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tv   DW News  LINKTV  September 17, 2018 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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berlin. tonight, no new offensive in the syrian province of it good. russia and turkey agree on a set zone. the president will create a demilitarized zone separating rebels from military forcrc and preventing a massasacre. also, chinese authorities ordered no to evacuate as the ferocious typhoon moves inland.
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in the philippines, rescuer chris paul bodies from the mud after massive landslides. and is president trump's choice brett kavanaugh about to back out. a woman accused him of an attempted rape that took place almost four decades ago. we have a special report from a british town at the heart of a shocking child sex abuse scandal. prososecutors have charged suspects with sexually exploititing chihildren over m y yes. one victim tells dw news that even more perpetrators remain at large. brent: i'm brent goff, it is good to have you with us. russia and turkey have decided
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to set up a demilitarized zone to separate rebel fighters from syrian government forces. it is an attempt to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe in the province. idlib is the last stronghold of rebel fighters. the syrian government wants to clear them out. russia says s there will be no military operation there. >> it was a last attempt for turkey's president to avert the immediate possibility of civilian casualties in idlib. >> we have decided to create a demilitarized zone to separate opposition and government forces. the zone will be 15 or 20 kilometers wide. with full withdrawal of militants there. >> the agreement came asas
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something of a surprise sisince russia entered you are on opposite sides of the conflict. russia wants more influence in the region and thought they could achieve that by backing syrian president assad. with that goal in mind, pressure was prepared to support a large-scale military offensive. turkey was against it from the start gearing more syrian -- fearing more syrian refugees. this video was taken last friday. turkey says they were setting up further observation post. now, hope at long last for 3 million syrian civilians in idlib. russia insists there will be no military offensive in idlib. brent: let's bring in our correspondent emily scherwin an d julia hahn tonight.
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flesh this deal out for us between two countries on opposite sides of the syrian conflict. emily: two countries on opposite sides of the conflict but they have agreed to create this demilitarized zone. idlib -- in didlib by mid october. that's zone will be 20 kilometers wide and will be the short by russian and turkish forces. they will also withdraw all heavy weaponry from that zone. radical rebels will have to pull out of the zone according to vladimir putin. this is into the cease-fire that turkey had been pushing for, it is more of a compromise but it is a step in the direction of
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peace and toward what turkey wanted from vladimir putin. brent: from where you are standing, julia, is this the deal that idlib province has been waiting foror? julia: it isis a glimmer off ho. idlib residence have been bracing for the worst. it is a diplomatic success for turkish president erdogan. he prevented that massive offensive by the assad vernment a and a russian allies. he convinced climate -- - vladir putitin that a compromise is t e better sololution. he will have told mr. putin that it will be t turkey in the end o will have to deaeal with the humanitarian consequences of a military assault. thatat is something thatr. erdog
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an has been talking about over ththe past few days. he fears a b bloodbath. he fears this would have confident -- conququences for eurorope as well.. many questions remain unanswered. it is a didifferent thing whwheu come up with this at the negotiating table and how everything else pulls -- ends up on the ground. brent: will president putin be able to enforce this agreement? emily: that depends on all of the sides of the conflict. the syryrian side has yet to age to this deal. but russia has a huge influence on the syrian government. they have been there main backer throughout this war and they also changed things on the grground when the end of this wr in 2015 when they entered to back the regime. they will likely be the backers
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for them in the postwar. it is likely that syria will tell the line -- toe the line. brent: what does this mean for turkeyey? julia: that is a really important point. it is not humanitarianism that is the driving forcece. this is abouout power polititic. he wanted a turkey contrololled buffer z zone for idlibib from e beginning.g. he sececured himsese a longer-tm presence in syriria and made sue that he willll be one e of the n who is sitting at the negotiating table again when they will talk about the polilitical future of syria aftr this war ends. brent: those were our correspondence emily scherwin
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and julia hahn in the turkish province of idlib. -- syrian province of idlib. this storm swept through hong kong on sunday. it is now moving in land. four people are reported dead in china so far. at least 65 people died over the weekend when the storm swept through the northern philippines. rescuers are struggling to find survivors. many are feared dead. they had taken shelter in a bunkhouse which was then buried under a mudslide. >> after a weekend searching for signs of life, this is the task facing rescuers. bodies are being pulled from a shelter for minors -- miners.
