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tv   Democracy Now  LINKTV  November 5, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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11/05/18 11/05/18 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacifica, this is democracy y now! >> so is it the most gravest moment in my life? yes, but also in all of human history. and things like the election will have an impact on us. amy: with the u.s. midterm elections a day away, we turn to the world renowned dissident
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noam chomsky to talk about the elections, the possibility of a new nuclear arms race, and climate change. isthe republican party , not onlyajor threat to the country, but the human survival. have said in the past, i think they are the most dangerous organization in human history. on the issue of climate change alone. amy: but first, we go to florida, where a far-right extremist and self-proclaimed misogynist shot dead two women at a yoga studio in tallahassee, florida. he critically wounded others. we will speak to soraya chemaly, about the male supremacy movement. she is author of "rage becomes her: the power of women's anger." many of these so
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ideologies, whether you're talking about what are known as incels, which are voluntary celibates, or racist neo-nazi what the premises group's, but one of the fundamental ordinal forms of dividing people and controlling people is gender.. it is the first order of dividing and controlling people. amy: all that and more, coming up. welcome to democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. ththe trump adadministration h s reimposed harsh economic sanctions against iran, drawing condemnation from european allies and massive protests across iran. the new sanctions officially began at 12:01 this morning, six months after president trump withdrew the u.s. from the 2015 nuclear agreement that saw iran win sanctions relief in return for abandoning much of its nuclear program. france, germany, britain and the
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european union issued a joint statement friday condemning the u.s. move, calling the iran deal essential for the security of europe, e e region, , and the whole world. but euroanan and aan c companies have largely c c back purcrchass of iranian oil for fear of reprisalals from w washington. the sanctions came just after iranians celebrated the 39th anniversary of the islamic revolution. this is iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali khomeini. >> the u.s. is much weaker today than it was 40 yeaears ago when the revolution was big tory is. the power of the u.s. is on the decline. this is the important pointnt. most of the world's politicians and global affairs analyst believe the u.s. soft power is worn out. it is being destroyed. amy: on friday, trump tweeted a photo of himself with the words, "sanctions are coming november 5" written over his image. the words were written in the
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font of the popular hbo program, "game of thrones." in a statement, hbo said it "would prefer our trademark not be misappropriated for political purposes." in florida, a far-right extremist and self-proclaimed misogynist shot and killed two women at a tallahassee yoga studio friday, injuring five others before turning the gun on himself. scott beierle had a long, history of attacking women, black people, and immigrants via online videos and songs. he had previously been investigated for harassing women and had been arrested at least twice, once on allegations of battery against women. the victims of friday's shooting were both from florida state university. 21-year-old maura binkley and 61-year-old medical doctor and florida state university faculty nancy van vessem.
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more brinkley traveled to washington, d.c., in the wake of the parkland massacre in february to lobby lawmakers with part in survivors and their families. we will have more on the florida shooooting after heaeadlines fun election news, georgia secretary candidateubernatorial brian kemp announced plans sunday to investigate georgia's democratic party for cyber crimes related to an alleged attempted hack of the voter registration system. kemp's office provided no evidence for the claim, which has been denied by the georgia democratic party. this came just two days before the midterm elections, when kemp will face off against democratic challenger stacey abrams, who could become the country's first black woman governor if she wins. on friday, a federal judge barred georgia from rejecting ballots that don't conform to the strict exact match rules, where even a minor discrepancy in a vototer's id andnd their vr registrationon could prevent
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someone from voting. the rejections would have disproportionately affected african-american voters. cap was holding back k more than 50,000 voter forms. many have called on him to recuse himself as secretary of state while he runs fofor goverr of georgia. since the secretary of state oversees the elections. meanwhile, president trump and former president barack obama hit the campaign trial throughout the weekend making last-minute appeal to voters. speaking at a campaign rally for gary, onlly, in sunday, obama took aim at trump's lies and distortions. pres. obama: because unlike some people, i don't just make stuff up when i am talking. i have fax to back me up. -- i have facts to back me up. i believe in fact-based
