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tv   DW News  LINKTV  November 2, 2018 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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berlin. the united states reimpose as all of its previous sanctions on iran. -- reimpose as all of its previous sanctions on iran. european symmetries condemn them. also on the program, russia, china and norway block efforts to set up the largest marine reserve in antarctctica. revelations from the world of football.
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a german magazine reports that bayern munich wants to create an elite league with the world plus -- world's six top clubs. phil: welcome to the program. the united states is to reinstate all of the sanctions against iran that had been part of the nuclear deal. president trump tried to drive the point home and -- in an unconventional fashion. he said tariffs are coming. he said that this was from game of thrones. it is based off of "winter is coming." mr. trump had this to say a
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short while ago. >> they are very serious sanctions. they are very big. sanctions are starting on iran. iran is taking a very big hits. the country is not the same country as when i started almost two years ago. iran is a different country since i terminated that deal. phil: let's get more from our dw correspondent. what does washington want from iran? >> first and foremost, a change of behavior. especially in the middle east. iran is regarded by the trump administration as a troublemaker. specifically, a troublemaker for saudi arabia and yemen. they say that syria is in cahoots with russia helping the assad regime. this is something the united
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states does not like. since may of 2018, they have worked on rolling out those sanctions on november 5, monday. phil: how effective were those sanctions be? all of these countries say that they will work together to get around them. >> it is hard to tell. they will be effective to some degree. having said that, there are plenty of countries that won't be impacted by this. they are still dealing with iran. they say they want to pay iran for the oil. having said that, mike pompeo and steve mnuchin mentioned that a jurisdictions -- this is what -- eight jurisdictions are getting waivers.
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there is reporting that they are iraq, turkey and south korea. they are getting waivers and trying to do oil trays with iran. the money that iran would get from this has to be imposed in a specific bank account. phil: the u.s. midterm elections are on tuesday, november 6. the time seems more than coincidental. >> yes. of course, this can be alleged that the timing is geared toward midterm elections coming to us on tuesday, the sixth. that is right. we can't prove this but of course there is a benefit for the president and for donald trump and for the republicans. if they can show that they are
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keeping a promise and the promise was to leave the e iran nuclear deal and to reimpose the sanctions, this is a day before the midterm elections. they are doing a fair bit for the clientele and all people who are convinced to elect republicans in the midterm elections. phil: thank you. the president is having a busy day. he said the army could fire on migrants at the mexican border. he said that migrants throwing rocks could be shot at. he ramped up the attacks on thousands of people walking up to the united states. the central americans fleeing violence at home are not giving up. >> these are the 4000 or so people that make up the migrant caravan. central americans, mostly
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hondurans are seeking a better life in the u.s.. it is an arduous journey, especially for those that cannot walk it. people are fatigued. president trump is campaigning ahead of the midterm elections and says they are a threat. he hopes to galvanize republican voters. those in this g group just crosd the border from guatemala and said they are fleeing violence and poverty, seeking asylum in the u.s.. >> they went to our house, looking for us. they entered our home two days after. we left everything behind, we had to run away from the country. trump says he is ready to send people to the border and preparations have already started. the group is still weeks away. he has labeled this an invasion.
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>> he wants to treat anybody throwing stones as if it were gunfire. >> another group although smaller is about a c couple mils south. there were 7000 people traveling together, many have applied for asylum in mexico. many more had to stop. phil: we will look k at some of ththe othe stotories making ther way around the world. there are two buses carrying christians on a pilgrimage. seven were killed as they make their way to the city. this is the most serious attack on the country's? note it -- country's christian minonority in years.
