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tv   DW News  LINKTV  August 17, 2018 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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this is dw news live from berlin. even grief cannot unite the city and a time ofof heightened political l tensions. how safe are italy's bridges? as angers over the general bridge collapse, they're are upset and worried about the company's other -- countries other bridges.
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plus a musical plea for how many. -- harmony. south africa's youth orchestra marks 100 years since the birth of mandela was a tour of europe. welclcome to the program. spain is marking a grim anniversary. a day of terror that the region of catalonia on edge. the year ago today, a terrorist drove a van into pedestrians. witnesses say his exact down the busy street trying to have as many people as possible. hours later, another member of the same extremist terrorist cell this time in a car this
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mentor crowd in a small seaside town south of barcelona. the islamic state militant group said they carried out the attack attacks. 16 people died in the terror attacks and more than 100 were injured. survivors and families of the victims of last year's terror attack in barcelona remember those who lost their lives. it's still difficult and for the families of the victims, hard to exact. it was very hard at first to not think if they had just spent another minute or lunch or if they had been standing two feet from where he was or if their plans have been different or if they had all gone to the beach instead of walking on the streets, i also know that life
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is like that. there is never going to be an answer for those questions. those killed and injured came from 34 different countries. the memories are painful. clicks when i look at the hospital bed, i realized i c cod not move.. i tried moving my legs, my arms, they would not move. i cannot speak anymore. then i realized that i will have to live with this for ever. everything came to a halt in that moment and nothing will change. barcelona's mayor says people are united in their grief. >> from the following day people went out on the streets to say we were not afraid and the terrorists were not going to affect us with their hatred.
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that we were not going to distrust our neighbors and we are not going to criminalize a certaiain culture. that made us stronger. >> bararcelona city hall said ahead of the m memorial that thy want too avoid politicalal controversrsy. in catalonia, it is hard to avoid politics. the king, attending the memorial, has criticized cap -- catalonia's bid for independence in the past. there was also division on the streets as separatists protest of the king's presence. the focus today is on a grieving. >> italy is morning the victims of the general bridge disaster which killed almost 38 people. the president and prime minister will attttend the state funeral tomorrow. funeral was held today near naples for four friends in her
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20's who died as they drove to vacation in france and spain. their families did not want to take part in the ceremony. italy's transport minister has opened an investigation into the bridge collapsed. that might not be enough to placate an angry public area. >> rescuers tell us they will not give up the search until they are convinced that all the missing have been found. hope for finding survivors is now all but lost area one of the things that has struck me is how no one was surprised that something like this could happen. one man said he was so concerned about the bridges safety he would try to drive across it as quickly as possible. the company that operates this stretch of the motorway insists that all of the maintenance checks were up-to-date. like many bridges built here, it was not designed for modern traffic. as what engineers say, it was coming to the end of its lifespan.
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ministers have gone on the attack accusing them of negligence. people we spoke to said the government itself has serious questions to answer. >> look at them giving nice speeches. we will have to see what they are able to solve. i was affected by the collapse. i want to see the facts. also we had to get back to work. i think we will find solutions. the government has only been in charge for two months. we need more time see what it does. i believe that the culprits need to pay. let's hope those of all need to pay at this time because we are very angry. people died and nobody talks about it the day after. sometimes controversy doesn't help solve problems. sometimes it can be used to point out who was responsible.
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with the nation in mourning, a state funeral will take place here. italy's president and other high-ranking officials are among the many expected here. missing from the mourners will be relatives of the dead. they feel like they have become ponds and a political firestorm. >> we don't want a sham ceremony. my son is not a tool to be paraded before the public. his funeral is for those who loved him. we are not blind. both this government and the predecessors like a concern is clear. >> it is not just the victims families who are angry. the tragedy has raised serious concerns about aging infrastructure nationwide. people are worried italy has needed the money nor the capacity to make crucial changes. they are asking will this happen again? >> let's take a look at the other stories making news around the world. pakistan's parliamenent has
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elected a new prime minister. he will be sworn in tomorrow. his party is the biggest in parliament but failed to win an absolute majority. officials in gaza say israeli gunfire has killed two palestinians and wounded a dozen. violence original and protesters approached border fences. the militant hamas group has been holding weekly demonstrations to try to break the blockade of gaza. israeli police in jerusalem have shot and killed an israeli arab afafter he lunged at him with a knifee in the city's muslim quarter. authorities have not said whether the in -- officer was injured. donald trump has been forced to cancel a controversial military parade planned for later this year.
