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tv   France 24  LINKTV  October 3, 2018 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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generation is clear. if we come together, there is no limit to what we can achieve. our future is in our hands. [applause] and that is why we're all in this, the reason we chose to get involved in politics in the first place. we believe by standing up to be counted by working together, we
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can change our communities and our country for the better. it is not always glamorous. i have seen the trailers. [laughter] and let me tell you, it was not like that back in my day. [applause] but real politics involves a lot of hard work, knocking on doors in all weathers, bundles of leaflet, we do it because we believe in its potential to transform lives. we understand when we got involved that sometimes it is adversarial. in the last few years something has changed for the worst, i feel it, and i am sure you do too. rigorous debate between political opponents is becoming
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more like us confrontation between enemies. people who put themselves forward to serve are becoming targets. not just them, their families as well. we all saw pictures of a far left extremist shouting abuse at the children. and it is not only conservatives who are facing abuse, the first black woman ever to be liked to the house of commons vef more racist and messages today than when she first stood over 30 years ago. you don't have to's degree about w the words to believe passionately in her right to say it free from threat and abuse. [applause]
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some people lost sight of the fact that political differences are not everything. i prefor the local and national government in office and in opposition and i know that no party has monopoly on good ideas and getting things done requires working together within parties and beyond them. when our politics becomes polarized, and compromise becomes a dirty word, that becomes harder, and good people are put off pub click service. it doesn't have to be this way. our parties have more liked representatives than any other. we have in our hands the power to set a standard of decency that will be an example for others to follow. the night john mccain who spoke at this conference 12 years ago put it like thiss "we argue and
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compete and sometimes even vilify each other in arrack cuss public debates, but we always had so much more in common with each other when indies agreement, "what was joe cox's message, too. it is a threat the british people in stin tuck itly understand because they are not idea, they know we have a commonon stake in this country and the only part to a better future is one that we walk down together. so let's rise above the abuse. let's make a positive case for our values that will cut throughh the bitterness and vial which is poisoning our politics and let's say it loud and clear conservatives will always stand up for a poll techs that unites us rather than divides us. [applause]
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what used to be larker position so when look at leadership today, i worry it is no longer the case. we all remember what the labor party used to be. the passionally disacreed with many policies, every labor government left unemployment higher than they found it. every labor government went run out of other people's money to spend, every labor government left the economy in a mess. but at least they have some basic qualities that everyone could respect. they are proud of our institutions. they were proud of our armed forces. they were proud. today when i look across the opposition benches, i can still see that labor party. but not on the front bench. [applause]
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they are blanked were out the rows behind when another party occupies prime position. the party jeks the common values that once bridged our political divide. just compare jeremy core been's behavior that to the predecessors. who stood up to the hard left, stood by faced the election and increased protection at their party conference. would jim chal han in the royal navy and ask the rush ship government to confirm the findings of our own intelligence agencies. exactly. churchill's trusted deputy
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during the second world war told british jews they didn't know the meaning of anti-semitism. [applause] what is the form of labor is a national tragedy. what has it come to when jewish families today, seriously discuss where they should go if jeremy corbin becomes prime minister when a leading labor says his party pis in stitialally racists when the leader of the labor party is happy to appear on a state tv but attacks our free media here in britain. [applause]
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that is what jeremy corbyn has done to the labor party. it is our duty in this conservative party to make sure he can never do it to our country. to do that, he head to be a party for the whole country because today, millions of people who merv supported our party in the past are appalled by what jeremy corbyn has done to labor. they want to support a party that is dren, patriotic. one that puts the national interests first. delivers on the issues they care about, and is comfortable with modern britain be a all the diversity. we m must show everyone in this country that we are that party.
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a party that conserves the best of our intelligence but not afraid of change. a party of pat reit itism but not nationalism. a party that believes in business but is not afraid to hold businesses to account. a party that believes in the good the government can do but knows government will never have all the answers. a party that believes your success in life should not be defined by who you love, your faith, the color of your skin, your parents or where you were raised but by your talent and your hard work. [applause] above all, a party of unionism, not just four proud nations but all of our people.
