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france twenty four dot com. yeah but it is welcome to live from paris will news and analysis from france i can i mark. thesese are the main world news headlines. the death throes of the islamic state group women jihadists choose to die rather than surrender our latest exclusive report. on the ground in syria coming up. there's been a report a breakthrough in the talks between the us and the taliban. controll half of afghanistan acting us defense secretary shanahan says they are encouraging but there's no timetable for withdrawal. yet.. michael michael takes his egyptian counterpart to task of the human rights but the visit to carly's the french president fielding criticis. and claims that francis silence.
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has been pulled . thank you very much for being with us. we start with the latest special and exclusive report from syria witnesses the witnessing the end game for the islalamic s state groupt seemss embedded with the syrianan democraratic force. that backed by the united states francnce and other western nations are cameras caught the heat of the fighting. to defeat the last resisting j jihadists in the east to syria. despite heavy losses. the stf the syrian democratic forces a tightening the noose. around what is left of the islamic state group circle caliphates. for those who
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come on this front line the last hot is the rules of the toughest. just yet the judge done of on the hyundai and asian it beyond i took on that with six twenty on she show any hunting please on a eight off the honda. what are w we? two kilometes full with a unit to stock. the jihadist in his wife of entrenched themselves in the house. they have already killed two as the a fight is and refused to surrender what does your the head of what it is -- wewe did a study session. them with you know within a littttle.. a night of fighting begins.
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the next morning the stf take us to the sea . what on the second [inaudible] others. others. want to come in the the same usual sophia these fighters took part in the assault. with the husband a and the wiwife with fighting. the silicon hundred amount i mean and sixteen borrowed -- not a classroom cope. when we said this -- said this -- my bad for showing off extremely aggressive. someone of the food that i
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knew little notes tested me send a had it not been no no no. it can't connect with chip. mission on it. i tell man what had -- sub b because mania. his father was. in [inaudible] this. is. the the full one at that ticket you don has on the verge of how. the show up a little. we were unable to confirm the ice militants nationality. it is your turn on or if not would you know who the*
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visual. cut off on a how far this year on hello all but not on my we didn't get a chance to investigate any further. well it just [inaudible] do you. three days from just being spotted right near the position we were in. we have to go straight away because the events in the tunnel n network and we do t know whether that will be coming out. as we reach safety. we spoke to coalition drone in the sky above us.
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in the distance bonus p poud the islamic state's loss stronghold. a special and exclusive report that from easton syrup on n my colleagues jas andre my solid and from male along blah how to close the series from. syria continues to bring you more of course on the old the issues that they cover as we get it. next there's been a report a breakthrough in talks between the us and the taliban. the taliban of course control half of afghanistan the framework for a deal has been sketched out and this includes a withdrawal of us troops. but sarah so far the taliban is refusing to stop the terror attacks and to talk with the afghan government. president ashraf ghani of afghanistan is calling for caution we'll hear tough twenty four surely step on that this. us troops in afghanistan their departure is the key demand from the taliban of principle us negotiators agreed to window hall
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although according to the chief us negotiator. no timetable has been sent the militant group accepted it demand made by the us. the taliban have committed to our satisfaction to do what is necessary that would prevent afghanistan from ever becoming a platform for international terrorist groups or individuals. the taliban have not agreed to a ceasefire. they're not even willing to talk to the afghan government so when the us envoy briefed afghan leaders hehe got a cautious respons. most we want peace. we want to phone first. but we want to plan for it that having a plan is very important because we don't want to repeat past mistake. what the afghans dread is that without a real peace deal once foreign troops are gone the taliban would continue or even strengthened their attacks? somethining the country has facedd before.