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he wanted the u.s. army to put on a show of force similar to the bastille day parade. officials told him it would cost more than $90 million. the president has second thoughts. >> fresh coat of pay for the white house. a seat at the u.s. presidency is to shine with new splendor. for the president, outward appearances of the utmost importance. that's why he is so upset that his parade will not be happening. the city of washington dc wanted to charge so much that it had to be canceled. $90 million have been mentioned. figure dismissed by the secretary of defense. >> whoever told you that is probably smoking something that is legal in my statement not in most most states. >> regardless of cost, there is
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no current matter military victory to celebrate. the last military parade in washington took place in june of 1991. back then, 8000 soldiers from operation desert storm marched through the capital with 200,000 people looking on. americans visiting the world war ii memorial in washington today had mixed feelings about the parade. >> it is totally nonsensical. we should be using that money for more honorable purposes like helping people who are poor. >> i hate to see that honoring our troops has to be postponed. we should be able to do it every year. >> president trump expressed his desire for a major military parade after visiting paris last year. rather than holding his own parade, he said today he plans to attend another one in france and that. >> let's turn that to the conflict in syria and the fate of a volunteer organization that has saved thousands of lives.
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white helmets have been operating in rebel held territories for several years. rescuing victims of the fighting and of government airstrikes. the series resident described them as propaganda tools who helped terrorists. the military defeated rebel forces. the danger forcing -- facing the white helmets increased. areas were evacuated by israeli troops. from there they were second to jordan and canada britain and germany have agreed to take them in. we have been speaking with one of the white helmets cofounders. the founders did not want to leave. ask >> we ask for support to protect the volunteers and their families inside syria. we didn't amy getting the one
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outside but because the international community failed to protect civililians inside syria, the last dayss f for thoe volunteers were to escape and have resettlement in other countries. we thank the german government and all of our friends who supported this process and we bebelieve that our colleagues wo arrive here they will be active in their new communities carrying their skills and qualifications they will work to serve civilians there as they did in syria. >> will do the important work of rescuing syrian civilians? >> we remain committed to work for the syrian people wherever they are and whehenever we have
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access to support them. the group of volunteers who were evacuated withth their families represent just a small percentage. around 100 volunteers and their families. we still have more than 3000 volunteers in northern syria who will continue their work as usual. >> thehe assad regime as the whe helmets have connections to foreign powers and to john hotties. what is your answer to that? >> sometimes they said at the white helmets do not exist at all. these aree just replicated things. all of these stories contradict with each other. the true story thahat the white helmets are working for the people and their success in
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providing help for the people it challenges the narrative that is proposed by the regimeme and the allies. it is only the dictator regime of the extremists. for this reason. they try to throw these fake accusations. >> on a personal level you must have seen some e terrible things duduring this war in syria. can you describe what motivated you to join the white helmets? >> i faced personal challenges and big risks but it is just like all othther syrians andnd victims in syria. i stararted this work because it
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is my duty. you don't need motivation to work for your country. or to try to rescue your neighbor or a relative or your friend. it comes from values and humanitarian principles. when you hear a cry from a baby or someone asking for help, it is our duty to do that. we cannot abandon our people. as long as we can do something to help, it is our responsibility and we will keep doing this until the end. >> that was the cofounder of white helmets. caught in russia has moved to teenagers. after hundreds of people protested imagining -- demanding their release. they are accused of plotting to overthrow the government.
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despite claims they were gone by undercover police. we caught up with the family as one came home. >> house arrest rather than prison. 18-year-old animal keeper can leave her pretrial custody the state prosecutors maintain their accusation that she wanted to start an extremist group together with other people. stumping she denies. she is allowed to live at home again but the house arrestt ordr is strict. she may not have visitors nor speak to anyone on the telephone inincluding her grandmother. ststate prosecutors claim that while in a fast food restaurant she sasaid she wanted to found n extremist association. she was brought in by an agent of the secret service who was also at the meeting. his report is serving as evidence for the prosecution. she was 17 years old at the time of her arrest.
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after her first night at home, her mother goes out shopping for her. along the way, she checks the news about her daughter. >> it is painful to see how they took her away in handcuffs. experts believe the evidence was not s sound and that is what t e was s released. >> the public pressure did it. especially the march of mothers. >> the evening before the judge's decision, thousands took to the streets of moscow demanding her release. julia is grateful for all of the support but she must no caps on her daughter who fell ill in prison. in prison, she got heart problems. i slept by her side last night. she started having trouble breathing.
