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tv   France 24  LINKTV  August 21, 2018 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> hello and welcome to frrnce 24 great we are arrive from paris good fighting breaks out kabul.uble -- in we will be live in kabul the latest. a hungerrstrike enters its hundreddh day. the 42-year--ld is in a russian jail on terror chargee and despite pressure from the west
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his release seems far from likely. -- blames tech giants -- moscow's as its hands are clean. hands aresays its clean. >> rockets have been filedd6 c11 toward the presidential palace in kabul s the president was delivering reetings during a holiday. the president interruptpted his message and issued a warniig to the taliban that the rocket fire -pwould not keep afghans d down. the rocket landed near a nato compound. no one was hurt. attacks,esult of the only does go police officers -- officers havee
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been slightly woundee and all of the terrorists have bben killed. >> for more on the story we go to our corressondent in kabul. what happened today and who was responsible? taliban -- a group oo fighters fired several rockets this morning from around 9:00 totoward the diplomatic quarter and the presesidential palacace while the afafghan presidentnt s ging a a sech. the rockets were heard on live tv as the message was being broadcasted. -- sttrted firing on the attackers on the ground and also attackees had taken refuge in a house located near a mosque where hundredd of people had gathered to celebrate the holiday. the area near the uus. embasss,
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a key military and government buildingng, have now b been clod off. numerous checkpoints a a concrete walls. no grouu hasas claimed the attak yyt.t. the government was q quick to talibann as i mentionee. hassyet to officially accept the cease-fire ofoffered by the president. after the president e extended s trtre offffer, the talaliban kidnapped 160 people in the northhof the country. these civilians were rescued but it sent a clear message to the government. >> thii attack, if it is the talibaban, we have had attacks r months by the isllmic state or the taliban, this ahead of the parliamentary elections in october. what are authorities doing to tryyto quell this violence??6 c1
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the taliban has recently stepped up their attacks onn6 c1 governmental forces. ,ne happened earlier this month a massive asssult on a strategic city about 75 miles from kabul. this is one of the most important operations in the past few years andnd it took the afgn and u.s. forces more than five days to end the siege, many the local branch of the islamic sttte grouu recently suffered a big defeat in the north but remain extremely active by launching deadly suicide attacas in urban arras like kabul. the government is heavily criticicized by a large poportif
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the population and by political opponents who see themm as wewek and incapable of guaranteeing this a attack on the presidentil palace was p pretty symbolic. facing a lott is of difficulties in the context and aarliamentaayayy-- presidential election meant to >> thank you very much for the filmmakers hunger strike has entered its 100th day . phe 42-year-old is languishing behind bars in a rrssian jail. he was convicted of planning arson attacks in crimea after russii annexed the peninsula in 2014. cousin, he wrote that he was losinn hope nddfelt the end wa1 near. >>'s condition has worsened -- -phis condition has worrened.
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he complains that his heart not to get up too often. he wrote me saying they should stop telling him they would be freed soon. he no longer believes it. bring in our human rights researcher from moscow. thann you so much for joining he is a ukrainnan citizen was tried as a russian. can you explain that to us? he was given russian citizenship against his own well. that is the reason the russian theheyent uses to argue will not b be changingng him foy russian prisoners in ukraine. they gave him ruusian citizenship even though he never asked for it. have b been given russian citizennhip like this?
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this case is the most well-known. we can sayayhis is ann outststanding case, giien citizenship just like this.s..61 most of the people held d russian prisons had russian citizenship before or they are still ukrainian citizens. oleg likelyg -- is to be rrleased with international pressure this is creating? that he will be released and he pill be alive when he is released. happen, to make this the international society, and the international political arena shshould not stop puttinig presre o on vladimirir putinin o make thihis happen. the most likely scenario is that
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you will be exchaaged for a prisoner in ukraine who was arrested foror russian media in ukukraine. everyone underststood he was arrested only to be exchanged. international sococieties should ukraine to stop participating in the talks aaout exchanging them. , how many opinion political prisoners are behind bars in russian jails??6 c13 c1 there is a human rights organization in russia. they are counting political prisoners each year. p> we'll have to leave it there.
