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tv   France 24  LINKTV  August 3, 2018 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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anchor: thanks for joining us. it here are our headlines. order for unity after he is declared the winner of the zimbabwe election. theopposition called results unverified. theresa may cut short her holiday to me the french president. the british prime minister is hoping to sway a manual macron.
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russia presents a real threat to the u.s. midterm elections. that is the conclusion of top american intelligence officials. president trump said it's a hoax. we have breaking news coming from afghanistan. a suicide bomber has detonated a bomb near a mosque. 25 people have been killed and another 23 wounded. that explosion took place and we will have more on france 24. he has nearly won the first election in zimbabwe since the fall.
5:32 am, challenge calls foul play after the results were announced. demanded theyhe release a detailed breakdown of all the results. he said the figures were unverified and fake. the summer holiday is in. i'm it. millions of french people are escaping to the countryside. french president will leave paris and had to his official residence for two weeks. a rocky few weeks marked by sagging approval ratings and the scandal involvingng his forr bodyguard. he won't be able to relax just yet.
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he is joined by theresa may. howhopes to persuade him her vision of brexit can work. >> theresa may is cutting g shot her summmmer hololiday to jojoie frenchch president for informal talks at his r retreat. the primime minister is hoping o find an ally in macron for her brexit plan. the french preresident will be hard to win over. a cabinet member told the guardian that the french are the most difficult. to president could be key influence in the rest of the eu. no agreements will be made during the talks. the president will respect the process had up by the eu cost top brexit negotiator. he refused to accept her proposal that the u.k. collect tariffs, part of her idea to maintain a free flow of
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goods and avoid a hard border in ireland. hinted at a softer position, the future partnership could be unprecedented. the withdrawal agreement is agreed. >> northern ireland remain a common regulatory area for goods and customs. we are ready to improve that. >> a leader summit looks to the us decisive milestone for the process as both sides said they needed security before the u.k. leaves in march. now to our top story on the program. won by an zimbabwe, he razor thin majority, 50.8%. that has been challenged by the opposition. for the latest, let's talk to our correspondent.
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thank you for joining us this hour on the program. you have been there for a few days now. one day after the results of been announced, how is the atmosphere? it's a a quiet friday in the capital. there are no celebrations. be an error of acceptance of the outcome, one young person i spoke to earlier today sums it up. he said there's nothing we can do, we will just have to accept. ofse are amid allegations fraudulent votes being released by the electoral commission. one person is not accepting the results. leader of the emd c. he calls the outcome fraudulent and fake. he is now being called out.
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people are calling on him to produce proof of the allegations. commission electoral has conspired with the ruling party in the election. it's a claim they deny. some election observers we spoke to this morning are questioning the validity of the results, had sighty have not of the results and they were supposed to the posted on the website by today. there is still a lot of confusion it's the results are fake or if this is the will of the people. anchor: thank you. this hour, the threat from russia to the united states is real and continuing. that was the message from the top intelligence chief dan coats
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as he warned of influence of the november elections. he spoke from the white house on thursday. his words were undermined by the president. he told the rally that it's a hoax. >> the fbi director, homeland security secretary, director of national intelligence, the national security adviser made a rare appearance together. they warned that foreign powers are trying to undermine the united states. >> w what we are seeing are the influence operations that we talked about. 24/7 phenomenon. >> they said that while the elections were under threat, the campaign of misinformation was not as robust as 2016. >> russia has used numerous ways to influence through social
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media, through box, through proxies, all of the above. >> they were vague about what confirmation they were putting in place, they said the president had directed them to confront the threat. facebook said this week that it removed 32 pages of fake accounts that were part of a political influence campaign targeting the midterms. week, claire mccaskill announced that russian hackers had attempted to infiltrate her senate computer network as she started her campaign. the top democrats of the senate intelligence committee said that it was backed up by the president. at the summit with vladimir putin, donald trump seemed to accept vladimir pututin's denias and has asserted that the idea of it is a hoax. the national security adviser defended what he called
