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tv   France 24  LINKTV  November 1, 2018 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> hello, you are watching live from paris on france 24. good to have you with us. to 1500 can send up troops to the u.s.-mexico border according to donald trump, as he the doubleo prerevent migrant caravans from crossing into the u.s. calling for warring parts of yemenen to come t to te
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table, calling for a cease-fire within 30 days. about theails emerge murder of journalist jamal khashoggi. i will have more details with our correspondents in ankara. also c coming up, the british pound rallies as the u.k. government says it is close to a deal on financial services. all the details coming up in our business. it has been hunting planets for nearly a decade, but nasa has -- nasa's kepler space telescope is calling it a day after discovering more than 2006 planets outside our solar system. stay with us. ♪
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first up, donald trump says he is ready to send up to 15,000 military troops to the u.s.-mexico border to stop central american migrants from setting foot on u.s. soil. several caravans are on the move in mexico, inching closer tohe u.s. order as thounds of desperate people flee poverty and violence. jump is threatening to pull the plug on u.s. aid to central isrican countries -- trump threatening to pull the plug on u.s. aid to central american countries. >> the early morning in san salvador's square, where final preparations wrapped up, it was time for the last goodbyes. these migrants have a long journey ahead as they join nearly 6000 others attempting to cross into the united states. leave his here
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there is crime and unempmployme. be desperate is not going to be easy there and easier is not -- leaving is not easy. >> we know what t we are dealing with. maybe we might sucucceed or remd come back home. either way, it is worth trying for now as it seems easy to cross for mexico. four migrant caravans are heading to the u.s. border. many set out from honduras and are currently in arriaga, hundreds of kilometers from their destination. president donald trump has called the caravans and invasion and pledged to increase the number of troops to the border. 5000 and webout will go up to between 10,000 and 15,000 military personnel on top of border patrol, ice, and everyone else at the border.
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no one is coming in. >> such measures would be unprecedented in scale and it is unclear whether the pentagon would be able to mobilize the necessary personnel. migrant caravans has started to shrink as fatigue and harsh conditions cause thousands to return home. >> the war in yemen is making headlinenes after ththe u.s.s. s week c called for anan end to te fighting. washington wants a cease-fire in peace talks within 30 days despite supporting the saudi led coalition currently clashing with rebels. it has been dubbed the forgotten war and is the worst humanitarian crisis in the world , with the u.n. saying some 30 million people are on the brink of starvation. >> a turning point in the united states-yemen strategy, the u.s. called for an and do to the war after more than three years of conflict and thousands dead.
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the idea a has had a lukewarm reception in the rebel controlled counsel. ask of aggression -- acts of aggression were coming from the saudi backed coalition and u.s. us,hey are doing so with and so when the war stopsps and the aggression against the stops, we will be for peace to preserve our independence. >> the united nations welcomed the u.s. initiative, urging all opportunities to seize the opportunity. >> the special envoy will work with parties to spare yemenis the disastrous consequences of further conflict and to address the security and humanitarian crisis in yemen. >> the united kingdom also backed the move. theresa may say that -- said they would continue to encourage all parties to de-escalation.
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the u.s. was detailed in calling for a need for peace. borderslitarization of and all large weapons to be placed under international observation. saudi led coalition sources say they have amassed 30,000 troops to the south and east of the port city which is held by the who please -- houthis. >> grisly details are emerging one month afterer the killing of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi . according to turkey's chief prosecutor, he was strangled shortly after and tooling the saudi consulate on the second of october. his body was dismembered as part of a premeditated killing. it is the first time took us officials have released details of the gruesome murder. in a statement, anchor appointed to a lack of cooperation from saudi authorities -- ankara
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pointed to a lack of cooperation from saudi authorities. left turkeyosecutor on wednesday after several days meeting with turkish investigators, and without making a public statement, ankara wants answers but so far there is only frustration. jesper: yes. this is quite true. after the saudi prosecutor left yesterday, the istanbul chief prosecutor issued a statement saying "nothing concrete" had come out of the saudi prosecution's visit. asay, justice minister saying, come on, saudis, you have to cooperate. the statement is clearly in direct response to the s sdi chief prprosecutor's refusal to tell the turks what he has got from the 18 murder suspects in his custody, what those suspects
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are saying about, where is the body and who ordered t the killing? will a cabinet level appeal today be sufficient to prorocure answers from the saudis on those questions? i doubt it, simply because president erdogan was demanding answers frfrom the saudis last week a and did not get them. the problem is, at the e end of the day, turkey doeoes not have chch leverage on saudi a arabia. sasaudi arabia can do withouout turkey. however, it cannotot do withouot amamerica. i think have got to see m more pressurere from washington if we are to get to the bottom of how khashoggi was killed. ago, u.s. secretary of state mike pompeo went to riyadh to discuss the shoji's killing 's killing and
