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tv   France 24  LINKTV  June 12, 2018 5:30am-6:00am PDT

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, this is theparis top story this hour. able to step toward a bright new future. president trump house the success of an unprecedented summit with his north korean counterpart. -- a joint document committing to denuclearization of the korean peninsula.
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president trump has held the success of an unprecedented summit in singapore with his north korean counterpart kim jong-un.n -- kim following from today's historic summit, the two leaders signed a joint document committing towards workingoward complete denuclearization of the peninsula. it also says that countries will join efforts to build a lasting and stable peace regime on the peninsula. trump said he was optimistic that kim would respect the terms. >> chairman kim and i just signed a joint statement in
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which he reaffirmed his commitment to complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula. to figure iseed negotitiations to implement the agagreement as soon as p possib. he wants to do that.t. this is not the past. this is not another administration that never gogott stararted and thereforore nevert it done. chairman kim has told me thatt north korea is already destroying a major missile engine testing site. that is not in your signed document. we agreed to that after the agreement was signed. >> let's get some reactions on this from washington. philip, it sounds like a whole lot of concessions from trump there. >> yes, it does. goteems like kim jong un quite a lot out of the meeting.
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among what he has achieved from the meeting along with the legitimacy of standing with the u.s. president and being treated as an equal, the end of military exercises called were games by u.s. president donald trump. that is a major concession to the north koreans. it seems to be something the pentagon might not have known we are still to hear from the defense secretary jim mattis. he will have a very interesting reaction. that is a major development when it comes to u.s. military matters and its engagement with south korea. speaking of south korea, that is where secretary of state mike pompeo is traveling next. mike pompeo is going to south korea and then to china. thanks -- these will be very interesting discussions.
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see if they ha because of what was announced by the u.s. president of the end of joint military exercises with south korea. there seem to be plenty more advantages of kim jong-un. here is one of them. huly symbolic, an invitation of the white house from donald trump th would be happening at some time in the future. an invitation that was accepted by the north korean leader says resident donald trump. as for what we were expecting to happen from this joint statement , there are some of these things. the fact that kim jong-un would he get security -- we get security guarantees. in the end, it is complete denuclearization. there were no specifics on either front. first of all, what security guarantees would be. the u.s. promises do not attack
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north korea militarily -- to not attack north korea militarily. the denuclearization is something the president mentioned. at one point, he said it would happen quickly. at another, he said it would go very slowly. >> trump gave two interviews before he left singapore. he was speaking of a special bond with kim. >> he spoke to his favorite news channel and to his favorite interviewer. sean hannity of fox news. abcnews has released a -- has released a few snippets with george stephanopoulos. there are some of the sentiments, i trust him and he trusts me. the special bond that the u.s. president spoke about between kim jong-un and donald trump. he believes it truly exists. add to that the body language we
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saw. that is something we have been analyzing closely. this is the first time a u.s. president meets with a north korean leader. there were handshakes and smiles. there was a thumbs-up from the u.s. president. very positive language from the u.s. president toward the north korean leader. he said it was an honor to be with them. and the fact that he talked about trust. this of course, this whole meeting and the series of meetings and singapore -- in singapore will give kim jong-un the legitimacy he will be looking for. bywas treated as an equal the u.s. president. the language used by the u.s. president was the same he would use in the ovalffic with a visiting head of state or head of government. he would say it is an honor to meet with kim j jong-un. he talked about a terrific relationship. he does the same with a l lot of
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the u.s. a allies. it in fact -- in fact he does not do that with all of the u.s. allies. remember he went to the g-7 summit witith all sorts of problems. >> thank you. on this, we cross analysts have been skeptical about this document saying it is a bit vague. do you think it has been cleared up by the press conference that donald trump gave today? >> not really. donald trump saying the menace of nuclear weapons will be removed. he is prepared to start a new history. he also talked about the sanctions very much saying -- very much staying in place.
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verifying.s. would be to ensure the promises made would be kept. mike pompeo sitting down with a team next week. before this conference this week, let's not forget he was talking about the complete denuclearizaf o the korean peninsula as a whole as if it was going to be an important thing that would come out of the meeting. if you look at the wording of what they have signed -- the wording we have seemed -- wording we have signed, it says working towards the complete denuclearization. deeply concerned that is really not what we were expecting from the u.s.'s point of view. joined about that, i am by the senior advisor of northeast asia with the international crisis group. thank you for being with us again. i am sure what has been -- you have read. what is been agreed with as well you feel enough -- do you feel
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enough detail has been committed here? >> what we have here is a political commitment it is a vague and broad document. there are a lot of specifics. -- there are a lot of specifics missing. this is the agreement we have hoped for and still able to call a successful summit. we moved away from threats of war on the peninsula. the agreement has left all of the details for the future negotiations to be carried out by secretary pomand hi north korean counterpart. that is where the difficult parts always are with the negotiations of -- with the koreans. the question is the timeline and the conditions and what they would expect from the u.s. >> back in 1993 when the sides met, they said we agree to an end of using nuclear weapons.
