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tv   DW News  LINKTV  September 10, 2018 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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berlin. muslims forced into reeducation camps. more than a million muslims are thought to be detained by chinese authorities. human rights groups sait is a form of ethnic cleansing. dw meets a former inmatwho fled to neighboring kazakhstan. also, coming up, the united nations warning of a humanitarian catastrophe in syria. as the syrian army and its russian backers prepare an
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assault on in the province. chemical weapons are being used. sweden's general election leaves the two main political box -- blocks in a dead heat. it is the anti-immigration far right versus the democrats. and the soccer legend is an uncharted territory. diego parachutes in to rescue this second division club. can the argentinian icon really got them -- guide them to safety? i'm brent goff. it is good to have you with us. brent: the new human rights chief is calling on china to call on monitors to investigate large-scale arbitrary detention
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of muslim minorities. the allegations that michelle describes as deeply disturbing appear in a report published by human rights watch. it says more than a million muslims have been detained in reeducation camps in china's northwestern region. the details of the system are emerging slowly. the chinese government controls access to the region. our correspondent has traveled to neighboring kazakhstan to talk to witnesses. >> ♪ this is a former inmate of the ♪ chinese reeducation camp. he got out of the internment facility in march and is now in kazakhstan. it is an important day for him. he is meeting a team from amnesty iernational to speak about his experience. >> we had to sing for hours.
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songs like without the communist party, there would be no new china. songs praising them. we were forced to repeat slogans about president xi jinping. also, about what a great place china is to live in. >> he was born in china where largnumbers of have disappeared. the justification is combating religious extremism. >> it is getting them to accept that your chinese. they are making you fear that you are part of the nation. you don't need to keep your own ethnic identity. it is like ethnic cleanng. >> the kazakh authorities have
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warned them of the long arms of chinese authorities. but he wants his voice to be heard. >> we have to have the courage to tell the truth. if we don't tell our story, who will? that is why i am speaking out. >> he is in a city around 300 kilometers from the cnese border. few muslim chinese have made here. we don't know how many people i've been detained at these camps. international organizations estimate that the number exceeds one million. there are no verdicts and no sentences. this is at the whim of the cap ministration. many kazakhs have relatives in the camps. just saying the wrong word can lead to detention. for many inmates, the only hope
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of release comes from amnesty's efforts on their behalf. this man was arrested on a business trip. >> i don't even know if you still alive. -- he is still alive. my son is 12. he asks me where his father is every day. even his teacher has started asking questions. >> news from across the border as become scarce. for muslims in china, any contact with their relatives is simply too dangerous. brent: for more, i am joined by our guest. he is an expert on chinese policy. you have written extensively about these reeducation camps in china. the report that we just saw, does it confirm what you know
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and what you have seen regarding these camps? >> yes. we see more and more eyewitness reports coming out. initially, that was all the information available. after this report, we were able to see a lot of the official documentation that confirmed the scale of the situation. it also showed how systematically it has happened since 2014. brent: when you say the scale of this operation, what numbers are we talking about? do we know how many people have been sent to these caps? -- camps? >> this is speculative. there is no official statistic. we have a range of different government documents, recruitment notices and other data sources that indicate that this is a large operation.
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it operates on different administrative levels. >> the government in beijing says that these camps are mildly directive centers that were set up in the wake of violence back in 2013 and 2014. it says there was a serious spate of violence in those two years and that dozens of people died in attacks that were carried out by separatists. doesn't china have the right to implement some type of developer's asian program within its own borders? >> china has the right to attack terrorism and religious exteriors of -- extremism. we are talking about the detention of 10% of athletic population. -- an ethnic population. it is no longer clear what aspects of their religion they can practice.
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we are talking hundreds of thousands of people being subjected to humiliating brainwashing procedures. they are being put in solitary confinement, being made to this the wall for hours if you cannot memorize chinese characters. brent: we know that china is very adamant when it comes to no country interfering in the domestic concerns of another country. how likely is it that the international community can make any difference whatsoever in china? >> china is seeking to present a granimage of itself to the world. especially in the context of xi jinping's initiative. certainly we can say that the
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image of this initiative suffers with what is going on. china will care what the world is saying. brent: we will see if that holds true moving forward. that was about the situation in northwest china. thank you very much. tonight, the united nations is warning that the worst humanitarian crisis could be looming in syria. that is because government forces and their russian allies are preparing an all-out offensive to recapture idlib province. many people have fled airstrikes. they are targeting idlib. they are fears because damascus is using banned chemical weapons in that attack.