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that's why the afghans want to approve and be part of any agreement the us will seal with the taliban. sure this upon our reported that. next the menu michael has met with egypt's president abdel fattah el sisi now it's a visit this causing controversy french president said that he encouraged respectt.. humann rights when he met with -- his egyptian counterpart to micro seperti jeep success was important for the world given egypt size location i'm intricate abilities. but the free expression was one of the best safeguards against extremism. cc is similar to ma'am seen as c. has led an unprecedented crackdown on dissent. the french president also took the opportunity to praise his own security forces for the handling of the visual or yellow vest protests in france. that represents is led into mac on for what they condemned. tourism during the time of crisis. human rights and security
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must go hand in hand. that was the key message the french president brought to cairo his meeting with president abdel fattah el sisi. who? vested beat the stability. and durable peace. go together to the second and cannot be separated from the question of human right. emmanuel macron faces a difficult balancing act in egypt. franz wants to pressure the administration on the jailing of dissidents for example. it's estimated this around sixty thousand political prisoners of behind bars in egypt but paris doesn't want to alienate a country seen as vital t to the regigion's stabilility. from libya to gaza. issues since october twenty seven going in the right direction you. some journalists and activists. have been imprisoneded companies and generated. that these acts damage egypt's internationally
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known as an entity. he responded as he's done in the past by pointing to a current cultural differences between egypt and the west. no that's not a couple on the issue of human rights we must recognize that egypt is not like europe and the united states. we have certain cultural traits and it's normal that there were differences between countries that have been doing the whole. whatever their disagreements on human rights economic and cultural ties remain strong. a dozen business deals worth millions of euros was signed during the trip. the controversial trip indeed hitting the some analysis within jordan for me a state department official with wide experience in the middle east and a very regular visitor to our studios. as always a pleasure to see you sir thank you for being with us. i'm wondering is there a sense the other among american is being played by presidency see. i wouldn't put it that way but here's the deal -- france actually in general
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hahas beenn -- very eager to cultivate what has for its been quite a lucrative relationship with egypt for a walk for a long time. disco's back definitely difference what would owned. my crossbreed assessor remember it was under my call i sorry under will launch. that the one of the first deals to sell rough all fighters overseas with was consummated and that was with egypt. it was egypt that bought the the mistrial -- ships that the russians had had france build that ultimately couldn't be delivered to the russians. it it was it was egypt with. money from the gulf i think particularly saudi arabia but was able to buy that so. this is been this is proving to be i think very. important r relationship for france france i is now the biggesest arms supplier to egypt it is displaced the united states. and there's potentially much more that can be done this is a relationship that that in in dollars and cents terms or euros insulin teamster.
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is very important for france played [inaudible] is lance in a position wher- it is more or less at the mercy of whatever it is tha. egypt under president cc does as far as its domestic political situation and it's continued repression and is a violation of human rights absolutely. soaked is france occupying the high ground here is that something that france would like to think it's doing and basically it is i think it's what the right line die it's what france wants to blue wants. to project the image that it is doing that -- and in fact today i thought was very interesting the way he put it macro put it toda- in the press conference what he said was the image. of bloggers and people in -- ngos in egypt being arrested and being persecuted looks bad for egypt. didn't actually say in so many words at least on out
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of the way it's been it's been played up in the media. that those actions are bad it's the image of egypt doing. that looks bad and that in a way is mccacall saying to egypt and i'm sure they had this conversation this is how they put it in the in the one on one meeting. this m makes m me look bad s gigives me a problem in n ts of my ability to be able. to sell you the weapons and to because yes michael is right that in terms of the prevalent western strategy. the preference that mccall himself has made clear since the since he came into office. with the best w way to deal with terrorism and the threat that jack had isn't and islam is in in the region. is to fight the war on the ground and to do it in security terms. this is all that you note it's vital for france to have what looks like a good partner a reliable partner and preferably a clean partner -- rather than to have somebody who is also accused of human
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rights violations of repression.. and of killing people indiscriminately that cc has locked up thousands of dissidents inverted commas islamist secularist you name it. absolutely i mean the the the human rights situation has had is is so much worse than it was -- prior to the square revolution and the arab spring in two thousand eleven that brought down the house in the bar. i mean if you if it isn't and what cc has done just in the time in the six years that almost that he's been in office -- compared to the repression during you know the more than thirty years of the of the time that mubarak was in office -- it's pretty it's pretty attic and and and it is happening. in the context not merely of an entirely egyptian political context but also in the context in which you have. sunni autocratic leaders throughout the arab world.
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very much as is the case with egypt funded by. the gulf states saudi arabia the uae in particular -- due to to carry out the policies that they have -- you have this this very hard very harsh. situation playing out which is and and i have to say the one thing that michael said which was absolutely correc. is that -- is that it's it's true you cannot have -- repression will not by itself bring you the stability that you need stability does not go hand in hand with economic reform and growth. and a strong stable -- and just political society you can't have stability over the long term and that's the problem and this is where the you know the the the the way things are being set up and egypt is is is right at the forefront of this with france behind it - if if repression is going to ultimately your own the conditions for more arab springs.