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nothing has changed. >> history is repeating. what we have is meetings from the leaders. the gamble for donald trump was that by having the leaders meet, they would talk down to a decision. what they have is u.s. security guarantees and return for a commitment to denuclearization. what needs to happen is to flesh out the details of that intent to actually lock north korea into a step-by-step process. to get north korea to freeze the current capacity, no more testing, no more nuclear weapons. no more missile launches. also eventually moved to monitoring and evaluation commitment and a freeze on production capacity. all of these steps to deepen the until until we can let -- we can be locked into a path that leads to denuclearization. >> he said in the press
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conference saying maybebe i will be bacack here in six months ti. it is a big gamble for him. if nothing comes out of it, that is not going to be good for him. >> he is going to have to be willing to make certain concessions. the danger is making the concessions to quickly. the north koreans want a peace agreement. they want political guarantees. they want security guarantees. what they want is to keep their nuclear weapons and be recognized as a responsible nuclear power. that is getting everything for free and sends a terrible message. to maintain the international regime, we need consistent step-by-step action for action that makes sure the north koreans do not get relief from sanctions. they do not get political concessions until they make concrete steps toward denuclearization. >> thank you very much f being with us here in singapore.
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night is falling in singapore. we just had the communique. the prime minister congratulating them on what he calls a successful meeting. >> despite what appear have been a successful summit, for president trump and kim jong-un, rights groups have warned that it should not detract from north korea's human rights record. more on the rights abuses that both incidents and the united nations have been committed for decades. >> the international community does no. -- does know. >> extermination, murder,r, persecution, rape. these are just a few of the abuses the united nations named
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and its groundbreaking report on north korea a few years ago. a look based on hundreds of testimonies. human rights groups say le has changed. their testimonies remain rare. so if you have managed to escape -- so few have managed to escape. >> i was imprisoned and north korea. -- in nonorth korea. it is hard to describe. >> systemic abuses described by victims in books and documentaries. so abhorrent for them that they simply cannot be swept under the rug. jong-un still rules through brutality and fear. >> he is suppressing human rights. >> along with widespread indoctrination, rights groups say access to food has been an
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essential tool in controlling dissent. >> i survived on what i could find. insects inside the camp. >> while north korea has recovered from the famine where they killed two to 3 million people, deliberate starvation is still thought to be in use. as our executions for any lack of respect. from political psoo dozing generals, killings seem to be commonplace in the name of maintaining the kim dynasty. >> the director of crisis groups. thank you very much for speaking to france 24. i think you could hear that report their. there are ethical questions that are raised about trump cozying up to north korea. given the human rights record in the country. >> it is absolutely the case
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that north korea has a deplorable human rights record. one of the worst on the planet that has been amply documented by the united nations. i do not think there is any lack of awareness about that within the u.s. government. it is always a bit of a challenge when you are facing a major geostrategic challenge like denuclearization with a regime that has a terrible human rights record like the north koreans have. how you approach the sequencing of taking on those issues in conversations. i think it is positive. the issue appears to have come up in the meeting. i do not think some of the rhetoric that was used publicly to describe the way in which the conversations went was as serious as it could have been on the u.s.'s side. if the objective on the part of the north koreans is to end
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economic and political isolation , they are going to have to face the human rights issue at some stage. they are not going to be able to come out of the isolation and maintain the relationship they have with their citizenry at present. i do not think the sanctions that were applied in the name of advancing human rights are going to be lifted without some progress on that. i do not think the u.s. congress will tolerate that. >> based on the document we have seen, some have said a very general document. there is already been some criticism leveled at donald trump saying he actually made probably too many concessions. is there a danger of the u.s. making too many concessions to seeing? >> let's start with the positive. let's remember that six or seven months ago, we had two nuclear --s states bhingrandis
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threatening each other with annihilation. it is important that people recognize we are in a far better place than we were half a year ago. the president does deserve some credit for taking the political risk of having this meeting and pivoting away from a confrontational posture. courseving been said, of these negotiations are going to have to proceed in a rhythm where each side feels like it is making appropriate concessions in terms for what it is getting. that the president went too far and what he may have committed to on joint exercises, he will get political heat for that. that is not going to be in the best interest for the deal. one hopes that as things proceed, both sides are careful in putting forward concessions