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campaigns. -basedlieve in reality- governing. joe donnelly is in one of ththe amy: democrats fighting to retain his seat in the us senate, along with north dakota's hehei heitkampmp, florida's bill nelsoson, and missouri's claire mccaskill, new jersey's bob menendez, and joe manchin of west virginia. the kris kobach has received donations from white nationalists and has had ties with far right groups for at least a decade. kris kobach is in a tight race against democratic opponent laura kelly in what is considered a reliably red state. as kansas secretary of state, he has come under fire after the sole polling place for dodge city was moved outside of town, disproportionately affecting latin american voters. not near public transportation. as candidates made their closing
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arguments, president trump continued to rail against a caravan of central american migrants crossing mexico in order to seek political asylum in the united states. on friday, the first of thousands of active duty u.s. soldiers arrived at the u.s.-mexico border in texas, where they installed coils of razor wire on a riverbank and bridge. this is president trump speaking at a campaign rally in montana on saturday. pres. trump: we have our military now on the border. and i noticed all of that beautiful barb wire going up today. properly can be a beautiful sight. amy: cnn reportsts pentagon leaders rebuffed an order by trump to have the military act as law enforcement on the u.s.-mexico border. such a move would violate the posse comitatus act, which bars
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soldiers from taking on a domestic police role. meanwhile, nbc is under fire for airing a racist political ad paid for by president donald trump's campaign during its broadcast of sunday night football. the ad features a mexican man, luis bracamontes, who was convicted of killing two california deputies earlier this year. in the ad, he's seen smiling and saying, "i'm going to kill more cops soon." the ad b blames democratic party immigration policies for the killings. but "the sacramento bee" reports bracamontes was deported during during the clinton administration, later returned to the u.s. during the george w. bush administration. in the late 1990's he was arrested on drug charges in phoenix, arizona, but later released for unknown reasons under anti-immigrant sheriff joe arpaio. nigeria's military has pointed to donald trump's words to justify its deadly shootings of protesters of last week in the capital abuja. amnesty international reports that more than 40 members of the islamic movement of nigeria were
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killed last monday during a peaceful demonstration demanding the release of their jailed leader. the nigerian military's official twitter account initially posted, then later deleted, a tweet reading -- "please watch and make your deductions." it was accompanied by ththe vido of trump warning soldiers should protesters during rocks. the united nations is warning the u.s.-supported, saudi-i-led assault on yemen is contributing to the death of a young child everery 10 minutes. gegeert cappelaerere of the u.n. children's fund, unicef, warned saturday that a saudi assault and blockade on the port city of hodeida is i increing shortages of food, drinking water, and medicine. >> today, every 10 minutes in yemen, a child is dying from preventable diseases. today in yemen, 1.8 million children under the age of five
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are suffering from acute malnutrition. children areese suffering the life-threatening acutef severe malnutrition. amy: the u.n. now says some 14 million yemenis are on the verge of famine, with 1.2 million suspected cases of cholera and over 2400 cholera-related deaths since an outbreak began last year. the trump administration continues to support the saudi-led coalition with weapons sales, intelligence sharing and midair-refueling missions for saudi coalition bombers. the sons of the assassinated journalist jamal khashoggi have called on saudi authority's to return their father's body to be buried in the saudi city of medina. their appeal came as turkish media reported khashoggi's dismembered body parts were smuggled out of turkey in five suitcases after khashoggi was killed by a squad of saudi hit men inside the saudi consulate in istanbul on october 2.
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in pakistan, violent protests have erupted over the acquittal last week of a christian woman sentenced to die for the crime of blasphemy. aasia bibi spent almost eight years on death row until she was acquitted by pakistan's supreme court on wednesday. her lawyer has reportedly fled pakistan in fear for his life. she was convicted of insulting islam in 2010 after bibi argued with a pair of muslim women who refused to drink water from the same container as her. in egypt, gunmen fired on a pair of buses carrying coptic christians friday, killing seven people -- including six members of the same family -- and wounding 18 others. the islamic state e claimed respsponsibility for thehe masse in minya province, south of cairo. egypt's interior ministry claimed sunday its officers fought a battle with the gunmen after the assault, killing 19 of themem. on saturday, mourners at a funeral for the victims protested when a bishop thanked security forces for protecting their church. scores of egypt's coptic christians have been killed in simimilar attacks inin recent y.
