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tv   France 24  LINKTV  December 7, 2018 5:30am-6:01am PST

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one of 200 "france 24" correspondents around the world. anchor: you are watching "live from paris." here are the headlines at 1:00. fears of renewed violence in paris ahead of a fourth weekend of yellow vest protests. 8000 police to deploy in the as the windhamw in streeters to stay home. to replace angela merkel as the leader of the christian democrats.
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rescue ship docks permanently. say a smear campaign by european leaders forced it to end operations. in the next hour, we will look at what is grabbing world talk through we how the yellow vest movement is playing out on france's front pages. could the future of the fashion industry lie with fish? one factory in kenya think so. it is selling sustainable fish leather. we will have more in our business update. ♪ anchor: paris is set to go into
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lockdown this weekend ahead of another major day of protests by the yellow vest movement. ouveeiffel tower and l museum will close the doors after the worst writing in decades sparked by the rising cost of living in france that has morphed into wider dissatisfaction with emmanuel macron's style of governing. the interior minister warns this morning radical forces are trying to infiltrate the movement area >> everything willsts radical dissidents try to mobilize tomorrow. that is why large-scale measures will be put in place across france. 89,000 police will be mobilized across the country. earlier, i was joined in the studio by our international editor.
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he told me more about what it was the interior minister had to say. >> the interior minister has just been speaking at the ininterior ministry in paris outlining what he plans for this weekend, how he plans to fight against any potential threats from vandals who come in from radical groups who might want to cause trouble in the french capital. 8000 police being brought into the capital. 89,000 posted around the country art any threat of violence. radical groups are trying to take over the protests just to cause trouble. that is the key message this weekend. he has also been talking about last weekend and how bad the fighting was. he was quoting one policeman who said he had never seen anything quite like it. it was a war zone.
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there were reports of police cars having molotov cocktails thrown inside and people saying they want to burn the police alive. the french authorities are desperate to avoid any repetition of the violence last week and will do everything they can to make sure tomorrow goes as smoothly as possible. anchor: the eiffel tower among the sites that will be shutting their doors tomorrow as authorities wrap up security at the protests -- ahead of the protests. >> bracing themselves for another weekend of protests. french authorities say they are deploying exceptional measures. 89,000 police officers, including 8000 and paris -- in paris. many more than last week and when police were overwhelmed by the riots that broke out. >> we are facing people who are not here to protest but to smash. we want to have the means to not give them free reign. >> the prime minister said they
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will also mobilize a dozen armed vehicles. out in theots broke suburbs. they fear they could be -- protesters could be joined by hooligans again. events like football matches and concerts have been called o off. after many suffered damage last weekend, businesses will shut their doors on saturday. they have been removed so they cannot be used as projectile's again. these yellow vest protesters from france are raising money to find their way to the capital. >> paris is where we can make the biggest media impact. it is also where all the politicians are. if we knock on their doors, they cannot ignore us. >> the government has renewed an appeal for calm an for legitimate protesters to stay
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these areparis, calls intent on ignoring. anchor: angela merkel set to step down as the leader of the christian democrats today after nearly 20 years. in theory, she will remain as chancellor until 2021. later, delegates will be voting on who will replace her as the head of the party. whoever does come out on top is likely to secede -- succeed her as chancellor. this morning, she gave her farewell speech to the party. dearur friends, -- friends, after over 18 years, this will be my last speech as the leader of the german cdu party. we always known the party is never one person but all members district chapters, state associations, unions,
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states, and municipalities, all hand-in-hand. it was not long ago we experienced how much strength and momentum we can develop together even when facing difficult headwinds. anchor: for the latest, we cross to hamburg where today's internal cdu elections are taking place. tell us what is at stake for the cdu today.. you mentiononed it. it was the end o of an e era. the head of the cdu for 18 years. she reminded everyone she was still chancellor. in her speech, she acknowledged she has stepped down as the head of her party after losses in the elections and the rise of the far right. and called the cdu for her party to look ahead
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because one is at stake today is not only the elections for the next chairman of the party, it is alslso the electi o of thhehd ofof the parartyhich iss expectd lead at the next regional elections. more importantntly, there will e the european elections next year. anchchor: you are in hamburg whe delegates will be voting later today for a new leader. who are the main contendnders to replace her? contendersthree main . the favorite is the current cdu,al secretatary of the said to be angela merkel's favorite candidate. she is on the centrist siside of ththe political spectrum. she successfully led a elections
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in her native area. she is the favorite according to the latest polls. another contender is a former corporate lawyer, someone who never saw eye to eye with angela merkel. he is keen to represent the people who did not approve of merkel's policies. those are the main contenders. the current health mininister, e youngest of the contenders. we will know early this afternoon what the cdu will have dedecided. anchor: w we will check iwith you when the vote gets underway in a few hours. thank you very much. next, a migrant rescue ship credited with saving thousands of lives in the mediterranean is to end all operations. doctors without borders saying a smear campaign by european governments is to blame.