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auststin asking abobout whe. or n not cece's words saying that you should be judged differently. a viable but some sadly we're out of time. but you and i discussed that before on debates here and when the other guests actually hit the roof when i suggested that and i said it was a me too so he was someone else saying it. and ththere is this i issues to whether or not you do judge egypt by the same standards as the west or vice versa i mean it's it's kind of it's one of those great -- points that people would use to meet well on it whatever they want and that's a classic comeback of the arab autocrats. it is used thank you so very mumuch indeed welll a succit and the right to the point that i was at a thank you very much individual from the us. state department official with us he had wide experience of how things are in the middle east thanks very much for joining us at as ever. xto live from paris brazilian firefighters kathleen moving over treacherous mud. in search of survivors or bodies is four days since the dam collapse buried mine buildings.
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and surrounding neighborhoods with client or waste sixty people on a confirmed that. was three hundreded on missg across from kelvin was born is that. brazilian rescue workers who are flying out of this airfield were met by reinforcements sent by the israeli government early monday morning. these are over one hundred specialized these forces who are specialized in sending radar signals through the mud here they're gonna look for bodies that are buried under the mind. resilient firefighters worked overnight on sunday night different to try to find survivors of the mine disaster if they had notot fofound a aone liviving durg the day on sunday. and sunday night they discover the remains of a hostile that was known to have a few dozen people present at the time the disaster. they didn't find any remains of bodies thehey suspect tht the avalanche of my to cover the hostile entirely. and continue their work all day y on monday togetheher h the new arrivals from israe. catherine was born a correspondent that in brazil wheree the at my desesigns o is claiming more livives s y
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confirmed dead so far.. sosomething l like three hud people a are confifirmed toe missing back to think is expected to change. and also just been hearing firefighters picnic right desperately through. the wreckage after that time collapse swept a surrounding villages with iron or waste and of course the results have been devastated be more that of course. as we get it. it's not the business john bye and good luck i in the stududio good evening t to u taxx statarting w with t tht washgtgton's latesest effort to ramp up pressure on venezuelan president. nicolas maduro well one of the two venenezuelan presidt at the moment because look at the situation that is the whole story -- the united states now what taking their economic weight behind this announcing new economic sanctions against the state owned oil company pdvsa venezuela's largest source of revenue. this is the toughest u. s. financial measures so far against nicolas maduro treasury secretary stephen your chin said the sanctions prevented medora from diverting more resources from the crisis damage country. until controlling caracas
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could be transferred to a new democratically elected governments. psas us based subsidiary said go will be able to contntinue operations as log as its earningngs are deposited into a blocked account in t the united sta. and thehey alsoo note that s refineries will be able to keep using venezuelan oil.. but indeed a v vy big m move from the united states agaiainst one a as well i'mw let's check in with some trading action on wallstreet concerns over us china trade talks. still front and center as those talks are set to begin this week this here is reinforced by today's reduced outlooks from industrial giant c caterpilr and chip maker nvidia due to a slowing chinese economy. investors pulling away from riskier stocks that drag all of the major indexes into the right at the close the nasdaq performing the worst in the dow dropping two hundred points. earlier in europe we saw a similar picture with right across the board -- investors looking forward that brings it votes weighing down london's footsie which closed down
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nine tenths of a percent. now take a quick spin through some other r busines heheadlinearare followiningr youu. a deadly dam collalapse in brazil has dragged the mining company that owns the damn into t the spotlightht. valleyss shares n noseive down southth palace stock exchange on monday closing down a whopping 24% and wiping eighteen billion dollars from the firm's market cap. britain's largest retailer supermarket tasco says. nine thousand british jobs could be slashed as it prepares to restructure its uk business to meet its cost saving goals. firm estimates it could save half of those jobs by redistributiting them across its business test because britain's biggest private sector employer with a staff of over three hundred thouousand peoplple. and german car maker audi has been forced to o halt production at its headquarters in ingolstadt because of an ongoing strike over wages at a plant in your hungry. single stat headquarters shut down due to a lack of vital components from hungary such as engines. i mean awesome forty five hundred workers give support to a r rare show of labor strength in hungary.
