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tv   Democracy Now  LINKTV  November 2, 2018 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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11/02/18 11/02/18 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacifica, this is democracy now! >> you have this incredible charade taking place, which the world is looking at with utter astonishment. poor, miserable people, families, mothers, children fleeing from terror and repression for which we e are responsible. and in reaction, they are
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sending thousands of troops to the border. amy: as president trump escalates his attacks against central american migrants ahead of the midterm elections, we will speak with the world renowned dissident and linguist noam chomsky about u.s. foreign policy in central america and saturday's deadly pittsburgh synagogue attack. >> what we are now seeing is a fear --of hate, anger, by the it encouraged rhetorical excesses of the leadership. amy: plus, we will speak with the comedian and actress ilana glazer of broad city fame. last night she was forced to cancel an event at a brooklyn vandalue after a
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scrawled anti-semitic graffiti on the buildg'g'walllls. >> thank youoror comg totonit. have a situation. no danger, but there were scrolls s-semitic in the past couple of hours, so we don't feel safe. amy: she will talk to us about what happened. democracy now! was at the event. i was one of the people she was scheduled to interview about covering the midterm elections. all that and morore, coming up. welcome to democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. president trump is escalating his attacks against central american migrant caravans making their way to the u.s.-mexico border, including warning
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soldiers could shoot migrants for throwing rocks. pres. trump: we're not going to put up with that. if they want to throw rocks at our military, our military fights back. we're going -- i told them to consider it a rifle. when a throat rocks like they did at the mexico military police, i think consider it a rifle. amy: p president t trump hasas announced he may send as many as 15,000 troops to the border and indefinitely imprison asylum-seeking families in tent cities. this comes as a new associated press investigation has revealed that over 56,000 migrants have died or gone missing worldwide over the last four years, as migration has surged by nearly 50% since the turn of the century. in pittsburgh, pennsylvania, funerals continued thursday for three more victims of saturday's mass shooting at pittsburgh's tree of life synagogue, which killed 11 jewish worshipers.
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services were held for husband-and-wife sylvan and bernice simon, and richard gottfried. robert bowers pleaded not guilty thursday. he is charged with 44 counts, including murder and hate crimes -- over 30 of which could be subject to the death penalty. bowers is accused of what has been described as the worst anti-semitic attack in u.s. history. meanwhile, a fundraising campaign launched by two muslim-american groups in the aftermath of the mass shooting has raised over $220,000. the funds are helping families of the victims pay for their funerals. this comes as nbc news is reporting the trump administration is ending a program that provides grants to groups fighting domestic terrorism. the countering violent extremism grant program is run by the department of homeland security and was established during the obama administration. it supports groups fighting hate
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groups, including white supremacist, anti-semitic, islamaphobic and racist groups. president trump is reportedly planning on nominating state department spokesperson heather nauert to be the new u.s. ambassador to the united nations after nikki haley's exit at the end of the year. nauert is a former fox news host, including for the program "fox and friends," a favorite of trump's. she joined the state department as its spokesperson last year. in environmental news, the world's oceans are warming at a much faster rate than previously thought. that's according to a new report in the journal "nature," which finds that oceans have absorbed 60% more heat during the past 25 years ththan previous scscientic estimates.s. scientists say this will result in accelerated global warming as the heat is released into the atmosphere, making the target of holding global temperarature re below 1.5 degrees lslsius,r 2.7 degrees fahrenitit, even
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more difficult to achieve unless urgent global action is taken. "the washington post" is reporting saudi crown prince , then summon tried to slaughter slain saudi journalist jamal khashoggi, falsely timing he was a member of the muslim brotherhood during a call with national security adviser john bolton, and white house senior adviser jared kushner, in the days after khashoggi's disappearance. khashoggi was not a formal member. today marks one month since "washington post" columnist jamal khashoggi was killed inside the saudi consulate in istanbul and was assassinated. in news on latin america, national security adviser john bolton announced new sanctions on venezuela and cuba at a talk in miami on thursday, also singling out nicaragua for possible future sanctions. he also praised far-right, newly
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elected brazilian president jair bolsonaro as a "positive sign for the future of the region." meanwhile, the u.n. general assembly overwhelmingly adopted thursday its 27th annual resolution calling for an end to the u.s. economic embargo on cuba. both the united states and israel voted "no" on the resolution. and in brazil, far-right leader and president-elect jair bolsonaro has confirmed that sergio moro, the crusading judge who convicted former president luiz inacio lula da silva of corruption, will become his justice minister. after headlines we'll speak with renowned dissident, professor and author noam chomsky about latin america and more. in nigeria, suspected members of boko haram attacked two villages and a camp for internally displaced people in northeast nigeria wednesday, killiling at least 1515 people. boko haram has killed over 20,000 people and kidnapped thousands more since 2009.
