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tv   Earth Focus  LINKTV  July 19, 2018 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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walter this isot a ho. ths is rea climatehange is real, show do wlive witit? think inhis sectn of town, 're srting to underand thatater and cmate chae goes hd in nd. johon: neorleans n the last 5o 7 yearhas real takeon a gre adaptatn of clite resilnce andlimate ange. evation ione of t jor adaations tt you sometimesee, is at the housesre raisehigher. thiis the cter for e
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sustnable engement a developmt. we ve rain gaens herewe help comnities h to builrain gaens. we so have orchd. you s over he, we have lens. get one off here. ater katina, yohad all thestoxins fm the war, so thawent intthe soiland that's all ov the low ninth wa and probly a loin uisiana.videntlythe proce of gointhrough e trees bear frt, it don't ome intohe fruitalso, we commend ove-bed rdens where yocan put esh soilo ve you cps that e not taied with at point what 'vtried too is hel withhe commuty to fit educatthem becse theyget confus about, u know, climate ange a pitical issue.s it rea we justry to givehem the cts. thewe trto show w they c be advocat for howe adapt thatlimate. tuer: if wdon'do soething,all thibeauty newrleans tat everody
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loves,ourists me down se, they'll beooking a jt water.hat'it. lliams: e plan 've ried believethat we n fight ter, anif you've ev been to beach wh there's a riptie and y think u can fight ter, youill lear thayou wi lose th battle. wagger: with climate adaptaon planyou hava wet syst and a d system,o when yoneed tlift wat out, y can dthat, but when u need tlet the war in, you can t the war in throughhat syst into thse caals andirculatet around thcity.
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willms: i an, someeople ght walkast herand thi, h, yeah.t's st overgwn grass" no. 's a w-lying ea thatas certa egetatioin it th is the perfecvegetati when yo wat water absorb d be ableo dissipe at a me graduarate. i an, it dsn' lok like lot of tural science,ut ther's aot of natur sciencehat goesnto it ggoner:osts lesto have een infrtructureecause thiis low-mntenance this a modelf a partf the citas the mn draina basin. u have aundergrod system thwhite lis under e earth. e idea w to get e wer into ese pipe to get th water tthese pus and pusit out. at was t meod. williamstruth ofhe matte isthere iso way toolve our ter isss with jt our pumps a turbine it'not enou. it wi never b enough. ggoner:ou know,ecades o ing thwrong thg usuall
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ki you. wgot our ath rning in005. williamsif thereas a poitical ll to ma sure tt this cy sees aother 30 years, would mn having vy beauful, ve aesthet bluays alonwith greways throughout the city, us living with water, so that when that next storm comes, because it's going to come--that's a fact-- that water has a place to go other than your cars and your homes and the street. [film advance clicks] reed: at some point after hurricane katrina, people starteto get rlly serus aboucoast issues,nd they start to thinabout ri reductio protectg people rom floong, togeer with estorati as one ing that nes to be dressed,nd so we me up wi this cotal master an whichs a listf
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pjects at havbeen scntifical vetted,nd so e have pjects th dredge materialrom one ace and t it in anher placto actuay build n marsheshere the's opewater athe mome. on the rk-reductn side, have xtensivseries o levees a floodgas around some itical cstal communies. the are procts at we tnk will rk, not work w, but wk into t ture. man:his is slane 547 novber. kolker:tate's coast master plan is $50 bilon, 50-yr plan. consideryself an eanograpr and a astal ologist,o i lo at issus like whwe sink louisia, and ilso lookt issuesike howe rebuilcoastal ladscape. e barrieislands are onef the fit lines
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defee aginst atorm, rit, so tice hothis is w pretty much continus. ther's n channs in theiddle oft. this ian examp of a reored barrr island allight. th you can see w orlean so tha's on the maj post-kaina leve provemes, so thidea waso basical to wallff this ea prevent storm sge from getti to the wer nintward. leveesre sometes builtith earth, a sometim they're builwith conete, buthe co point ithat theare all aall thatrotects area om waveand risi waters rom a srm. the ggest vaiable inhis is s level ri. if theeal leverise rateare at t low endf the specum of wh people redict, en you cld rebui rge are of the ndscape and prove flood otection for lot of pple. if tes are at e high e, then i
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thi a lot oareas wl be lt, even th the ste' best efrts. all rig. well, lcome to cocodr. the mter pl nee a lot oinput, a so the ki of workhat i doeeds intohe paramers thathe sta needs apart of s ster pl. so,ou know, just waed to gi you a vw of whathe salt rshes arnd here ok like. you c see thathere's marsh for mil in thatirection marshes ovide a t of bufr frostorm engy, so ty're buffer tween ouhuman civilizaon and t sea, sohe restotion invves pumpg sement inta marsh ke this
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to rse the evation o allow to betr keep pe with s lev rise anto fill areas thatave erod. so th is the bba dove stcture, wch is onof the major oodgatesn the morganzto the gf levee systm. with levee, o estion tt you ha is w's nside ad who isoutside th levee stem. by awing this wl in thearsh, y're chging thenvironme, but yo're so setti down a ries ofrincipleof who liv where a the kin of oices tt these mmunitie facin the yrs aheadsome of which argoing toe very, ry ugh choes.
