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tv   DW News  LINKTV  June 18, 2018 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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berlin the chancellor holds power but faces a political mission impossible. avoiding head-on collision with her interior minister over migration policy. horst seehofer has given the chancellor the ultimate tighten rules with the e.u. blessing or else. also coming up the chief executive of german luxury car make you are audi is arrested on suspicion of fraud. it is the latest developments in
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the diesel emissions cheating scandal. at the world cup belgium got to have off to winning start beating panama 3-0. we will look at that and the day's other games. it is good to have you with us feel the german chancellor averted a crisis in her government over migration policy for now at least. her interior minister horst seehofer from the sister party wants to close the borders to some refugees. the chancellor says that would go against european union principles. today seehofer give her a deadline. if she cannot deliver a solution in two weeks time he sayss he will acts alone.
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-- he will act alone. >> she didn't get more than a short respite but that was more than angela merkel was expecting. after fears her government would collapse she's won some time until the e.u. summit at the ends of june to find a yoeurope solution to asylum institute. she doesn't want to go to alone we believe uncoordinated reeducation in the heart of europe could lead to a negative domino effect at germany's expense. horst seehofer and his party want german border police to reflect aaababsolutesylum seeke registered in a another country but she says that is not compatible with european law and they would have to check which country is responsible. she would like to agree to individual treaties with countries such as greece and italy to facilitate the return
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of refuse jaes but even -- refugees but she says that doesn't mean the c.f.u. plan it refuse them will come into effect. these things will not happepen automatically. we in the c.d.u. believe it is important to first discuss the situation amongst ourselves and only after that enter into discussions with the c. supplement. >> while she spoke in berlin her interior minister had a news conference in munich. he is supposed to be her ally but today they sounded like pearce -- fierce rivals. >> if no workable decision is made i decide and party leaders agree it will be necessary to turn away refugees at our borders. seehofer says he is determined to carry out the policy even if
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germany has to go to alone. acting against merkel's will would probably lead to his dismissal and dissolution of the governing coaoalition. while they battle the third party the center left s.p.d. made its allegiance clear by raying the e.u. flag. the social democrats agreed with merkel compromise with europe is the only way forward. >> joining me now at the big table is julian lehman advised the german foreign office on migration policies. next to me our own political correspondent simon young. simon, is there any reason to think merkel can do in two weeks what she's not been able to do the past three years?
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>> i don't see that. i see that the timetable she's been set by her conservative friend as it ought to be horst seehofer of two weeks to get real movement on the migrant question he wants to see the way forward for resulting this european level physician that doesn't -- if that doesn't happen he says he will be turning people back at the borders and so on. so merkel under a huge amount pressure as she is talking about having bilateral negotiations with some other countries meeting the new italian prime minister this evening to talk about this question and italians one of countries that has faced a lot of migrant pressure and they are not at all happy. they want to chi change the pol like horst seehofer so it is a
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difficult choppy waters for angela merkel. >> the message from the enter your minister seems to be if the european union can't agree on a policy germany will act unilaterally. is it feasible where we are right now with the technology for border guards to determine at the border whether asylum seekers should be rejected? >> you are alluding to the practical side of things. i do in fact see practical and legal obstacles. the hraolegal ones there is a procedure that normally needs to be followed even for those that have been registered somewhere else in other e.u. states. that procedure takes time. so, it goes against pushing someone immediately becoack evef another country is nominally responsible. that is the legal thing. that is the whole question under the so-called dublin law that is
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e.u. law. on the practical side there are obstacles. we have more than 800 kilometers border line separating austria or bavaria alone and more than 70 border crossings. not really possible to staff them overnight. and then in fact many of the people who come to germany will have crossed another country. imagine the situation where somebody has been registered in italy, travels through austria then arrives in germany and germany says to the austrians look, italy is responsible, that is why we are sending them become to austria. what will -- back to austria. what will be the reaction of the austrians feel >> good luck trying to document that as well. simon, let's go to the meeting next week. can merkel put the pressure on the rest of europe.
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can she say either you help me now or you are going to take me down and with me the european project as we know it? >> as you say, good luck with that. merkel is in a weak place and didn't only have friends around europe so i think if she was trying to say help me now that may not pay off. i don't think it is about putting pressure. what she needs to do is set out a vision that will work and there are two things. she needs to make sure the external border is well protected so talking about this border agency having that beefed up with real power and be effective possibly even doing the process of migrants wanting to come to europe processing in states like north africa outside the european union and have the claims looked at. then the question of how migrants are going to be distributed within the european
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union. how can you get a country like estonia miles away from any external borders to take people in. that is the difficult persuading game. >> can we talk about a more compassionate and humane policy if the e.u. can't even reach deal? >> if she can't reach a deal in the next two weeks i think only thing that is really left is for her to try to forge an alliance between different like-minded states append try the solve the question of border protection an distribution. because otherwise it will be politically difficult. it is not clear what she wants to do the next two weeks because there are conflicting reports. >> we will see. gentlemen, thank you very much.