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in afghanistan, the pentagon says utah national guard major brent taylor was killed in action saturday after an afghan army commando he was helping to train turned against him. taylor was 39 years old and had taken a one-year leave of absence as mayor of north ogden, utah, to deploy to afghanistan. his death came as the inspector general for the pentagon's war effort reported afghanistan's government continues to lose ground to the taliban, with kabul's influence reaching just over half of afghanistan's districts. voters in the south pacific archipelago of new caledonia have rejected an independence bid and will remain a french territory. about 175,000 people were eligible to cast ballots in sunday's referendum, which would have mode new caledonia the world's newest nation. back in the united states, the supreme court ruled friday that a landmark climate law suit brought by children and young adults can proceed in a federal court in oregon.
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the 21 young activist launched the lawsuit under the obama administration and argued the federal government has failed to take necessary action to curtail fossil fuel in missions violating their constitutional rights. to see o our many interviews wih the children, you can go to a federal court has denied a bid by the justice department to halt a lawsuit accusing president donald trump of violating the u.s. constitution spent on receiving bribes trump foreign powers. the suit accuses trump are violating the foreign emoluments clause of the constitution by receiving payments from foreign governments or the trump international hotel in washington, d.c., and other establishmhments around the wor. the lawsuit could force trump to reveal financial records,, including his income tax returnrns, which trump has refud to make public. in new york, 26-year-old james polite was arrested and charged with hate crimes friday night for vandalizing a brooklyn synagogue and other targeted acts against the jewish community. polite scrawled anti-semitic and racist messages, including
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"jew better be ready" and "insert oven here," on the walls of t union temple synagogogue in prosctct heits, , brklyn ursdayayvening, prompting the , cacancellationon oan event hosted bbroad ci's ana gler. i waalso dueo appeart the event. she w going t intview me about verage othe midtm eltions. polite ialso chaed with settinfires at number locaons thuray nightnd in thearly hos of friy mornin was apphended aer setti a re at a wish schl in williamsrg, brooyn, on iday. accordinto a "neyork tim" ofile fr 2017, pite was ised in e fosterystem an strugglewith subance abu anmental iness, bu veloped interesin politics, leading him to volunteer for barack obama in 2008 and intern for then-city council speaker christine quinn. he reportedly worked on hate crimes, sexual assault, and domestic violence while in quinn's office. to see our interview with ilana glazer last week, go to our
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website at and those are some of the headlines. this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. we begin today's show in tallahassesee, florida, where to women were shot dead at a yoga studio on friday afternoon by a far-right extremist and self-proclaimed misogynist. 40-year-old scott beierle had a track record of attacking women, black people, and immigrants via online videos and songs and had previously been investigated for harassing women and arrested at least twice, once on allegations of battery against women. in 2014, he was banned from the florida state university campus. on friday evening beierle , entered a hot yoga studio in tallahassee, reportedly posing as a customer before opening fire on the class.
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he shot and killed two women, four other women were shot but survived including one woman who was shot nine times. man andpistol whipped a a rampage before turning the gun on himself. the man reportedly attempted to stop the gunmen, wrestling barely after his gun jammed. police say he was found dead at the yoga studio from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. the two victims of the massacre are 61-year-old nancy van vessem , a medical doctor bank and a faculty member at florida state university. and 21-year-old maura binkley, a student at florida state university as well, majoring in german and journalism. binkley had trouble to washington, d.c. in the wake of the parkland massacre to lobby lawmakers with parkland survivors and their families. she was a major advocate of gun control. buzzfeed has reported beierle posted racist and misogynistic video screeds on a youtube
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channel in 2014 where he called women sluts and whores. he also bemoaned "the collective treachery" of girls who had attended high school with him. another of his 2014 videos was titled "the rebirth of my misogynism." beierle had also expressed sympathy for elliot rodger, who killed six people in isla vista, california, in 2014 after posting a misogynistic video online vowing to take his revenge on women for sexually rejecting him. rodger had urged other "incels" -- or involuntary celibates -- to fight back. purely reportedly served two years in the military from 2008 to 2010. friday's attack comes in the wake of a spate of lethal gun attacks in recent weeks. last month, a gunman entered pittsburgh's tree of life synagogue saturday, shooting and killing 11 jewish worshipers inn whatat has been described d as e deadliest anti-semitic attack in american history.
