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tv   DW News  LINKTV  December 24, 2018 3:00pm-3:31pm PST

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from berlin. rescue teams race to find survivors of the indonesian tsunami. the dedeath toll has taughght 3. survivors are forced to move to higher ground. there are fears of a second giant wave. also, on t the program, t turkey says military reinforcements to the syrian border. this as u.s. troops are forced to retreat.
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turkey could be preparing a fresh offensive against him. the new york stock exchange gets a lump of coal in it's -- its chrismast -- christmas stocking. shares are plummeting on new growth phase. plus, in the season of giving, dw meets the owner of a restaurant that is charitable all year round. i am christine mhundwa. welcome to the program. authorities are continuing eruptions -- say that continuing eruptions could cause more webster hit the coastline like
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the one over the weekend. with a 370 people lost their lives when a huge wave swept the coast of sumatra. nearly 130 people remain unaccounted for. more than a thousand have been injured. >> a child's cry. the giant wave lifted and buried in rubble for 20 minutes. -- buried him in rubble for 20 minutes. this is on the sumatran side of the some understrength -- the strait. there is the recovery of the dead. hundreds of people lost their lives. most would have e scarcely know what hit them. -- known what t hit them. >> all of a sudden, the wave came. i was here.
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afterwards, i ran over there to a crowd of people who were holding a celebration. a motorbike of swept over there. i came back here at 2:00 a.m.m.o try toto get my bike. i could not. it was bururied under the debri. >> this is the second deadly tsunami to strike indonesia this year. people are asking why the early warning system failed. why coastal areas were not evacuated. indonesisia's president had no answers. >> i have forwarded an inspectition of all senomyxyx equipment and the replacacementf broken ones. i think that in the new budget,, i will allocate moneyy for new and brbroken equipment.
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>> tsunamis are triggered by eaearthquakes. experts say this one was called by thisolcano just 50 kikilomete awaway from t the co. evenen properly y functioning systems would d not have worked. ththe giant wave came out t of e night, snatching so many lives. christine: carl is joining us now. you have been driving through the area. whwhat have yoyou seen? >> a although it is already two days since this mommy struck, there is still quite a lot going on. it is getting a little more quiet right now. people have to rest. police, security forces, doctors, they need time for themselves now as well.
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as we were driving through here, every couple of minutes we saw ambulances bringing diseased people to hospitals. the rescue operations are still in full operation. it will take some time. >> which areas have beenen the worst hit? >> as far asas we are informed, thisis site has been hit worse. in sumatra, it was not hit as bad. thth is wheree the capital o of indonesia,a, jakartata is. quitite a high number of casualties.
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we hope that it does not raise more. >> how big is the dadanger of an tsunami -- of a n new tsunami? >> krakatoa corrupted, it is a 40 meter high volcano, that is not so big. most geologists told us that it is being caused by landslides. such landslides can happen again at any time. people have to be very aware of that. christine: what has the government of i indonesia been communicatingg to people? >> because of the imminent danger, such landslides can happen again. it can happen that -- at any
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given moment.. the government says to stayy clear from the coast. during the day itt was g going under because people arare still looking for victims. peopople have to stay way omom e coast. it is the main thing. this iwhat theovernmenis asking. christin that was our correspondent reporting for us in indonesia. thank you. now, to some of the other stories. in afghanistan, at least 25 people have been killed in a shack on the selfies in the capital. assailants have also been killed. attackers detonated a car bomb. no group has claimed responsibility for the assault. a u.s. judge has ruled that north korea should pay the
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family $500 million in a wrongful death suit. the former u.s. college student died shortly after north korea released him from captivity. his parents say that he was tortured. a court in pakistan has sentenced the former prime minister to seven years in prison for corruption. that is on top of 10 years for a similar sentence in july. he says that the charges are politically motivated. president donald trump has now signed the order to call all american troops out of syria. donald trump maintains that the withdrawal will be highly coordinated. everyone -- erdogan has assured him that turkey will make sure that they are sent. >> turkiki forces hahave been
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amassing onoth sides of the border.. they wanted to crush this militia inin syria. it is seen as part of a terrororist alliancece. the ypg has been a key ally of the united states and the international coalition in the fight against the islamic state. turkey says it will take over the fight against i.s. militants. donald trump talked to his turkish counterpart yesterday and tweeted that president erdogan would eradicate whatever is left of isis in syria. the u.s. withdrawal will not be overseen by jim mattis since he was sworn in early last year. the u.s. secretary of defense has earned the respect as a reliable partner. his team reassured the fighters in syria. jim mattis resigned after trump withdrawed from syria.
