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tv   France 24  LINKTV  December 31, 2018 3:30pm-4:01pm PST

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front front. i'm from front even old old old home. he ran for his decision. he says that government can better that that is. be able. all this is the city that he has well well that was illegally auckland intact. and i'm not so yeah [inaudible] yeah.
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the decision saying things. welcome back to transfer and find your new to the those of you watching. already ready twenty one night. nineteen friends are technically clever at our own around the world and i now go is deliberate. the the lar armitage's city city they may miss red red square registrations are going going he had had the night i and then i should say there's one thing. but this time. in the coming party party [inaudible] yeah [inaudible] extra caution [inaudible]
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nine nine okay on island. nine i without able. to he's moved to france for its resolutions. toronto go she just. options that day. it. looks like a and you -- have have. only only i needed it as it. were a the need. for more people arrive [inaudible] getting bigger. although it has [inaudible] you -- are. and are not intended. it's going on way way of some sentient doing the will of the ram ram and then they said that -- they that had some some judges are. i need need.
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and dad dad dad ready ready you -- one one went right right. now. and i know no indication. that hanging so sorry. about an hour ago and right now got got. checked it on the on the only on me. because of our just over our twenty nine nineteen ninety one i'm a member. of the french. his back into your ears no gentle. after after. one year level of deep divisions and he can call our dialogue dignity and have no. such intention under contract and i'm i'm a movement in it it is. man man but he twenty twenty
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eight don't don't. don't. use. which which pull pull from. ginger. chews foreign as homosexuals fits of multiple since lately to indication from france. but the people of reverend easy day date reference so we're leveling shins which was the change from friends and it saves you may you may lowell. preciso easily on how the rule of law because of the law. early early early imprints reinforced french [inaudible] yeah yeah. transfer into the decisions. tonight.
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show show that said what it was re reading all right. in this initiative and has also -- those was with import more. say said okay we will we will see. more but but this is on the asians and dialogue about -- for your your budget. and nine of one's wings weeks. the policy of dell didn't didn't. you lose some [inaudible] you did -- institutional real real -- contentious isn't. you know. basically the big big issue. he still sold now has dialogue his was one i want to know now. he made a couple of weeks ago to a call --
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this is what's happening now and on march. this is to do is also. police believe -- economic social she should always also and how. to improve -- exertional. a more or proportional the because it is an answer thi. only party party at ten tennessee since all of them and this is this is is. that said that the situation will come on the dental how how. fact is the junior leaders and that. it is -- it was my my killed the dynamics of hi guys are leader of the far right right nationalist rally. i'm seeing here.
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thank thank your general leader. we wait and tonight she called him and and and and it can help with understanding and why and why she chose chose those grifters. yeah yeah you use the word words. basically re read. or special -- we did did did well. it will be completely -- couple complete paper over a friend. not the not the true culprit your country and bay daily why what global beat even even injected couple compatriot. i'm alive he was really don't know about it you know way way and not not that i'm gonna* buddy buddy power. to get it back [inaudible] the usual ultra brutal. he had had you need in our
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country very early on secular go. to yeah that yeah yeah. you'll use it at that cap laboratory of of probably the great wrapped up -- is he the you rule. on the only only the only thing we can confront so he you know one way the our our our our truck. out while we're at it right right highlighted the old old truck. with the threat. of global and then the date legally does that i don't want. any anything in it. reportedly couple everywhere locked away where the new rules that will be.
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in the in the in the lawn mowing the and regretted the the older what what a good friend. now. at that at a ruddy radical change in in people if one of you got the right hand and all park or political. welcome to you to go to one class but at the heart of armaments which you can the confusion on the little engine -- we we help help -- run around the world well out of the way way home from the the legally company usually. now now may may i have your more or as management and that actually didn't actually. nice nice -- although much much of message was director at anything and that ma'am
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violent. the drop drop we can not not the one one one one okay not a mom up. the whole the whole. month month. lord owen only by bike income got on from. a light light. i in. cali collide the whole whole movement i think being that there's really not much money is that a you do you are you. married are month money back but it did not look at at how many demoted more accurate are our allies -- confront. our look and i'll tell them the more more important than is little good for for the for the rate range be be able to see people with money. and and up to date you the
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and we have you held for ol. people. so that's it. think think think think so much of my when i really really hate it. next. to it lingering again can high -- fine bye bye. yeah lotion. for residential building in the city of yeah yeah yeah. at least in the middle or still does anything with temperatures at that on monday. twenty one also at the overnight. the service catalog law in
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the register should see if my the bloodlust thought so to include alike i seriously tore through the building is around six and i am with many many reservists really easily. twenty six says residents level i need a new asian they service today gate on ha ha its initial shock we shall shelters in the school. leasing and i and i downtntn fs i dreaming.. thenen i realize out outside the womb. is due to aging infrastructure forcing regular regulation regardin. george. donald graham had an asian [inaudible] comes. to on monday monday because
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your tear jack that. true true draw instead. downtown which now says that he tells. is is changing shots on the white line tells. don don jones from his restaurant charge on to online. trolling his troops in the area if anybody would be done on that day. which was a residents they would be a national hero. i saw this is miss most your john whistler. trying to be what you have families. for instance bisham comes up. in the senate and it is because i am i am legend should residents and then day. hello hello after a meeting
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claim claims it was it was it. this group was for the for the affected a lot a lot out over -- with the rolling downsizing troops in the area with my ststuff. different effects. this invent record gook the special actually for globalization. through groupup was assigned in the when the way he was. quick critics allow allow. allow. states to to build build and save save with israel of us us bye b bye bye why why she gently shesha will be left alone w with a mobile to nae a name. to to have a health care because it's u. s. u. s. minutes among among women blending could could. this be allowed to keep the young. ones [inaudible]
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where's your coming up. on his work. for fifteen d. one orders. it's time to harvest here's here's that s same day h his commmmitment check check. one also known as account for any. it. was on but he's a littlele . but i don't. we are using this fifty six single you with some some of the sun sunlight what.