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on t thursday, google workrkers arouound the world walked out to protest the company's handling of sexual harassment and sexual abuse. democracy now! spoke with new york city google employee and protester demma rodriguez. >> we have decided enough is enough is enough because --rybody who works at google have sacrificed, have gotten the great scum have shown up in order to be the best at what they do. and it is unacceptable, it is fufun of sub -- it is absolutely discussing that anyone thinks you can be less than exceptional and worse than that, you can be negligent about sexual assault, sexual harassment, abuse and power cross every color that we have to no consequence.
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we will bring the consequeuence. amy: the protest came one weweek after "t"the new york times" published a damning report detailing sexual misconduct at google. a number of high-level male executives accused of sexual harassment and sexual assault have received millions in exit packages from google. in election news, oprah winfrey joined democratic gubernatorial candidate stacey abrams on the campaign trail in marietta, georgia, thursday, days before the midterm elections in one of the country's most talkeked-abot races. ofi am here today because the men and because of the women who were lynched, who were humiliated, who were discriminated against, who were suppressed, who were repressed, and oppressed for the right for the equality at the polls. and i want you to know, that their blood has seeped into my refuse to let their
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sacrifices be in vain. amy: oprah winfrey also told crowds she is not hitting the campaign trail to "tesest the waters" for her own politicall run. back i in the united states, ioa republican congressmember ststee king lashed out at a college student at a campaign event in in des moines, iowa, thursday for asking about how king's personal beliefs line up with those of t the pittsburgh shootr robert bowowers. >> you and the shooter vote share an ideology -- >> i do not associate me w with that shohoo. i knew you were an ambush or when he walked in that room. i was about to> ask k yo-- >> done.e. you crossed t the line. it i is not tolerable to a accue to be e associat w with e guguy that shot 11 people in pittsburgh. material from the beginning.
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in ago that was iowa state university student kaleb van fosson. he also tried to ask congressmember king about his recent trip to austria, where king met with an austrian neo-nazi group. earlier this week, the head of the national republican blasted king for his white supremacist ties and corporate supporters of king, including intel, land o'lakes, and purina petcare announced they would no longer fund king's campaigns. king is up for reelection and is polling just one point ahead of democratic challenger j.d. scholten, in a district that trump won in 2016 by a 27% margin. and in new york, a political event hosted by ilana glazer of comedy central's "broad city" at the union temple synagogue in brooklyn was cancelled thursday after anti-semitic messages were found scrawled on walls
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throughout the building. among the messages, "jew better be ready," "insert oven here," "end is now," "hitler," and "free smoke for [n-word] jews." the graffiti comes amid a surge in anti-setitic ha cririme nationwi, including satuayay's massrere of jewewisworshihirs of the tree of life synagogue in pittsburgh. i was scheduled to speak at the event about coverage of the midterm elections. onon thursday night, glazezer announunced thcancellaon to hunddsds of oplele. thank you for comin tonit.t. havave situation that is not prestiting a danange but there were hateful anti-semitic scra
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wls today. very r recently. in t p past uplele of hours. so w don't feel safe. we are experiencing togethe and isis is meththinfor us t ththink about, gather aund, ornize, , d active.e. storyl follow up with the and who i was hongng to ow y you guysysre theseocal candidates running fofor tight races, they need your help this weekend. amy: the union temple synagogue in brooklyn hosts outside events frequently, including an upcoming event commemorating the anniversary of kristallnacht, the night of broken glass, november 10, 1938, when the glass of jewish stores were smashed throughout germany. ilana glazer will join us later in the broadcast. and those are some of the headlines. this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. as president trump escalated his
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attacks and threats against the central american migrant caravans making their way to the u.s.-mexico border, the trump administration unveiled new sanctions against venezuela and cuba on thursday. national security advisor john bolton declared venezuela, cuba, nicaragua to be part of a troika of tyranny and a triangle of terror. bolton was speaking in miami, florida. >> we will no longer appease dictators and does bets near our near our despots shores. [applause] we will not reward firing squads , torturers, and mururderers. we will champion the independence and liberty of our neighbors. and this president and his entire administration will stand with the freedom fighters. [applause]