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president trump's decisive action against meddling. it's been a year since white supremacist marched through the united states city of charlottesville and chanted jews will not replace us. people thought that was behind them. saw a counter protester killed when a car was run into her. it was one of the most sirius crises of donald trump's first years in office. detail, iis and more am joined by the curator of the museum in charlottesville. i want to talk to you about how much has changed in chcharlottesville and american discourse in general. last year on france 24, you said
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racism is in the fabric of the united states. now, an activist in city'stesville is the black mayor. our things changing for the better? >> things are always changing for the better. we are talking about hundreds of years of the situation in the united states. i say it's a pandora's box that is open. black lives matter, a movement which was started to address those egregioious situations gog on in the states, things are changing. people understand that the national problem. black lives matter is addressing that. in terms of having the first black mayor in charlottesville, that's great. it takes education for people to understand how that happened in charlottesville. education, mentioned how do you go about educating
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people in the united states, the continued legacy of slavery when you have a man the white house that those are not his priorities. >> we have to. this is a dangerous time. we are just talking about the united states. sometimes countries follow the united states. we're talking about schools, the real history. why do we have these issues in the united states? who was thomas jefferson? why do we still have after generations of institutionalized racism, you have to know why. educate people as to why we have this divide. just a black problem, it's a national problem. education starts in the home. stereotypes, understanding that when police shoots a black boy a the back, it's not just
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humanity issue. we have to talk about humanity. yearr: the rally last began because of conversations around removing confederate statues in the united states. that statute still stands. what does that tell you? has that been lost? >> we have to rethink our history. you have to keep something next to that that represents all other people. a statue of frederick douglass, for example. we have to make a balance. going to stay, let's do something that educates the public about the history. these people revere these confederates. they were treasonous when you look at it. i think the discussion is
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important to have about these monuments. for years, we took it for granted that we were looking at these white man. what about my culture? about what my people did it for the united states? anchor: you've been talking about the importance of education. as i said it, when you have a president who has made it clear it's not a priority for him, how do you go about educating people when you hear from the top it's not a priority? >> he's not jesus christ. threen have one or two or people who are negative,e, you hahave thohousands who are posi. the education is looking at his policy and understanding they are not positive. what he is saying is not good for the country. the education starts where it's quite obvious.
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we don't have to give him power. we were hearing what he is saying. there is another side of the country that says this is not cool. in a lot of ways, trump is good for the country. we are starting to see how crazy and serious it is. it's a national problem. in terms of education, we are talking about in the schools. we need to talk about humanity. hopefullyat is something to be optimistic about that. thank you very much for your time. news,ther world mark in yemen.he it may blame the saudi led coalition. in a statement, they've been bombing yemen. we have the story. ,> in front of this hospital
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the lifeless bodies of the victims. wanted -- wounded are placed on stretchers. the airstrikes rained by nearby the heavily traveled fishmarket. shrapnel came into my face. i couldn't feel my hands because of the shrapnel. theedical officials say coalition isis to blamame for te attack. the pro-o-government coalilition says rebels bear responsibility. itit's a strategic port c city e much of the humanitarian aid enters the country. since june 12, the saudi coalition has overseen an offensnsive to retakake the cit. the strikes came as the u.n. call for peace talks for early september in geneva. >> this will provide the opportunity for the parties to
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discuss the framework. these would be specific plans moving forward. >> up coming talks will later in a framework for future delegations. higher negotiatitions broke down over a demand of power-sharing with the government. anchor: let's remind you of our top stories. he calls for unity after he is declared the winner of the zimbabwe election. the opposition has called the results fake and unverified. it's time to get some business news. starting offto be on brexit. theresa may is meeting president macron. the bank of england issued a warning.
