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tv   France 24  LINKTV  October 29, 2018 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> you are watching france 24. these of the headlines. results far right candidate wins the presidential election with more than 55% of the vote. live coverage from rio with our congress --correspondent in just a moment. angela merkel after 18 years of the job -- she does plan to stay on as german chancellor until
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her method ends. as people dead in indonesia a passenger plane crashes into the sea minutes after takeoff. also coming up, how will the u.k. fill a 20 billion pound hole in its budget? the stakes are high as the last budget before brexit is announced. -- frenchs legend legend auctions off part of her personal wardrobe designed by her friend. that's coming up but first, our top story, live from paris. ♪ >> the man who has been dubbed
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the tropical donald trump has whothe election in brazil, soundly beat the leftist candidate. he is a former army captain who has already raised concerns with comments denigrating women, gays, and racial minorities. fears more of what he had to say. >> you are my witnesses that up standrnment will constitution, democracy, and liberty. this is a promise not of a political party or a man, but to god. the truth will liberate this country. us into a great nation. truth guided us here and will continue to like our path. catherine osborne is covering the election in brazil.
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she joins us from rio. brazilians are now waking up today one with their new right-leaning president. what i is the feeling like this morning? >> the mood d is more susubduedd caolm than l last n night when crowds celelebrated the win acrs the country. there were even some clashes between activists in the downtown groroups. riotot police even camame in and fifired rubber bullets. glass bottltles were thrown. tension ande thisis high political polarization will likely continue because in his own victory addressed his supporters, he continued to refer to l left-wing actctivists a danger. andalled them extremists said brazil cannot keep flirting
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with comommunism and socialism. it seems likike even though the day is starting slow, the tense mood is likely to continue. seriesid campaign on a of very strong promises particularly in regard to security. how quickly is he likely to act onon that platform? government's federal does not have control l er securityty policy allll of its states directly but with his discourse and with his words in the pastst that he wouould give policeman and blank check to kill, that's the kind of discourse that can affect behavior across the country. he has also signaled that he would allow the army to remainin in charge of public security here in rio for longer than it is originally scheduled. he has signaled t that military forces would be more involved in plananning of daday-to-day secuy matters and he has also earlier in the day signaled that he would start t to cut down on the
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number of ministries. it''s likely going to take a log time recommendation of policy planners to slim dowown by cuttg down ministries. that's something that has worried activists because he has mementioned doing g things like cuttinthee environonmental ministry, merging it with the business industry, givingg business more power over agriculture and forerest preservationon. both on right t wing economic measures and security measusure, he h has signaled that he will take action as soon as he takes office and he's already outlining what those actions are. >> thank you3. more bad news for german chancellor angela merkel. sunday's regional elections brought the glosses of the parties in her coalition government in germany with voters punishing them for months of infighting. she has now reportedly told her conservative party that she is prepared to step down as the party leader.
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she also wants to stay on as german chancellor police until her mandate ends. more from the west german state. applause in the room but this has been a tough night 38% at therom the last election. coalition partners of social democrats fared even worse, picking up 19%. >> it's a proud night for the spd. it's a bitter defeat and we cannot talk our way around it. it's the worst expected result since 1946. >> this is not just bad news for the original party. the concern will be felt in berlin, too. many voters using these polls to express their frustration with national politics. merkel's 2013 decision to
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welcome nearly one million asylum-seekers is still an often cited concern. the cdu has dominated german politics for decades. this election is yet another sign that smaller parties are coming. they will now enter the regional assembly for the first time. the big win this weekend was for the green. it's a fantastic day for the green party. it was never so green. we can be proud. >> there will be plenty of trading as they try to cobble together a viable coalition government. but in berlin, these results are likely to once again bring up the questions of how long angela merkel, a veteran of german and european politics, can continue as chancellor. >> a bit more analysis on what
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is happening, let's bring in political analyst wolfgang in berlin. thanks so much for taking the time. let's start with these reports. how surprised were you to hear that angela merkrkel does plan o step down as head ofof her part? she said that she would step down as the chairman of the party next december. but also she told that she would resign from politics in general after the federal election of 2021. -- she has a little bit more than two years to govern. i think she runs a big ririsk tt she will be kind of aa lame-duc. , who o becomes the
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next chahairmann? which they never had bebefore. usually the question of the chairmrman was decided behind closed doors with ththe person more i in support of t the part. itis now an open debate and will be very interesting to see what will happen then. >> i know obviously you don't have a crystal ball, but who do you think might replace her? >> yes, it depends. tryhe one hand, she could because she has not got anything to lose any longer.
