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tv   DW News  LINKTV  June 21, 2018 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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brent: this is "dw news," live from berlin. an emergency summit on migration in europe called for this coming sunday. some leaders are staying home. italy's prime minister, giuseppe conte, agreed to attend, but only after a phone call and assurances from german chancellor angela merkel. her political future is on the line as she pushes for european union solution on migration. also coming up, where are their parents?
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trump says border agents are trying to reunite migrant children separated from their mothers and fathers. a public backlash forced him to scrap a policy which took 2000 children away from their families. we will get the latest from washington. plus, campaigning for the next election in erdogan's, turkey, what is ankara turns away an international observer from germany, we asked how likely is sunday's election to be fair? also coming up on the show, heading to the world cup. argentina clash with croatia. there were some spectacular goals on show. we bring you the action from that and all of thursday's other world cup games sto. brent: i'm brent goff.
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it is good to have you with us. tonight the european union's volatile stance on migration is on display yet again. emergency talks are planned for sunday, and italy has confirmed it will take part. but it came only after germany's chancellor, angela merkel, agreed to scrap a preprepared joint statement. anti-immigrant leaders from central europe say they will boycott the summit. it is a sign of worsesening divisions over migration across europe. reporter: there are three days to go before german chancellor angela merkel's migration summit in brussels. it includes countries including italy, greece, austria, maybe more. the german chancellor wants as many countries as possible to take back refugees if they are registered there first. a preliminary draft of the final declaration points to a clear
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tightening of asylum policy including an end to the logical movement of refugees within the european union. the establishment of microprocessing centers of microprocessing centers outside eu borders and a mechanism for deportations between eu countries. cash and other welfare provisions would only be available if the countries migrants are registered. and there have been controls at stations and airports to limit cross-border movement. but the document provoked a disagreement as soon as it was leaked. the italian prime minister, giuseppe conte, complained that the paper disregarded his country's position, threatened to boycott the migration meeting. he says italy wants a mororatorm on n new migras bebefore it t ts any back from other eu countries will italy's far right interior minister up to the rhetoric the previous. "the times are over when france and germany decide refugee policy and which migrants they
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have to take in." it took a call from angela merkel and the promise to withdraw the draft before the italian prime minister agreed to attend the weekend talks. "we will see each other on sunday," conte wrote. sounds like he is ready for a fight. brent: in the united states, the government has requested the pentagon to prepare to house up to 20,000 unaccompanied migrant children on military bases. the request comes after lawmakers rejected one of two republican-led immigration bills . the vote on the second bill was pushed to friday. earlier, president donald trump said he had directed border agencies to reunite separated families. this follows an executive order to footage of the separation of migrant children from their parents at the country's border with mexico. want to go to our washington bureau chief, alexandra von
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nahmen. good to you. the department of defense -- remarkable -- reportedly requested to house up to 20,000 migrant children on u.s. military bases. will the u.s. resume the policy of separating children for migrant families? i mean, why is this? 20,000, where is that number coming from? alexandra: that wouldn't be my interpretation that the trump administration is going to start the family separation policy again. i would say that it is something that the trump administration has been looking into this option where it is possible to house migrant children on military bases for a while. this request is specifically said that this housing possibilities from these facilities, are commanded to house unaccompanied -- are manned to house unaccompanied
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minors. migrant kids who were brought to the u.s. illegally without having their parents with them. that is something that has been done before under the obama administration in 2014, when 7000 unaccompanied minors were housed on three military bases. i think we are talking about this case. however, we don't have information about the numbers, why the request was so specific year. we're still waiting for clarification from the pentagon. brent: the number 20,000 is certainly surprising. president trump yesterday announced that children would not be separated from their parents any longer. he has pledged to reunite over 2000 children with their families. we are looking at the reversal of flip-flopping. why is he doing this?