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the troika of tyranny in the simas fear -- cuba, venezuela, itsragua, has finally met match. amy: as john bolton spoke in democracyhursday, now! nermeen shaikh and i spoke with noam chomsky. he joined us from tucson, arizona, where he now teaches at the university of arizona. his recent books include "global "who rules the world, was put an requiem for the american dream." i began by asking professor chomsky to respond to nsa national security adviser john
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bolton's remarks on latin america. >> of course, immediately it brings to mind the access of evil -- axis of evil speech of george bush back in 2002, which was the precursor, laying the groundwork for the invasion of iraq of the worst crime of this century with her in this consequences for iraq, eliciting conflicts that are cheering the region apart. a major atrocity of john bolton's was behind that and his new troika -- i doubt the u.s. will dare to do something similar, but that is what it brings to mind. it is kind of interesting to see ravingsterical,
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astonishing another propaganda campaign that bolton and his colleagues are carrying caravan regard to the of poor and miserable people fleeing from severe oppression, of violence, terror extreme poverty from three countries -- , secondarily guatemala, thirdly, el salvador. not nicaragua incidentally. three countries that have been wayr harsh u.s. domination back, but particularly since the 's terror warsagan
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devastated, particularly el salvador and guatemala, secondarily honduras. nicaragua was attacked by reagan, but nicaragua was the one country which had an army to defend the population. the other countries, the army were the state terrorists backed by the united states. the most extreme source of migrants right now iss honduras. why honduras? well, it was always bitterly oppressed. but in 2009, honduras had a mildly reformist president, rich elite could not tolerate t that. a military coup took place and expelled him from the country. he was harshly condemned all through the hemisphere with one notable exception, the united
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states. the obama administration refused to call it a military coup because if they had, they would have been compelled by law to withdraw military funding from the military regime, which was imposing a regime of brutal terror. honduras became the murder cap although of the world -- capital of the world. a fraudulent election took place under the military junta. again, harshly condemned all over the hemisphere. most of the world. but not by the united states. the obama administration praised honduras for carrying out an election moving toward democracy and so on. now people are fleeing from the misery and horrors for which we are responsible. and you have this incredible charade taking place, which is -- which the world is looking at with utter astonishment. poor, miserable people,
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families, mothers, children fleeing from terror and repression for which we are responsible. and in reaction, they are sending thousands of troops to the border. the troops things into the border outnumber the children who are fleeing. campaign,arkable pr they are frightening much of the countrtry into believing we are just on the verge of an invasion by middle eastern terrorists funded by george soros, so on and so forth. it is all kind of reminiscent of something that happened 30 years ago. you may rerecall in 1985, ronald reagan strapped on his cowboy -- got in front
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of the television and called a national emergency because the nicaraguan army wastwo days texas,rom harlingen, just about to destroy us. and it worked. this spectacle was almost indescribable. even apart from noticing where they are coming from, the countries that we have crucially , it involved in destroying is the ability to carry this off repeatedly is quite an amazing commentary on much of the popular culture. troika, just like the axis of evil, are those who just don't obey u.s. orders. colombia, for example, has t the worst humaman rightsts record ie
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hemisphere for years, but they are not part of the troika of tyranny. all of this rings very familiar bells. it has been a long-standing element of the u.s. propaganda system, mostly on the far right, but not only, which goes way back. which is a kind of pathological feature of the dominant political culture that should be , andstood, analyzed dismantled. amy: world renowned professor, linguist, and dissident noam chomsky. when we come back, he will share his reaction to the pittstsburgh massacre in thehe synagogue. this is demomocracy now! stay with us. ♪ [music break]
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amy: peter, paul, and mary.
