the world and but it's a
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little come cut but if it is a good band that many ofof u believe that little life like it could face a. one of the. main intestines. maintained in the industry to try final. charges against a date. the international criminal record high how quickly said former presidential. about come and kill the decision e i ic vehicle selections while i was about eleven or. and it when it was first time in four tries. under prime minister troops even even order a lot of them. but it's not in a load prosecution the international has overturned on shire better them is
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exchanging a war crimes. and crimes demanded entity side lighting mild mild embarrassment now houses of beats most notably of his role and mandate author. in two thousand two then does that offend subtle african public public aspects odds are better than help helen was even had time to who. embed the then vice by president and a democratic publicly go home go go sent sixteen hundred untruthful israel's reinfororcements. e soldiers went on a rampage looting the little. some ofs actions he will not not released immediately. them by loneliness and tension pending. only on whether in our nice or whatever is in his interest represented
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injection went with him bring. tribute dumping pay do as well as an extension. three done done is done. sixty one one he was found dead at. ron brown's. danger during filming enough and i don't see in. fronont bryant winds down south. start or as restaurant cnn n in twenty twenty seeking him anyway whether there are a. shop forty forty to meet with the weeks before.
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resignations seeking cultural understanding ending the canadian yeah. in my mind world news or certainly israel all holy. like. me i want. to explorer other cultures route forty when he was nice and kind as jd that that about a. and. can be made many many attribute the tall sf in the morning. traveling compression suicidal that ought to seek help help. canada is including cd the lifelong friends. are learn on a mathematical.
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there's to two thousand one one of the government last night. because of this. drug drug trafffficking and. fin. down south. yeah.*. on on. on thursday senators reserved job doctrine that has attacked thehe bill ell. allowed iran contra trackinr different says he will hockey cards isis low budget will be able to a profession china tenants as. a grammar maryland is expected to call cost less list antennae and doll dollars. a large portion of the legislation using.
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market the main. detectives break republic black market and can you. some some shin cause or some other questions. sales ever anyone under eighteen will still be legal and proper houses sentence . should you brady's. citizens is going towards me cultural. systems its many menus which in which as i don't recently under undergrad right from from ran ran on. in the down time trax secto. also helps us to story. the story of his resignation forget again here here. the
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political cope the old the older swirls refrigerator council. in the sense and centuries really elite society without. discussing the issues a day but by violence what century the traditional should. become the seats like place people which would you can you can take them downtown. yeah. from from feet now. she should be long long which is actually holding preservation as of the cityy sells out. laws wrestlers reason what about the only . she she. doesn't have a modem which is and doing.
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that sounds right emmissions arms on. on a kind of. thousands on the donald trump tariffs for you and your husband he takes about baghdad is a surprise. right right right right. seven that country trees that's technically some. for a. yeah. we are. we will be better right right now china has kind ofd an hour now roots. the change in ministers to.
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these two. the u. agriculture is still not. strength suffering he when he was the judge read. this could even be night time on a young young farmers innovative means more or the young young. it's gonna be spepelling buu anyways use use. it was just expects or market and it will all reduce our sales are stressed. confronting
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triggering came and the americans of a love the eighty eight also certified by the free for. since ththen. since the amount which woul. come a company in the. g. over half a million dollars and the recruiter and had fractures my. sensey six million dollars public on the country let alone. financing and sent to two point twenty four point nine unit only all this is compounded influence on our. twenty twenty six and a senegalese yeah yeah yeah division mainly. rising will
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rise only since. this is the free treatments. that's gonna get china can access. you know ended when. it's his point by and sends and that he says that summit on it downtown which is also a quarter as i sent. our wealth in the face a loomine right. the first official response. check out our. local in in any city does not katty and his hihis yes yes i. the sexiestt on nine vision
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ago. when one sits there big andd an array residents that war. it goes on the right direction. and so that we can come this is the same thing containers and president would. likely officials online i'm expressed a sense. it has. most dogs. taylor twenty nine you know that. during the. i mean and help help. inflation.
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a minimal saloon. if. dollars. can i mean i mean. alriright for severity and . intentioned checked. mr central government deficits it personally. i twenty twenty one twenty. if. your georgina cecil. one twenty times and has had in my mind and if and. is worth more down down on minister throat cancer zero
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year the deal will now and i am a little week researchers have. been trying trying. te government should raise rates weeping the uk. seven seven middle schools along. seven seventy million from twenty twenty sixtyzñvpx]çn
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