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alexandra: i think he was under a line of public pressure and growing criticism from within his own republican party. you also at the former first ladies criticizing the famamily separatition policy as cruel, immoraral, nothing that the u.s. ststands for come and of course, you ivanka trump and first lady melania trump were reportedly pressing the president to change . for a president who likes to look good on tv, who likes to have a good rating, that was a reason to change his policy. we cannot rule out that he also was moved by the heartbreaking pictures of kids at the border. brent: how difficult is it to return children to their parents once they have been separated? do we know any of the specifics there? alexandra: no, we don't know any
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specifics. it has to be very difficult. we have the impression right now that the authorities don't have an exact plan how to do that. first of all, we have to say that many parents don't know where their kids are. they are placing it on the parents to find their kids and seek reunification. many parents don't know where the kids are. some of them have been already deported to their home countries, like guatemala. for them it could be very difficult to get back together with their kids. brent: our washington bureau chief alexandra von nahmen, thank you very much. here are some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world. italy's far right interior minister has turned away a
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dutch-flagged ship with more than 200 rescued migrants aboard. matteo salvini says the ship had loaded the migrants in the libyan waters, but the ngo says it conducted the rescue in international waters. an israeli court has indicted the wife of israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu for misusing public funds. sarah netanyahu is accused of falsifying household expenses to obtain $100,000 for private catering. her husband is also under investigation on suspicion of corruption offenses. germany has been found guilty of violating eu regulations by failing to reduce high nitrate levels in its groundwater. the over use of fertilizers in farming is thought to be to blame for levels that impose a health risk. germany could be fined by the european commission. amnesty international's turkish
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chairperson will be in prison until at least november of this year. sent to prison last year for alleged links to a cleric that ankara accuses of orchestra in a failed coup. amnesty international has dismissed the entire case, calling it baseless. the turkish government has refused to allow a member of the german parliament to enter the country as an observer for this weekend's election. a member of the german left party wanted to travel to turkey to represent the organization for security and corporation in europe. yet previously condemned last year's constitutional referendum in turkey as unfair. the turkish government has accused him of sympathizing with the outlawed pkk party. many turks fear the outcome of the weekend's election could be fixed. allegations of tampering emerged after last year's constitutional referendum. resident erdogan sharply reject
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-- president erdogan sharply rejected those accusations. this time around those suspecting potential fraud are on high alert. our correspondent has this report from istanbul. reporter: this video shocked millions of turks. it was recorded during the constitutional referendum last year. the footage purports to show dozens of ballot papers being stamped as valid after the vote. this woman and her colleagues are still angry at this apparent irregularity and the prospect of it happening again this year. >> this is one reason why many people think elections in turkey are rigged. i don't believe last year's referendum really went the governments way. that is why we want to make sure there is no deception this time.
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>> hello, we are trying to keep votes safe. do you want to help? reporter: she and her fellow activists are on the streets of istanbul practically every day. they talk to voters and try to persuade them to sign up as monitors. >> we are not from a political party. we are part of the citizen's initiative. reporter: election monitors are allowed to be present at all polling stations in turkey. often there are not enough volunteers. in the conservative is that district, best in a conservative istanbul district, many residents are loyal supporters of president erdogan. she is not having much luck here. the opposition party the chp has set up an election center better organized than banu's volunteer initiative. but the goal is the same -- sending out observers and document suspected fraud.
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>> a lot of people had doubts about the results of the last election. many thought it wasn't right. this public failing has to be taken seriously. we say the citizens, cast your vote, the lookout as well for what happens to it. reporter: a writer for a pro-government newspapers say that the opposition and some media exaggerate claims of vote manipulation. >> apart from a few local irregularities, i don't think there is anything wrong with our election security. but there have always been people who make such claims. they say things like votes have been stolen, burned, or just thrown in the trash. it has been like this in all the
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elections. reporter: banu and her colleagues do not agree. they say the allegations of ballot rigging at the last vote have never been resolved. this time around, they hope the voting will be more secure, and they want to play a part in it. brent: still to come on "dw news ," all the action from the soccer world cup in russia, including denmark's clash with the people down under. all right, first, the global trade dispute -- ooh, it is set to go up a notch. >> a big notch. american tariffs are stirring up the world order. give in to u.s. demands or punish america with counterterrorist. many are opting for the second -- counter-terrace.
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many are opting for the second choice. reporter: leading the charge against trump's tariffs, the eu. the trade commissioner may have been on a visit to new zealand, but it was not a holiday from tariff talk. making clear that the eu is not budging from countermeasures, the tariffs come into effect on friday, despite trade war fears. >> it could escalate to a full trade war, which would be bad for the whole world. we are so interlinked in the global economies -- also in the chinese and the u.s., the global value chains. it will affect us as well. it will affect companies, it will affect consumers. reporter: come what may, turkey is also striking back. on thursday the country is imposing tariffs on products from: paper and tobacco to cause and manufacturing goods.
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turkeys the economy minister says that those should balance out the cost of the trump administration's tariffs. also on thursday, india/counterterrorist -- india slapped countertariffs. the import duty onon chickpeas s been raiaid, on walnuts to over 100%. those are just the latest in a series of moves by america's old allies to push back against trump's measures. trade partners are asking themselves come an ally like this, who needs enemies? fanny: and the first damage reports are coming through from the fault lines of the tariff war. germany's daimler is feeling the pinch from the escalating trarae war and the holy homemade -- totally homemade emissions scandal. it issued a profit warning saying that costs would take a
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bite out of their bottom line. daimler has to recall some 800,000 diesel vehicles across europe due to the missions sheeting. it predicts that earnings before taxes and interest will be below last year's level. we asked our frankfurt correspondent how worrying that is. >> it is a new chapter to worry about in this saga, and the investors put pressure on the daimler share because of those worries about the future. it dropped by over 4% and it took other car shows like a bmw and volkswagen down with it. one analyst is saying that when you hear a profit warning in a situation like this, it is usually not the last one. people don't know, is this the end of story, especially since, as you mentioned, the diesel scandal as well, it is unclear how high the tablet will be in the end for daimler.