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this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. the nation is continuing to grieve the 11 jewish worshipers who were gunned down at the tree of life synagogue in pittsburgh saturday in what is being described as the worst anti-semitic attack in u.s. history. funerals were held thursday for three more victims of the shooting, husband-and-wife sylvan and bernice simon, and richard gottfried. robert bowers, who is accused of the mass shooting, pleaded not guilty thursday. he is charged on 44 counts, including murder and hate crimes -- over 30 of which could be subject to the death penalty. bowers has a history of poststig anti-semitic and xenophobic content, and was posting on the far-right social media site gab until just before the shooting. he referred to the migrant ,aravan as an invasion repeating g the words that presesident trump uses. we continue our conversation now with noam chomsky, the world
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renowned professor, linguist, and didissident. he was born in philadelphia, pennsylvania. i asked him about the synagogue shooting in pittsburgh and other recent right-wing attacks. , theen i was a child threat that fascism might take over much of the world was not remote. that is much worse than what we're facing now. my own locality happened to be very anti-semitic. we were the only jewish family in mostly irish german catholic never heard, much of was nazi germany. what we're seeing is a revival of hate, anger, fear. by the it encouraged
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rhetorical excesses of the leadership, which are stirring passions of terror. even the ludicrous claims about the nicaraguan army ready to invade us, ronald reagan, the caravan of miserable people plannining to kill us a all. all of these things,s, plus, you know, praising somebody who body slammed a reporter -- one thing after another. all of this raises the level of anger and fear, which has roots. the roots lie in what has happened to the general population over the past 40 years. people really have faced significant distress. it is an astonishing fact about
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the united states, that life expectancy is actually declining. developed't happen in societies, apart from major war were huge famine. that is happening because of social distress. and not necessarily impoverishment. are demonstrating this fear and resentment, maybe even moderately affluent, but what they see is they are stagnating. in the past, you had this dream. you worked hard, you could get ahead. your children would be a little better. now it has stopped. it stopped for the last 40 years as a result of very specific socio-and economic policies which have been designed so that they sharply concentrate wealth,
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they enhance corporate power that has immediate effects on , andolitical system perfectly obvious ways, even to the point where lobbyists literally write legislation. this onslaught has literally cast a bunch of the population aside. they are stagnating. they are not moving forward. they see no prospects. they are bitter and angry about it. and this anger and bitterness can take pathological forms. it could take very constructive forms. it could lead to popular organized movements, which would dedicate themselves to overcoming these blows a against decent human existence, which certainly can be done. the groundwork for that has been severely undermined, for example, by the destruction,
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carefully plannened instructionf .abor unions the main force, historically, for leading the way toward more progressive humane policies. all of these are a package. they've all gone together for 40 years, precursors, of course, and it has led to a situation where you get an outburst of what was once called morbid symptoms, pathological developments of the kind that you mentioned. soil thatg out of the ent to suchitem things happening. amy: if you could talk about specifically the targeting of the jewish worshipers. and the clear connection that the shooter made between this s, formerly known
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as the hebrew immigrant aid society, the group that has helped to resettle refugees of any religion for well over 100 years. and he repeated words that trump has begun using more and more about camino, they're helping the invaders come in. if you could respond specifically to that? >> well, i think it is pretty clear. terror about invasions, people pouring across the border to plan to kill us all, to destroy our civilization. you take people who are already somewhat disturbed and living under harsh conditions, this can incite them to acts of extreme violence against targets like the e jewish temple.
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all of the anti-semitic tropes are pointing in that direction. but also, against afro-americans , immigrants -- any vulnerable population or population that is easy to target for lots of cultural and historical region reasons. all of this amplified by the speaker in the white house and his minions were doing what they can to terrorize the population, create the conditions under which you can get something like the attack on the synagogue. amy: i want to turn to a clip of the israeli ambassador to the united states r on dermer was on msnbc on so it was soon after the pittsburgh synagogue massacre. he was asked if trump's rhetotoc is in part to blame for the
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massacre. >> i see a lot of f bad people n both sides whoho attacked jews. ththis is not the first, jewewih mmmmunity has been attacked. it is the worst anti-semitic attack in 200 years in the united states, where you have 11 dead. amy: he said no world leader had made stronger statements against anti-semitism then trump. then he wentnt on to blame both sides. >> to simply s say that this has becacause of onene person or ity cocomes on one side, is to not undersrstand history of ananti-semitism or t the realitf anti-semitism. one of the big forcess a and college campuses today is anti-semitism. anti-summits are not usually neo-nazis on college campuses. they're coming from the radical left. y: this isis right after the white supremacist attack on the synagogue and the israeli ambassador to the u.s. is now injecting saying this comes from both sides. if you could respond to this,