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when he left said the saudis promised an investigation. if they have not even revealed where the body is, they are clearly not delivering on their promise. >> turkey is releasing details about the killing, little by little it appears. why this drip, drip of information? jasper: nobody and the turkish government has said why they are pursuing this policy. we have got to guess. i can think of three reasons. firstly, i think the turks believe that if they were to reveal everything in one go, the saudis would take a hit but eventualal they woululd recovovr and then turkey would have nothing left to throw at them. secondlyly, the turks know thee is a big gap in their information. they do not have khashshoggi's
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dy, so they cacannot say witith certainty hohow he was kililled. ononly the s saudis can ananswet question because they have the killers in their custody. i think the turks believe that a steady and gradual increase of as theure on the saudis best way to squeeze the information out of them. lastly, i think the turks believe that gentle pressure through the drip, drip approach is a better way to preserve relations with riyadh. turkey does want to preserve relations with saudi arabia, that is quite clear. support saudi arabia's for the syrians civil war. >> thank you very much for updating us. 24'sr mortimer, france correspondent in ankara. divers off the coast of indonesia have found a black rocks recorder from the lion air
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-- black box recorder from the lion and flight that crashed on monday. the flight plunged into the jobless see shortly after taking off. no survivors have been found. the recorder is supposed to reveal vital clues as to what happened. >> three days after lion air mysteriously disappeared before plummeting into the sea, there may be hope for answers. indonesian authorities say one of the black boxes has been recovered. military personnel have found one of the black boxes. taken towill be undergo investigation. box likely containsns
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precious information about the speed, altitude, and direction of the plane before it went down . it may have reported conversations between flight crewmembers. different elements could provide vital clues about the crash. operated by a l low-cost airline lion air, the boeing 737 max eight lane went down 12 minutes after taking off. the aircraft, one of the worlds most danced and newest -- newest and advanced, had only been used for a couple of months before it crashed. >> there are 11 aircraft of the same type, 10 of which belong to lion air. they have sent a letter to them ordering them to conduct a special investigation of the aircraft. >> with all 189 people on board wasumed dead, it indonesia's worst airline disaster in over 20 years.
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>> after a marathon nine year planet hunting mission, nasa's kepler space telescope is calling it a day, its fuel tank empty. nearly 2007d hundred planets outside our solar system and bolstered a search for worlds that may harbor life. >> mission success, and then some. first launched in 2009, the space observatory kepler is out of fuel after detecting thousands of planets orbiting stars, and a mission that lasted nearly twice as long as planned. >> we are one step closer to findining a planet that can harr life and o one step closer to finding life elsewhere in the universe. >> nasa says the telescope opened a new era in astronomy. it has identified two thirds of
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some 4000 planets outside our solar system identified in the past few decades. stars visible to us could have plants habitable for life. beene kepler has successful. are near in size to the earth and about the right distance from their star, so they could have liquid water on their surface. monitored the brightness of half a million stars. planetsts could observe when they passed in front of a star. to a newpassing spacecraft. the space telescope will build on its work. kepler will spend its retirement continuing to orbit around the sun. >> you are watching live from paris here on france 24. our top stories, the u.s. could send up to 15,000
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troops to the u.s.-metro border -- mexico border as donald trump talks tough on immigration and struggles to stop migrant caravans from crossing into the u.s. the u.s. has put pressure on warring parties in yemen, calling for a piece talk and cease-fire. grisly details emerge about the journalist jamal khashoggi and they are upping the pressure on saudi arabia by releasing information and demanding answers. time for a look at the latest business news with stephen carroll. starting with wrecks it markets reacting to news of progress in talks with the eu. stephen: progress, or is it? it has been 24 hours of ups and downs on brexit talks. it was reported a deal had been , buton financial services in the past hour a spokesperson
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for the british prime minister is denying that, saying talks are ongoing and it would be speculation to say a deal was close. another ray of hope on monday when a letter from the brexit minister wrote he was expecting an exit deal with the eu to be agreed by november 21. that comment taking some on the eu side by surprise, saying it is more of an aspiration. issue of the irish border has yet to be resolved. ireland foreign ministers said there must be movement from the u.k. by next week at the latest. >> we all know what the remaining barrier is in the context of the withdrawal treaty. thes very much linked to irish border question and the backstop that was committed to last december and last march, if there is followthrough on the commitments made, i believe there is a way forward that
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negotiating teams can deliver. if it does not follow through on those commitments, it is hard to see how this gets done. stephen: trying to make sense of the market reaction to all this brexit news. senior market analyst, craig, thank you for joining us. withhas been going on sterling? seems like strong gains even though a mixed message on brexit. craig they are reacting to the more positive news. this is a scenario where it seseems there is no smoke withot fire. this financial services deal seems to have come out of nowhere. it has come from a very reputable source. markets are clinging onto it despite the fact that there has been objections. it is natural for there to be rejections of this particular story week as it relates to the future relationship of the two countries, something they claimed to not be discussed