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thank you for a much for joining us on the program. moscow has denied allegations from microsoft that it has tried to in the upcoming midterm elections. according to thh tech giant, packers tied to the russian -- packers tied to the russian government attempted to hack websites.% the hacks have been thwarted bb that is the goal of new russian hacking attempts according to the tech giants digital crimes unit uncovered six fake internet domaans. two appeared to mimic american conservative think tanks the huston institute and the international republican instiiute. others were deeigned to look like the u.s. senate website. the microsoft president says the hack was designed to allow the hackers to steal data from the political organization, as well as any users they tricked into attackers want their attacks
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to look as realistic as possible p and they therefore creete -pwebsites that look like sites the targetee victimsswould expect to receive emaii from. >> microsoft says russian efforts have failed and believed the -- and blames the fancy bare hhcking group for the attack. >> we are concerned these posts appeared he threats for a broader range of groups collected with both american political parties. pharged 12 russian innelligence officers in july with packinn the computer networks of presidential candidate hillary special prosecutor robert mueller charged with investigating russian interference in the 016 election has already linked fancy bear to moscow's made intelligent agency -- main
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intelligence agency. -prussia has repeatedly denied meddling in the elections and carrying out cyber attacks on u.s. institutions. letter to atholics around the world. the pontiff writes that no expert -- no expense must be spared to root out sex offenders. provide details on how he would end the vatican's culture f secrecy. the letter comes amidst fresh revelations about sex abuse by priests in the united states, -pchile, and ireland. open letter to% catholics, the pope begs% forgiveness for the pain and suffering of abuse victims, yet -phis letter fell short of sanctioning complicit this looks -- complicit bissops. >> it is significant that the pope calls abuse a crime nd not knowledgeshe alslso
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damage will be sufficient for victims and survivoos. >> such distinctions are unlikely to quell the anggr of abuse survivors. in pennsylvania, cap puts an former catholics reeponded to the pope's letter in the wake of over 1000 children by priests over 70 years. >> i was 12 years old and confused by my parish priest. words, thoughts and prayers, it1 does not make a child afer.% he coull demand every diocese in thh world release records. no more secret files. >> the letter also comes in advance of the pope's visit to irelann, with many in the catholic country looking for answers. >> i would llke them to tell the dam truth and a knowleege the
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and that iscover-up when conversations can begin to happen. >> a solidarity demonstration by survivors is being organized in dublin during the pope's visit. havver one million people packed camps in a southern indian state after devastating monsoon floooing claimed the lives of 210 people. -p50,000 homes have been pestroyed. millions of dollars have been trickling into the staae from india and abroad when the xtent of the devastation became known. receive basicto -pnncessities suchch as food and frrsh water. over one million survivors of the deadly floods are living in emergency shelters. are stillkers focusing on providing meals and medical supplies, they are also working to preppre the next
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step. we are to help disinfect the areas affected by the flood so no outbreak of any disease. >> the health ministry has set 3700 camps to combat diseases. the rains have subsided but entire neighborhoods remain some urge. urged -- remain submerged. >> we have nothing to eat, we have nothing o drink. weeneed food and water. water has destroyed everything. >> an estimated 50,000 houses have been destroyed. many have started to leave of their homes. see what is left >> we are staying in the camp
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that today is the waterrreceded i came to see my house and the damage here. >> aid has poured in from all the state's chief minister has appealed for generous donations po the feeeral lip -- the federal reliefffund. -p>> live from paris, fighting breaks out in the kabul. afghan forces hit back with a ferocious aerial response. 842-year-old ukrainian filmmakers hunger strike nters its 100th day. despite pressure from the west, his release seemm far from likely. microsoft fortes attempts to hack right wing think tax -- states.anks in the united moscow says its hands are clean. it is time for focus.