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french president macron was clear about what he thought. i deeply regret the decision taken on syria. i would like to pay tribute to general mattis and what accompanied his decision. and l.a. should be a viable and coordinate with other allies. general mattis understood this perfectly. he will be replaced by hisis deputy, patrick shanahan. trump only brought shanahan into the defense department last year. he is an engineer who spent most of hisis career at boeing. he has no background in politics or military affairs. christine: the war in syria has driven more than a million syrians to seek refuge. mainly they live in poverty and
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child refugees are often on the streets to help their families. these boys sell flowers for a living when they would rather be at school. >> is almost -- it is almost midnight. the worker is far from over. the brothers from serious health flowers on the streets of beirut. three days away from dust and on. -- dusk til dawn. >> i worked because my parents are sick. i go and buy the flowers, i work and work and then i go home. >> syrian children working on the streets of beirut has become a common sight. 70% of syrian refugees live under the poverty line. leaving many parents with no choice but to send their children ontnto the streets to survive. >> our parents arere sick but i
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want to say sometething, he shod be able to stay at homome, evenf my motheher and father are sick. they shohould work, they had us, they should be supporting us and not the other way around. >> neitherer yusef or his brothr go to school. on the streets, they experience violence. at the bar, they beat me and did not let me sell flowers, i s sat on the c corner and cry. >> facing this kind of abuse causes toxic stress in children. something ngo workers are becoming increasingly worried about. >> let's say a kid spends four or five years on the streets. if he stays in lebanon or goes back to syria, the preciously based on the streets will
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remain. he will be a will to do his work properly. we are talking about children. instead of being at school, they are abused. this is affecting an entire generation. >> this is part of a team that runs the fun bus. in addition to alleviating the children suffering on the streets. for a couple of hours each week they can come on the bus, a safe space away from the gaze of the passersby to do arts and crafts. >> it hopes -- helps families. if you give a child paper, a cardboard p piece and glue, they can make something of it. it allows them to go powerful. >> it can fit a max of 15 children at a time. syrian children account for
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three out of four children living and working on the streets of lebanon. resources to help them are overstretched. leaving children with no resort but to wish for a better future. >> pilgrims law gathering for christmas celebrations in this city of bethlehem is traditionally considered the birthplace of jesus. visitors are taking part in a rain and lining up to be thehe - be in the place where jesus was born. they wilill lead midnight mass. before leaving the traditional chchristmas procession, they appealed for help in difficult times. >> we must celebrate the joy and hope that is very far from us. you can see that this prevails sometimes.
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we are permitted to work for peace without the frustration to overcome our feelings. >> with the christmas holidays upon us, many people are reminded of the virtues of giving. for one restaurant, there is no offset -- off-season for generosity. >> it is the season of giving. this means going into overdrive. he is an immigrant of pakistan that owns a small but successful restaurant in downtown washington dc. all of these scarves and one clothes are about to be given away. -- warm c clothes are about to e given n away. various churches are giving away two goods to people -- giving away goods to people in need before christmas.
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he has built up a small network of homeless people that know him. >> make e another person happy,, this is christmas s time, it isa beautil titime of yeyear. you u can see everybody smiling. if you can put a a smile o on or people's face, it is a big blessing. >> this is his restaurant. it serves free meals to homeless people all day, every day. even when it is not christmas. homelessness is endndemic in washington dc. some peoeoe put the numbebers of pepeople who sleep on the street above 11,000. he says that he faces similar things in extreme poverty. -- he has had to face similar things before in his life in extreme poverty. now that he doesn't have too, he wants to get b back. one man n tells us t that he hes
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-- it helplps them too feeeel accepted. >> in mexico regular, like normal. instead of feelingng likike youe not worthyhy of it. it makes you f feel privileged. >> is generosity started from day one when he opened the restaurant. seeing homeless people digging through trash cans broke his heart. he resolved to do something about it. >> i said that if i ever had a restaurant, i would open my heart to those who needed it. >> the grill is still operational and has given up more than 80,000 meals. a good reminder that need knows no season. christine: over to janel now. it is not an especially merry christmas. janel: steven mnuchin has been
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speaking to regulators on the plunge protection team. the early phone of the heads of the six largest banks over the weweekend. in a statement they said that they have ample liquidity available e for lending. they follow the u.s. stock market's worst weeks since the financial crisis. uncertainty over the partial government shutdown has added to concerns. key businesses have wiped out all of their games for the year. >> she is following the developments on washington. good to see you, sappy. -- sophie. sophie: the markets were not called. it had the opposite effect. it seems that investors were suspicious of his statement. as if he would ask why they would d ask these questions non.