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interestingly, two days later, when trump and his family went to pittsburgh, the only -- and this is pointed out in "the new " -- the only public official standing there to greet him was israel's ambassador to the united states, ron dermer. people like the pittsburgh mayor and the others said this was not the time to come. >> well, i think it is quite easy to understand. there is an alliance of reactionary repressive states --eloping under the u.s. israel as a leading member of it, saudi arabia is another one regressive,brutal, harsh states in the world, united arab emirates, egypt under the harsh, brutal dictatorship, the united states,
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israel and the united states of course are very -- especially under this -- the alignment goes way back. at the trump administration has gone way out of its way to lend support to israeli crimes, israeli expansion and the israeli right wing, which is increasingly dominate is delighted. , say thect that israeli ambassador would come out and say that is really no more surprising than the fact that john bolton would praise the election of a strong advocate of torture, murder, and repression. it all fits the same pattern. amy: this issue of the number of people who died this weekend, the horrific massacre -- 11 jews died. the model of the coverage, of knowing who each person was, hearing their names, their life
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stories, their ages, who their families were, knowing when the funerals are taking place through the week. what about this being a model for what is happening in gaza? for example, i think it was friday, six palestinians were killed with those ongoing protests near the separation wall. israeli military has gone down more than 200 palestinians. that was friday. six palestinians died. and on sunday, three palestinian teenagers were killed in an israeli airstrike on the gaza strip. tryingoughts on dermer to make this connection to get away from the issue of white supremacy and somehow, someway, blame the left? well, remember, all of this
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in gaza is being donone with overwhwhelming u.s. support, evn u.s. weapons -- literally. verge ofis on the becoming, literally, uninhabitable. the international monitors, u.n. and others come have warned within just a few years, it may be literally unlivable. right now, is virtually no the sewage pours has the sea because israel bombed industry the power plants in the sewage plants. israel 2005 when withdrew its illegal settlers in gaza and move them to illegal
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settlements in the west bank, it imposed a siege on gaza. -- officicial terms for that official, not making that up -- are we have to impose a diet on gaza. not harsh enough so they will all die -- implication being that we don't look very good -- but harsh enough so they can barely survive. and there have been, quite apart from the brutal siege, there have been repeated attacks on gaza by thehe israeli army. .aza is virtually defenseless this is one of the strongest armies in the world lashing out to devastate gaza. there is always pretext. there is pretext for everything. had a pretext for invading poland. he was protecting germany from the wild terror of the poles.
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in the israelis with u.s. backing have concocted pretext -- no time to go through here, plenty in print about it -- everyone of them collapses on inspection. it is just a punching bag. and the f i on the people of gaza -- the effect of people of gaza is to create utter desperation. of the current marches, just in attempt to somehow break the siege. and make life possible. the problem could be overcome easily, simply by providing them with the opportunities for survival. that's it. not trying to block every attempt at political unification of the factions. it has often been a pretext for another attack. some of what has gone on, parts of it we have seen them are just grotesque, like when a highly
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trained israeli sniper murders a borderoman far from the ao is trying to help palestinian volunteer medic. a young woman whose try and help a wounded man and a sniper murders her. highly trained sniper. they know what they're doing. the international monitors have gone through the hospitals and are shocked by the kinds of wounds their finding. purposefully designed to maim people so it won't kill them, but maim them so they won't be able to have -- even take part in the minimal life that exists there. actually, trump had a solution to this, to the misery of gaza and the prospect that 2 million people -- half of them children -- will soon be in the situation of literal, beyond the
8:40 am
possibility of survival. they had a lifeline, it's wra support that was barely keeping them alive. so trump's reaction is to cut it. cut support for it. even had a reason. he said they are not being grateful enough to me, foror my efforts to give them the ultimate deal that i am planning. ultimate deal, which means give up all your rights and forget it . two leading american political analysts, specialists on the middle east with long government encapsulated the trump program very simply. they said the trump message is to the palestinians, "you have lost. forget it. go away. you are done." and because the people of gaza
8:41 am
are not sufficient on the west bank were sufficiently appreciated, let's cut the lifeline. in fact, let's,s, even if he di, cut support for underfunded palestinian hospitals in the west bank. let's cut the funding for the camp school in the refugee in lebanon, still reeking from massacreus israeli-run back at the end of their invasion in 1982. see little kids playing in the mud in dark alleys, never get out. theunsrwa e hope , school. good, let's kill that.
8:42 am
all of these things are just one after another taking place. indescribable. the war in yemen, which finally at last is getting a little bit of attention has been a major horror story of the most careful estimates of the killings that are now just coming out show that there may be seven or eight times as high as what has been -- the numbers that have been given. they are in the order of 70,000 war 80,000. programs,is of these along study that came out of the fletcher school of international diplomacy, tufts university recently, showed quite persuasively the policies of the attackers are aimed at destroying the food supplies, making sure the population starve stood at.