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just days before that, a white gunman fatally shot two african americans at a kentucky grocery store shortly after trying and failing to enter a black church. to talk more about the implications of friday's attack, and the murder of two women, we go to washington, d.c., where we're joined by soraya chemaly. longtime writer and feminist activist and author of the new book: "rage becomes her: the power of women's anger." she is also director of the women's media center speech project. welcome back to democracy now! talk about what you understood happened on friday afternoon, about 5:30, apparently, when this man walked into this yoga studio in tallahassee, florida. think it is very clear it was a prememeditated act of violence. he walked into a yoga studio, which is a target of opportunity, like a school or shopping mall, where there are
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certainly, predictably, more women. he set out, i think, to kill women. and that is what he did. in many of these cases, men are also hurt and killed, as in the case of elliot rodger. i think he is been very clear. he documented his intent and his feelings. there is this direct connection between the communities of misogynistic and racist hate and the violence that we are seeing. amy: explain the male supremacy movement. >> the nasa promisee movement is sort of -- the mail supremacy movement is a network of committees that believe that men are being wronged, first of all, and they are being oppressed and they are extremely authoritarian, but they are poor because they're based on ideas and roles and hierarchies in which men dominate. and when men's domination is challenged, either through women
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achieving political power or withholding sex, in the case of incels, that men feel they are a, those are challenges. the way it happens in the brainn of some of these men is there actually defending themselves. i think years ago there was an excellent piece about the metaphorical in which operate -- of rape and showed the way men who assault women and rape and that eventually the women, see this as a way of self-defense -- which we saw in elliot rodger's' in the videos at this perpetrator has made. amy: explain who incels are and what forchan is and where you can find these kind of channels for example, that he kept on youtube. >> actually, there openly available on any of these platforms. has tried onk
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various occasions to shut down some incel groups but they regenerate and other forms. forchan, these are hatred, racism, xenophobia. people are afraid to say what -- people are free to say what they want to say and they do. it is not difficult to find it. for those who have been writing about it were aware of it for years, this is sort of unsurprising. i think the levels of the tree all and hatred and grossly misogynistic language and imagery that we see in these places shot people, but i'm not sure why. this is not new. in fact, it is sort of an of florence's of what was in the popular c culture. we should not be surprised by it
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anymore. amy: in the soul definition of incel and what it means? >> it is involuntary and celibate. it was used for the first time by women in canada in 1997 or 1998, i believe, to describe her own state of involuntary celibacy. it was never meant to be what it has become, which is a -dominated male entitlement. she herself has the mode this course that it has taken -- bemoans the course it has taken. is lonely happens boys and men who struggle with expression, i believe, this is tied all conservative their issues. i read about it in the book. emotional regulation of men causes extreme loneliness. we talked about anger been and attach from
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femininity, but anger and loneliness are thought to be part of being masculine. it is really destructive. it is destructive to boys and men and society. if they start off as potentially very lonely people and then get recruited into these environments that become more and more extreme and radicalized. so you go from a person who may be feels hurt or lonely to a person who then has a vengeful, violent, and deeply misogynistic community encouraging them to do harm, either to themselves or to other people. amy: according to buzzfeed,d, in one video, beierle said he resented having to subsidize as a taxpayer the casual sex lives of sled he girls to the affordable care act's conversation -- contraception provisions will stop he criticize the invasion of central american children in the and said the migrants seeking asylum should be
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barges. on can you talk about this intersection of anti-woman and anti-immigrant hatred? >> it all exists on a continuum. of these men a lot in these communities is not just anti-woman, but also the idea that a white woman would willingly engage in a relationship with a man who wass not white. we saw that alalso with elliot rodger, who sort of glorified in these communities. we see that in these extreme forms, but in fact, we see it launder throughout the media ecosystem, certainly on the right, where the language of our politics is infused with this fear and this denigration and discussed of people of color and of women simultaneously. so the idea behind marrying immigrants and feeling they are threatening and dangerous goes hand-in-hand with the regulation of women.