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the market was down with the doubt, dropping around 600 points and also shares of banks. eight t of america with 1.5%. i think there's too much going on right now. it is spooking investors. this will raise rates -- the fed will raise rates two times in 2019. christine: then there is the matter of president trump's tweet this as an jerome powell. saying that the only problem that the u.s. economy has is the fed, what do you make of that? >> that is trump trying to blame someone who is easier to blame -- blame someone. who is easier to blame than the fed chairman? how convenient.
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he wants a low oil price and low interest rates. he can easily say that these are the reasons for sluggish growth. the stock market is with him on that one when it comes to jerome powell. steve mnuchin quoted trump and says he disagrees with the fed but he never suggested firing the chairman. this might be off the table. christine: that was sophie on wall street, thank you. -- thank you. the pan-european exchange operator, euronext is in talks to acquire borders. they are seeking the support of the board of directors.
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they are representing almost half of outstanding shares. eueuronext operates s severall europepean exchanges. it has secret derivatives and shipping attractiveness. -- attractives. this carmaker has alerted german authorities over mission software in their diesel cars. some of the cars they recalled may still have this software. they have spent more than 20 billion euros on car buybacks in the u.s. after the aftermath of dieselgate. the 2 billion euros that the carmaker is expected to spend on dieselgate next year is expected
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to happen. what was said it was be without his reindeer? any potential santa claus can also keep up with the times. he can equip his animals with a transmitter color. -- collar. >> this breeder watches over hundreds of animals. what was a huge challenge is no longer as hard as it used to be thanks to the latest technology. >> 30 years ago, you had to follow the old arrangers to learn the landscape. the forests and all of the animal habits. now you just pick up the mobile phone with the navigation app. from the first day on, you can do it all yourself. >> apart from agriculture, there is not much money to be made.
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for 1500 shepherds, the reindeer are the basis of life. herders sell the meat, no and for her. the animals are herded together for slaughter. since he invested in a gps collar, it has been simpler for him to find his reindeer. >> in all sectors of society, efficiency is playing a bigger role. it is the same with reindeer herding. it should get more efficient paula time. >> this helps to locate cadavers . every year, 5000 reindeer fall victim to predators like the -- the lynx. >> we are facing the same type of revolution we had with the snow scooters. i think these new technologies could do the same. we could take this new
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technonology and save a lott of time and money.. >> all they need is a color that costs 90 euros, a battery that lasts up to a year and a simple cell phone. simple tools that keep an entire way of life alive. christine: it may be the most famous christmas song in the world. talking about silent night. it is turning 200 years old. when it was first sung in 1818 in germany, no one could have guessed how popular it would become. the origins can be traced to austria. >> silent night square. this is where silent night was composed. 200 years ago, the saint nicholas church stood here. now a small chapel has been
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built. there is a small museum here as well. the lyrics were written by a clergyman and the music was composed by a schoolteacher. he played guitar and sang the baseline. the organ used to deposit was still functional. the song was meant to be a piece on. >> it was written during a very hard time. we think that it was in this desperate time that the song was composed. simple to give the people comfort and support. even today, the song evokes deep emotions. for the 200th anniversary, acquire of singers from across austria are celebrating the composer on the city square. in the meantime, they have put this song on the world cultural
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heritage list. christine: and a reminder of the top stories. rescue teams are racing to find survivivs of ththe indonesian tsunami. the death totoll has risenen tot least 273. the volcano that most likely triggered the destruction is still a rafting. there are fears of a second tsunami. -- still erupting, there are fears of a second tsunami. you can get access to all the latest news from around the world as lon -- as well as push notifications about the latest news. you are watching dw news from berlin. we will have more news for you at the top of the hour. if you need to get up-to-date, you can get all the latest news online on or twitter.
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thanks for joining dw, happy holidays.
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