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tv   France 24  LINKTV  October 8, 2018 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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the user is. now ten pm here [inaudible] join.. he handed out today [inaudible] right rhetoric. the stars are -- round. if it was the result yet ye. ready ready access also because that's a common memory physicians shunted into the one sixty to
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present residents. are coming up. thank. you so. it's easy. to we just just does does yes yes let me to make a judgment on cross. changes to say they've all since when does pose with forty six six and sent a lot about what he did and did not drag the fifty nine centimeters. to avoid voice. jardins knows that you get you will take to take place on october. twenty eighty eight the form along on our team has no. once on the forum forum line
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line trying. what was the phone call 200- and it's a phenomenon that doctor? as this. is the world may end in tears [inaudible] orders are. outside the house a crowd gathered other [inaudible] each. we're trying trying. really really and million. and will soon. and finally to the inteternational s services orders. instead of a rival but not enough to do it alone on of. to everyone who is with me stable immobilized.
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you're gonna twenty nine on october. twenty here's a because even you and you you believe. we'll [inaudible] have. left lane windy handed right right. i'm very sorry for a lot of all. federal. of scandal handled many many had turned away way of hard [inaudible] residents. well the waters because he had. in this country because of our our form strong. now he can be deeply centers are simple [inaudible] to also. reserves the right.
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right right sunday sunday. is available was wasn't even train train. move move move. no it's not bridges which is open only to find friends because gonna. so i said let's not to north america until six until uncles. let's let's going so i think you're. moving within what is here all non frorom from. twenty first. how the five five that all right ryan today decides with such? runs rhetoric money money within a day day and the investments rounds on sunday [inaudible] armonk. i'm on my own all three three c.. crime corruption and cry cry cry cry being being day after. cases of nineteen fifty nine
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nine from the electronics and i started off on anything. during the time savile courts on i don't i don't think they did take it away from our model well we can we can. always hold onon their property so you have to have a murder murder nothing on the year years eating you don't want. to say something somewhere where people like like sorry sorry. therer are. some some sorort of error ae whatat for the day losers.
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in the case of the moral high ground. he said later learned or or. since the lower. that's just stopped up. many many. are quite poorly what a great didn't they don't so you seem to be more of like short term [inaudible] they will. not not so sold these kind of ran action. i lost some cancellations of what one sees on conservation aren't working. on paintinings what they wat or not.
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wewe do we wanant. to need me to do or thee older a lot about -- john johnson what what you mean by one one thing just a little easier star trek our clientss these these some oe point there's really not spelled listers. which we mean anyway try trying to buy a car because she she says therere warning when we rolled out on the lake they still from the only economic management all the the last of the origina. the i i'm i'm learning about alone out there and they're not anybody doing. online on sunday. started right lined
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expressed his concerns we might want. well no. it was racially motion one one zero here on ron this is exciting and run around the clinic and run. around. them to take long before all rights. no no in the certainty of the restaurants this thirty seven right right it support for christmas grown grown i i what. we have been doing this. cse. it quickly. this sort of thing right right. please use ep mister. douglas last -- personally. so also. trying rice is not only. if you could see their basement but since i'm. right right mister. wilson. some some some of them i'm
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going to do that. what happens when he's big big big big people the old old old? for for she shifted. her. with one main makes also if you could use the words coming from a real decision to send the thing is i used to collect myself self the women we know something about the presidential election. from from a legal code que que well well with any any fish for services have been appended helplessly deleting the government they label him on total rush rush with forts. moratorium cattle legal uses the challenger president yahya says he has learned one thing and does it does it at election. he made amazing days in my life moaning when i'm not in allentown simply sells out.
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sensei had he had any idea on that day says he with. a little on the house illegally president of the republic. to organize the conditions were of world peace [inaudible] how how -- lose what was. we had a conference and no. way consenso anyway. we say same doors [inaudible] tension [inaudible] engine.
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the screen each engines region pains hit by a science as it is. to have begun here a year ago. the post office incidences mothers rest rest and changing. right stated to expand and living in a five year old. girls how how is he is he is final results within two weeks cool to rock broronte far ranging shin and press president change change as quickly klay in in a i sex is always going to boycott this just trend. limited meaning only one one five five grease is not not impossible. but ryland honest residents are judges in all aspects of society there are there obviously of the note that you keep wanting one one two one five on resistance. to to duty ohio. every every b bit off all warning warning that matter.
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in oveverwhelming mee one oe five can't get to the legalese would would leaeave wheelsls and on and on could exceed. and as i said in the public already bye bye. nine million by themselves house p.. fifty it was announced on rules was armor but if that is set up to come come this is what. she says. is a startling ruling which i'm not i'm not a warning some scientists [inaudible] first. ignition is my when you tweet dean dean now now. one one we had a commitment-
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the commitment men based on on research suggests just saying that [inaudible] to it would. there was always always for different toward a more and more interest should. be ten times between one one five five also scares and and this was what i would have said he's he's [inaudible] but now. sure that that just doing going. one five five three three also issues with. he you raise risk. for another another words global warming remain now not one one five my results- i really really. low level of review that he'd already are in. the word government round round. quote rad rad p. far far it
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change and unprecedented and changes in all aspects of society so it could. lower. gas gas emissions weeks we she's not that renewable energy which is. about seven seventy eighty eight by five stars and of l. l. c. by buying -- twenty fifteen today today today are you are you twenty five cents. along the way and we'll go. even even further. isn't that world will become calm cars. trucks like twenty twenty three fifty which means that is any additional. requiring moving. into -- from from there and and you could you could do that i live behind closed doors for exams now though that would be. removed.
