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tv   DW News  LINKTV  November 9, 2018 3:00pm-3:31pm PST

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berlin. >germany march the anniversary f kristallnacht pogrom with a tribute to those persecuted during the nazi era. 80 years ago, in a prelude to the holocaust, they unleashed another terror on the country's jews. chancellor merkel warned of
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anti-semitism. there are thousands of migrants fleeing violence and p poverty n a a walk up to the united ststa. they tell dw on what they face up to the united states. officials tell thousands to leave their homes after people are found dead in burned-out cars in california after wildfires. i am phil. welcome. phil: germany marked the 80 anniversary of kristallnacht. jews were terrorized. we will talk to somebody who
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lived through the night. she sees the rise in anti-semitism through the lens of personal experience. >> i was 10 years old. my father was not with us. it all began in the morning. the pete was in the afternoon. -- peak was in the afternoon. all of berlin was burning and it carried on burning until next morning. i believe my parents asked them to help us but they just grinnened, they did nonot help. i was no longer invited to other children prospecting parties. the fathers were all party members. there was one e good man.
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he had a l little daughter and i was allowed to play with her. i was allowewed to go to the birthday p party and i will nevr forget that he strokeded hisis - my cheek with his sooty fingers. i had s so much take that i almt threw up. after world war ii, he said never again. but what is happening in the world. nonot just in germany but holla, france, everywhere. rerently i wasas asked by someoe what i would like to sayay to students and young people. i say resist the b beginnings. phil: kristallnacht refers to the shards of broken glass that littered the streets after months smashed of the stores of jewish stories and buildings. it is considered a prelude to
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the holocaust with 6 million jews murdered. november the ninth is also the anniversary of other two crucial days -- another two crucial days in german history. >> 80 years on, the horrors of the past still does sound. chancellor merkel attending a service at berlin's largest same -- synagogue. >> jewish life is flourishing in germany once again. that is an unexpected gift after the break with civilization that was the holocaust. at the same time, i see a worrying anti-semitism that is threatening jewish life in our country and other places in the world where jewish people thought themselves safe. this anti-semitism is expressed openly in unbuckled his speech on the internet and in the
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public sphere.e. -- unbridled hate speech on the internet and in the public sphere. >> this is a reminder of events 80 years ago. on the night of the ninth of november, 1938, nazis released violence on jews. 100 jews were killed, 26,000 were taken to concentration camps. november the ninth is also the anniversary of two other fateful dadays in german history. 100 years ago in the closing days of world war i, the social democrat politicians proclaimed a new german republic from the window. in 1989, democracy protests led to the fall of the berlin wall.
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it ultimately led to the reunification of germany. three days that loomed large in germany's collective memory. it is our actions today that show whether we have truly understood and learned from the consequences said the german president. >> we must prove that we germans have truly learned from the past and truly become more vigilant because in our history. we need to take action anytime that dignity is violated. we need to take a stand when a language of hatred spreads its tentacles. we can't allow a situation where some people claim to be the sole base -- voice of the true people and marginalize others. >> with them in parliament for the first time and extremist voices on the rise across the country, these were poignant words.
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phil: let's take a look at one of the other historic events that took place on the ninth of november. 100 years ago, philip claimed the first republic, marking the german empire. this is a revolution that transformed germany into a democracy. one group of germans once to change this. >> central germany. at this translation, performance react 1918. that is when sailors started an uprising to unseat the german kaiser, to evoke what played out at numerous train stations across the german empire a century ago. flash mobs with actors were staged at 47 train stations this week thanks to this man.
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he works for this foundation. a think tank ally with social democrats. he served as social affairs at the german embassy in africa. he is committed to a positive memory about germany's first microsoft. he and his tom wants one to bring history to life and have a lasting impact on the future. phil: he is with us now. welcome to dw. why do you think the germans should care more about the ninth of november, 1918? why should i care about -- they care about kristallnacht ? >> we don't want to make a competition between events. we think they are equally important.
