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well [inaudible] and so. which is a total click click click the only can emanatin. from. just the cyclicals as i live in a townhouse just. capital and since it was on social. one reason was was also living memory as an all nonsense.
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prime minister alexis process for us demonic ideology accusing him arrogant lately in his hands on to try tragedy. will today's every grammy. agency mrs cap has initial studies i think takes a little more solicitous in what had happened twenty four said. willing willing it a little in front from happening from from to the greek people. in my when i want to take full for ecological responsibility trying tragedy. low. i believe this is some some having guys going out without saying the prime minister country. little good looks and i hung alone only to six six a customer's ac. have you have you has sent his. because it is such a hades
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going on the country yet deliver this levellers. images that we have half. a cake from m our there's te criminals as a teenager when i of course i have to hang and they'll tell can whose is any. of on the increase fees wet wildfire. is which is a little tells. this is a i'm. the kkk a couple of weeks
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now realize i think [inaudible] wait wait. we treat dominate many symbolic. he's at night never feels close to the man i am alone on the illegal and construction has been doing around our leading city making him here to a one man band. says that it's a really a situation we freeze. is will is we come. lately excess and territory the reason we frankly. to change much optional enormous respect he's got. anything on usually shy high
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temperatures also was on to. of a small. the other. countries. with muslim rohingya and from the womb to the tomb of the region december some images are only three thing. if you have been. the decisions of my life [inaudible] the situation. we to to consume him back at this is usually steve. in the meantime. twenty one one two thousand and three weeks which is. to tell about that.
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maybe legal norms. in addition to the such substitution home call wrong social [inaudible] click francis. traffic now devoid ofof thee in aail raylase of brown brown told. that's a christmas story. from [inaudible] twenty just [inaudible] five really late in the way away away right. after these words. throughout radical sorceress a restaurant. on google set samame thing n the coalition. bubut as soon asas why why d
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read full to make a nicola for fresh injection and six second [inaudible] online. business are the conditions are right. a day. to listen. to this colossal he's. trying to cut down on his asian nations refused to use remains with h a with a statement. are you know that i'm not displaced by the claims. sells a lot of luck and strategy. in. the day unclear. whether this as six sixty no
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way out. sixty three three three we planning making [inaudible] but now the it's on the other long on into it has.
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those talks in positions numbers you drink driving having taken part in battles role much of the south south of from from ripple ripple rivers was small. we talk to each reach our source but a lot of joy. from for may be weeks until we us a those they will told was even have helped a lot a lot. well well not. resigned. on pricing is because just last night.
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we do know is this is not. has had church which h was says theyey have to keep my flig. which we had. a one backgrounds on the state not not [inaudible] i'm. but now in the george george
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[inaudible] rations within. come come. and say say this is. the one yoyowant. to so we know nothing. about [inaudible] and okay. lol as does the w world gold has denied [inaudible] shhh.. dustinin. i'm judgdging line rigight. how? had he had a the only. to come t the country. andd rock and so in that
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[inaudible] don't don'tt. during that might. they has as i said. increase in power. now not a police. station wait wait wait wait [inaudible] state [inaudible] and so. when i united states? about going to and from the future.
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that's not the case. myself our market. stock back and there are. studies that rocks all toshiba [inaudible] round round. a stun gun is. imagination of the all male action produced using the right now we're not alone. because it's not that every day. three weeks during which in which some elements of and also. bye bye princess those they take on all. structure run russian intellectuals sunday.
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yeah. says as prime minister. what is this? drinking water water. services in john job [inaudible] especially on this is. we want. to we have not as restaurants in town councils to downtown [inaudible] that's and for me to made. sense and the country.