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>> making use of everything to survive. idlib residents are desperate to protect themselves from a gas attack. >> these gasasks are important. especially after the latest threats of a chemical strike. the russians claim terrorists will do that but that is a lie. everybody knows that the russians and the syrian regime used chemical weapons. >> like many others, he has made a makeshift shelter. they expected to get worse. this is footage of what was a syrian barrel bomb attack. forces backed by russia and iran recently began recapturing the province of idlib from rebels. since then, tens of thousands have been trying to escape the
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airstrikes. since the area is home to 3 million people, anymore could follow. turkish organizations have joined other relief groups as they are trying to fulfill people's basic needs. it is a tall order. >> we expect massive migration in in the. it is estimated that between 700000 and one million people will try and leave. >> the organization could eventually dispatch at least 1000 trucks carrying food and medical supplies. considering the threat of a chemical attack, that ain't my fault out -- terribly short. -- that aid might fall terribly short. brent: it is an interesting day for volkswagen shareholders. >> is the latest chapter in dieselgate.
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they're talking about whether they should have told shareholders sooner about the admissions tuning scandal. the judge said that most of the claims might be passed the statute of limitations. too much time and have passed to consider this. >> inside these voters are what investors are pinning their hopes on. the documents could be instrumental in persuading the court to accept or reject the notion that volkswagen knew about the misons cheang in the u.s. before informing shareholders. here is how the plaintiffs lawyer outlined his case to the media. >> under german law, we are meant to communicate essential information to the markets. we are firmly coinced that volkswagen should have told markets.
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they should have said they could not do it. vw did not do that. the vw missions cheating scandal broke on september 18, 2015. in the days that followed, the share price plummeted. on september 22, volkswagen issued a warning to its shareholders. they maintain that it acted according to its duties. >> from our point of view, this case is only about whether they met the obligation to inform shareholders in the markets. we are convinced this is the case. the court's ruling is not expected until the end of next year. brent: the ceo of cbs, leslie moonves as is resigning following allegations of sexual misconduct. they went public in a rece article in which several women accused him of sexual misconduct
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and droning their careers. he has denied the allegations. cbs has launched an order -- an investigation and says they will donate $20 million to me to organizations. -- #metoo organizations. spacex launched another rocket from florida. it was carrying a communications satellite. it was delayed. once in orbit, it will be bringing broadband services over the asia-pacific region. it returned to earth after stage separation and landed safely. it was on a remote control barge and the atlantic ocean.
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american trade officials said they are hoping to reach an agreement to let some trade barriers with the european union by november. the comments come after a meeting between the trade commissioner of the eu. also, robert. the u.s. threatening to impose tariffs. the two sides could be ready to remove tariffs on some industrial products, last week, profound disreements continued to exist on trade policy. let's cross over to new york with our correspondent. this is jose. it sounds like the trade dispute between the eu and the u.s. is on its way to be resolved at some stage. what about china? jose: it seems trade tensions between the world's to biggest
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economies are not using any time soon. if trump escalates the turf battle, that could increase the risk of beijing starting to focus on the operations of american companies in the country. it is running out of goods bought from the u.s.. let's not forget that the u.s. imported three dollars of chinese products for every dollar of american products going to china. this came after shrub said that he was expanding penalties in the form of $267 billion in chinese products. that was on top of the $50 billion of chinese products. washington is posed to raise tariffs at any moment. brent: how are u.s. companies responding? how is a -- jose: some of the providers in asia -- after trump pressure the iphone maker to bring back manufacturing to the
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u.s. as a way to avoid impact of tariffs on some of its products. let's not forget that apple has contributed to the u.s. economy with $350 billion over the next five years. we need to take into account factors like optimization. -- automization. the automaker does not intend to start building the car here anytime soon. brent: thank you very much. that is all from me and the business team. the swedes punished mainstream politicians in the polls. >> not as much as people had feared. both of the main political blocs failed to secure a majority in the general election. the countries far right recorded
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major gains. the rolling central left, social democrats and their allies to 46% of the vote. just more than the center-right alliance which managed 43%. the populist sweden democrats surged. the far right party poster become kingmaker in any ruling coalition. both walks have claimed they will not work or govern with the populace. >> this man has given his party rooted in white supremacy a respectable face. he's we talked disgruntled voters away from sweden's particle center. -- he sweet talked disgruntled voters away from sweden's po litical center.