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>now in britain, there is an internal investigation into threats to politicians. poland's prime minister says it is likely that his country would stay out of the united nations pact promoting safe and orderly migration. this comes after similar statements from austria, hungary and the united states. migration was one of the difficult issues on the agenda between the governments of germany and poland. the country leaders did their best to put on a united front. >> poland and germany have been friends and at times enemies. of late, the relationship has been tense. leaders were determined to stress how much the have in common. -- they have in common. >> we are aware of the difficult history that poland has gone through. that makes it important that we
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germans and polish are partners in today's complex world. >> economic relationship -- the economic relationship is very healthy. the real strains have surfaced. especially since the conservative nationalist party came to power in poland. their reports to the justice system have alarmed the european union. they have reviewed -- refused to take in more refugees. the polish prime minister said he was skeptical about this deal to improve migrants -- relations with migrants and refugees. >> similar to austria, the czech republic and the united states, we in poland will not be part of the global compact -- the u.n. migration pa -- migration p
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act. we think that our sovereign principles concern the protection of our borders. also, migration control. this is absolutely paramount for us. there is also disagreement over the planned pipeline. that would carry gas from russia through the baltic sea to germany. poland feels its interests have been ignored. despite the differences, the leaders are talking. there is a reminder to ensure peaceful relations in the future. phil: we have dr. veronica here. she is program director at this university. she is an expert on polish elections. how bad are things between germany and poland?
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>> you can say that it cannot be tter as fafar as economy and society. in trade, it is more than germany and russia. you could say that this is a success. in politics, things have been better. we have hard talks and discussions. both on the national and european level. i would say that there is the potential to make it better. phil: as far as money goes, it is fine. as far as policy, we have problems. >> exactly. >> let's talk about the pipeline between russia and germany. why does poland's care -- poland care where germany gets gas from? >> it is not just about germany. these are energy deliveries to europe. it is not a contract between the country, it is going to decide on where european countries get
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their energy resources. we also know that russia is using gas pipelines as an instrument. it is worth your strategic -- for geostrategic reasons. do we decide where we get energy resources, jointly? phil: the problem seems to be this german deal, it goes from russia to poland -- russia to germany, bypassing poland and the ukraine. -- poland and ukraine. it seems to be a concern that russia will switch their gas off. >> that is true. they are saying if you want to bed at -- if you want to diversify, why do we need another gas pipeline from russia?
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why should we not think about other energy resources? this is a critical point according to the polish government. phil: poland has brought up world war ii reparations. they're talking about 743 billion euros. do they expect to get this? is this political lever -- a political lever? >> political lever. there is a moral level. there is the political level and a legal level. i think poland is hoping to have a signal that germany is thinking about c commemorating e polish casualties in a special way. poland's casualties were normal.
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is there will to keep up the subject on the political agenda? this year, we're having the 100th anniversary of polish independence. talking about the past is important. this is the fuel for them to be strong and to get influence in the country. phil: thank you very much. >> thank you. phil: an international effort to create the largest marine reserve off the coast of antarctica has been voted down. this would protect 2 million square kilometers of ocean. the area is host to a vast assortment of during life. it is said to include
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undiscovered species. this coalition worked on this for two weeks but could not find an agreement. we have a marine biologist and oceans can find -- campaign director from greenpeace. let's talk about this. >> it is disappointing. it is a really big missed opportunity. 2.7 million people from around the world are pushing for action on this and it looks like we will have to wait a bit longer. it is a truly amazing place. i had d the opportununity to vit the peninsula and explore these waters underwater earlier this year. it is teeming with life. phil: it is a wonderful place. it is a beautiful place but why is it important? why do you believe it is important to get a deal to
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preserve it? >> there is nothing like it in the world. it is unique. every species that lives in the ocean is not found anywhere else on earth. also, there is some real urgency. the antarctic peninsula is warming faster than anywhere else on earth. it is also under threat from an expandining krill fishshery. that is an industrial fleet that is vacuuming up p enormous quantities of crustaceans that are important for penguins, wales and the whole food chain in the antarctic phil:. why is it difficult to reach an agreement? it came down to norway, china and russia. -- phil: why is it difficult to reach an agreement? >> it came down to norway, china and russia.
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it is difficult to reach an agreement. phil: nobody knows what is going on. is that it? do we come back in a few years time? >> it is not a no, it is just not a guess. this proposal may be adopted when the commission meets again next year. phil: what will have changed between now and then? why will they change their mind nextxt year? >> we have a strong precedent to build on. this i is the largest in t the world. clearly there are politics at play. i am confident that we will build support for this. it will be from around the world but also these countries. phil: thank you for joining us. that was john from greenpeace usa.