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this area used to be for panning gold. >> i feel really bad, there is nothing you can do anymore. it is too late. >> the local mayor says the chance of finding anyone on this list alive are practically zero but the rescue operations continue after a weekend of delicately digging through the mud. questions are now being asked of the countries that mine here. villagers assumed d th would bee safe in the shelter. >> they were laughing, even when they knenew the typhoon was approaching. they said the structure they turned into some kind of shelter would b be strong enough.
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withstand the effects of the typhoon. this was floodwater, not a river. that is what gave way to the deadly mudslides here. almost 200,000 people had to flee their homes. when it is safe enough for them to return, they will be confronted by a trail of destruction. brent: here are other stories making headlines around the world. the russian defense ministry showed that the missile that shot down the flight 17 blonde to the ukrainian military. the malaysian n airlines fliligt was downed over rebel held eastern ukraine in 2014, killing nearly 300 people. international investigators concluded the missile camp from a russian unit. angela merkel is in algeria where she met prime minister --
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the prime minister. they're looking to speed up the repatriation of algerians living in germany. they visited a local high school for german girls where they joined a german language class. a leading german newspaper says that chancellor merkel has decided to fire this man. he publicly questioned the authenticity of right-wing monsters and foreigners. his statement later. to the united states where president trump's latest nominee for the supreme court is facing sexual misconduct allegations that won't go away. brett kavanaugh was set to be confirmed on thursday but noww cause are mountining for his nomimination to be delayed. a woman n is claimingg that t
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tried to rape her at a party 30 six years ago when they were both teenagers. republicans are pushing to secure their nomination before ththe midterm elections in nonovember. itit ia high-statakes decisisiof kavanaugh is confirmed. many believe that it will put -- push the supreme court to the right for years to come. let's bring in our washington correspondent now. this is stephan. have incredible are these accusations that have been made against brett kavanaugh by this woman? stephan: credible and let's not forget, public e enoughh that te judiciary committee of the senate has to look into this. they said they will investigate those claims. the republican leader or senator who leads the company has said
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that he will have a phone call with mr. kavanaugh as well as with the accuser. even the white house seems to indicate that the president is fine with a delay in the confirmation process. she came with this letter and this accusation with great detail. mr. kavanaugh in all fairness and many others worked and functioned as this witness to his character. they said that this is not true, these accusations. credibilitity is there. so far, it stalls the process of his confirmation. brent: it stalls the process. how dangerous is this accusation for his nomination to the supreme court?
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stephan: it is. if this is a case that will be determined as true or even partially true, this accusation could be true. that would be a major risk for the republican party. they could ignore this now. they could go on with the vote on thursday and that would be in the interest on first sight. on second, it is a huge risk. if there is something coming out after, this is not a little job. he would be confirmed for the rest of his life. -- republicans play a high risk of paying the bill for this in the midterm elections. brent: that is with the big fear is.
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they will see the republicans be published -- punished in november when voters go to the polls. stephan: absolutely. it is important to female voters. female voters are flocking to the democrats or seem to be. that is what most polls suggest. the republicans are in a tight spot. the senate majority leader said last week that he is very concerned about many races regarding the senate and the house, it doesn't look much better in the house of representatives for the republicans. they are in a tight spot. brent: thank you very much for being on the story for us. javier is here now with business news. he has the latest on that never-ending saga that is the u.s. china trade tariff for.
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javier -- tariff war. javier: since friday, white house staff have been to about even more -- speaking about even more tariffs on china. china has responded in kind. there are plans for tariffs on a further $200 billion of chinese products and president trump is threatening even more. arrow financial correspondent at the new york stock exchange has been following the story for us. it is good to see you. what is the latest on these latest threats that we have been seeing about more tariffs against china? >> the devil is in the details. it is very tricky timing. even if it is hard to imagine right now. but holiday and christmas shopping season is coming up.
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they have spent quite a bit on cheap imports out of china. that is why donald trump will probably not introduce steep tariffs. it is likely that we are talking about 10%. that could and will anger the chinese government. so far we are talking about $200 billion. what will happen with the other $267 billion that are still further down the line. certainly, the heat is on with chinese u.s. trade relations. >> let's talk about the other side. >> it will change. just here at the beginning of the week, the chinese government
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hinted that they will not play defense any longer. they will go on the offense and put pressure on the u.s. administration. there is talk of a restriction to exports of goods to the u.s. and components that are crucial for u.s. manufacturing industries. also, raw materials. there are possibilities that the chinese government has to put some pressure on the u.s. side. so far, that doesn't really seem to impress the u.s. government. what is interesting to see is if wall street traded a bit lower on monday. the pressure was really on chinese stocks backout traded here in new york on wall street and also the shanghai composite. it was propelled to the lowest point in four years. this is why u.s. markets are
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still very close to all-time highs. javier: thank you very much. tesla ceo, elon musk is embroiled in another scandal. he is being sued for defamation by this british driverer. he helped to rescue a group of boys and their coach from a cave in thailand. he labeled the efforts by elon musk to get them out with a summary as a pr stunt. elon musk called him a pedophile. he has repeatedly allegations and the man is seeking $75,000 compensation. stopping musk from doing so again with injunction. more and more towns are taking a stand against tourism. places like venice have been overrun for years with the ever-increasing number of cruise ships making it unbearable for locals.