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sometimes we get a regulation or redistribution of sex used as an expression in mainstream media, but what we're really talking about is the redistribution of women. aligning those two things is really unhelpful. up for mrs.- what's movements focused on pushing back immigrants and sort of toxic border patrol mentality of jailing black people in the country as a way of containing them. we see that same link which of containment and discussed in the , forwe should lock her up hillary clinton, or continue to control women's reproduction as a function of a right of men, entitlement of men to do this. amy: and he served in the military. >> well, i think if you find comfort in roles and regulations and hierarchy and status, if that is your mindset, then you are also inclined, accordingly,
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to punish the people who break those rules and to feel a aggrieved if you are among those who are not benefiting from those rules. and so in the incel community, you can see the language infused with those ideas, with the idea there are these hierarchies of men and that women are lying, manipulative, social climbers who will degradade you and deny you the right to sex, and the case of incels, because they want to scale the ladder and reward men who deserve it in other ways. amy: what about the climate now? just friday afternoon, i was watching president obama give a right? hetallahassee, was there to support andrew gillam and senator nelson. this is in tallahassee. it wasn't hours later before beierle went into this
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tallahassee yoga studio. and trump also came to florida this weekend. in the past week, trump revving rhetoric,i-immigrant talking about the invaders coming. something was cited by bowers, the man who shot of the synagogue in pittsburgh. president trump did not let up. he doubled down on using those words. when the bomb letters are sent to obama and sent to george soros, he continues to attack soros, obama. and with that kind of revving up of anger against obama, obama in tallahassee that day, your thoughts? >> i think it is very clear that he uses this rhetoric of violence and confrontation and his language is deeply dehumanizing. it is dehumanizing to people of
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color, immigrants, and women. dehumanizing language is the first step to the humiliation, degradation, and eventually violence that we see against people. there is no disconnecting the language and rhetoric that is being used by the president from the violence that we're seeing, the high, emotional tone of our political life. -- know, i think to subject suggest, as is often the case from the white house, that there is no responsibility or no connection between the words and the actions that we are seeing is misleading, to say the least. amy: soraya chemaly, thank you for being with us, longtime writer, feminist, activist has a new book out called "rage becomes her: the power of women's anger." she is also director of the women's media center speech project. i just want to end with the words of the rabbi in pittsburgh who greeted president trump, the
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many felt he should not go to pittsburgh last week after the shooting, in a short speech, sermon on saturday. rabbi jeffrey meyers blamed politicians for a rise in hateful rhetoric saying "it led to the massacre at the synagogue last week in which 11jews were slain worshiping, consider the worst anti-semitic attack on u.s. soil in history. hebi myers said that delivered the message personally to president trump and first they visitedwhen the synagogue. he said "i said to him, mr. president, hate speech leads to hateful actions also hate speech leads to what happened to my sanctuary were seven of my congregants were slaughtered. i witnessed it with my eyes." his is democracy now! we will be bk with nm
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chsky in a moment. ♪ [ [musibreak]
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amy: this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. with the u.s. midterm elections a day away, we continue our conversation with the world renowned linguist, dissident and author noam chomsky. democracy now!'s nermeen shaikh and i interviewed him from tucson, arizona, where he now teachehes at the university of arizona. noam chomsky is also institute professor emeritus at the massachusetts institute of technology where he has taught for 50 years. during part one we plalayed on friday, noam chomsky talked about what is at stake in tomorrow's midterm elections. >> so is it the most greatest moment in my life? yes, but also in all of human history. and things like the election will have an impact on this. amy: during our conversation on thursday, , i asked professor chomomsky to outline some of the issues he thinks should be followed most closely. of the domestic policies of the trump administration? they are very straightforward.
