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tv   France 24  LINKTV  June 19, 2018 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> these are the top stories this hour. president emmanuel macron plans to meet his counterpart angela merkel to hash out key issues including immigration. we get the very latest for you. our correspondent is standing by for you. the trump administration stands by its hard-line immigration policy at the u.s. mexico border
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as condemnation grows over the separation of immigrant families. north korea leader kim jong-un is in beijing where it is thought he will bring the chinese president up to speed on his summit with president trump. coming up, global stock markets slump. plus, a look at stories making headlines in the world papers. stay tuned. you are watching france 24. first, to our top story. president emmanuel mccrone will meet with angela merkel to hash issues lilike immigration and
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the eurozone. increasingidid pressure for angela merkel. on monday, the chancellor met with the italy prime minister. he refused to o let a ship carrying migrants dock on italian shores. they agree there must be a europewide agreement on asylum seekers. nick spicer is studied by in early -- standing by in berlin. it feeeels like this agenda will be hijacked by immigration today. >> you are right. the agenda was supposed to be about reform in the eurozone. maybe creating a defense identity as the u.k. leads the .u. -- leaves the e asylum issues have become front and center. emmanuel macron realizes he will
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not have a german interlochen to deal with. she has to fire his -- her interior minister over this dispute within the conservative bloc in parliament. they are going to talk about eurozone reform. i think they are going to come up with bilateral, believable proposals for the other partners in the european union. angela merkel desperately need them. toanuel macron really wants work with the german can -- german chancellor. that ishe find a deal likely to satisfy her interior minister who is not overly happy? >> i did not think she is going to fix everything with the french president. they do agree on some things. they agree on the need to defend europe's exterior borders
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better. they need to have equipment. you need money to buy that equipment. you need assistance to exchange information. it is a complicated picture. even though italy is technically an anti-immigrant government, they want the borders patrolled better. it is an agreement between germany and italy on that issue. no, france and germany are not going to resolve this. she is not going to resolve this when she meets with all the other leaders. they're going to be bilateral deals she is working out with the other countries. -- she willng those present those to the interior minister in the hopes that he will not apply the measures he is been threatening to apply. she has a lot of work to do at the european union summit.
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it is still not clear how this is going to go. she is under a lot of pressure. she is going to work very hard. >> nick spicer keeping us up-to-date from berlin. italy far right and tight immigrant minister -- to the poet -- to deport those without the italian nationality. he said a sentence would allow authorities to have a clear idea of who they are and how many of them there are. >> first of all, i have asked the ministry to prepare a dossier. in the newspaper today, there were 13 associations that were put -- that were saying please come. i've asked to have a report to be prepared to see who and how many.
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as far as those with roman citizenship are concerned, we cannot expel the. >> we spoke to our rome correspondent. minister --ior there has been an immediate reaction particularly from human rights groups, the catholic church, and a jewish organization that have not only set this is constitutional but as of the 1938 racial laws to target the juice. an immediate reaction. thatis not the first time the league party have targeted the roman people. proposedst, they have laws to remove children from their families if they have been found they are not attending schools. to 180,000 roma in
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italy. mr. salvininie -- sees it as a problem. the reaction is continuing today. certainly a very strong reaction against the proposal. >> here in france, the second-highest court has upheld a decision by the european parliament to recover 300,000 euros from the former french candidate marine le pen. she was a member of the european parliament. she has been ordered to pay after she unduly claimed a sum for parliamentary assistance. the u.s. -- the trump administration has hit back against criticism of its
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zero-tolerance policy at the u.s. border. between mid april and the end of may, almost 2000 children have been split up from their parents. they are currently being held across several holding centers. the administration says it stands by its immigration crackdown. takenrding purportedly inside one of the centers has been linked that has been leaked leaked by -- has been an investigative new site. >> heartbreaking. childare the cries of a that has been forcibly separarad from his parents by u.s. auauthorities. it is from an audio recording provided by a whistleblower. to call out the treatment of the 2000 children who haven''t taken by their parents -- from their parents in a six week. .