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eric you could always also usually lead with that half. you're in there. on john round can can forty forty and i say your your old. town hall since saturday right raped beats eats on some site located on countries here here is just a trouble traveled to to see someme. going going into education say say says i'm not. yeah yeah aren't aren't as it was killed because of what was on june journalist just as they once were missing. i would say saying. one one chills. for i do you
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do your insurance it is usually take another other actor i enjoy has revealed yet yet another another. this is having global. it's always going [inaudibible] so so. loss loss after i good how come i live at the services of levels and she does not love. possible pettitte headed like it's like they still spoke. really results off redesign. the right sauce all right where it which allowed alerted identifies. that says in a blog blogs social says it has it covered i heard and problem. that is it not not even eighght eight i had these u.
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a problem because like local terms bececause had. edg are you alright the regulations since it. must must be recorded with seven seventy hours a discover ever under those guys loudly. was recently changed as resignation obliterated surgery such that a sales coke which could be. fined up one one six six billion dollars google google it now you know he's. some of these. zero on his wrist wrist raised concerns on jazz. italy green. what is going on is a lose lose for sports also? it was off to the budget budgetet deficit increased o two o point. output so this is like a
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budget not not [inaudible] critics [inaudible] yeah. this is. your rcc to insure your future churchill children on the right the right to rearm armindo those [inaudible] so i i mean to me that they are. wasting. money money money because we are we are not down down down down isn't she two weeks earlier earlier on just just. going around there. i'll tell about drivers which is. and it is just lo lo fi flight line. residents as well well well the result is always busy. strand. vote share shares rose six
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cents early earlier [inaudible] now now. since two us u. s. dollar dollar to sri sent sent investors interesting changes mass house local party. policies [inaudible] originally fries. reporter. something about platform including multinationals unless and i've tried to diss tasting from companies. green river economy when we're nobel prize right now makess women hello cecil romer math has absolutely among among. one morning link and climb. down down on me to me their recovery surcharge hardly millen's original. she should have. a time. to be in the section is in the nation's intentlyy g.
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wins with this year's yield l. l.. x.. two area i can really really are not how he'll yeah [inaudible] homer. professors were not a big fan of another. manson quickly is is a little more maiming. offense as americans to hav. researchers only only innovative face an arrow rose. speaking by phone rumors games whole whole about about your future if we only only. about making and and all all engine generator -- weekend can absolutely -- make make substantial progress towards towards protecting. the environment -- man and would do it without
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without. without having having a chance genesis saying they will grow. the warning is just yeah yeah yeah yeah. this is more and more into the world world just over a decade at and again i don't know i'm like my name change and global warming arming. for more than an armed armored heard also so non canonical. okay y you relelate with existence things like very very much. time nine okay let. me waiting waiting on the net and that's on social social media. interviews in order. to connect to get together -- round one of one of the kinds easy and i i love the from from we're hearing hearing that with their hearing and slogans which is a tropical from from.
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even tropical due to do so. all the girls in the formul. for a long time lines. and well well if you're my original receipt or i had a few women as well and so it's really a lot a lot ove. at it but it was also saying they were going to change understood anything are formed by your source of an item with. the girl girl. greatly because you're. when i was in prison congress on even ridiculously? this is a centerpiece reviews was watching postal same channel.
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as a result she correct has his own judgment by sizings and arnold has kind of been using all. holding themselves on mark marks no no commercials said he he can you know it's not off putting putting in an entertainment center sings and he's doing it really i if you have not said anything. at this point. researcher professor. of brazilian yeah. he's also pointing and between the the sixers or the or the identified sensors muscle and our own oral at prince principles and this is this is like selection. trying trying to stretch back again state that you
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can use it in the for a lot of these are you know you just have to take a look at some of the time between. one of one of the three solutions one of one yeah yeah and one of them and and i suppose major major take it can be put in place place this is again jam in the middle. of the possible social justice without contradiction worker at thirty two just. make make a seven organize and it'll and vice president and he went. to the gas station was an old liberal program to pay i think we're we're learning learning. learning learning is two things take information services of anything except that are on on top i had a little strange face and one one and managing the third place as at several several
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journalists something old call control. which means. and since the original fraternal. went to like you know if you're actually getting as much money as possible tottenham is s. a. r. a. r. wearing at i had. to be to boss was resting. easy for you. and then i realize. i'm using he's a very very hard. racing's all homicides are you personally so this is the message access that and when we come from a primary in another location to have them on their own actually done very very well with
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with with all star. which is either a one one girl having giving the at as always you know you like this one has not. was 1100% into three and we were turn off all. i'm not sure which she reveals details now when i'm not not representation and so. it's it's here you know you might have tonsillitis it just. and again for some reason the convenience users are [inaudible] yeah. you know you know when it's going. to be like that and you know you know push push.
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so it's very very very. very very clearly and you want to watch the i'm buying back this is very very
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10/08/18 10/08/18 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacifica, this is democracy now! >> on this vote, the aye are 50 and thes nays are 48. the nomination of brett m. kavanaugh toto be an associate justice of the supreme court of the united states is confirmed. amy: the senate confirms brett kavanaugh is the night supreme court justice. he is expected to tilt power to conservatives for decades to


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