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in a small country that has accepted nearly half a million asylum-seekers since 2012, his message has resonated. incumbent prime minister stephan the open barely defeated the alliance. his is a sign that it is time to toss out the system that has defined swedish politics for decades. >> no side has a clear majority. it is only natural that we will have to work across the political divide to make it possible to govern sweden. godless of the final election results, this will be the deat of block politics -- regardless of the final election results, this will be the death of block politics. >> this has fallen on deaf ears. this leaves two sides in a virtual dead heat after the vote.
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neither blocks as it will work with a strong third-place finisher that has neo-nazi roots. forming a new government could take weeks or months of talks in a country where a populist wave is promoting a long-held tradition of tolerance. brent: in eastern germany, more fears of violent anti-migrant protests. a german man died after a confrontation with two afghan migrants. this is 150 kilometers southwest of berlin. 2.5 thousand protesters responded. a postmortem showed that the men died of acute heart failure and not of any injuries. the afghan men have been taken into police custody. >> they are in morning but there is not only grief here. there is anger.
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this man furiously told our camera crew to stop filming him. on saturday evening, two groups apparently clashed in this small eastern town. two afghans were arrested and a german men died. a friend of his is still coming to terms with what happened. >> he was a good person. always very quiet. it is dreadful, terrible that he died so young. >> the man's death sparked calls on social media for a protest. lice say 2500 people took part in thearch. among them where these residents and members of the far right alternative for germany party. demonstrators have links to the extreme right. the mayor has called for calm. >> i told the people that there
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is a far right president -- presence here. they thought that they were time them not to speak out or join the protest. people, took part in the vigil. for them, that is a good thing. >> it is not clear what transpired. an argument broke out betwe the two afghans and the german national later died of a heart attack. he had a history of heart disease. police say one of the afghans should have been deported. the other had a residence permit. there was a death last month of a german men and it led to far right are tests. the extreme right mobilizes supporters over the internet. >> of course, we are aware of how far right groups operate on a national level and how they're able to react so quickly. we'll adopt our plans accordingly.
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>> more demonstrations are planned. police have brought in reinforcements from across germany. >> he joins us live. this is sabian van der mark. we are talking about a very small town called tristan -- kirten. >> this is a beautiful town in the use of germany. when you would walk through the city in the morning, it was looking like a very nice place, a peaceful place. we saw more and more right-wing protests. in the evening, we had hundreds of policemen from all over the country and also 500 protesters
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that walked through the city to come here to this memorial site where the german young men died. we have a tense atmosphere tonight. when you talk to people, some are extremely angry on the press and pointers and then you have those other people and prayed for unity in the city and pray for peace in this peaceful town. brent: it begs the question now that we are seeing this happen more than once, is this the new normal? our demonstrations going to be held anytime that people suspect migrants are involved in someone else's death? >> it seems that this would be the new normal.
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we have to realize that the first demonstration was faster than 24 hours after the actual event took place. this news spread in enormous ways on social media. the far right has good momentum of mobilization. there are very good at getting people from all over the country to places like that in order to exploit these cases for their political gain. we have to be self-critical as traditional media because if you report on these events that are individual cases, you can contribute to a certain atmosphere. again, if there are thousands of neo-nazis on the streets chasing people, of course we have to report that that is what we did. brent: that was folly and --
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fabian, thank you. this second-tier mexican side is still without a win. they resorted to some drastic measures. they listed the help of diego. >> for the kids, a chance to celebrate their city. local pride on this cartel posture isn't lacking. but really do the residence read positive headlines about their home. >> as a city, we are known for negative things. now we will be known for sports. >> but diego is known for much more than his sporting achievements. there are concerns that this may be a lucrative i was at a stunt. he will be paid.
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not everyone is focusing on the negatives. >> i think this is going to be something good. especially for the young people. there are a lot of young people on the team. >> 32 years ago, he lifted the world cup trophy here in mexico. whether this will remain so happy remains to be seen. brent: after a short break, i will be back to take you through the day. stick around for that. we will be right back.
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