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another girl who is thought to be sick banks to be placed with an aunt. ripped from their parents arms and put in metal cages, their treatment is part of the trump administration's zero-tolerance policy. anyone caught illegally crossing the southern border. whn people traveling babies will be separated with them. the hardship of the policy has created widespread outrage. donald trump has remained adamant. >> thehe united states will note a migrant camp. it will not be a refugee holding facility. >> trump has said u.s. officials are following the law. he falsely blamed democrats for the situation saying that if they would just act his boardwalk and -- his
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boardwalk and -- back his border wall, it would not be necessary. >> they know this is shameful. they are passing it on to others. they control the white house, the house, and the senate. they can accomplish anything they set out to do if they cared. >> anger over what many call inhumane and cruel treatment is growing across the u.s. and on both sides of the aisle. commitmentt and using it as a bargaining chip are showing no signs of faltering. >> kim jong-un has arrived in beijing where it is thought he will bring the chinese president up to date about the historic summit with president trump. the meeting comes as washington and seoul have agreed to suspend a joint military exercise. today's trip marks his third trip to china this year.
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is that right? juste purpose of the trip about breathing the chinese president about what happened? >> i do not think it is just about breathing him. it is certainly one of the major parts. it is also a reminder toto the a -- to the united states that after the relationship between north korea and china has seemed to chill, things have become much warmer. he had not been outside the country at all since becoming a leader of north korea. three times not the china. there is no doubt that he needs the economic and diplomatic muscle that china brings. to have china have your back when you're dealing with the most powerful country in the world helps. interested are very from a strategic point of view.
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they have a vested interest going forward. they want north korea to divest itself with nuclear missiles. they would like to remove the presence of nuclear missiles as an excuse for the americans to keep a military presence in south korea. they are involved to a degree. there will be some discussion about sanctions. i remember the americans saying sanctions will be lifted but only if there is complete, verifiable, irreversible denuclearization. the chinese position seems to be different. they could use this as an opportunity to remind the americans at a time when relations are souring over trade that you made life difficult for us with tariffs. we have lots of ways to make life difficult for you are
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playing games with sanctions with north korea. >> what more can you tell us? >> it looks like the americans are true to their word. they are going to freeze military exercises with south korea as long as the north koreans appear to be acting in good faith. there was good to be a exercise called freedom guardian involving 17,000 u.s. troops. a sizable military exercise. that has been suspended. no announcements about other exercises down the road. spring is a big-time for exercises involving south korea and u.s. troops. presumably, if there is progress in the talks, those would be put on hold. how those talks on denuclearization -- the experts that have already started, how
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they progress. if the americans see and of ongress to justify movement sanctions, perhaps there will be some movovement there as well. they will be looking genuinely to see that the north koreans are good as their word. if that does not happen, perhaps they will stop or reverse their decision rather on ending military exercises with the south koreans. >> thank you for that analysis. in world cup news, england is celebrating following their 2-1 victory over tunisia. all three points from their opening. here's what some of the fans have to say. fans -- what england fans like the numbers, they made
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up for in noise. jubilation outside the arena as england fans were outnumbered by tunisian supporters. it was looking like another disappointment as the young english team swung their chances after a strong start. the captain turned in a header in the 91st minute that one england a crucial point in their first world cup game. >> i am glad it was not so easy and we had to work at a victory. the big one is going to be against belgium. it will determine where we will end up. >> tunisian fans but they got away with a draw and were left devastated. ande landed in moscow traveled 49 hours to get here. we are staying hopeful for the second match. it is going to be very
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difficult. it will be always on the sky. >> they are hoping their match against panama will be as easy against belgium's 3-0 victory. >> you are watching live from paris. a quick reminder of the top stories. president emmanuel macron prepares to meet his german counterpart angela merkel to hash out details including immigration. this is as macron -- this is as merkel faces domestic was. the trump administration stands by its hard-line policy of immigration. condemnation grows over separation of immigrant families. it is thought that kim jong-un will bring the chinese president up to speed on his historic summit with president trump.
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the business news now. i am joined in the studio by stephen carroll. stock markets taking a. tumble >> the united states have threatened to impose tariffs over $200 billion worth of chinese imports. imposedes as they have tariffs on each other's goods on friday. industries in both countries will suffer with some american farmers already feeling the pinch. on --. produced so a is soy is on the -- midwest, the prospect of a 25% tariff on the crop is being seen as a blow. ofif we end up with a bunch retaliatory tariffs, the price
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of grain will go down. that is what we are worried about. >> the price o of soybeans has come under pressure the last few weeks. also wary.d son were president visited in 2012 when he came to learn about farming techniques. they say you know why -- they say he knows why soy is the target. >> they perceive agriculture as a potential part of the administrations voting base. >> most farmers in iowa voted for donald trump. some say the issue is wider than farming. >> there is a problem wiwith cha in regards to other aspects of the american economy. we want them to open up their borders mark. we want to send our cars over there. not just agricultural products.