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she suddenly got startled during the night. she cries. >> this was and is playground just a few years ago. then she was happy and chipper. her mother cannot fathom have a few critical words can turn her into a enemy of the state. she hopes that by caring for her daughter at home the nightmare might soon and. >> starting with the ongoing tensions between the turkey and the u.s.. >> turkish lira has taken another plunge. after donald trump reiterated his tough position on turkey and threatened new sanctions. the dollar and the euro both gained around 5% against the lira on friday but many turks don't seem that bothered. >> the turkish currency
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stabilized briefly this week after the finance minister reassured investors that he would take all necessary measures to protect the company's banks and business. in turkey's newspapers the threatened u.s. sanctions dominate the headlines. we are not pushing for a trade war. he can still count on the support of his people. >> we shshould make concessions. the u.s. is far away but it wants to show its political strength in this region. there is not much we can do. let's keep up the resistance. as we are a country with patriotic summits are high no matter howow much the d dollar incrcreases, we wilill get out f this that doesn't t worry me e e honestst because i believe that domestic measures are being taken. yes these ththreats. special l to the actioions. when turkishsh markets are closd international markets are open to speculation.
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probably the only people who are ok with the week there are the tourists. holidays in turkey are now cheaper than they had ever been. >> greece officially ends his third and final bailout program on monday. that means that athens will technically regain full control over its budget after years of forced cutbacks in return for emergency assistance. celebrations will be muted however following three bailouts. greek debt now amounts to 180% of its annual economic output. ththere has been widespread frustration over austerity measures. tesla shares took a dip after elon musk spoke emotionally about the stress a running the company. american regulators are set to be widening probe into the firm. he told the new york times that
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he was working up to 120 hours per week to meet production goals. he had been taking ambien for sleep. those looking into must tweeting about plans to take the company private. bring us up-to-date on the tesla saga. >> this interview has certainly not helped the stock. he did not make a stable impression on investors. the company might need to look for a new ceo or a second one. on top of that the sec seems to have investigated tesla and elon musk for a while now because of a second issue. they are trying to find out if tesla has misled investors
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before about its model three production problems. elon musk is made promises that he could not keep and it seems to have been subject to a second investigation going on for a year now. >> it is the last day of the trading week and what else is the moving the market? >> markets are revving up the earnings season and it was a strong one but as the calendar got less and less busy there was more time to focus on the turkey crisis for example. markets seem to have rush off worries in the middle of the week but they could not completely does the private fear creeping in from time to time. companies are shown investors that they had done well despite the trade talks and terror threats and no trump wants to make some changes to u.s. security law in his earnings season. he tweeted that he would like the sec to check if companies can only report earnings twice a year. for more savings and
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flexibility. this idea is not new. hillary clinton has talked about this before. >> thank you for your update. now back to go over news. we started india. >> the death toll from the catastrophic flooding doubled overnight. they announced the 324 people have died in what was called the worst flood in a hundred years. almost one quarter of a million people have lost their homes and rescuers are scrambling to evacuate residents to emergency relief camp's. >> help from above. as in many other regions, the indian air force's s been evacuatiting r residents who flo ththeir roots. many others remained trapped by the high waters. emergency shelters have taken in
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aroundnd 220,000 people we are staying at a schchoolhouse.. floodwdwaters came onto the frot porch of my house and there is electricity. electricitithas been o out since ststerday. they are providing us with clothes and other thinings. wewe have been g given close cos and blankets as well as food. there are no problems at the shelter. whole villages have been destroyed. many of those spared are cut off from the rest of the world. military r rescue teams are struggling to reach those in need. [indndiscerniblele] many are calling i it the worst flood in a hundred yeaears. usually y the southwest monsoon
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soaks the north first then it hits the southern part of the state. this year, it is raining across the whole state of the same time. rainfall is 40% over average and the monsoon season will be over until december. south africa's youth orchestra is one of the star attractions this year of a festival in berlin. they are touring europe to mark the hundredth anniversary of nelson mandela's birth. >> i am from cape town and i play for the youth orchestra. >> the most beautiful thing about it is it brings together people who would normally never be together. that is rather quality comes in.
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suddenly you are sitting next to somebody who lives 10,000 miles away who you have never met. >> joined from jazz classical and african traditions, it grew out of a social object in cape town. the orchestra is on his fourth european tour. in our present day, there are many social differences that we experience because of apartheid. moving forward, i find that playing in his orchestra all that goes away because the music becomes the most important thing. in honor of the 100th anniversary of nelson mandela's birth, the orchestra is paying physical tribute to his values and ideals.
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definitely it turns his vision into a reality. it is literally his vision come true on stage. ♪ we will end on that optimistic note. that's it. we are up to date. there is more on the website. have a good day.
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but if anything about
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about. with cross section. of the committee.. it hasas a to twenty twenty twenty twenty right right in india [inaudible] officials say. the three hundred twenty twenty without. thousand com number of deaths that could could still do increase


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