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here,er spending weeks the aquarius, the last charity ship active off the libyan coast, is terminating operations. the end of aquarius means more says doctors without borders, blaming obstruction tactics by italy and other european governments for the decision. >> this is the result of a sustained campaign spearheaded by the entire government and backed by other european states to delegitimize, slander, and obstruct eight o organizations providing assistance to vulnerable people. >> launched in 2016, it has rescued about 30,000 people from mediterranean but also became the symbol of europe's divisions over migration. arguing it was during an unfair board, they closed the ports to migrant rescue ships in june. left months later, panama
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the ship stranded d in the frenh cityty of marseillele and able o set sail legally. last month, italian authorities ordered seizure of the ship accusing it of illegally dumping toxic w waste. the two charities will they resusume -- to charities say thy will resume charity work on another ship. most of the migrants are coming from libya according to doctors without borders. and rebelvernment representatives in yemen sitting down for the first time in sweden. these are the first talks in two years. they have been organized by the u.n. which says the humanitarian situation in the country's more precariousus than ev. half of the population is reported to be in pre-famine conditions. >> half the population at risk of starvation.
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the economy shrinking by 1/3 every year. four years of war has pushed yemen to the brink. people desperately want peace. >> we don't want the war to go on. we don't want the talks in sweden to fail. >> we are tired. i hope the situation improves soon because the whole population is done and destroyed. >> the conflict has its roots in a popular uprising against the longtime ruler. following months of protests inspired by the arab spring, he finally transferred power to his vice president in november of 2011. inaugurated in february the following year, he struggled to deal with a number of problems including the growing presence of al qaeda. shiite rebels took advantage of
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the instability and launched attacks. in september of 2014, the seized control of the capital and later forced the president into exile. accusing iran of backing the rebels, saudi arabia began a relentless air campaign in march of 2016. their r aim was to drive the who the -- houthis out of the capital. the u.s. backed the coalition. since then, more than 10,000 have died. but that number i is from two years ago and according to estimates maybe five times bigger today. 14 million people are on the brink of famine. diplomatic efforts have so far failed to grassroots. it is only the second time representatives of the government and rebels are holding talks since the conflict began. anchor: despite the planned
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yellow vest protests, they are still planning to celebrate the festival of lights this weekend. the event normally attracts hundreds of thousands who had to the southwest to see the famous landmarks lit up. transformedof leon into a festival of lights. it is back for four evenings of esmerizing light installations, eliminating buildings, monuments, and parks. 2017, nearly 2 million people attended the festival. this year's event is taking place under tents circumstances. france remains on edge as yellow vest protests are set to take monumentsn, several willll be closed on saturday.
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they've said they will go ahead with their plans and underlined security will be the number one priority. >> thehese are overreaeaching measures because they take all security forces into account as well as public safety. i hope we will be able to adapt the measures according to what happens. police officers, street marshals, emergency workers, and the army will be deployed, as well a as a crowd observation drone. security parameters and searches will be in operation around the main displays. anchor: 1:15 in paris. let's remind you of our headlines this hour. renewed violence in paris. they batten down the hatches ahead of the fourth weekend of protests. the prime minister warns demonstrators to stay home. the beginning of the end for angela merkel.
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voting syndicate underway to replace her as the leader of the christian democrats. protége is tipped to be the favorite. dockedarius rescue ship permanently. says a without borders smear campaign forced the end of operations. let's get business news from paris. i am joined by our business editor. you have been following the meeting of opec where they are planning production cuts and they have hit a couple of bumps in the road. >> the group failed yesterday to agree on cutting output to combat flagging prices. the saudi oil minister said he was not confident about being able to strike a deal by the end of the day as the group basis ce from countries like iran who wants an exemption.
