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tv   France 24  LINKTV  June 18, 2018 5:30am-6:00am PDT

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♪ >> live fromom paris. all of thehe top stories. 600 migrants dock in the spanish port after being turned away by italy. angela merkel facing mounting pressurere to adjust her migratn policies. melania trump weighs in on a controversial zero-tolerance immigration policy which separates fafamilies to enter te country illegally.
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the u.n. has called the policy unconscionable. in afghanistan, a three-day cease-fire between security forces ended. a temporary truce announced following the muslim festival. hour,oming up this perfect place to store wine. snowuried his deep in the for six months. the result was a surprise. more on that coming up in our business review. stay tuned here you are watching "france 24." -- stay tuned. you are watching "france 24." ♪ over 600 migrants in the spanish port of valencia after being turned away byby both into lee and malta.
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italy andl by -- by malta. this started fierce debate about migration picies. those on board the shift that ship need a safe for. medical and aid workers have been providing system - -- assistance at the port. >> many collect from people that the rights of people are not being respected. toer ships have been able accept people. that ended and people drowned. at the same time sanctions by the unity nations pointing at human traffickers. of germany'ss
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governing party holding separate theings to talk about migration. for refugees to be turned back. angela merkel is under increasing pressure. she says she wants is a europewide agreement. for more on this, we have nick spicer. dealus through how big a this issue actually is for the chancellor angela merkel. endedit could be a career -- ending controversy and confli. she has been facing off with president trump wants to impose terrace on german automobiles and upset the postwar international order and who wants germany to spend more on defense. she has problems with populous countries and italy with a debtt
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lolo. she has managed the euro zone crisis. she has been stabbed in the that come if you will, by the sister party in the conservative block. it is significant or her, but for all of europe as well. ,f she is in political peril which people havave been sayings the case. what has been planned by the interior minister is to announce border controls and he is within his rights to do that and that will force angela merkel to politicalhim to her inferior or to f fire him and rk ththwhole coalalition unravevel, resigning, possibly calling a vote of confidence. none of the options s are appepealing. now,we are hearing justst there is supposed to be a a pres conference in bavaria as we are speaking. there may be to press confnferences and also a joint
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press c conference that needs to be confirmed. it sounds like it could be a compromise. the stakes were high. >> difficult to see what her options are at this stage, then? see: it is difficult to where things will go. the shape of the deal presumably would build on what angela merkel has been proposing after .alks to find a deal she just wants to more weeks before the european union summit at the end of the month. as eu is being led by italy the acting president and the issue is migration. saying,erkel has been just saying, just give me two weeks. i want this to be a year p.m. solution. -- a european solution. this will just kick the problem into our neighbors and sending that means causing more problems in greece and italy and they
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have enough problems. her argument is that we need a european solution. it turns out that if a announcement in the minix -- minute to come could mean that there is an agreement. this is not the end of thestor >> thank you for keeping us up-to-date from berl in the u.s., a controversial zero-tolerance immigration policy which separates families who enter the country illegally is facing growing criticism. an estimated 2000 families have been split up at the u.s.-border and they have seen hundreds of children placed away from their parents. the first lady and the former first lady laura bush expressed concern over president trump's policy. we have the details. in on the debate
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surrounding her husband's immigration policy. in a rare foray into controversy, a spopokesperson fr melania trump expressed her dismay over spreading apart families at the u.s.-mexico border. mrs. trump hatesense separated from their families and hopes both sides of the aisle can finally come together to achieve successful immigration reform. >> it is the same stance as the one taken by her husband, reiterated on sunday by one of his top advisers. >> i will tell you u no one liks the policy. you saw on camera that he wants this to end. trump administration blames democrats in congress for breaking up immigrant families. it is actually the result of their own zero-tolerance policy. policy does not explicitly order the separation of appearance from their children, it mandates that all people found crossing the border illegally be prosecuteted withot
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exception, many adults are jailed and their kids laced in shelters or foster care. nearly 2000 children were separated from their families between mid april and the end of may. the controversy has become a flashpoint ahead of midterm elections. on sunday, democrats declared a father's day of accident, -- action. senators had to fight to visit the facilities. republicans facing tough reelection battles have also expressed their opposition. >> my constituents that are outraged should know that i am outraged, too. former first lady laura bush also spoke against the policy. >> let's bring you an analysis on this. douglas joins me in the studio. you saw the report. let's be honest. if trump wanted to end the policy, he could, couldn't he? feinstein stated
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simply. donald trump could snap his fingers and this would be undone. so that begs the question why esn't he snapped his fingers given the outrage? there is moral outrage across the spectrum. yoyou mentioned ththe former fit lady's husband was hardly a pushover when it come to borderl security and security and migration. she has likened this policy to an intern camp in world war ii. that is not an exaggeration some people say. the question does go to the crux of of the matter. he is not changing it. not only is he not stepping his fingers to end this policy, he is shifting the blame. he is asserting that this is actually the democrats' fault. you might raise your eyebrows and follow it and how is it possible? a false claim.