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they are connected in many ways. one should not overshadow the other. our club is generally interested in bringing a way of civic education. the republic will such of the german population. this is a forgotten republic and the germans think of it only from the very bad ending. we think it has to be made clear that the beginning of the constitution of the first democratic state in germany was an achievement that was important for germany. that is the general aim of our club. phil: why hasn't been lost or
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forgotten? >> many reasons. first of all, it is only looked at because of its bad ending. many people said it was deemed too and that way. we think that is not true. it was not ended by itself, it was destroyed by forces of undemocratic german people. there are many other reasons for that as well. >> do you see parallels between 1918 and today? >> if you are correct to the ninth of november and our action , our revolution is rolling. i think this is a special event and a special thing where we want to attract attention. it really creates lessons for
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germans today. i think another revolution in this situation is not necessary and not wanted. it is the weight -- later history of the republic. it is interesting for us because it shows us that you have two always defend democracy. otherwise, it will be destroyed by the enemies of it. phil: what has been the reaction in germany? >> the actions? phil: your work to try to get people to remember this? >> there is a very broad discussion in germany academically and in newspapers. also, in many media.
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this is what we want to influence. i think we are able to do so. >> let's look at what else -- which of the stores are making headlines around the world. the news of britain, france and belgium have visited world war i battlegrounds and burial sites. this marks the armistice. theresa may has said time to look at their shared futures. president trump has signed an order suspending the site -- a silent of migrants from mexico. the president and first lady have flown from washington to france to attend world war i commemorations.
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authoritities is amalia said the is a suicide bomber. threree-step let - -- three e se blasasts rocked the e area. this terrorist group says that it carried out the attacks. we are taking a look at a potential thorn in donald trump's side. >> maxine waters is a democrat. she is already known as an adversary to president donald trump but her new position gives her more power. she can now connect subpoenas. on her radar is deutsche bank. democrats have not yet decided whether they should subpoena washer. -- deutsche.
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how can this affect social bank -- deiu -- deutsche bank. >> of course, often with the hands over their mouths, deutsche bankers say they should never have done business with donald trump in the first place. he often went non-sololvent and was not known for pay back what he borrowed. the bank was too big -- eager to get into the american market. >> a u.s. federal judge has
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halted construction of the oil pipeline which was supposed to run from canada to texas. this show that the trump administration should not have overturned a ban on the project. they called this a disgrace and he had given the go-ahead for the $80 billion project -- $8$80 million n project t saying thatt would create jobsbs and fresh ininfrastructurere. barack obama denied the pipeline over numerous oil spills. despite frosty relations between the united states and cuba, medical and scientific collaboration is always warm. they're testing the effectiveness of a revolutionary cuban treatment for lung cancer.
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>> some have held it as a a miracle c cure in the fight against lung cance researchers sasay the revolulutionary t technique invs the active immunology of a protein called egf. that stimumulates cell growth. samples from lung cancers are mixed with agents that stimulate immune system. that helps the immune system to identify and tararget the prpros in the cancer. >> itt is one more e weapon in e fight against cancer. we can use it together with other weapons such as chemotheherapy. the treatment which has been administered by monthly injections at this cuban research center since 2011 as already been approved in malaysia and sri lanka. around 5000 patients worldwide are undergoing the treatment.
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the e united states f formed a partnenership with the cubans in 15.. >> these results are veryy encouraging. >> we are ready for not only late phase testing but possible commercialization in the u.s.. >> first results from the first american patients are very encouraging but now they have to replicate them in a larger sample group. >> this sector snapped back with more and more europeans returning and interest growing in countries with a lot of potential as well, like china. >> the tourists are back, around the pyramid's of giza. tourists who booked spain last year are coming to egypt this year. they want to see the big sites.
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this group from france is taking a boat trip along the nile. a lot of p peace and quiet, a beautiful moment with family and friends. investors are once again active after a long hiatus. like investing in the niles fleet of boats. that creates jobs that are desperately needed. >> for several yearsrs, we hardy worked at all. tourism m is enormously importat for the egyptian economy. the tourism i industry has just announced that it will make up economic output this year. that is not just of the european tourists. the chinese have discovered egypt's. many chinese restaurants have sprung up with national language and cuisine just like home. >> this is the best meal that we have had so far.