8:43 am
also trying to close the port through which some supplies come. all of this is fully backed by the uniteded states. u.s. and britain, secondarily, supply thehe arms. u.s.s. supplies the intelligence for the air force, which is carrying out massive atrocities. all of these things are .appening for years, they have barely been discussed. now finally, you are saying pictures on the front page of starving yemeni children, even a call for a cease-fire -- much related, little attention to our crucial resesponsibility. just like our respsponsibililit, which h is overwhelming, for the plight of ththe miserablee peope trying to escape from the troika -- honduras, el salvador, guatemala -- the three countries
8:44 am
that have been completely under our thumb and are suffering bitterly for it, now trying to escape. so we turn them into an invasion mob planning to destroy us. .ll of this is surreal only overshadowed by the failure to attend even minimally to the literal existential threats that are not remote. amy: you consider this one of the gravest times in your lifetime in u.s. politics now? >> it is one of the gravest times in human history. humans have been around for 200,000 years. for the first time in their history, they have to decide, and quickly, whether organized human society is going to survive for very long.
8:45 am
and that is not in the remote distance. two, with allre of the problems and poor's in the world which should be attended to, there are two existential threats. both being increased. one is the threat of nuclear war, which is terminal. the other is the threat of severe e environmental catastrophe, which doesn't destroy all human life, but is -- it does undermine the prospect for organized society. and you mentioned earlier a third threat, also dating back to the end of the second world war. the end of the second world war was the opening of the nuclear
8:46 am
rage. as i mentioned, it is kind of a miracle that we survived it. it is also the opening of what geologists are now calling me -- calling the age in which human activity is radically affecting the environment. there has been debate about its origins. the world geological socociety more o or l ls said the late 1940's when there was a sharp spspike that damageded the environment. the third is what is called the 6th extinction, the extinction of specicies. the fiftfth extinctionon was a d 65 millilion years ago when it s assumed d a huge asteroid hit te earth and into t the age of thee dinosaurs and destroyed most of the species on earth. we are now in the midst of the
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6thh extinction with very rapid destruction of other species and of the kind of environment in which they can survive, like wilderness for example. we are pushing to the edge of the not only our own survival, but that of much of life on earth. is it the most gravest moment in my life you? yes, but also in all of human history. and things like the election ont week will have an impact this. amy: world renowned professor, linguist, and dissident noam chomsky speaking to us from tucson, arizona, where he is now teaching at the university of arizona. he is institute professor emeritus of linguistics at the massachusetts institute of technology where he has taught for 50 years.
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he is written over 100 books, was born in a little fear, pennsylvania. we will air more of the interview with noam chomsky next week. whenen we come back, ilana glazr joins as host of yes, of cocomey central broad city. but she will be talking about serious thinings right now. she will be talking about what happened last night at an event she had planned for a brooklyn synagogue where she was when we before about politics the midterms. the event had to be canceled because of anti-semitic and racist graffiti thatat was scrawled just before the event around the synagogue. stay with us. ♪ [music break]
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amy: this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. we ended today show here in new york city where a political event hosted by ilana glazer of
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comedy central's "broad city" at the union temple synagogue in prospect heights, brooklyn, was canceled thursday night after anti-semitic messages were found scrawled across walls throughout the building. just before the event was to begin. among the messages were "jew better be ready," "insert oven here," and another said "end is no," -- "end is now," "hitler," and "free smoke for [n-word] jews." and then there was one that said apeepr" with what looked like oregon flag. the graffiti comes amid a surge in anti-semitic hate crimes nationwide, including saturday's massacre of 11 jewish worshipers at the tree of life synagogue in
8:51 am
pittsburgh. i was scheduled to speak at the event last night to talk about coverage of the midterm elections and the coverage of grassroots movements leading up to it. on thursday night, ilana glazer, after careful consideration, after looking at the graffiti, announced to the c crowd of hundreds of people that she was ncncelinthe even >> thank you for comintotonigh we have a situation that is not presenting any danger, but there were hateful anti-setitic very y recently, within the past couple of hours. so we don't feel safe. amy: the union temple synagogue in brooklyn hosts outside e eves frequently, including an upcoming event commemorating the anniversary of kristallnacht,
8:52 am
the night of broken glass, november 10, 1938, when the glass of jewish stores were smashed throughout germany. for more, we're joined here in our new york studio by ilana glazer, cocreator and star of the hit comedy central show "broad city." welcome to democracy now! it was in just a few hours ago we were together at the synagogue. you are just about to hold this event which you are really excited about, but then you got word what was scrawled through the stairwells and holes of the synagogue. >> yes, so these events, it is -- generator is an online move to encourage people to use their inststagram to talk about how policy affects their everydaday lives in humanized policy. these live events, i've been interviewing politics -- politicians and activists to hear and compare about how they serve, how they both work for the people.