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>> he said the possibility of britain leaving the european union without a deal was high. it was likely unlikely. x of the strtress tested for a collapse of the property market. the british financial system would be well p prepare the bank of england raised interest rates on thursday. that has not been able to stop the pound's this -- decline. it is at an 11 day low. anchor: how will the rest of the markets doing? >> in europe, shares of trading are in the green. it's up by .75%. the bonds are being sold off as the antiestablishment government will discuss the next budget. in asia, chinese stocks fell onin as trade tension rained
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investor summit. the shanghai composite is heading toward a 17% decline. china has been overtaken by japan as the second-biggest stock market. turning to corporate news, shares of the british airways though from disappointing quarterly results. was 835 million year but 6% from last below analyst forecasts. strikes by air traffic controllers are partly to blame. toyota has reported a rise in its quarter we profits. the record profit exceeded analyst expectations. that is thanks to strong sales
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in the u.s. another markets. cap a full-year forecast unchanged. heineken has struck a major deal with the biggest chinese brewer. the partnership will see heineken take a 40% stake in the chinese beer company. they will get a strong distribution network. giants face fierce competition and american markets. anchor: we have sweltering temperatures here in europe, including here in france. it's affefecting many industrie. >> there are precautions being taken. affectingngs eveverything. they are trying to keep workers cool. >> the heat hits with a hammer. it is rising in france.
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industries are struggling to cope. electricity begins to suffer. this power plant had to shut down one of its reactors. the temperature of the cooling water must be below a certain degree. >> we have a temperature limit which we cannot cross. prproduction stop because we wee close to passing the limitit of8 degrees. >> some atm machines are not working. this generator is out of action due to the heat wave. homes are without power. not beenctories have working. outside paris, it is 32 degrees. for this machine, it's too much. >> it just gave out. becoming a worry. >> these can't be used for production.
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we will eventually be put back. temperature, there is a ventilation system. in this factory, there is a different approach. the temperature is 44 degrees. workers wear fasts to keep cool. >> they are available to wear, they contain water which keeps the body cooler. >> when temperatures get this place toy take determine worker safety. if these are not observed, the employee has a right to claim the workplace. anchor: stay with us. we will take a look at with making headlines in newspapers.
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the british prime minister is going to see emmanuel macron today. they will talk about brexit. >> that is the top of the agenda. theresa may is short on allies at the moment. according to a french right-wing paper, she will ask macron for support. time is running out for her with brexit negotiations resuming in two weeks. she is facing dissension at home and a stubborn stance by brussels, which has rejected her latest basel. we are starting to look at the possibility that the u.k. might leave the eu without planet, that would be catastrophic. be a new strategy by the british prime minister to bypass the commission and go to the heads of government. they want to ask for further backing.
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anchor: it could be quite an uphill task. still french president is trying to deal with the fallout of the scandal, this bodyguard was filmed assaulting a protester and impersonating a police officer. recent polls found that his popularity is at its lowest since he became president, just a 27% approval rating. said thespondents scandal had negatively changed their perception. the president is at a 27% rating. that is better than his predecessors at the same time. it's worth noting that another poll which came out said his popularity was on a slight upswing. polls are not an exact science
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and -- science. zimbabwe, he has been declared the winner of the election. >> it's being treated very differently on which media you look at. says he has victory. it was quite close. the incumbent 150.8% of the votes. cleared the 50% threshold, which would've met a runoff election. quotes theion, it main opponent saying he rejects the fake results. anchor: what are you reading about what this might do for the future of zimbabwe? ona lot is going to depend whether he continues to reject
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the results or if they can come to an understanding in coming days. according to the guardian, hopes of a new start have been -- by wednesday's violence. this led to six people being killed after being shot at by security forces. the early signs of the election had been good. he left after 37 years in power. international monitors were allowed in for the first time. the opposition could campaign freely, even though the plainfield was not completely level. protests acted as a reminder of the era where elections were marked by fraud. this casts a shadow on the results and could be a huge setback for the government.
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seeking aifically multibillion dollar bailout package as well as being readmitted into the commonwealth. that could be complicated. voter distribution in the election. here, support in blue was much stronger in rural areas of the country. the other party won most of the urban centers in the country in yellow on the map. this highlights the divide even further. that could be a source of coming tensions. they are already calling those results fake this morning. story, aan unusual lottery ticket. >> it was the close call. a retired couple went to their local shop to check their ticket.
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the clerk passes through the machine and thought it was nothing. he torn in half and threw it out. it turned out the machine did not rejected it, but told them 'awxañoúó+o+oxñ÷y÷=÷
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