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albert pnaquin: is area used to lover's lanbecause ere was ees all er the placeyou cou get in re and goide backhere, swe' listeto musicnd hang t with yor girlfrnd. y'all don't minif i sayhat, huh all ght. i w born anraised ght he, in t tall gss rightere. i gss it reresent wre all omy ancesrs was bn and raed and die and a l is buri over hre, as ll, so tme, it ans a wle bunch comdelle: t land is portant us becae it's whre ourncestorsettled.
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tht's ere are milies a. th'shere theeart of o we e is. 's space at we become one with. albe p. naqu: the inans were the wayf the whe m, so theall sign treati for morland andore la, and th'sow we goto over he. the gernment chad us, soe settleover here anwas happ and now mothenature igetting ay. brnet: thiis my grdparents on mmother's sid my andmoth and my andfathe right ere. i w raised re my whollife. es. islee jean crles haslways be a woerful ple to liv the islandidn't actuly open to e world lly, notntil abut the ely fifti when ou road wasuilt.
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it w very ea to wakep in he morni and seermadillo inhe yard opossumr a ccoon, yu know,rossing e yard whateve whatnotall th has chaed becau, with a lot of just beg water w, the tes have ed off. at you' seeing actualljust a sleton ofhat it ud to be you kno albt p. naqn: to meit means alst, i gus you ca sa like a mily memr having ncer, yoknow? i's bng aten awa you kno where i's jt a litt bit by ttle bit getng destred. now,he only ting is,he piecof land is lting lonr than t human body c.
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the onright he is an o fielcanal. ere's one tht passesere. the's one at pass a bit fther, and the's e that pses in the backso you're loing at water oraltwaterntrusion comg from t pipelincanals, and ey destred the getationhat we ud to have.. but, u know, st of th peopleork for e oil cpanies. ey' the on at' puttingood and ying the re and morages andtuff like tha so, as ch as yo hate tm, youave to ke them.
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dup: isle djean chaes is-- at' the comon sayig?--the cana in the ne fieldwe' eing--or here, call it elative a level se. you have thelobal selevel ri, whch is slht, but out 80% of theea levelise heres cause osubsiden, so we both ssiding a you havthe glol sea lel rise athe same tim so were sinkg by, i thinit'3 milliters a year. idoesn't sound ke much, buyou go io 40 years50 yea, and yostart tnotice dferenceshen yo're ready on slightl abovthe watelike islde jean chaes. brun: in theeginningit was a sloprocess.t was rely not rely noticble, buthen whener the wer start
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cominin even re with , it t to be ore rapibecaus ey had me water ming in nd the ld didn't sta a chanc so manpeople otheir wn did me the desion to becausef the war. dena nuin: my d moved f e islan i want say, rit befo i was bn becaushe wasn't ablto get twork wit t road flding ande needed work, but am from e bilo-chitimaa-choctaband of ie de jeacharles,nd th'sy herita, that imy aughte's hitage. ou know tht's r familyegacy. alber p. naqun: yaah! [lauter]
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ge all theeople whwill be named. rry up, rmer boy a child s born, everydy went d visit d broug a gift.ow it's not happeng. thank y for tod's unrise. aid, you wa a indianame? s. your me is lile fox. the dplacemt reallyreally made a ange in r cultur w we kinof live- ha ha !--like ere are iians, ok dre: the ly way tse coasl communies will survivento the ter 21st ctury is protecturselves rom the lf of meco. i realizin 300 yrs, thisill obably all opewater. mean, t sea wiltake us l over. wh i' trying do with the lee syste what i'm trying do, is y oursels tw or 3 gerations.