8:53 am
withweek started and ended white supremacy kind of ruining our programming. -- it was hard to tell. every time we started talking about what it could become it was like, no, i can't put these listen in who came to a safe sce, i can't put them in a danger. amy: we walked outside thgrgreen roroomnd wasasll right by the altered her bathroom, thword scrawled kind of witmamagic oveer and is it "insert here." >> what was scary is iwawas al .ver the building the cops were ndnd of archchin ththbuilding. it was too frerey to ho it. y: and tre are nber of ents in the builngng.
8:54 am
very intestinglyas we we outside,undreds really disappnted peoe who are galvaned for t midterm electis, i saw aign outside which iill talkbout in seco -- thatas to doith an happenedng with what back in 1939. a talk about the generator series, what you mean. >> the generator series is an in person gathering of people who are part of this online community who are willing to share part of their platform because all of us have a platform now, with -- to discuss how policy affects -- how the government affects our everyday lives. it feels so philosophical until we hear about it, you know, affecting people's bodies, women's bodies, brown bodies, black bodies. aboutk a lot in generator not discussing politics growing up in the 1990's. "don't talk about politics" is a
8:55 am
phrase on the tip of everyone's totongue. i think that has gotten us here today with this divisive country and divisive political landscape, and the sort of representation of a president, you know, but not -- not really someone who has come up and understands policy and understands history or law. it was interesting last night that rather than sharing your story, we lived through a story. we lived t through a safe, you know, physically benign version of a white supremacist act. yeah, i had quite a events scheduled this week. thehe first event, candidate had to pull out because i call the opponent a white supremacist. i undersrstood and i i had this ideological crossroads, did i do the wrong thing in october that was my view. that silence is candidate from coming. and last night, i was so ready.
8:56 am
i had thesee beautiful bright people ready to canvas, ready -- i intended to point people in the community to canvas, to knock doors, to change the loll eleions, to help progressive candidates who stand for human rights politics to win. amy: in new york and long island. >> that's right. i am from long island, so it has been personal. i have been in new york city for 13 years, so i was excited to point people in the right direction. we saw how white supremacy silences those politics and holds that action. amy: people might be surprised to hear you talklking so seriouy , who are big fans of yours for broad city, and you are a stand up comic. >> the generator series has been
8:57 am
funny because rather than stand up, -- what is the context? it is i'm coming to see ilana glazer do standup. with generator, the stakes are so high that the contrast of serious and comedy is so much greater. there's a different kind of comedy that happens a generator, but i am passionate about -- not amy: last night, there was not much humor. >> no. that was scary. that was straight of scary. with a mass shooting last week, it was already year he to be having these events and a synagogue. president words and our politicians words who stand for white supremacy, who stand for violence and aggression, these words turned to action so quickly. we're thing that happened now, as her slit with -- the action can become serious very quickly. we were not going to take that risk. amy: you refer a lot to your jewish identity on "broad city."
8:58 am
your final thoughts on what this all means? there other slur words like the n-word. >> by jewish identity means a lot to me. i implore other jews to align themselves with those who are also other'd in this country. this country was buult on the backs of black and brown bodies. we're all other'd but as unit, we are strong and can stand up and make change in these midterm elections. i hope that we do. i really hope we do. our voicices matter. we have to be a a little more strategic about our safety, but we can change. amy: ilana glazer, thank you for being with us, comedian, writer, actress, from "broad city." you can go to our website to see the images at very fond farewell to our do producer or got us dinner. i have no words.
8:59 am
thank you so much for all of your country do russians -- contributions over the years. democracy now! is looking for feedback from people who appreciate the closed captioning. e-mail your comments to or mail them to democracy now! p.o. box 693 new york, new york 10013. [captioning made possible by democracy now!]
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>> we've all heard it said that life is like a game. most games, whether we work in teams or work alone, have well-defined rules, with clear benefits for winning and costs for losing.


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