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it was under pressure before. it was poor performance and a diesel scandal with a profit warning not good for the ceo. fanny: talking about the ceo, a bombshell announcement shaking up silicon valley. the intel ceo is doubtful to he resigned unexpectedly after the company said it learned -- is out. the he resigned unexpectedly after he the comedy said he had a relationship with an employee, violating the non-fraternization policy. he joined intel in 1982 as an engineer. the chief financial officer will take over for the time being. the company will launch an extensive search for a permanent replacement. let's get more on this from our financial correspondent in york, jens korte. the u.s. has its own policy to comes to a relationship at work. his corporate policy all about morals, or what is driving decisions like this one?
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jens: there is a bit more behind it and just moral issues. there was a pretty clear policy, and a lot of u.s. corporations, managers are not supposed to have relationships with employees who report directly or indirectly to them. obviously, companies want to avoid that decisions might be influenced were also that some of the managers take advantage of their positions. we have seen it in the past couple of years. in the past years again and again, high-ranking ceos from companies like boeing or priceline who actually -- who had to leave positions because of relationships with employees. fanny: what does this resignation mean for intel? what is the consequence? jens: not a pleasant day for intel. he actually has done a pretty
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good job the past couple of years transforming intel away from the pc business and more to semiconductors for smartphones and video games and other areas. he did start with the firm in 1982, and he became ceo five years ago. the stock of intel lost a good 2% in the thursday session, and intel was the second biggest loser in the dow jones industrial average. there is talk that they have a pretty strong line of possible people filling in the position, but as i said, he did a pretty good job in the past couple of years, and that is why investors, at least for now, showed a negative reaction. fanny: jens korte in new york, thank you so much. all it, back to brent for all the latest world cup drama. brent: time for the latest now on the world cup.
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chris harrington joins us from the sports desk. craig -- chris. chris: almost friday. brent: argentina face croatia. how did that go? chris: they feel to check that off in this match against croatia. take a look at this video. the goalkeeper made a blunder, which helped him cr kick this one out of reach -- karate-kick this one out of reach. part of the golden generation -- this might be his last world cup , and he had no problems scored from outside the box, and then later on pouring salt in the wounds, making light work of that. just a bad, bad day to be a
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supporter of argentina. brent: what does this mean for argentina's star player? kres: basically, it means he's living up to this story line associated with his name, the idea that he does not get it done, the international pitch. just to illustrate that point, he had 11 misses -- 11 mr. shots in the first game. the first attempt came in the 64th minute from which it suggests he did not have an opportunity to pull off magic. his mom came out and admitted that he gets emotional and teary-eyed when he does not perform well for his country. i'm thinking he will not get much sleep tonight. brent: may need some kleenex is. kres: maybe he will get through it if there is america. brent: finishing the second round of games earlier today. kres: france is a favorite. they are fast and furious. but they have been leaving me
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fast and a bit curious. in this match, against peru, they had no problem getting on the board. it was a french youngster leading the way offensively. they kind of ricocheted, and that right in front with that goal, he became the youngest international french player to score in a major tournament, and he is an expensive player as well. he is in the ballpark of $200 million. nice investment. he is doing it for his country. they are through. the other match of the day, things started out great. got on the board early. then they started to deflate. socceroos came through and they got the benefit of the video assist replay. no problem executing his second goal of the world cup, 50-50. they still have hope to get through.
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brent: what do these results mean for c? kres: it all depends on what happens. the last two matches they played at the same time. brent: do we have the graphics? kres: there it is. france face denmark next, but they are neck and neck. denmark must lose. australia must beat peru, and they must do it -- goal difference, minus one for australia. peru, the last thing peru wants to do is send their fans home with a smile. they will put a fight against australia. brent: no dust on you, kres harrison. you might want to hold that kos. -- pose.
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today marks international yoga day. kres, you do yoga. nowhere are the festivities as humorous or as impressive as india -- a and or as o oppressis india. just ask prime minister narendra modi. reporter: thiss is nonot your average yogaa class. some 60,000 people came together for the celebration. amonong them, some of india's mt prominent yoga masters, and the country's prime minister. >> it cann show on tensions and mindless anxiety. reporter: the benefits some of those promoted by modi.
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he spearheaded an initiative to reclaim m the dissident as an historic part of indian culture. as modi took his place at the center of this gathering, yoga's reach extended across the country. these policemen practicing their salutations in the indian himalayas from just one of 5000 yoga day events in india. across the globe, people honored a practice credited with balancing the body, mind, and spirit. the word "yoga" means to attach, to join, to yoke. today in india and elsewhere, this ancient discipline has certainly brought people together. brent: the famed guerrilla coco -- gorilla koko who mastered sign language has died at the age of 46 in california. the gorilla became the subject of press reports and books and
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tv shows ever learning more than 1000 words in american sign language. a scientist began teaching koko the start of a stanford university contest in 1974. the gorilla appeared in document is an featured on the cover of "national geographic" magazine twice. you are watching "dw news." after a short break, i will be back to take you through the day. stick around. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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