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business news with christoph. he is sizing up the economy. how does it look? >> it looks strong. the jobs report shows that employers are still hiring. 250,000 new jobs were created according to the u.s. labor department. unemployment is at 3.7%. that means the u.s. labor market is near full employment. gdp growth came in at three point 5%. slightly down from the previous quarter but still, strong. the u.s. economy continues to fire on all cylinders as the country prepares to go to the polls. let's get the view from wall street with our correspondent. what did investors make of this most recent job report? >> the labor market remains
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red-hohot. the unemployment rate was 3.7% as you mentioned, meaning that we are seeing that the lowest unemployment rate -- we are seeing the lowest unemploloyment rate since 1 19. wages climbed by more than 3% for the first time in decades. we could see inflation pressure and that could mean the federal reserve will increased -- will increase interest rates one more time this year. that is something that investors don't like to see. what else can they do when the labor market is so strong? that is what the fed must do to keep pushing rates higher. >> let's talk apple. the tech giant reported a modest outlook. shares of apple had one of the worst days ever.
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tell us about that. >> that is the game on wall street. the nunuer of soldld iphones was less than expecected. in that environment, it was unfortunate. apple announced they are not going to announce the exact number of iphones, imacs or ipods being sold. they gave a pretty shy outlook. it comes to revenue and we saw some harsh reaction on wall street. this is after losing more than 6.5%. they were the biggest loser in the dow jones industrial average. it was the main reason at the end of the day why blue chips lost so much. it looked even worse.
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donald trump give some hope saying that there may be trade talks with china and they may move along smoother than earlier expected. >> thank you. british and german banks were among the poorest performers of the latest stress test by europe's banks. theyey are sustaining financial shocks following the 2008 global financial crisis. the european banking authorities tested 40 lenders and 43 -- 48 lenders and 43 came through. they are asking with banks will strengthen. farmers have tried it. so have gardeners, playing music to your cows were roses canned -- can help growth.
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the cheese maker is going one step further. he is playing heavy metal and hip-hop music. >> in this tradition, this man is exploring a very unconventional question. could cheese be sensitive to music? he hopes to show that the power of music can influence the characteristics and flavor of the cheese. bacteria are responsible for the formation of the taste of juice. with the enzymes that influence maturity. i am convinced that humidity, temperature and nutrients are not the only thing that influence taste. sounds, the sounds and music can also have a physical effect. -- ultrasound and music can also have a physical effect. the cheese has been blasted with sonic masterpieces to test the
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effect. in this experiment, it is a question of pairing different cheeses with different types of music. here, we have rock 'n roll. we used led zeppelin. other cheeses are matured to techno. one is getting mozart. he has a favorite. >> i hope that hip-hop she's will have the most flavor. -- cheese will have the most flavor. it will give us an opportunity to get in touch with young people. we can even have a delicious epoxies. -- hip hop cheese. he hopes this is a sound investment. experts will taste of the cheese and decide whether musical cheese strikes a note. phil: a new series of leaks through what is described as the
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rotten world of football. shedding light on corruption and criminal activity. reporters broke these stories. welcome to dw. you have reported that bayern munich wororked on hats to creae an elitete league with six of te other totop clubs in thehe worl. >> thank you for having g me. iron m munich had a vital role n developing this. they pressurize them into getting more money. this league drafted plans until they agreed with new reform that made them gain more money. i knew document surfaced that considers a new super league.e. babayern munich says s they do't
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have knonowledge of this particular document. they have considered leaving international competitions already. >> this is the current fee for -- fifa president. what have you uncoverered about his pastst and currentnt d deal? >> he ran onon a promise whehen becoming the president of fifa. he said that fee for -- fififa shouould be more moral and do ay with backroom deals. he exemplifies them, though. he used his leverage as president to make s sure thatt a ofofficials wowould be hardedero investigigate for cocorruption. when he was still actingg as secretary-general, he helped
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manchester citity and paris. he n negotiated with them becaue of massive breaches on financicl fair p play. this was behind the backs of the actual investigative channels. >> thank you for joining us. simone biles won gold medals. she won the final three while suffering a kidney stone. she won the individual vault event. she broke the record set by the previous holder. this was in the year 1996. this was the third gold medal of the week for america. just a reminder of our top story. the united states says that it
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will reimpose all of the sanctions on iran. the european signatories have condemned the decision. you can always get dw news on the go. just download our app. you can get access to all of the latest news from around the world, also, push notifications. that is it, you are up-to-date. more at the top of the half hour, good day.
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