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he probably never heard of the sleepy little harbor town tucked away in iceland. sleepy it is no more. the giant ocean liners are spewing. >> he will never again complain about having too little work. the harbor masterworks from early morning until late at night, guiding guests vessels into the harbor. these ships are gigantic floating cities that cruise over to iceland froronorth america. in the old dayays, only 12 ships came to the. the tourists visits went up 20%. the inhabitants have mixed feelings about the visit.
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>> people who come on the cruise ships go for the 10. i am hoping that they somehow get the feeling of if there is actual -- and i shshall communiy thatat lives here. it is an actctual towown with al people. >> most of the people here welcome the tourists now that the fishing industry has shrunk, they need to replace their once most important industry. >> iceland is having problems with so many tourists but when a cruise ship of 500 ascends -- descends on a town ofof 100, its a problem. >> the cruise ship season only lasts for r months. then the sea around the island is too rough for them. brent: it is the first of its kind.
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this is the first rail service using a carbon neutral train. they will connect cities along the northern coast. this features a hydrogen tank and a fuel cell on his roof. the only byproduct is water. one tank is arranged with 100 kilometers. they plan to use the new models to replace all these locomotives now running on non-electrified routes. it hardly makes any noise. that is an advantage to passengers as well. brent: that to a town in the north of england that is at the heart of a huge sexual abuse scandal. it is dividing residence and scarred communities. authorities estimate that 1500 euros were abused in this town,
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over 16 years. the men who have been thought to have been the perpetrators were gang members of pakistani ascent -- and dissent. despite fresh charges made last week, victims say many of their abusers are still at large. >> it was one of the w worst moments of her life. it was near here that the men threatened to kill her. it happened sosomewhere in t the hills above her homometown when she e was just 1515 >> he took me to the edge and said he would throw me off of it. i thought he was going to kill me. i was so afraid. he put me in the back k the car and had sex x with me. i remembered just lalaying there crying and i felt like a dead bobody. >> it took several years before she could think -- break away from her tormentor.
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today, she helps other victims. more than 1.5 thousand girls are believed to have been victims of child exploioitation. some perpetrators are being brought to justice. itit is only recently that more and more victims have been speaking openly about what happened to them. she thinks that the authorities looked the other way because most of the perpetrators were of pakistani origin. nobody wanted to be accused of racism. it wasn't her tormentor but herself that was arrested by police. they took her on the reins. >> people viewed us as little slags. we seemed to be child prostitutes. that is the wrong term to use, we were e children being abused. >> such a thing would never happen today but in the
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pakistani community, the discussion commute -- continues. criticics are sometimes on the receiving end of hostility. that is what mohammed experienced when he spoke out about a lack of respect for white women and girls. >> i was cheerleading for the far right is what they said but now because there have been so many histotorical cases that t e come to trial and pepeople convicted, people recognize that this is a problem we have to confront. >> she doesn't wanant to live in the past but she wishes the problem have been called out soonon. >> the fact that people t turn such a blind eye to it andnd cocovered it up because i didn't want to becocome rick -- be cald racist is hard to stomach. >> the perpetrator is now in prison but there are others who are still at large.
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brent: on tuesday, two german coaches will as the most prestigious club of football returns for the champion leg. liverpool will be hosted in a mouthwatering grouping. >> one common denominator. this club led the title, lifted the german cup and made it to the champions league final. now he is in liverpool but thomas took over and won the german cup for venting his current gig at paris. in the french capital, they have a plethora of stars in his squad, most notably one of the world cup's most impressive players. they are among the season's favorites to win the tournament.
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>> everyone knows a about the quality and his teaea is builtt for winninththe championons leue. it has been easy for them because of the unbelievable quality they have. >> that is something that liverpool also has, polity. they have beefed up their squad and boast the top goals: -- goalscorer. brent: after a short break, i will be back to take you through the day. stick around for that. [captioning performed by the nanational captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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