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they are prepared to live with. >> you spoke about a rhythm. there has not been any real time frame look forward. a big response when asked about that. is that normal given how complicated denuclearization is? >> there is not anything normal about the way this summit came together. it was very quickly put together and prepared. the outcome is fairlyormal. when you have a leader level meeting, it is difficult to come out with a detailed agagreement. particularly difficult and this context because of the short lead time. it is not a bad outcome to have a big document like the text that came out of the meeting yesterday and then to leave it to the experts to flesh that out. -- to flush that out. it was a pretty conventional outcome. whether or not the whole process is deemed a success relies on
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what happens next between mr. pompeo and his team and the counterparts on the north korean side. >> this is not the first time the north koreans have agreed to denuclearization. what needs to be different to ensure it actually begins to happen? if you go back and look at 2000, 2005, 22, there have been a whole series of commitments that have pushed in this direction. what has to be different? we will see. it is going to come down to political will. north korea has advanced so far in developing its capabilities both on the missile and nuclear side. they have more to concede at this point. there is more room for give. whether or not ty are going to be -- whether or not they are going to summon the will to go
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all the way to denuclearization is the question. the challenge for the negotiators is the going to be to try to develop a plan where the two sides are making meaningful steps towards a monitoring and verification regime where the north koreans are becoming more transparent. telling the u.s. where their key facilities are located. letting monitors come in and see them. basically showing more and more of their capabilities to the u.s. and demonstrating their freezing them in good faith. building trust as part of the exercise. if a regime like that could be put in place and steps could be taken on a calibrated basis, maybe over the course of years, you could get to a point where the north koreans feel comfortable enough to start dismantling part of their program. whether or not they're going to be willing to do all the distance is an open question. >> the director of crisis
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groups, u.s. program. thank you for your time. a change of pace. let's take a look at business news. i am joined by our business editor. you have been looking at how the markets have reacted to the summit. >> pretty decent so far and investors. they are believed that nothing went wrong -- they are relieved that nothing went wrong. no movements in either direction. frankfurt dax threatening to flatline. not far from what we saw in asia. shares largely stable as the summit was unfolding. we spoke to the head of research at london capital group. he says investors are breathing a sigh of relief. >> it was interesting that in 2017, we had this flareup in the relations between the u.s. and north korea, but it was such a buoyant market for the most part
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even when nuclear threats started to be bounding around. still, the reaction was limited. we are in a much more volatile market conditions this year. this could have been an issue for markets where we see prices drop a lot more. it is gust -- it is just good to see that relations are improving. that keyword that we see from the document, complete denuclearization puts north korea as a possible risk to the side for the time being. >> meanwhile, there is another warning of the danger for the trade dispute posed by the global economy. >> perhaps morore concern fromm investors, this coming from the international monetary fund. telling a gathering in the berlin at the dark cloud over the global economy is getting darker by the day. speaking as the u.s. president
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backed out of the communique at the g7 over the weekend. the rise in tradetien -- trade sentience -- trade tensions that we see before us, a major economic impact undermining the strongest stable period. >> the clouds on the horizon that we have signals about six months ago are getting darker by the day. the darkest cloud we see is the deterioration in confidence that is prompted by an attempt to challenge the way in whichit has been conducted. mcdonald's is expected to announce reorganization of it is this later today -- of its business later today. the president said there would be job losses but did not detail how many. the fast food chain says it will
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see more support for franchisees. here in paris after months of problems with the bike sharing scheme, the car sharing system is also facing troubles. >>is t ts elect scar -- electric car scheme, they have seen thehe numbers dwindle. revenues have been dropping. parisday, the mayor of met with representatives with bmw and toyota to see if another company could replace them. >> clean and innovative. the electric cars are the latest to revolutionize public transport around the french capital. six and a half years after it launched, the car steering scheme has -- car sharing scheme has gone into the red. >> it is all dirty. you often find things like this
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left in the car. fuld paper, cigarette butts are often common. >> this man has been using auto lift for two years. ofn, he cannot get the car to start.t. the number of rentals has decreased considerably. fromrly ha a million a month in april 2016 down to about 375,000 two years later. the revenue generated dropped by 3 million euros and one year. the operator says under its contract, the service must compensate them. officials say it is unacceptable. >> in 2011, the operator said it was going to make millions of euros in profits. we feel we were full of by them. the compensation they are asking for is unjustified. >> harris and other cities accused -- paris and other cities threatening to end their
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partnership with the group. new car sharing system. >> impressive figures from the online fashion retailer boo-hoo. the brand itself significant increases in revenue. also a jump of over 80% in the rest of europe. 75% and the u.s. a star contract -- contrast to bricks and mortar james. -- chains. boo-hoo sounds like said. much for ourvery business roundup. do stay with us here on france 24. we will have more on the summit in singapore coming up for you in just a few minutes time.
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