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but not not. a trickle d down to the residents and getting into the war again because how's how's that working he has received its right right. i don't know who told [inaudible] here. since. a lot of moments ago . from from us some sort of
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gazing across. rather than the scene eight a total eclipse. two hours the longest as such as twenty twenty first century. was what happens when. the moon line [inaudible] nine also. nicholas was called a lot lately. here here in europe so technically is lost from about halalls. safe -- home just to tell us how. seizing the when when we look up and them into a
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whole. alone when i we are really going to determine [inaudible] so we and and i think they regretted by going white white and red it's the summer. and i thought [inaudible] and then. and and and stepped out. of the blue. and i when will you have
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done. nine when you are not going going don't know. so do. we going going to be quite yet. intended like affecting you wait wait until morning is a great read. to ninety nine so some time when we lose more. than [inaudible] yeah. read more and more [inaudible] okay and had a heart attack. so does that they beijing took to you had both the moon. in deregulation [inaudible]
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okay. is he would you just [inaudible] exciting -- event. me -- and in recent times. yeah you know. that i've had a day later. me the one one one and then the old one one vote sorry sorry about this as it is about us was a story.
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stress is refusing [inaudible] to gmt. for more on the social. the thing i think of is the fact. that right right. we had ahead of yeah has held in january when. with the french and german ministers. it'll and let eleven ten pm. two hours from from just just my sons to minnesota revitalize just zero zero point 22% trying trying to a level of to room four months on sale right away. that since the end may may
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be due to a line and say says says drop rope in frontrunners landing and i don't know how helpful some some somehow. became a city it's not connecting to their own friends miss miss it when. twenty eighteen one one seven seven says that. u. s. us economic only for as well has hits the ball just is right right it's a possible strike trade through one twenty seen. a two point point once i sent tv season he restates tight as as a trail. one by. one one we're going to do a lot higher than the greg numbers. we think day one us quickly
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say said have how little shop. coming company which included an arrest president illegal activities as as as as as been downtown forcing season says dr. it's not just 120%. monterey's rating this customss issues anonother nunumber all twenty three hundred of this a million and examples. of year year downtown at one hundred trouble sending files has more. it was. a nice only when he was smoking history three on because i say so. because months ahead with i. incidents like this unit a little as business.
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take hundreds of suspects that a woman. is is the pre results were. which looks lilike. in some thousands of young as i my microsoft lately. ththshock of the structure of health records the regulation should i say sections europe and the greece's to be on the of but it is a lot of social. and has. do you do you think he's got a tough time getting extension of single order
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you know nowadays it is that i yeah. you know you know it sounds like place comes. one to want one man many exceptions and i'm telling that i don't were gonna you're gonna get hit. phenomenon speaks of the stories we hear from the committee with. you wish find a says sent. maybe i'm going to jail l. asean ninety be has an ten flies. tell that is the company companies make it illegal in my i is nice to see that ka. the agreement was.
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one hello helping suggested. if if bibi how he has see frustrating he felt quite good has has to be on the all mostt of the team. to rise no illegal del mexico clinton ten ten which has has convincing sixty five five billion million dollar peace. prize has. it's it's the bbc. is going on all along. it's the british wouldld coe come i in gregory by. the u. s. what gigi's exactly. all done said the company was also called into the hospital strike banks that it would increase the dividend a patient. three three it is this is
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transforming. vision a world class issue should you be distinct incorporeal you. i was pushing safe places in the united states the most about on among members of his google which which clinton around. will it that day. moneneyline company yes thas in downtown in the letter left before before sizes and sector. leading some someone's one billion dollar. losses bbc. jobs are to to cents settling into an ounce of the deal wall will be easy drop by about. them but next extend hendrick remain in san sean
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moon. river revolution. this partnership is rocks run country as for other other george economies and develop l. country country well well. we must right right elated a wave l. element in order to gather to achieve loses of interconnected an invasion of rebel. it's and and now now we know not online i have found on the official tell you italians considering recruit forever in a cast hello. sixty five sessions justice to trying out to colorado guess guess we'll know. he needed its their time to come into the remarks on the senate and three rooms on training schools trump and
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takes takes to kill killsra]
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[captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacifica, this is democracy now! >> taking children away from their parents and sending them off somewhere, losing track of them, it is hard to think of a more brutal and sadistic policy. than 700 children ripped away from their parents by immigration authorities are at the border. they have still not been reunited.


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