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she can really try to pursue her agenda and try to support persons she would like as the successor. but that is not clear. in problem with her was t that the recent monthths for since ee la fedederal e election, she has been quite weak. push their to opinions through. -- a wayither the which is not acceptable. hashead of the government to show who has the authority, who is the strong person, and she fafailed at that. ununlike earlier, it's very difficult to say what will
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happen in the next two years. >> a angela merkel -- >> s social dedemocrats. angela merkel herself has been -- >> it's quite unclear. >> let me e just ask my questio. angela merkel has been such a huge figure in germany and in particular, in the european union. how do you see the future of germany in the e.u. playing out without angelala merkel up ahea? who will bepepends the next chancellor after her. if we look, it will probably be some of the democrats. when we look at the three people who won already for the chairmanship, we have the right-wing, i think that would not be good for the european union.
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side, we have -- -- left he is definitely much more pro-europepean. she is also morere pro-europeann prprobably t than eitheher. she was for many years the w with very closese relations toto france. i think two of the candidates at the moment could be more
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pro-european and one would be less pro-european. >> wolfgang, thank you for taking the time to speak to us. angelaman chancellor merkel will be speaking herself from berlin shortly. you can see the podium where she is due to speak in a few minutes time. in indonesia, a passenger plane crashed into the sea this monday with 189 people on board. rescue workers are now starting to retrieve body parts from the crash sites with one official saying they are not expecting to find any survivors. >> at the airport, horror and apprehension for the families of passengers for the flight 610 scheduled to land after taking
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off from a monday morning. 189 people were e on board thehe plane. >> the crisis center has beenn set up insidide the quarantine room. those whoho are picking u up passengersrs can enterer one by. we will have psychological support inside. officials say this large expanse of debris may be part of the remains of a flight which crashed just minutes after it left the international airport. the plane involved in the accident was a two-month-old boeing 737. on twitter, and indonesian official posted pictures of records retrieved from the water. personal belongings and evacuation slides and parts of the airplane fuselage were recovered. meanwhile new the crash site, divers were busy trying to locate wreckage which can help investigators understand what led the plan to plunge into the sea.
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we will use a sonar scanner and after that, we will send in divers to find the black box. hopefully we can get the black box from the wreckage. the boeing 737 matches a newcomer in the world of aviation and has been one for just two years. this was one of the launch customers from the aircraft which has 10 and its fleet with another 240 on order. it is the first crash involving this type of aircraft. >> let's take a look at the other big stories. brazil's far right candidate has won the presidential election, taking more than 55% of the vote. and angela merkel says she is going to stop heading off for cdu party after 18 years in the job. she does plan to stay on as german chancellor at least until her mandate ends.
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time for our business update. i'm joined in the studio. the uk's set to present its latest budget plan and the last budget plan before brexit. what are the stakes? >> the stakes are high. they have made a lot of hefty promises and this budget is going to outline how it went to deliver on those promises. first is a promise to boost spending on the national health service by 20 billion pounds which means the government has to find 20 billion pounds either by reversing tax cuts, aged is new taxes, or selling bonds. brexit negotiations are still ongoing. finance minister philip hammond said a new deal brexit could mean the whole budget plan gets rewritten. >> eight years of westminster deciding budget cuts. the mood is bleak on the streets of portsmouth. residents seem wary of austerity and wary of politicians who say they can end it.
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>> demand in the street -- especially as the country's exit from the e.u. remains unclear. no deal brexit, is it possible to end austerity in this country? >> i have to build my budget -- >> not a simple yeyes or no question. the e british finance minister d reassure the public that he and his budget were ready for anything. >> if the economy, as a result of a no deal brexit or indeed because ofof something else that we have not anticipated, needs supporort over the coming months and years, i have the capacity to provide that support. >> theresa may promised 20 billion pounds of lending to the british national health service by 2023. they need to make clear where the cash will come from. the should have a little bit off wiggle room as the u.k. found that government borrowing is 30 billion pounds predicted in
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march. the final decisions on public spending totals will wait until the treasury review next year when, for better or worse, a writ or forr poor, the impact of brexit on public finances should be clear. business news, investors are jumping to buy shares in europe's biggest bank today. was motivating that? >> agencies can out on top in the earnings reports. the bank beat expectations for the third quarter by reporting a 28% rise in profit over the last three-month. shares were up nearly 7% in europe and more than 5% in hong kong. the bank has been struggling with persistently high cost. ceo john flint says it has finally managed to rein in. that is good news for investors moving forward. >> speaking of trading income of global financial markets had a tough time last week. is that turmoil carrying on? >> european markets did manage to reverse those losses as investors appeared to be responding positively