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u.s. president donald trump has responded to the political turmoil surrounding the migration issue in germany and europe with a tweet. he tweeted the people of germany are turning against their leadership as migration is rocking the already tenuous berlin coalition. crime in germany is way up. big mistake made all over europe allowing millions of people in who have so strongly and violently changed their culture. but trump's tweet is not based in fact. according to a government report released last month germany's kraoeup -- courtrorime rate fe to the lowest in 30 years. we sent our reporters this afternoon to ask what people in better left harlin think about tweet.
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>> what can i say? >> it seems like an idiot. >> crime in germany is up he doesn't know. >> his ideology is what we should fight against. i think this tweet represents the views of the minority in germany, not the whole country. generally speaking i think he is right usually i don't expect were from him but this instatan he hit the nail on the head. >> he's probably not the right person to be listening to. his opinion is not the most important. >> you don't notice any negative impact from migration. it is an opportunity, a c chanc for enrichment for our culture to have more influences from other countries. >> donald trump's tweets on immigration in europe come amid a backlash in the u.s. over his government's practice of separating might go grant children from their parents at the border with mexico.
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now the u.n. human rights chief has denounced the policy. he said today the thought any state with seek to deter parents by inflicting such abuse on children is unconscionable. even trump's wife melania has weighed in issuing a statement saying she, quote, hates to see children separated from their families. >> kept in cages. people caught crossing the border illegally. these images from any the detention facility in south texas. more than 1,100 men, women and children, adults risk jail and separation from their kids. outside there is outrage. protesters call for families to be kept together.
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on monday president trumpit become against criticism off -- hit back against criticism of his stands on migrgrion. >> the united states will not be a migrant camp and it will not be a refugee holding facility. it won't be. you look at whaha is happening n europe and what is happening in other places. we can't allow that to happen to the united states, not on my watch. >> under the trump administration zero poll rains policy adults who enter illegallyy can be d detained on criminal c charges and s since chilildren can't be heldd i in theyey are placed d in state ca. nearly 2,000 have been separated from their parents over a significance week period. itit has tktkweuded the country -- divided the country and drawn condemnation even from his republican party. former first lady laura bush in a rare statement wrote the zero tolerance policy is cruel and
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immoral and breaks my heart. our government should not be in the business of warehousing children in converted boxes or making plans to put them in tent cities. president trump defended the policyed a appeared to -- policy and blame democrats saying it is their fault for being weak and ineffective with bird security and crime -- border security. tell them to think of people devastated by illegal immigration. with centers maximum capacity they are in tents and with temperatures soaring in the summ summerle call for the policy to allow for some degree of humanity. >> our business news now arrest warrant in handcuffs for one of germany's biggest car maker executives today. >> talking about audi after the arrest of rupert stadler in connection with the diesel audi
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set to receive an interim boss. the v.w. board will meet to confirm this decision. german authorities arrested stadler this morning as part of an investigation into emissions cheating. prosecutors say he was being held through fear he could tamper with evidence. > it is getting tight for audi's c.e.o. the first top executive to be arrested for his involvement in diesel affair. he's been on the radar of investigators for a while. a week ago the prosecutors initiated a preliminary investigation against him and his private room was searched. the charge fraud and false certification. he allegedly knew about the manipulations in europe after the uncovering of diesel gate in the united states but unlike the u.s. he didn't order a sales
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stop in europe. the 55-year-old has been driving audi since 2007 and was criticized for being slow to respond. it is the center of the scandal. he always rejected the allegations. >> the arrest of him is the latest twist in the scandal that first engulfed the german car industry three years ago and millions of cars have been recalled and billions paid out and managers have lost their jobs. we will look at the most dramatic bumps in the road so far. in 2015 volkswagen admitted selling admissions cheating software in 11 million cars. the c.e.o. you see here on the left he resigned and was replaced by this man the head of porsche on the right. the following year facing pressure from a lawsuit the car maker paid out almost $15
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billion to cover buy backs. last year had -- heads began it roll. this man was sentenced to 14 months in prison for helping to design cheat software and this man on the right oliver schmidt got seven years for fraud. around the same time other consider makers including audi, porsche and daimler came under scrutiny. this year just three years into the job v.w. sacked their c.e.o. and replaced by the machine -- man on the right. no official was given and the audi boss rupert stadler in custody one thing is clear. it is far from the end of the road for diesel gate. let's get more on this from our correspondent on ground. thanks for joining us. what are you hearing on the
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ground? how does this resonate with people here working there behind you? >> well, it is tense here and with the workers behind me out of the gates. i tried to talk to quite a lot of them but nobody really wants to speak to me and people are avoiding me by going on the other side of the road. i understand that because they are probably fed up that journalists like me have been pestering them for close to years around trying it talk it them and top executives like one right now who just drove past us can go by in their cool cars and don't have it talk to us. and they are responsible for it. >> you just mentioned nobody wants to talk about the situation and it is a bad monday for the company. what about the management? what do we expect from this situation with what is next
