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tv   DW News  LINKTV  June 25, 2018 2:00pm-2:30pm PDT

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>> dw this is news live from berlin. tonight, pull from the ocean, but hung out to dry. the fate of hundreds on ships, italy says thehey will not allow the boatats to dock and brbrg their human cargo on short. will hear from me german charity that is facing an emergency situation. international monitors criticized the turkish election, the osce says president erdogan and his party benefited from an uneven playing field, including
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biased media coverage. anan workup drama as iberian heavyweights jostle for a top spot. spain struggles with morocco who are already out of the tournament while portugal is fighting for progression to read all the world cup action is coming up. ♪ brent: i'm brent goff. it's good to have you with us to tonight, the fate of hundreds of migrants met -- rescued from the mediterranean means uncertainty with the lifeline, a boat operated by german charity, is carrying more than 230 migrants and has been stuck at sea for days after being turned away from italy. european lawmakers visited the boats sunday and save the situation on board is approaching an emergency. this is not the only ship in
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limbo between africa and europe. with desperate and vulnerable migrants on board. >> a cargo ship owned by one of the biggest shipping companies in the world stranded off the coast of sicily. the alexander maersk is not only carrying its own freight, but also more than 100 migrants. last week, the danish vessel was asked by the italilian coast gud to rescue the migrants from a boat that was in trouble. but when italy refused to allow the ship to dock, it can do nothing but wait. while the alexander maersk is still off sicily, a german rescue ship is in a similar situation your malta. lifeline has picked up more than 230 migrants, including children, from the mediterranean. but it has also been at sea for several days come after malta, spain, and italy refused it permission to dock. on sunday night, a group of
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european politicians visited the vessel, promising to do all l ty can. >> nobody cares about them, nobody is helping. if you come to libya, you must go to prison. >> italy step you has visited libya, where he discussed the migration crisis. he also hit out at the ngo behind the lifeline rescue boat. >> should did not follow the instructions of either the libyan or the italian coastt guard. itit is an, and must be seized t any place that it docs. x while the political wrangling
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continues, these migrants are left at sea, watching and waiting for a decision on their fate to be made. brent: i'm joined by telephone with alina from sea watch, a nonprofit organization that conducts search and rescue operations in the mediterranean. she is at the port in malta and she has been in step -- in touch with the staff from lifeline, that stranded vessel carrying more than 230 migrants. welcome to the show. what is the situation on board the lifeline tonight what have the crew and refugees told you? >> currently the situation is quite calm. we have broroughtedical equient and so on. it i calm, but also really overcrowded on the small vessels because there are 234 people on board, and the crew andnd the situatioion is tense.
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especially since among the people are 70 on a company miners that have already been waiting three or four days now. brent: we understand that european lawmakers spent the night on sunday on the rescue ship with hundreds of migrants. what have they been ever to negotiate with italian and maltese authorities concerning permission to talk -- to dock? >> they told us they will do the best to put pressure on the respective government. however,r, up until now, wewe 't receive anany notice of any country taking responsibility to help these people.e. so we are ststill hoping to get some more output out of that and some political pressure might help these people. brent: given italy's urging lifeline to travel to the netherlands, how long would that journey take, and it is problematic, isn't it?
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next is, and it is completely impossible. it would take weeks, that would be jt iumane, andhese people need help now. geographically, italy and malta are the closest,t, and it is jut making sense to bring them there , and afterwards we need a political solution of other countries taking these people in. brent: thank you, joining us from sea watch at the port in malta. thank you very much. here are some of the other stories making headlines around the world. anti-terror police and friends have arrested 10 people with alleged links to the radical far right. officials say the individuals were planning to carry out attacks on muslims. the suspects were captured at the weekend in operations including here on the island of corsica. rescue crews in thailand say they believe 12 boys trapped in a flooded cave are still alive. the boys and their soccerer coah had been missing since saturday.
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risising floodwaters have frustrated efforts to locacate them, but rescuers believe the group is holding out in a larger cavern deep inside the complex. monsoon season is wreaking havoc in india. this was the aftermath of a storm that hit the nation's financial capital, mumbai. torrential rains have also triggered severe flashlights in india and neighboriring bangladesh. more than 20 people have been killed and over a million displaced. he won, but it was not fair. that is the conclusion from european election monitors about the election victory of turkeys tie up arrogant -- -- president erdogan. saying he was given an undue advantage. erdogan was reelected in sunday's election with more than 50% of the vote. he is set to assume sweeping new powers they could see his hold
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on power last another decade. >> turkey woke to a new political landscape on monday, but still very familiar. the standing leader erdogogan cemented his hold d on power, winning a fufurther fifive yeard office. but as turks digested the news, election monitors from the organization for security and cooperation in europe expressed doubts about how fair the presidential and parliamentary elections had been. >> this is not and we did not regarded as being an equal playing fieldld at a a. in relation to beatat it, it certainly wasn't, and neither in relation to campaigning either. >> the defeated presidential candidate conmned the elections as unfair from start to finish him of and he urged everyone to concenentrate on uniting a deeply divided country. >> mr. erdogan, as of today, please do not ask like e presidt of the ak party.