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until the exit is complete. it seems the markets are reading more into the reports than what the officials are saying. stephen: it seems investors are still pretty jittery about progress in the brexit talks. are we more likely to see this as we get closer to march, the smallest piece of news and the media will jump on it? >> i do not think it will be march. i think it is in the interest for a no deal brexit and that is why it will be avoided. there needs -- it needs to be done this year so parliament can go through the deal and ratify it. plenty of volatility, and numerous reports between now and then, probably almost on a daily basis as we have seen in the last 24 hours as we see signs the irish border and backstop are coming to an agreement. i think the pound will very much benefit. stephen: is there a feeling where you are that the financial services deal in some form will
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be done and london will keep access to the eu markets? think the equivalent deal is most likely to be the formation of this future agreement. we have to remember the financial services in the u.k. is to the uk's benefit primarily , but it benenefits the eu greay as well. to break this up would be senseless. i think the eu is just aware of -- just as aware of this as the u.k. is, but it will be treated as a separate agreement from the customs arrangements. stephen: the bank of england are holding interest rates study. was there anything to surprise you? craig: we have not seen much of a move on the back of this, which would suggest the commentary relating to the fact that we could see industry move direction in the event of a no deal brexit seems to surprise some people. the forecasts were pretty much
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in line with what we were ofecting on the prospect faster rate increases going forward if we get a smooth brexit. all of this is contingent on a smooth brexit and that is the most uncertain thing of all. stephen: thank you for joining us from london. let's check in on those numbers craig was just talking about, sterling rallying strongly against the dollar despite the mixed signals on the prospect of a financial services deal. sterling up over 1% on the dollar. also stronger against the euros, a you're aware of $.88. -- bureau worth -- euro worth $.88. business with the update, thank you very much. time now for the press review.
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dt joins me on the set. you are starting with a gruesome story, the mysterious deaths of two saudi sisters in new york. >> a mystery that has left investigators puzzled. dead floating in the hudson river last week. a were fully closed, facing it -- they were fully closed, ,acing each other -- clothed facing each other and duct taped. they were alive when they hit the water. their mother told investigators the day before their deaths, she received a phone call from the saudi embassy that their application for u.s. residents was under threat because they applied for immigration asylum.
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the saudi paper also headlining it, arab news. the nypd and saudi officials are denying the asylum claims. rachelle: here in france, there is a big health scandal over several babies born with limb defects that some are saying may be linked to environmental factors. >> france is launching a national investigation into the so-called babies without arms scandal. us is making the front page of the newspaper. families affected this tragedy want answers. this is after you had initial claims that seven infants on with abnormalities in the area, this was brought forward. cases ofad 11 new babies being born without arms or missing limbs, also in the same region. this prompted the national probe
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, dating back 18 years over concerns that environmental factors or pesticides could have affected the mothers' pregnancies. more light needs to be shed. rachelle: talking about an extraordinary plot to bring down the u.s. special counsel robert mueller, who is investigating collusion between president donald trump's campaign and russia. >> the campaign dating back to 2016, catastrophically inept plot. that is how the independent has put it. a flat -- it is a plot that was foiled by email. a woman was offered money to make false sexual assault allegations against robert mueller after his office announced it asked the fbi to investigate and other similar claim. one woman was allegedly approached by a company called surefire intelligence and the , or beingsibly linked
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a prominent donald trump supporter, all of this is speculation at the moment. the woman refused to comply and when she revealed what happened, the plot was foiled. robert mueller is involved in investigating donald trump's 2016 campaign. some pressing campaigns, the midterms next week. is donald trump screwed? france 24's logo is on the withm, in partnership france 24 and its midterm coverage. rachelle: taking a closer look at a cold case mystery in the vatican that seems very fitting around this sort of halloween time. >> a very year he story and not -- eerie story and not trivial. a relative of a vatican employee vanished.
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she was seen getting into a black cmw -- bmw that was never found. conspiracy theories of her being a sex slave and her father being tied to crime. new human bones have been found on the side of the vatican grounds during renovation work that has reignited these conspiracy theories about whether those bones belong to her. it is not sure for the moment and even if it did, it would not solve the mystery of how she got there. rachelle: some new additions to the 2018 edition of the dictionary, the dictionary of the common people. >> the common language, it is called the brewer's dictionary of fable and folklore. they aim to tabulate the words left out by the more serious dictionaries. this years addition features -- this year's features words like
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trump'sdonald misspelling. also a danish term for gentle living. phobbing is the act of looking at your phone instead of speaking to the person in front of you. rachelle: i may be guilty of that. >> there is also finally milkshake -- i do not know where they get these words from, a term referring to an internet meme that charms people before they discover a sinister back story. for a full list, you can check out this article. rachelle: we will have to check it out. diti with the press review. if you would like to take a
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closer look at any of those stories, head to france ,tay with us here on france 24 live from paris continues after a short break. i will have all the latest world news p
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