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s on the rich, powerful, corporate sector and try to undermine and destroy anything that might be of benefit to the general population. that is quite explicitly what is happening before our eyes. so take the legislative achievement that the republican party is most proud of, their , as joseph stiglitz described it, the donor relief plan of 2017. it is an enormous gift to wealth, corporate power, including real estate interests, incidentally. enormous gift. and it has the secondary the republican
4:34 pm
leadership was quick to point out, it has the adadvantage e of creating a huge deficit which can be used as a pretext for getting rid of social spending. u.s. social spending is already very meager by wororld standard. thee down at the bottom of oecd, the 30 rich countries, along with greece and turkey in benefit spending. but there is something there, so let's get rid of it. medicaid, which goes to the undeserving poor. let's undermine the social peopley, which working just rely on for survival. lavishause we have to gifts on the superrich and ensure the corporations have
4:35 pm
profits bulging ouout of their eaears. pretext foror the tax s scam was s that it was gog to sharply increase investment. that was pretty outlandish to start with. and the corporations already have just overflowing with profits and wealth. and predictably, did nothing of the sort. those are the domestic programs. then come all of these international horrors that we're talking about. i don't want to suggest that the mainststream democrats are all that better in these respects. somewhat. there is a progressive wave among the sectors of the democratic party that could lead and a much more constructive direction. arethe midterms next week going to have a critical impact
4:36 pm
, andhow the country goes given the enormous power and wealth of this country, what happens to the world? amy: and on that issue, you have been extremely critical of democrats. that with this full discussion of whether the house will turn democrat and possibly the senate , do you think it matters? matters.k it yes, we have every reason to be critical of the democrats. these policies the last generation, neoliberal policies that have led to these conditions we have been talking about, the so-called new democrats, the c clinton democrs have been right at the forefront. deregulation of financial institutions, one of clinton's great achievements which led directly to the financial crisis
4:37 pm
. along with one of the factors that led to it. his attack on the e welfare program. lots we can blame them for. in fact, i should say that some of the things that trump has praise, aremerit bitterly attacked by the democrats and by the republican h awks. in particular, with regard to korea. the two, last april, koreas, north and south, issued his dork declaration -- historic declaration in which they laid out for the first time fairly detailed plans and moves toward reduction of tension, reconciliation, reduction of weaponry, denuclearization.
4:38 pm
very sensible, detailed plans. and they virtually pleaded with the outside world, meaning the united states, not to interfere. what they said is, the two koreasas will proceed with these plans on their own accord.d. in other words, let us do it. trump him and to his credit, has not interfered. the singapore summit for which hisas lambasted, was one of more -- one of his very few admirable achievements. he not only did not intervene, but he even withdrew what he correctly described as provocative u.s.-south korean military operations. well, all of that should be supported.
4:39 pm
i don't know what his reasons were, maybe ridiculous reasons, but it doesn't matter. these are moves that should be supported. those are the things for which he is being bitterly attacked. so it is not an entirely, you know, sort of clear issue. nevertheless, overwhelmingly, simply alican party is major threat to not only the country, but to human survival. i have said in the past i think they're the most dangerous organization in human history on the issue of climate change is wortht i think that repeating. amy: world renowned linguist, author, noam chomsky. we will return to our conversation with him in a minute to talk about the threats of nuclear war and climate change. tune in tuesday night for democracy now! live coverage of the midterm elections where we are teaming up with the
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intercept for the special broadcast room 7:00 p.m. eastern time to 1:00 in the morning. check your local listings or simply go to back with noam chomsky in a moment. ♪ [music break] amy: this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy gogoodman.