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the decision to keep italy's rating unchanged despite political and economic clashes between rome and brussels. the milan index is up 2.5%. bumpy due to technical issues on exchange operator euro net but all four major indexes in the green. asia, not so sunny. chinese markets take a beating as trade tensions remain high. shanghai closing down more than 2%. hong kong was boosted by the earnings report and was the only index to close in the greed. >> how are the markets reacting to the win in brazil as president? his ownnot because of business expertise which he has admitted h his nonexistent but it's mostly due to fears that his opponent would give in to his party's leftist economic policies. he is the root of brazil's economic woes. the country's currency got a slight boost after results came in but it has been steadily
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climbing since september. and suffered major losses over the summer against the u.s. dollar and rebounded in september as that campaign heated up. the reaction today is subtle. he is going to have to deliliver on his promise to overhaul the economy and help brazil recover from the worst recession in decades. ibm is to wrap up, taking a major step toward cloud computing with one of the biggest tech mergers in history. >> it will be the third-largest tech merger ever at $34 billion. ibm announced it has reached the deal to buy open-source software firm for that amount. ibm ceo said that if the merger is approved, ibm will become the world's leading hybrid cloud provider. >> thank you so much. thanks to you for watching. it's now time for a review. ♪ >> on the set to take a look at
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what has of making headlines. we are going to start with a look at our top story. the election of the far right candidate in brazil. >> it was a widely expected outcome but it's still sending shockwaves throughout the country and the brazilian press has reacted to this obviously today. asking the question on everybody's lips, what comes next with him as president? what part of his tough on crime platform wants to make it easier to own a gun. he wants to make it easier to reduce the legal majority from 17 to 16 to make it easier to prosecute younger people. name keyikely to military figures to several positions and in economic terms we know he is very liberal and likely to spearhead austerity reforms, cutting mass spending
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from the government and a lot of privatization of brazilian businesses. papers take an look at the communication strategies and says it shows a bunker mentality. it shows facebook for his first official statement as president and the article says that could point to his future style of communication based on social media. very direct, very one sided with not much debate or interaction with the press. some similar anyway to donald trump. >> he has been called the tropical trump as well. there has been a lot of talk about this election symbolizing the rise of the far right inlet in america. >> that's right. the neighboring countries have been paying close attention because brazil is the biggest country on the continent. uruguay daily newspaper paints a very bleak picture with this headline "dark times ahead."
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the author is worried that the far right ideology could spread to other latin american countries as politicians try to serve on this populist wave. >> that's also something that has been mentioned in the european press. >> of course. a spanish newspaper has also a headline on the election and it says that is the latest sign that the atlantic is earning down, referencing several european and american countries where there is a general anger and discontent especially among the working class and the votes for donald trump but also brexit are a symptom of that anger. the author warns that this is a worrying trend for democracy in america but also possibly in europe. focus asis a lot of well in the press out of the united states, a country still coming to terms with a shooting at a synagogue. >> exactly.
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everybody is trying to make sense of the tragedy a few days after it happened and as we begin to know more about the sugar and his motives, several news outlets have actually called out to donald trump and his anti-immigration rhetoric for encouraging these kind of actions. more specifically, the atlantic has a very interesting article pointing out that trump's raging across -- against the so-called migrant caravan was probably a factor here. the white house claims for weeks that this caravan contained criminal elements, criminals and that it was funded by external groups and foreign countries as well, claims that were not verified. in certain circles and especially far right circles, these have been spun into conspiracy. , especially ones that george, the famous jewish philanthropist, would be behind this caravan to get them into the united states so they can
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vote in the upcoming midterm elections. this seems pretty far-fetched but looking at the social media account of the pittsburgh sugar, it seems he was inspired by some of these fears. he raged against the hebrew immigrant society which is a jewish group that helps to settle migrants in america. he also raged against the jewish funded caravan of invaders headed to the united states. >> to ireland for our last story where that country unanimously voted to get rid of the crime of blasphemy which had been enshrined in the competition. >> that's something most people probably did not know. i certainly did not know that blaspheme was silly crime in ireland. but the country today voted all 40 constituencies unanimously to remove that term from its constitution. authorities claimed it was vindication of the country's liberal reputation. .t is very symbolic
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the last time someone was prosecuted for blasphemy in ireland was in 1885. >> thank you for that with that look at the press today. you can get a closer look at our press review on our website. icon is going to auction off some of her very personal wardrobe items. particular, clothes created by her close friend. that fashion great died in 2008. he was often described as a muse and they met when she was just 22 years old and had a forty-year friendship which she calls "my biggest ever love affair/' around 150 items will be auctioned off. some of the pieces designed. the auction is being held at the end of january but don't worry if you can't make that auction. a second sale of the remaining items is to take place online just after. more fashion coming up, but that
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quirky designer is now turning his hand to cabaret in paris. the details in the next half hour, after the news. stay with us. ♪
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