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>> the locals are glad that tourism is picking up again. they hope that that might rejuvenate other sectors of the economy in the country on the nile. >> more news with phil. phil: thousands of migrants walk into the united states face many dangers. up to 30,000 have gone missing over the last 10 years. they're on the road with the migrant caravan. >> eduardo knows that being kidnapped and disappearing is the worst danger. his brother disappeared after he made his second attempt to reach the u.s.. >> we got as far as jobless -- chapas. the police caught me and deported me back to honduras. i went back to look for him but
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there was nothing. >> around 90 members of the caravan are said to have disappeared after getting onto trucks. the reports from various organizations have not been confirmed. >> there are differing accounts of the members missing. some sources say 80, others, 100. human rights authorities are looking into this case. >> it is feared that they may have been kidnapped and handed over to organized crime groups active in the area. others in the caravan are spooked. when he lost sight of his two friends, he thought he would never see them again. >> i was really worried they had disappeared and i would never hear from them again. we got separated while i was
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trying to find space on one of the vehicles. i had no idea when it had gone. -- where they had gone. >> thousands of migrants have disappeared over the last 10 years. many peoplple are queuing up to get inside this tends to call their families to reassure them they are still ok. >> we are gambling with our lives. if you fall off the train, you get one over by a truck. -- run over by a truck. >> we are most afraid for the children. >> because of the danger, the people in the stadium hope that any disappearances will be noticed. >> it is dangerous traveling between mexico city and the u.s. border. we have to look after each
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other. we have to know about each other. every individual, every child. >> organized crime is lying in wait everywhere on the journey ahead. the migrants are at risk of kidnapping and blackmail. >> criminals lure the migrants with fake offers of work. then there forcibly held -- they are forcibly held and subjected to human trafficking. >> attempts to dupe the migrants take place in mexico city. the president of the human rights commission said that migrants are approached by people claiming to be officials. >> no one had heard of the supposed organization. they offered to take people in
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lorries north and over the border into the u.s.. >> the biggest consent for the people in the caravan is to avoid fafalling victim to criminals, exploiting their desperation. >> rapidly moving wildfires in northern california have forced thousands of people to flee their homes. alter 2000 residents were told to leave. several more people have been found dead in burned-out cars. california's governor-elect has declared a state of emergency. the fires are expected to continue for days. >> all hell has broken loose. both wild fires -- wildfires are sweepingng through nororthern california forcing residents to flee. strong winds whipped up the
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blaze. >> a lot o of smoke, devastatio, active burning all throughout the towns. it was like the fire came from -- it looks like the fire came from the east and straight through 10 going to the west. >> the infernal spread so rapidly that families had to take roots -- routes already engulfed in fire. the fire has spread quickly. there are tinderbox conditions. >> the challenges that we are at the beginning of a significant scent and a wind event that would last a number of days. right now, we have somewhere between four and 500 firefighters unseen. many more on request and will be coming in.
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>> residents are in for a shock when they return to find their paradise lost. phil: onto football, germany's biggest match takes place soon. so far, this team is undefeated in the league, making them the hottest club right now and giving them their biggest chance in years to beat bayern. dortmund have looked like a well oiled machine. no losses, three draws and a league high 30 goals scored. it is the perfect time to welcome the defending champions, bayern munich to the backyard. they will remain table leaders. they have not lost sinince the coach took over. he thinks s that is still room o grgrow.
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>> we have made progress in the last three or four months but we still have a lot to learn tactically. we have a yououng team and d thy need timime to develop.. that is normal when you're 19 or 20. you're not fully mature.e. >> historically, bayern munich have one share of matches against them. the team has dropped in the standings this year. butt the bayern boss remaiains m as can be. >> a locket made of this pres -- a lot gets made of this pressure. i don't feel any. before, that was about survival, that was real pressure. therefore, we are going to enjoy the game against dolphins --
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dortmund. >> the last time that dortmund was victorious over bayern, they were leadding -- leading the table like they are now. phil: germany has been marking the 80th anniversary of kristallnacht, the infamous not see attack on german jews. chancellor merkel said that she lacked the words to describe that night. she said that germany must condemn anti-semitism forcefully. there is more at the top of the hour. have a good day.
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