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russia was coopeperatingng withc but says a deeper cut will be tested to its cold climate. oil rebounded slightly after russia said moscow was ready to contribute a cut of around 200,000 barrels per day. brent crude up around .75%. dwi still trading down in the united states. libya has struggled to rebound economically after the fall of low market off in 2011. the tug-of-war between rival administrations have forced libyans to turn to the currency black-market to pay for everyday goods. new economic policies have not offered much relief. >> jewelry for the bride. a must in libya. but in the capital's gold market, he cannot find anything he can afford for his daughter's wedding. >> have been coming every day
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for a month hoping prices go down. >> his story is typical of libya's once well off middle class who have been impoverished during years of conflict. libya has been divided since 2014. rival authorities took power amid the anarchy that followed the fall of mo market off the in 2011 -- quadaffi. the two financial institutions have struggled to impose themselves. the gap between the exchange rates has caused corruption and contributed to a liquidity crisis. in september, the internationally recognized government and its rival devalued the currency. this narrow the gap between the black market and bank rates but prices remain high. gold stillll costs triple e what did four years ago. nosedive started because of
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volatile oil revenues. money remains scarce as people hoard or play the black market. new measures will be difficult to enforce. on black-market dealers have pushed them deeper into the old city. >> the chinese telecom firm's chief financial officer was arrested. the e.u. tech commissioner says the bloc should be worried about the potential risk to e.u. security. renunciatioionted of the arrest. a bail hearing is set for this afternoon. a look at financial markets. in europe, tech stocks rebounded. all major indexes are in the ains forth strong gr
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the ftse. finally relief after three days of drops. down was down about .2% of the close. would you wear fish? a kenyan food factory has decided to save discarded skins to turn it into leather. it does not smell like fish. factoryaysof the the letter has been used to make shoes, jackets, and handbags. there is even interesting fish leather car seats. he expects demand to shoot up as the fashion industry moves toward a more sustainable alternative. is exoticather like reptile leather.
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leather is a good alternative. as it gains soon popularity there will be a lot of demand for it on the market. >> i am into it. why not? anchor: i will give it a go. thank you very much. now it is time for our press review. ♪ time to take a look at what is grabbing headlines in the world press. you will be taking a look at the coverage of the yellow vest movement in france dominating all of the newspapers today. >> is certainly is. act four. there was a warning from the
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government yesterday concerning the weekend. ups talks about the gearing of the violence. is grappling with whether the violence is justified. they said they don't support the writers but understand them. one person told the paper when a dog is hungry he ends up writing someone. the editorial has a similar conclusion. violence is reprehensible but those who refuse to treat the causes are reprehensible also. another paper takes a different stance and editorial today. they call out the government and protesters for being irresponsible and point out these protests are illegal and have been for the past four weeks. they ask who will take the blame if the worst happens tomorrow and someone is killed. these protests continue to get a lot of coverage in the international press. i want to show you the front page of this week's "economist."
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that is the symbol of the french republic vandalized last saturday. it has become sort of the symbol of the current chaos. anchor: in preparation for tomorrow's protests, a lot of buildings in paris are shutting down. one key event is going ahead. thisis is the curren -- is the march for the climate. omarches are taking place across france, sometimes in conjunction with yellow vest protests. politicians and social leaders have published an op-ed calling for saturday to be a day of collective action for environmental and social justice. this partnership is significant because the yellow vests started off as resistance to a pro environmental policy, the fuel
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tax. the government has been setting up a dichotomy between worrying about the end of the month versus the end of the world. many papers are pointing out this is a false dichotomy. "the new york times" says to be truly effective, climate policy cannot but the burdens on most vulnerable. it says that is what france's fuel tax did and other countries should be learning from that mistake. anchor: also making headlines in france of the images of students protesting the were met by a strong response by the police. >> we have been showing you the images on "france 24." we see the students on their knees as they are getting arrested. this was the top story on the website. they point out in the video you hear a police officer saying there is a class behaving itself. needless to say, this sparked indignation across france. mer socialist party
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candidate said this is chilling. ahead of local government has responded to some of the criticism. he said how are 70 officers supposed to keep 150 students ca lm and quiet? anchor: let's move on to the united states where "the new york times" is reporting donald trump's housekeeper is an undocumented migrant. >> the story is raising eyebrows because we know how the u.s. president feels about undocumented immigrants. the woman is from guatemala and works at the trump golf club in new jersey. one of her jobs was making the president's bed. like many undocumented people, she got her job using fake documents. to said there are number of other undocumented people working at the club. the new york times" she knows she may lose her job and face deportation but said she wanted to come forward
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because she was tired of the abuse and humiliation she and others have been facing from the u.s. president, even if he did always treat her kindly in person. anchor: what irony. the french are not the only ones fearing a riot this weekend. this is a story from the netherlands. police are mobilizing to deal with crowds from a birthday party. birthdayear-old girl's party. she was hoping to have a small party. she sent out invitations to a few friends on snap hook. one of them posted it on facebook and 20,000 have expressed interest. she sent out the invitations to a few people on snapchat. this is not the first time this has happened in the netherlands. in 2012, a similar incident saw a crowd of 4000 gather. they had to be broken up by riot police.
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because of that president, police are bracing for the worst. local officials have been calling for people to stay away. the girl has reportedly had to go into hiding.
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