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we continue our conversation with the world-renowned linguist and dissident noam chomsky. we interviewed him thursday in tucson, arizona, where he now teaches at the university of arizona. i asked him to respond to president trump's recent decision to pull out of the imf, intermediate range nuclear forces treaty that landmarkk nuclear arms pact signed in 1987 andresident ronald reagan macau gorbachev. >> it was an important development. period incall in that the early and mid-1980's, -- this has to do with short range nuclear missiles. they were being installed in had a fewrope, which minutes flight time to moscow. means,think what that the russian detection systems
4:42 pm
are, first of all the far more primitive than ours, but even sophisticated -- if they had had sophisticated detection systems, it would have given them barely a few minutes warning before a possible heavy nuclear strike, either the decapitation strike .gainst moscow in the russians were doing the same. they were building short-term missiles in western europe. states.he united this was internal to europe, short-term -- short range missiles. endedthe 1987 imf treaty that extreme peril, sharply reduced it. missiles were reduced and so on. an important step forward. breaking the treaty reinstates that system. now, it was an obvious way to do with the problem, namely, it is
4:43 pm
called -- it is kind of a bad word, maybe ought to spell it. it is called diplomacy. the way to do with the problems quite straightforward, do what has not been done as yet, have technical experts frorom both sides and neutral ones investigate the c claims that ae being made by both sides. and then determine if they are valid. and to the extent there are o overcome away to these violations off thehe treay and enfoforce the treatyty even further.r. carry it further. we should be moving toward eliminating nuclear weapons. remember, the new start treaty is coming up for renewal. that is a very important one. new start has led to the sharp reduction of nuclear weapons, by no means anywhere far enough,
4:44 pm
but nevertheless, quite significant. trump'sd also recall pulling out of the imf treaty has a precursrsor, namemely, the nuclear cost for review of the trump administration -- which already called for developing a new weapons tactical nuclear weapons, which themselves greatly i increased thehe threaf a possibib war. a target of these -- missiles can't know whether they are conventional or nuclear orr whether r they arehortrt range were much more powerful missiles. you have a few minutes warning time to make these decisions. you look over the history of the nuclear age, and it is
4:45 pm
practically iraqi less that we survived -- miraculous s that we survived this far. there has been case after case where we came -- both sides came very close to making a decision to launch nuclear weapons, which it, basically, terminating human civilization. and miracles like that can't go on forever. and enhancing the threat is just beyond insanity. ending the imf treaty not only opens the door for the united states and russia to develop more dangerous lethal weapons, but of course, for others to join in as well. greatly increasing the hazard to all of us. and there are diplomatic options that have not been pursued. and they are the ones -- they are the ones that should be look
4:46 pm
at the most, and not v vastly endangerering ourselves and others. trump also brought up the fact that china is not a partner to the imf. it is because of the particular western eurasia, eastern eurasia. so the way to deal with that problem is to bring them into the treaty, not to break the treaty and greatly increase the danger to the world. thehould bear in mind that atomic scientists, which has established since 1947, beginning of the nuclear age, has established the doomsday clock where the minute hand is a certain distance from midnight.
4:47 pm
midnight means goodbye, termination of all of us. and 1947, ittng was seven minutes to midnight. it has oscillated up and back ever since. last january after a year of the trump administration it moved to two minutes to midnight. that is the closest it has been to terminal disaster ever, with one exception, 1953. the united states, then the soviet union, exploded thermonuclear weapons we had the means to destroy everything. at that point, the clock did move to two minutes to midnight. it hasn't gone that close to disaster cents. but it did last january. now it is worse. the nuclear posture review, the
4:48 pm
thatation since that time the u.s. actually has developed a first-rate potential, which could prevent -- could illuminate any to turn to a first strike, then comes nuclear posture review, which calls for extending the nuclear threat another is latest step. this is a march to disaster, which h is only paralleled by te moves of the administratioion to raise toward the cliff of environmental destruction with eyes open. they know exactly what they are doing. trump himself is a firm believer in global warming, the others as well. but just in order to fill a couple of overstuffed pockets with more dollars, they are willing to threaten the
4:49 pm
existence of organized human life. there are just no words to describe these two drives to destruction host of or in fact, describe the fact they are fairly discussed in the eleltoral seasason. these are the two most important issues. amy: we wawant to tuturn to an e you u have written about that so many are so deeply concerned gets any playrdly in this country, even in this critical midterm election, the issue of climate change. noam chomsky, a new study has founund the world has massively underestimated the amount of heat absbsorbed b by our oceans. the paper published in the journal nature has concluded thatat for the past quarter of a century, about 150 times the amount of e ergy used to genetete e elericity globally hahas en dosited into the seseas 60% re than evious estimate