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be thehe president for 85 millin people. embrace everyone. >> that message will resonate with a lot of turkish voters, many of whom were devastated by the results. >> i am only 25. this is a very beautiful country. i want to live in this country, but as a young woman, everything isis in danger. it's becoming harder to livive here. women arenen't respectct, and te ededucation sysystem is upside . >> but others are happy that erdogan had one. many describibe the result as a win for democracy and for the country. >> i i believe that t this is ad result for our country as our president says, no stopping. cocontinue on the path. >> we said made the best man win, and we voted. this turned out to be the best. we had different expectations, but if this has happened,
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everything has been for the best. erdogan's win ushers in a new political system under which he becomes head of both state and government. erdogan insists this will bring prosperity and stability to the country, following a failed coup two years ago. but critics say the new system will further erode democracy in turkey. brent: i'm joined now by julia hahn, standing by in ankara tonight. good evening, julia. his coalition also secured a majority in parliament. can we talk about turkey now being headed by one man? julia: well, this is certainly what many people fear here. they clearly say this is the end of democracy, one young lady told me yesterday that there are already no civil rights here.
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there is no freedom of opinion, and this is only getting worse under the new political system, so she basically said the only chance i see is leaving the country and going into exile. after we have the final results, by the end of the month, these changes that you just described will kick in. mr. erdogan, just to give you a few examples of the sweeping new powers he will get, he will be able to appoint and fire ministers, he dissolve parliament, he can call for new elections. he will have a significant sway over choosing senior judges, so he will be the center of political power soon, and many observers here are saying there are no signs that he will ease down, , that he willll become ss aggressive, that he will suddenly released thousands of people from jail. to the country that he will make -- to the contrary, he will make full use of these new, sweeping powers. brent: you can understand if he doesn't really care what outside
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critics may have to say, but nevertheless, the osce monitors expressed criticism about the campaign, they said there was unbalanced reporting, they said there were restrictions under the state of emergency. does all of this mean that mr. erdogan's victory, as strong as it may appear, is actually tainted? julia: well, that is certainly not what he would it be at or what he would say. i remember last year's vote when he told international observers to know their place. these observers today very clearly criticized the conditions of the vote, calling it an unequal playing field. but if you look at these conditions, the state of emergency which gives police and -- their powers, many journalists, academicians in jail, many lawmakers of opposition parties as well, most of the media under government
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control or owned by companies close to the government. if you consider all of that, it's actually pretty astonishing that mr. erdogan only got 52% of the vote, that almost 50% of the people here are not standing behind him. brent: that's a very good point, junior, and it begs the question, how divided is turkey today? julia: it's a very divided society, a polarized society, and i think mr. erdogan is the reason for that. so you have his orders on the one hand who are very loyal to him, who love him, who celebrate now, you see him as their savior , their survival, basically, and the other half of the population hates him read they say he is at autocrat and he is leading this country into autocracy. brent: julia, thank you very much.
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daniel is here now with more on what the erdogan victory means for turkey's economy. daniel: the economy is quite mixed as well as a mixed reaction. it seemed that voters were taking the election result well, that is until the lira lost its gains. politically, he may be unstoppable, but can he rein in the unstable economy? >> after the election, many turks thought stability would rule the day and president erdogan will continue hisis current economic allah sees. -- economic policies. >> there will be economic stability in the country. there has to be. volatility in the mararkets, now it is over. at least the elections are over. if you asked me if the lira or dollar will increase, i think the depreciation of the lira
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will continue. but turkey's currency, the lira, is under pressssure. due in p part t to erdogan's efs to consolidate power and fears that he will increase the country's interest rates, fears that are having global repercussionons. foreign investors are withdrawing their funds from our country, which is leading to depreciation of the lira. the dollar is rising day by day. i think the situation will get worse now that the elections are over. inflation has soared to double digits, and turkey's trade deficit is increasing because the country needs to import more products than it can sell abroad, adding to its woes.s. >> if it offers some structurall reformrms, which it has not been doing over the last two years, you can see it returnining backo the -- with the lifting of the state of emergency, i think the
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pressure is there. >> many experts say the risk to turkey's economy have grown in recent months. brent: u.s. treasury secretary steven mnuchin has denied reports that the united states is specifically targeting chinese firms in its crackdown on foreign acquisitions of u.s. tech. following reports to the contrary in two major outlets, managing tweetie, the stories in bloomberg and wall street journal or false, fake news. he win on to say that plans to impose investment restrictions would apply to all countries accused of trying to steal u.s. technology. the final announcement is due at the end of the week. >> are investors buying the
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explanation? >> eveven if they are buying ths explanation, it doesn't necessarily make things better, right? not just china but also other markets and potential investors would be limited to the u.s. tech industry. so what -- what ideas circulating is that on one side, investments into the u.s. technology industry might be limited, and on the other side come also exports of technology out of the united states could be controlled more or also restricted. we did see quite a reaction among wall street, blue chips closing by more than 30000 poin, nine out of past 10 trading days. actually the blue chips lost out you and especially technology shares got hit hard here at the beginning of the new week. brent: despite strong opposition from investors in from of all --
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abroad, it seems approval of trumps economic policies is gring. >> actually, donald trump, for his economic policy, received the highest approval rating since he started office, and if you look at the poll that was published by cnbc, 54% of participants said that the economy is in good or even excellent shape, that's the highest rating got on this poll since it started about 10 years ago. for example, the unemployment rate is almost at the lowest level in almost 50 years. consumer sentiment remains on an elevated basis, at least when it comes to the u.s. economy, most americans seem to be happy with the current administration. brent: so it seems donald trump's tough stance on trade and economic policies is impressing americans. thank you very much for that.