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today we bring you a report from venezuela, a country whose ecooomy remainn in free fall despite having the largest oil reserves in the warm -- in the world. the presiient says economic war has been led by foreign powers but his opponents argue he has mismaaaggd the economy. our reporters went to a% neighborhood in caracas, which was a stronghold of hugo chavez. residents watch with confusion as their daily lives ave become a constant struggle. -- santiago dreams of playing for the new york yankees. old anddplaysrs for a club ii the january 23 neighborhood in caracas. the late president hugo chavez did not grow up here but it was his home ground. it has been five years since he died of canner, butthhs face and
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his eyes are hard to miss. a huge baseball fan, he watched a game here and then made sure the club got a new pitch. it is sponsored by the state run underground rail network, the metro. senti rgo -- santee argo -- santiago's team lost the game.% the coach says he is finding it harder to put together a strong team. when hugo chavez wassalive the
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-pneighborhood was often the fit to benefit from his social proggams. subsidized food, health care, and education. the socialist revolution hugo% chavez said he started has run into difficulties. the neighborhood is run by collective. self-defense groups that deal with everything from policing to community programs.
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and upported hugo chavez they support nicolas maduro. welcome, if you come in peace, the sign says. if you come and more, we will e you. elizabeth grew up your -- grew she takes us to the houue she a kilo of meat costs which he earns in two weeks. her mother is a loyal chavez and nicolas maduro suppooter. she does not believe -- she does not blame either for mishandlin% penezuela's economy.
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she is repeating president nicolas maduro's claim that foreign powers haae waged an economic war on venezuela. the u.n. says 2.3 million venezuelans have left the country. iago is losingsant hissteammates.
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overnight, a man was murdered right next to the sttdium. some not clear why, but think he was mixed up in a drug -pthe collective cancel the mat. no baseball today. tomb is right next to the stadium. the family agrees to take us.
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huhugo chavez is known as the eternal commander. president nicolas maduro is sttuggling in his shadow. >> it is time for the press review. joineddby alissn sargent in tte studio. you are starting out or the flooding as starttd o subside. alison: this meaas the time has come to start asssssing the damage. tte hindu is reporting road and rail service has been partly restored in the state. deaths continue to be reported.
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hundreds of f thousands have b n how record raking this flood season has been. this has been the rainiest august seen in 11 years -- seen in 87 years and it is only the 21st. >> or comes to mind is the role of climate change in all of this. alison: there's an article in the guardian that says research shows higher air temperatures in the arctic are slower -- are slowing down global wind that causes temperatures to linger, giving us huge storms ocean. meanwhile, a french pappr is floods to come. there he might us this is the seen extreme flooding and the paper points the finger on climate change and that humans not doing more to limit their greenhouse gas omissionss it cites former president jacqu%
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chirac who set our houses on fire and we are looking the other way. >> switching gears. reactions from revelation that metoof the leaders of the # movement has been accused of abuse.% alison: this is against the it is worth noting the italian press was already critical of her for her role in the #metoo movement. slut shaming her. an itallan paper is reveeing in the revelations. the headline is grotesque. the second headline is the molested molests a minor. her accuser was 17.
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weinstein, it says the victim cannnt -- the victim has become a perpetrator, which doessnot mean she cannot still be a victim. many people have been on the offensive, speaking out on oo,ial meddi to defend #met in partiiular the movements she says the case of algae%argee movement. many are disappointed and hurt just like many have been disappointed by some of the other men and women called out py thissbehavior. ultimately there is no model survivor. >> no one is perfect. staying with hollywood. asians"the "crazy rich that seems to be doing well. it was number one at the bbx office. goessto -- you gates a man from
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singapore and goes to visit his wealthy family. it is the first hollywood film in 25 years with an all asian cast and this is something that means quite a bit to asian can see one writer saying the movie is her wakanda moment. this is a reference to black panther which had many black peoplee crazy rich asians has not been met with the same celebration. i pulled uppthis reviewwfrom singapore that calls it frustrated -- calls it frustrating. the main criticism is that the film shows only singaporeans of chinese descent. the movie does point out that the tourism board of singapore is likely to be happy about that. >> finally we were alking about somemetoo movement, but
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have been offering a solution. a feminist camp. alison: this isqñññ%%iii##qeqee
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