4:50 pm
nermeen: this comes days after leading nature all it just issued a dire warning following bolsonaro's went in brazil. he tweeted -- meanwhile in the report issued earlier this week, the world wildlife fund found that human beings have wiped out 60% of all mammals, birds, fish, and reptiles on earth since 1970. this is wwf director. >> what is absolutely c clear, looking at the declines of nature we are currently seeing come as the planet does need to be p put on life support. rightly,y, the solutions we're cocoming up with a merely stickg
4:51 pm
points. this is that the point now where is people, we have to mamake a choice. are you going to let this continue or are we going to do something about it? globally at the moment, we are completely failing to tackle the loss on the planet. ou are deeplyy concerned about this issue and you're not alone. climate change, the issue of climate change. >> we can add to the list of your dire warnings as if it weren't her renders an outcome a few more examples. a couple of weeks ago, the ipc i[cc came out with a very ominous report warning that the twod has may be a decade or to basically and its reliance on fossil fuels if we are to have
4:52 pm
any hope of controlling the global warming below the level of utter disaster. and that incidentally is a conservative estimate. it is a consensus view. there are e repeatedly, , over e yeyears, it has s been shohown t the ipcc analyses were much less alarmist than they should be. now comes this report in nature that you mentioned a couple of days ago, which shows there has ofn serious underestimate the warming of the oceans. and they conclude that if these results hold of, the so-called carbon budget, the amount of spew and inwe can the atmosphere and still have a survival environment, has to be
4:53 pm
25%.ed by about that is over and above the ipcc report. in the opening up of the amazon to furtherer exploitation will e another serious blow at t the prospects of survival, organanid human society. time,e, the trump admiministration right now is w west u up new areas of the for fracking, fofor increasing e ususe of fossil fuels. you have p probably seen may be discussed one ofof the mosost amazing documents i i have ever trump department of highway standards, whatever it is called, just issued a long
4:54 pm
report, 100 page report urging all regulations on automotive emissions should be ended. and they had a very large uncle argument. they said if we extrapolate current trends by the end of the century, the climate will have warmed to several degrees centigrade -- meaning a huge rise in sea level, which they underestimate. so basically, we're going over the cliff anyway. and automotive emissions really don't add much to this, so there is no point cutting them back. the assumption of the department isthat everyone in the world as criminally insane as we are and isn't going to do anything about it. and on that assumption, yeah, let's just rob while the planet burns.
4:55 pm
i can't think of anything like this in human history. you just can't find words to describe it. at thehe peak of the monstrosity is, in fact, the trump administration. we should recall that trump himself, as i mentioned, is a firm believer in global wararmi. recently, he applied to the government of ireland for permission to build a huge wall -- one of his famous walls. this one to protect a golf course of his in ireland, which has -- his plea indicates is threatened by sea level rises as a result of global warming. banks,look at the big j.p. morgan chase and the others. they are increasing their investments in fossil fuel
4:56 pm
development. the entergy corporation's are working all over the world to try to find new resources that destroyed the environment. realedia are focusing on outrages like the ludicrous military preparation for this wave of mothers and children planning to invade us and destroy us, concentrating on that, but take a look at their coverage of these things. there was a big report to a long front-page report in "the new york times" a couple of days ago about the opening of the west to further fossil fuel extraction. you cand everything think of. did mention some of the negative consequences like it might harm the water resources. it might make things harder for ranchers. not one phrase in this long
4:57 pm
report on the effect of the environment in a political campaign cap going on. all caps of issues are not discussed. but not the two existential ththreats that human beinings f. threats that have never risen in human history. we have to make decisions now which will literally determine whether organized human life can survive in n any decent form. you can just imagine what the world would be like if the sea level rises, say, 10 or 20 feet or even higher -- within the range easily of predictions. the conseququences are unimaginable. but it is as if we're kind of like the proverbial lemmings.
4:58 pm
just happily marching off the cliff, led by leaders who understand very well what they're doing, but are so dedicated to enriching themselves and their friends in the near future, that is sadly doesn't matter what happens to the human species. there is nothing like this in all of human history. there have been plenty of monsters in the past, plenty of them. but you can't find one who is dedicated with passion to destroying the prospectsts for organizezed human life. hitler was h horrible enough. linguist, author noam chomsky. you can visit our website for part one of the interview where he talks about u.s. foreign policy in latin america, the migrant caravan, the crisis in gaza, and the white supremacist attack on the pittsburgh synagogue. tune in tuesday night for democracy now! live coverage of the midterm elections, teaming
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