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chinais beingg held d that -- hoped that china will backtrack. >> this is the picture in the european markets this lunchtime. those trade tensions impact investors. let's talk about this further. we can go to london and speak to richard parry. thanks for being with us. where are the effects of this being felt on the markets today? >> it is pretty much -- you have seen quite a significant -- you have seen the japanese yen, which is strengthening. that is the goto in the currency markets. we're seeing bond yields which have started to fall across the board, which gives a general sense that markets are in risk retreat. you have the equity markets that
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are also falling quite sharply as ever in this trade spat situation. we see the dax is the underperformer in europe. it is heavily export waited. it underperforms there. it is a considerable across the board move that we have seen today. normally these moves are fairly knee-jerk. it will be interesting to see if this continues through the week. >> are we in a trade war? have we crossed the line that we have been approaching? argue --ose you could the definition of a trade war is two countries involved in a tt it-for-tat escalation of tariffs.
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they have confirmed that 50 billion, which is around about 10% of u.s. imports from china. if that escalates to what hundred billion, that does become considerable. from the chinese site, they are using the term trademark and getting -- term trade war and getting increasingly defensive. they have said they will be going awesome. they will be going off the qualitative and ququtitative. the -- in response that if the u.s. goes to 200 billion, that works the trade that china does in terms of imports -- that works in terms of the trade that china has done. >> thank you very much for speaking to us.
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that is the latest business news. >> thank you very much. time now for our press review. the top stories of the day. condemnation over president trump's policy of separating families. >> these harrowing pictures and no audio of young kids in detention centers of kids separated from their families. some in cages. that is what we have seen. the heart of america has frozen over. says inwhat this artist this illustration. another artist says these children have become a pollen in thebecome a pawn immigration game.
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in this cartoon, you see trump pictured as a kidnapper sending a ransom note. we are seeing a lot of criticism over his comments blaming democrats for this action. a double meaning there. one of the editors at the new york times have likened his excuses to that of an abusive husband blaming his wife for the beatings he gives out. that under obama and the bush jr. administration, they sought to curtail immigration but no one has gone as far as trump with this your tolerance policy. this bit of nastiness belongs. growing to trump >>
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growing anger with the story. >> as we said, across the political spectrum, the national review is a conservative magazine. the writer calls the family separation draconian and urges the u.s. congress to take back your constitutional authority to the u.s. president. that begins by ending the forest in my separation. editors at the wall street journal warned that republican parties are -- is in an immigration meltdown and that the handling of the issue is becoming a hot button issue. they warned that unless trump reverses his policy, he risks losing the house in november and possibly impeachment. >> moving on to japan where women are rising up to fight sexism and what is a deeply gender divided country. >> this article is coming from a french catholic paper. a high-ranking official in the finance ministry was accused of sexually harassing a female journalist during an interview.
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it prompted a lot of outrage from japanese women. abe too prompted shinzo condemn the allegations. the paper explains he has ordered officials to take behavioral courses and how to behave around women. this report from the guardian that looks at female sumo wrestlers. easyng the sports on relationship -- the sport's uneasy relationship with gender. in japan, women are not allowed into the ring.g. when aue came to a head female nurse rushed onto the ring to help a mayor who had collapsed. >> some world cup news. a group of very dedicated football fans. >> this group of five mexican
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fans were planning what they called a road trip of a lifetime supporting their team. the daily mail explains they had it all planned out. they bought a bus. they shipped it to spain and drove the bus to russia. the only problem, one of their friends had to back out at the last minute because his wife would not allow him to go on the lifetime trip. no problem for these friends. they made a life-sized cardboard cutout of him. he has accompanied them in spirit to all of the games and bars. his friends posting pictures of the cardboard version of him even crowd surfing. on his t-shirt, it says the old lady would not let me go. finally, the latest trend from milan fashion week. >> i am not sure it will be to
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the taste of everybody. it is very questionable after the sox and sandal combination. we can present the stilettos and sneakers combination. รณ >> the following program is an
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