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after the audi boss is detained? >> that is quite hard to tell because the board meeting is supposed to have started around 2:00, meaning that at least it has been going on for significance hours and maybe it is -- six hours and maybe it is over because one executive just left. but for three years the top tier people here at the company have been protecting rupert stadler. he's been accused of hushing the entire thing up and calledy accused of being the breeding ground of diesel gate scandal and a lot have asked him to give up his position. but that hasn't happened and we don't know whether it will happen and whether his arrest will cost him his job. >> thank you will. -- thank you. google is set to invest $550
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million in chinese online sales giant to make it the latest u.s. company to dive into asia's growing e-commerce. it will see the products placed on the google shopping service and spread beyond southeast asia. it is becoming a battleground for those wanting to cash in on the growing middle class. let's bring in much more on this master investment. what kind of market is google getting into? what do they expect? >> first of all, going tried to get a bigger bite off the chinee market but also for j.d. it is a shot to get deeper into the u.s. americ american, also european market. but if we look at recent
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developments online rival amazon recently has gotten deeper into the online advertising market, so now google kind of tries to get a bigger chunk out of online shopping. so the stock of going by the way traded a good 2% to the up side and overall technology stops were better at the beginning of the week than the broader market. >> looking at a different company here, taiwanese manufacturer. to invest in the united states the other way setting up quarters in the u.s. what is behind that? >> they are setting up their headquarters in milwaukee in the state of wisconsin and they are also building a panel plant in the amount of roughly $10 billion in that state. wisconsin has offered tax
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rebates in the amount of about $3 billion for the tphebnext 50 years. it has become common theme. we look at amazon looking for huge incentives and goldman sachs has done the same picking a headquarter in new york a couple of years ago getting multibillion dollar tax breaks. so this is one side of the story. on the other maybe fox conn tries to avoid tariffs setting up the plant in wisconsin. >> thanks you for this analysis. now over to you. >> thank you very much. the latest from the world cup in russia. group g started monday big favorite against a relative soccer minnow when england took
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on tunisia and then belgium locked horns with panama. here is the highlights. >> after a sluggish first half the deadlock was broken after halftime with this effort with the strike by the forward. then the match got rolling for the favorites, needing just six minutes to add two more goals. 3-0 despite the slow start they kick off in convincing fashion. england followed suit against tunisia needing 11 minutes before their top marksman put them in front. this header saved only for kane to be perfectly positioned for the rebound. after that challenge between walker and joseph the referee awarded a penalty and he kept his cool and 1-1 after 35
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minutes a flattering scorer tunisia. it stayed until harry kane bail a national hero by scoring his second and england has a winning start and g appears to be a two horse race between england and belgium. >> here are the pwebig things w the cool shirt and bowtie. harry kane gave evening left-hand enough to beat -- england enough to beat tunisia. >> you have to put the football goggles on. they have been underachievers. never scored more than one goal the last nine games until harry ken the department had heroics in the hrlast extra time. it was interesting because england had trouble finishing in the final third. way more talent than tunisia
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coming in. tunisia had an unbeaten run going for while but different levels we are talking about. england will trouble finishing in the final third. there was a substitution change trying to reignite the offense. they had 14 shots in box and at one point it was a draw at the 90 minute mark and i was shocked to see harry kane come through for his team. it was nice to see and nice that england is finally showing what they should have always been showing on this stage. because now their level with belgium on points and belgium has the benefit because of goal difference but a great start for the originators of this more than game of football. >> belgium cruised to an easy one against panama.
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was it impressive? >> expected. their recent quinns -- quarterfinals they have an awesome midfield and they had a lot of momentum behind them. this is a team that had no losses in the world cup qualifying or friendlies. we are looking a the action here. it got started in second half. that give belgium the victory over panama. it is panama's first world cup. i don't think there was a lot of expectation of winning but belgium is unbeaten in the last world cup group games so they are on a run. >> today as action started with sweden and south korea. how did that pan out? >> a defensive struggle early on in this match, too. a lot of questions around sweden with them. 65th minute a player taken down
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and the captain for sweden september up after the video assisted referee awarded penalty. they have to verify that. that gave them the go-ahead victory. south korea has to do some soul searching. >> we appreciate it. thank you. after a short break i will be back to take you through the day. we will be right back. ?
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on france24 whole i'm from five people killed on exactly. he's the main headlines this hour. and i know thatat it. wait wait wait wait [inaudible] in ages. this is a


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