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it is alive when he says that. it has nothing to do with the democrats. the fact of the matter is, as you said, part of a new policy unveiled last month by donald trump attorney general jeff sessions in may in which he quoted paul from romans 13 in the bible to justify the policy and suggested that god was on the u.s. government side in the separation of families policy. what it calls for is the new zero-tolerance policy is that those unlawful immigrants crossing the border from mexico illegally into the u.s. are now prosecuted as criminals. that means that adults are prosecuted but not children. and children are separated. the children detained in a separate facility in holding centers in texas and new york. visited them in the weekend. that is the policy. it is a donald trump
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administration policy. he can tryry to distance himself and they can try to make it look like it is in his policy, but it is his administration policy. previous administrations have the same laws in place and did not separate parents from their children. given the condemnation coming from all sides, are we likely to see donald trump change course from this policy? douglas: yes and no. anything is likely. he has sent conflicting signals. he is due to meet with the leadership of his party tomorrow. the talks have come ahead of an expected vote within the house of representatives on two competing bills on immigration. it is a polarizing issue in the u.s. when is a hard-line bill and what is a moderate. the hard-line throws in everything that he would like, including the controversial visa
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lottery, money for border security, and then there is a more moderate bill. republicans and no democrats are voting for either bill. republicans are looking for signs of what donald trump will support. i would suspect that many republicans are horrified as well as democrats are up the difference is that many are too scared to come out publicly and say it because they are more of scarede consequences and backlash against them than the moral opportunity to come out and say with the actually think is right. this is shaping up to be another one of donald trump and his base bursting everyone else. it is a very tough fight and unpredictable. >> thank you. stay with us. the top news and human rights is what he owes an unconscionable policy separating
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children from my grandparents. afghanistan, a three-day cease-fire between the taliban and security forces has ende the news was announced after the funeral -- festival ended. it extended its unilateral cease-fire by 10 days with the taliban. forces can retaliate if attacked. we have details. taking self is the taliban. unprecedented scenes in the streets of afghanistan as the militants the three day end of ramadan cease-fire. now the taliban cease-fire has ended and fighting has resumed. porters class with security forces in four regions across the country. taliban commanders angry about militant celebratitions over the weekend and say they will discipline those who mingled with citizens and afghan authorities. the government cease-fire was
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due to end on wednesday, the 20th. they extended it by 10 days. the taliban has no extension -- plans of extending bears. during the week entries, violence continued. civilians andd securitrces clash with taliban fighters. it came a day after a bombing from the islamic state group. the attack left dozens dead. concerns were voiced on social taliban in cities and may still be posing a threat. let's remind you of the top stories we are following for you this hour. 600 migrantsts dock in the spanh port after being turned away by italy and malta. angela merkel are facing mounting pressure to adjust her migration policy.
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first lady melania trump weighs in on the controversial zero-tolerance immigration policy which separates families who enter the country illegally. cong up in our next edition, conservative collectible has beenivan duque elected. time now for business. are starting with the head of audi being arrested. yuka: authorities in munich detained him because there were fears that the audi ceo might try to destroy evidence and hinder the investigation.
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it comes as the volkswagen group announce a new leader. is unlikely to face authorities in the u.s. as germany does not extradite them. rachel: a new designed to increase competitiveness. been dubbed the macron laws. it is aimed at helping small companies grow. it would pave the way for the government to privatize state owned businesses to raise funds for new projects. we have the details. >> a two-month delay. france ministry pushing ahead is ink of the role in the economy. on the table, privatization of adp and gaining monopolies.
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financingconomy and minister said some of the rates -- of fufunds raised will go to immigratation funds. the e energy group has a a program for renewable enenergy. we will check our sovereignty and make sure we are a leader in in -- innovation. >> the government trying to lower its stake to under 50%, under voting rights to 33%, as well as privatize the company. this should bring in around $15 and -- 15 billion euros. this will make setting up a business easier and stronger checks on foreign investment. it goes to parliament in september. they made their presence felt when the minister visited last week. >> let's take a look at
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financial markets. a lot of jitters over the escalating trade tensions. european markets in the red at the start of the trading week. if files a tit-for-tat trade between the united states and china over the weekend. london is faring slightly better, and help by financial heirs and strong energy. a cable maker fell 16% after issuing a warning. ,or more business headlines british banking group sealed a deal to take over a financial service. under the deal, it will acquiuie the business for 1.7.7 billion pounds, creating the sixth largest bank in the u.k. it will pay upwards of 15 million pounds a year to use the name.