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argentina is caught up in the midst of a crippling general strike. they are frustrated with the government's plan to call on the help of the international monetary fund. they provided argentina access to $50 billion in funds should they needed, but the citizens are having none of it. >> deserted airports, not a single traveler waiting at the check-in desks. bus stations that seem abandoned. it's not because argentinians are sitting in front of their tv sets watching the world cup. no, it's because argentina is in the midst of a massive general strike. even schools, banks, and hospitals are closed for 24 hours. the powerful cgt union called fo the strike, and thousandsds f demonstrtrators filllled the sts of buenoss aires, calling for wage negotiations with no upper limit, but they want wage increases cappeped at 15%, despe
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an angle inflation rate of 26%. this must be the beginning of a real fight. it cannot end here. it's the only way for us, the workers, to turn the situation around. >> argentines -- argentina's finance ministry estimated will cost the economy 900 million euros. that -- brent: the berlin court has sentenced a teenage refugee for verbally assaulting two men wearing jewish skullcaps. they taped it, hoping to reassure a friend who was worried about anti-semitism. they ended up filming their attacker, and that video went viral and sparked fears that germany could again be plagued by its worst prejudices. >> the court pronounced the case unequivocally as a hate crime. the defendant, a 19-year-old
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syrian refugee, has been sentenced to four weeks of used detention for assault and verbal abuse. he has only served time during pretrial custody. this video shows the syrian lashing a young israeli ban wearing a skullcap, with a belt. the perpetrator is seen insulting the unmanned and using derogatory language to brand him jewish. the arab-israeli filming incident which took place in mid april, was posted online. a few days later, the perpetrator turned himself in. the arab-israeli told deutsche welle he felt intimidated and humiliated at the time. the incident attracted wide attention in germany and the on and unleashed a wave of consternation, as well as solidarity for jews living in this country. imitations attracted 2000 people wearing skullcaps to show there's up -- demonstrations
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attracted 2000 people wearing skullcaps to show their support. brent: the first two groups have been decided at the world cup. joining me in the studio is emily from dw sports. let's start with the match between spain and morocco. >> it was so dramatic, i'm still shaking. it ended up being a lot more close come a because as we can see here, spain conceded an early goal from morocco that gave them the lead and certainly -- suddenly everything seemed open again. it did not take long, they equalized before halftime, which made it 1-1 and saw the spanish through again. then morocco scored another
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shocking one which put them on the brink of elimination again, and spain scored another one, which made it 2-2 at the end. it put them on five points, which still could've cost them the next stages if things would have gone differently in the other game. brent: the runoff had people in the newsroom holding their breath. >> it looked set because portugal took the lead in this one. a fantastic goal was scored, just beautiful to watch. of course it was the first goal that was not scored by cristiano ronaldo portugal in this world cup, and he even had a chance to -- he missed, which is why things got really close. at the very end, iran had a penalty. the celebrated because they still had a chance to go through , but in the income it wasn't enough. so spain and portugal are through in this group.
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brent: russia finally met their match, didn't they? >> rush ahead of fantastic start in the tournament, but it was really difficult from the start. the barcelona striker showed the russians how to score goals just from the beautiful free kick. the second goal was not quite as impressive because there was a shot that was deflected, and things got really bad for the russians here because their player got a second yellow card, meaning they had to play with 10 men. uruguay was at the top of the group, russia is still in a good spot, they are still through to the next round, but maybe the hype is a little bit down right now. my colleagues in moscow spoke to people on the ground during and after the game. let's have a look at what they had to say.
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>> we are happy that we have the world cup here. >> today we've taken not the best play, but maybe tomorrow it will be great. >> i hope that we will do better and maybe this time russian football will be better than usual. >> i think it is fair that we lost this one. second place is like our level. >> will be in the semifinal, because we can. brent: we see russian fans are
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confident, but what a disappointing into the world cup. emily: we can see right here, he had the best season of his life so far. i think he won 34 individual honors this season and he was so hopped up to be the big sensation at the world cup, but his team could not perform to the same standard, so they are out in the first. brent: emily, thank you very much. here is reminder of the top stories we are following for you. european election monitors have criticized president erdogan's election victory in turkey. osce monitors say his party had an undue advantage, including immediate coverage. erdogan was reelected as president with more than half of the votes. hundreds of migrants rescued from the mediterranean are trapped onto ships off the coast of europe. italy and malta have refused them the rhtht to dock and bring
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people sure. you're watching dw news live from berlin. after short break, i will be back to take you through the day. stick around for that. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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