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a party not for the few not even for the many, but for everyone who is willing to work hard and do their best. [applause] and we must be a party that is not enthralled in ideology but motivated by enduring principles. for maine the can be summed up in three words -- security, freedom and opportunity. security for the nation with strong defense against threats from abroad and protection against threats at home. security for communities upheld by the brif men and women of our police forces. security for individuals and families provided by good jobs, a home of your own and dignity and
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dignity in old age. and security is a bedrock of freedom, freedom of thought, freedom of expression, freedom of action, so freedom to make decisions for yourself rather than have them made for you by government. the freedom that our grandparents and great grandparents fought for. the freedom that sets across eastern europe when the soviet claps and a nation was reborn in sovereignty and independence. the freedom that is filled an tie many in our world today. with freedom come responsibility. to obey the law even when you disagree with it. conserve our environment for the next generation. a mote especially for those in public life, the responsibility to weigh the impact our words and agos have on other people. and if we're secure, and we are
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free, then opportunity is opened up. the opportunity to take your paw ture in your hands to dream and to strive and achieve a better lilife. to know that if your d dad ride of on plane from pakistan, you can become home secretary. but if you spent time in care you can be in the cabinet. [applause] fanned your grandparents came to our shores, as part of the
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generation, you could be in the next mayor of london. [applause] if you are pregnant with your first chchild, end gained to your girlfriend, you could be the next first minister of scotland. we, we the conservative party are the party of opportunity. [applause] no institution embodies the
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principles more profoundly and more personally than our national health service. it gives every man woman child absolute security of knowing that whenever you are sick, wilt be there. what greater freedom to lib your life about not worrying about the treatment you immediate. whether greater opportunity for a country to make the most of its talents. the thirst for everyone care based on clinical need, never the ache to pay. these principles are in our country's dna and conservatives will always uphold them. indeeded conservatives have looked after for h most of its life and this year, we gave the nhs a seven-year present to be proud of. the biggest cash boost in its history. an extra $394 million pounds
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every single week. [applause] and in return will produce the new long-term plan to make sure every penny makes a difference on the front lines. so next time you hear someone say that they don't car care about the nhs, tell them billion the extra funding. tell them about the conservative np's who work in the nhs in their spare time. tell them about the prime minister who just heard the help of the wonderful start of the local nhs trust that helped her
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manage die beet thes. tell her about the housing secretary. last year, james officially opened the new cancer center atat queen mary's hospital in his constit himself sy. a few months later, was patient. the outstanding nhs caree received helped him recover and now he is back serving in the cabinet. [applause] cancer can strike any of us at any time. a few year ago my bod daughter was diagnosed with cancer. she underwent treatment and it seems to be working, but then the cancer came back. last summer, she sent me a text and told the she was hoping to
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see another christmas. but she didn't make it. half us will be diagnosed with cancer. all of us know someone who has been. the survival rate rens crease but we are lag behind other countries, so today, i can announce a new cancer strategy from the investment which will form a central part of our long-term plans to the nhs. the deboosting your chance of surviving cancer is early diagnosis. five year survival rates for bowl cancer are over 90% if caught early, but less than 10% if diagnosed late. to our cancer tragedy will increase this early key tex rate from one and two to three and four by 2028. we will do it by lowering the age of what we screen from 60 to
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50 and by investigating the very latest standards bay building more rapid diagnostic centers one-stop shops that help people get treatment quirk. this will be a step change in how we diagnose cancer. it will mean that by 2028, 55,000 more people will be alive five years after their diagnosis compared to today. every night means precious extra years with friends and family. every life saved means a parents, a partner, a child, a godmother beard the pain of losing a loved one before their time. our nhs saves countless lives
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every day. one of the most important responsibilities of prime minister is to secure it for the future. that is what this job is all about. taking a big decisions and doing so in the national interests that is never more true than when our national security is threatened. those are the times when i feel most keenly the responsibilitys of my office when i have toto work and put themselves in harm's way to protect our citizens to support our allies as w we expect them to o support us to uphold the international rules on which our security depends. the syrian reaming em attacked with chemical weapons killing innocent men women and children, we joined with our friends to send a message that the use of chemical weapons will never be tolerated i took the
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decision to send jets to strike against assad's chemical weapons pa sill facilities. as prime in ster i have to make the call and held account for it. the same was true when russia launched a chemical attack on the streets of the united kingdom. took the decision to expel 23 russian diplomats who were undeclared intelligence officers. our allies joined us in degrading russia's intelligence met work. in parliament, i received almost universal support. were the fmp to the liberal democrats and for backed before hes. there was one voice. jeremy corbyn dismissing the findings of our security services suggesting that the
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country responsible for the attack should double-check the findings of our chemical weapons scientists. refusing to lay the blame squarely where it belonged. just imagine if he were prime minister. he says disarm herself in the hope others follow suit. i say no. we must keep our defenses vong to keep our coupe try safe. he says sem ply provokes russia. i say no. it is a gar ran tee of our freedom and security.
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he poses as humanitarian, but he says that military actions to save lives is only justified with the approval of security council effect ofly giving russia a veto. i say no. we cannot outsource our conthousands the kremlin. [applause] leadership is doing what you believe, and having the courage and determination to see it through. and that he is the approach i have taken on brexit. we had disagreements in the party about britain's membership of the eu for a long time so it is no surprise we had a range of different views expressed this
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week. but my job asas p prime minister is to do what i believe to be in the national interests and that means two things. first, honoring the results of the referendum. [applause] and advance the british foam make this decision. we put our place in their judgment. they have put their place in us to deliver. i will not let them down. secondly to seek a good trading and security relationship with our neighbors after we have left. they are our close friends and allies and we should ensure it
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stays that way. plaus it is what we promised in our manifesto and what i worked day and mating for the last two years to achieve. no one wants a good deal more than me. but that has never meant getting a deal at any cost. britain is not afraid to leave with no deal if we have to. [applause] we need to be honest about it. leaving without a deal producing tariffs and costly checks at the border would be a bad outcome for the uk and the eu. it would be tough at first for resillience of the brit herb people would see us through.
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some people ask know rule out no deal. but if i did that, i would a negotiating position and have to agree to whatever the eu offers and at moment, that would mean accepting one of two things. either a deal that keeps us in the eu in orbit, keeps moment, keeps on the paymentance stops assigning trade deals with other countries or a deal but carves off northern island a part of country effect efly leaving it in the eu's custom's union. so let us send a clear messaging are this hall today. we will never accept either of those choices.
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we will not betray the results of the referendum and we'll never break up our country. i have treated ur proyin union with nothing but respect. united kingdom expects the same. now in notion if you cannot accept what the other side proposes, you present alternative. this is what we have done. our proposal is for a free trade deal that provides the trade and goods. it would protect hundreds of thousands of jobs in the just in time supply chain by
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manufacturing firms rely on. businesses wouldn't place costly checks when they export the eu so they can invest with confidence and protect our precious union with the border in mourn ireññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññ
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idan and her nanarrator: arouound the worldld disasters are on the crcrease. iin the past 10 years, eaearthquake h heat wave f floods, hurricanes, fires, and vcacanoes have kililled over a m million peoplele, affected a another two billion, and caus $ $4.5 trtrillion in dadamage. woman: i just never saw that much water. this street was probobably this hihigh. second woman: the first wor i i said is, h,h, my go everyybody'ss dead," 'cause ththere wawas nobody comoming out.


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