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we call going alone like wait wait until it reaches [inaudible] man man [inaudible] country inevitably. hundred ring finger for me. all my friends have had -- if within. sometimes taliban right right well we'll run some some sense and so. is it. and i'm not getting any more than a year off to never have --
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one being a danger and friends. years years and since the sound on a neat. thing has had me destiny [inaudible] she can't. they believe he can kill kill whihile. the young young ones [inaudible] today we five five and around round world [inaudible] in this these. are lecture. rapidly and grad dress reach reach always always. three control. the system. generalize live action jim avila fell and legally we
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forced her to death [inaudible] freezing [inaudible] the team. her first virus all not only structure that made me own honorable to other [inaudible] fadel [inaudible] that will [inaudible] date. eight and climate change could make me. we know you know zz spread right temperatures remains between sixteen and twenty four to forty three l. sells his. so never never global warming will have to have an act and how how seasons at all. we're this is the world's largest. three were accurate search for training. for more than [inaudible]
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disease resistant [inaudible] that's right. rated rated it seems easier him from our original select election comes only through lenovo profits and they had have attention to like talk to her. that's when an exact you still let let them get get rebounds [inauaudible] i don't. we start on main main. this is to obtain a large family. division -- i off after that tracy's house counted on the number of one one with h a with a loss from dc families [inanaudible] the otrr. we would we would get a mold us alway list is within three three survive i right right. it says it does it does it work [inaudible]
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jim jim. right right but it's not. lesion. managing a celestial engines not normally they would gegt it was released as a net and they are [inaudible] although. prophesied pretty pretty warning the ones i know i just want to restore your reason is damage she she's the flood cluster stir it all. in nineteen ninety seven seventeen now has. can check occurs. your j job just there's just like dyson. we're not going to alone exiting saucece oscar will will continue. to call the police liberal. how? the men will be able to
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offer different from other products. such an engine short. it was a lot last surgeon hands on the industry dreams realized. ultimately this was over i have a hard time competing heeding the call comes restrict by far. the most popular color on my and around around [inaudible] yeah. two sixty four three hundred please. listen to to pollution was going. straight.
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the legalization furry friends family [inaudible] yeah yeah. textile factory storiries ty tell you why white. right right yeah. and that goes goes the sec. it evil the color blue jean. he has also. it has had an area. but i have a mom okay. and i don't. know y you clean. tell me i mean i found out [inaudible] probably. the weather was. just you need -- thank [inaudible] but the she looked really.
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join him instead. five five five three three away away [inaudible] regulations. for instance. the thirty three really doing. critic or tech [inaudible] ten five there are [inaudible] right [inaudible] after. three there is [inaudible] today. telltale clean clear because it's just [inaudible] the yeah.
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the main. changes the that. would have to leave. because there's there's anything. thanks for calling [inaudible] i can [inaudible] great great. it was a restriction of i have a nine nineteen twenties when we okay fine. it might might. it was it was. which which i had to take a
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break [inaudible] and i had an idea [inaudible] with. it would have been [inanaudible] you stst [inaudible]e] see media. we got a guy. yeah we we do anyway. again again again my mind today [inaudible] we yeah. we do we do. if we do we do we get we fired we tried for anybody that. seven hundred service as a every day [inaudible]
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yeah. he took a break to write. and as we call call. nine nine it might might. it seems to me [ [inaudible] hello [inaudible] right [inaudible] there was. it was it was just. hold. i could [inaudible] and my life [inaudible]
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cocompatible double
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[captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacifica, this is democracy now! noam: so, , is it ththe most grt moment in my life? yes, but also in all of human history. amy: today, noam chomsky for the hour on the twin threats of nuclear war and climate change, the election of the far-right former army captain jair bolsonaro in brazil, and how u.s. foreign policy in latin america has led to the migrant crisis. noam: you have this incredible charade taking place,


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