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's ust abouimpossib to incle them io a leve syste it woulcost probly $30 millio and it uld be nearly impossible cause th sat conditns are sbad. you ow, to bld a fod-proteion projt, you have toave moreenefitsthan cost. o thing tt's t factoredn the co, they oy look athe cost the hom, e cost othe busisses, th infrastrture, bu you kno i n'know h you pua pric on it, b they doot consir thcost oa whole lture. [fi advancelicks] om-tom aying]
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mardelleas displement keepsappeningnd we just rther serate our counity, 'll jt get lo. en channg] ma turn tohe left. coardelle:e learneabout a ationadisasteresilienc an compition, swe submied our pns. we wked toit with e state's mast planand theyresentedt, and it got nded. sandersright no the way
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relocatns typicly happein thenited stes, we ry on anndividuabuy-oumodel, and so,n othewords, meone receivesome compsation to goive someere elsebut in ing so, e do loe that culturafabric, we don't real know ife can mo peop collectely as aroup cheapeand morefficient th individls. comaelle: the's ry little pitive inhe form settleme of peop. you now, govnments jt don't do it well.e presend a fferent del, communitdesigned commuity-drien. i thnk that was, hulooked othat and said "let's tryt. let's try pot progr, see ife can fiure out w to do is on a smalr scale we can ange it f--" we he so man commities inhe u.s. d abrd that's faci these se clite issue and i thi that's why soany people e watchi, becaus it's lik "ok. cawe reall
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ge this rit?" becae we kno how imrtant its for th fure of t world tget it rht. brnet: the's realityhere at i d't ke, butt' methinghat i ha to facep to beuse, yosee, i h to go the and ma a decisn to lee a placthat's alwaybeen home for or 8 gerations,nd that wn't sy to lego of, nd, in ft, in spe of answerinthat queion a fe times, istill don't ke it easy. [film adnce clic] comaelle: sohis is t new prefeed site r the isnd. this where o communi is goa move t it'a beautifuplace. tme, thiss new lifenew birt a
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sustaible plac this is althy spe. sanrs: now,e do undstand that th is a hiorically tribacommunit and we so undetand thapopulatis ave lefthis parcular locion over period time, and tho folks w are successf in thisroject wl have anpportuni to reconitute inhe new cation, t our prary set of beneciaries e the pele livingn the isnd. we wt to pick the peoe that a liing in ts dire enario and ense that ty live somewhe that isafe now d nto the ture. comardee: i hopthat the tribeould ownhe land,nd actlly, wsort ofike a mixed owrship. y know, t foks wouldave fullights to thr land, t at theame tim if theyere to gand want to ve off oit, it wld reve back tohe tribeo that ay, thatand wille foreve cred forhe tribeo have. sanders:e'veot to wa a prty fine ne by whh we're
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velopingomethinghat make senseor this mmunity t al could bapplicab to a uch widearray ofommunies that mabe in a milar siation. wsimply d'tave a gooanswer tthat qstion yet. cardelle: find ths very mpowerin it'allowings to break wn some those culral barers, se of the grief rriers tt' en in ple from yrs past. u didn't everealize . ifevery otr hurrice season you're hang to reace cars or rniture,ou don't hava ance toave savis, and y don't have chance tallow yourids to he a bett next step life. srting ouin this pce of prerty, th can hava home a a way t progresinto theuture. ii wa to porty it on endanred specs list, is is ourebirth ere we c start r new polation tget
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off th endanged specie list. announcer: "earth focus" is made possible in part by the orange county community foundation and the farvue foundation. @ xwxwqoac
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@ xwxwqoac -george:'m in siria, e coldesinhabite placon earth aglobal tperaturerise, is enorms icy la is mting. the tire regn is bui on t of permrost ich is w thawin at alarminrate. the grod is colpsing, traditnal waysf life are threened, and large amnts of previous trappedethane gas arseeping to the aosphere. sibia's bighaw couldave a castrophic effectn the enre plane -(eme musiplays)


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