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all the customers will be moved in the next three years. a national oil corporation says an armed rebel group has attacked key oil areas and significantly damaging storage tanks. attackt has been under last week. this has cost the country billions of dollars in lost revenue. saysh gas and power group nuclear reactors will cost the company half a a million euros. on friday y it was announced tht ththe mage andnd -- maintenance schedule has been revised because of technical concerns. the french love of wine goes far and wide. buried the wine
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conserve it. , back inottles january, a wine producer used a helicopter to take it up a slow and bear --lo and buried them under snow. he thought the snow would give the perfect condition for storing the wind. he dubbed them up after six was worthhe said it the effort in the wine tasted much better than he expected. >> is ideal for storing. this place offers all of the storage opportunities. in a storage space, we open the door from time to time which lets light in. >> iced wine. >> i was just thinking that all the effort, you have to say it tastes better after the helicopter etc. >> thank you very much for our
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business round appeared time for a press review. >> we are joined with a look to the top stories of the day. are you looking at reactions of the election of a new present, the conservative, ivan duque. duque is the headline. ofis on the front page newspapers. the paper hails his speechhat they say was firm against all inequalities. e faces a divided country. the biggest task will be healing open wounds from the campaign. urge the president to work to be the "president of all colombians, including those who are his critics."
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"the washington post "says it could end piece given that he is -- peace. the u.s. is a big winner from the colombian elections. e is a pro u.s. person. >> melania trump condemns her husband's policy. on bothcism mounts sides. the republicans and democrats have the policy to forcibly separate immigrant families at the border. the creation of tent cities in texas where children will be held. that has prompted a lot of anger. that is what the "usa today says on the front page. in addition to democrats, some
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high-profile republicans have spoken out. bushormer first lady laura called the cool after 2000 children were ripped from their families in the past six w. it is explained that donald trump has blamed laws passed by the democrats. but critics say he is actually using this tactic to strong-arm the democrats into excepting border limits, which is what he wants when the immigration bill iset to be debated this week. >> there been harrowing accounts of what it is like for immigrant families on the border. about british daily talks that they have interviewed a pediatrician who visited a detention center where some of the kids are being held. in the article, they speak of a two-year-old girl who was there alone who is screaming and pounding her fists on the mat.
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this is a reality. doctors are warning that this toxic stress on brains so young can lead to very serious problems later in life like drug abuse, heart disease, and that time a thing -- type of thing. have signed aions position urging them to stop this policy of parental separation. it has prompted an editorial from the "new york post," stop breaking up families they say. they said first about it looks terrible in the eyes of the world, and it won't stop families from trying to get back to the states. >> harrowing accounts and images of what is going in -- on athe border. a longtime cartoonist for a paper in the u.s. says in spite of being too critical ofhe president. >> he was fired last week from the pittsburgh post-gazette.
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he is a long-term cartoonist was worked for 25 years. he says he was let go because he is too critical of donald trump, a decision that led to a upper, even from the pittsburgh mayor. uproar, even from the pittsburgh mayor. he was a pulitzer prize finalist in the 1990's. the papers and see was let go because he had simply become too obsessed with donald trump and was too angry for his own good. finally, world cup news. a lot of attention during the match from commentators. --not for the regions reasons you might think. wass explained that there match.mmentary on the
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it too many comparisons. when tweet said a user likened it to the yellow crest of a cockatoo. -- there isfavorite a cockatoo and you can see the resemblance. oneersonal favorite was that was likened to a bowl of spaghetti saying it was an en homage to the italians. >> mexico celebrates after they defeated germany in the opening match. >> mexico from old is what it said -- trembled is what it said on their paper. trembled.y literally the national seismic agency recorded earthquake like tremors at the same time the goal was scored. 't was prompted by the fans
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massive jumping in mexico city. >> mexico city was extremely happy. thank you for the round up of the press. if you want to see more, you can log onto our websiteçça>>]
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man: we have tonight yascha mounk, the author of "the people vsvs. democracy." let me tell you a little bit about it. he's a lecturer on government at harvard university and a senior fellow at new america. he's a columnist at slate and a host of the "good fight" podcast. he's a leading expert in the rise of populism and the crisis of liberal democracy. so, that's yascha, and i think the club will recognize our moderator tonight, francis fukuyama, who has been here many times before. he's currently a senior fellow at stanford's freeman spogli institute for international studies and his new book on identity, his "identity politics" will be coming out in september. so, thank you very much, francis. thank you very much. ok, thank you.


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