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i nissan says it's under investigation by the securities and exchange commission in the united states at the financial watchdog in washington. reports on bloomberg and wall street journal said that the sec request information from the japanese car maker and from its ousted chairman carlos gone. overer whethther or not it maintains adequate controls to prevent improper payment. well finally for me federal government workers in the united states are going back to work but the us economy has lost billions of dollars that it will never get back. asas the government re opopd for business the non partisanongressiononal budgdget office released a report showing the economic damage of thirty five days in shut down. the official cost is eleven billion dollars three billion of which will never be recovered. only games for explains. these federal workers it's a relief to be heading back to work. they've been on furlough for over five weeks and many have missed paychecks. i had a little bit of
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savings but it started getting really close. it's it't's it's it's terrie feeling to know your colleagues are happy to come in and work without pay it was really hardd but luckily i save a little bit -- a month that i am i had a month so -- if it had lasted two march then maybe that would have been -- really bad. according to the congressional budget office the partial shutdown has cost the us economy eleven billion dollars. including three billion that's gone forever from three point 1% in twenty eighteen to two point 3% in. twenty nineteen meaning it could work out to be more expensive than the five point seven billion dollars donald trump wants for the boborder wall. around eight hundred thousand people were flooded during the shut down. somehow it's time to food banks or look for part time work to get by. economic activity was dampened by the reduction federal workers spending power. and delays in federal spending.
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on friday donald trump signed a bill we opening the government for three weeks despite not having secured funding for his bottle much. but t this measure is onlyya temporary y sticking plasts. ththe us presidedent has sad he'd be willing t to shut dn the government again if it'll make is to reach a deal on border security. as a result games for the situation is just as compmplicated as it's ever been despite the fact that the government back to work but it's not. going to run out again by the middle of febreze understand it sam. many develop stancu across seventy four schools business one thank you very much you too great to see who that i with the busines. across the studio simimon harding's waiting to meet which clean to use upgrade to see how about now than tell us more about how -- the internet and social is directed to the visit of president emmanuel michael to the chechen counterpart consulate is really honed in on the president's visit and then in fact into very clear sections. one the billions invested by the french into the egyptian economy on the second of course. egypt's human rights record
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and how franz is dealing with i'm gonna take you straight away to a call soon from a colleague scott la mormons here which depicts - m. l. macro visiting each little wonder lan human rights and austin in the constitution. vase on the honda hand i've never really known what it means of course alleging to francis touchy foreign policy and t the amount of flak from branch o of lords and home if you come again soon absolutely. was. made the same time as a revolution in seventeen eighty nine just point that out to people that's hotot spot so far back it goes in on that and it's very close to people's hearts in france and of course here. and ready beyonce on generel in front of repression in egypt how is i'll see see blind friends silence of course alleging to those weapons use but again. really hurting again really honing in on the human righghts aspect --- yeyeah we havee a tweets fr- gentnts manyy saying shahame is a preresident w who decid to i ignore weeks off yet os
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protests and go sight seeing in egypt so. the the the it also shifts on how am i know michael is kind of perhaps in shying away from his duties and franz. and yet focusing on other problems from around the world he was a bit strong but i get the point is trying to make it as clearay but carrrry ons. and t this again with anothr onone of thosepipinions michaell s should give thaht moy to his own c citizens with desesperate a and i'ven protesting his policies for weeks. ratherer than c corruptinine corrupt cc of course -- again -- the the idea that season's really not the the kind of best person you want to be training with the human rights aspect really comes back to this one example which spin at the present in the media juliet a jenny the italian scholar. who disappeared three years ago a thing yes this is the case that happened in egypt absolutely he went missing in egypt -- italian authorities have complained that egypt haven't done enough to o hep
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them with their investigations this good this sweet by scholars at risk and assess out here and if you hone in on the guardian article. on that of course you see the family here asking at luigi mayer to make to come through on his promises of imposing consequences on egypt for not helping them. with those invesestigations and then of course very simply mark we come so well emmanuel my crawl himself said that he r remindedd presidency sinkk thahat our commmmitment to sesecurity. cannot bee consideredd separatelyly from thehe issf human rightss of course french president whoho receiveded a lot of f flackr those comments and such -- one via his same thank you everyone is pressurized and then you're not goioing t ty thisis -- obviously calling in -- ththe honestyty o of the presesident'ss s saying thae wouldn't h have saidd it hae not beeee in a pososition we hehe was forced to d do so. agaiain hey impel jay's -- a r rights of for the for te new york times saying is this the beginning of a you
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to and from micro on human rights in egypt and you kno. french politicians who have been stationed in the past been traumatized by what they've been seen and again here that the idea coming up the e question now is w will this traransform into concre changes in my no mccall
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[captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from the sundance film festival in park city utah, this is democracy now! >> his passion for the rights and libertieies of all peoples makes him a perfect fit and a valuable addition. he will be a true asset to help the venezuelan people restore democracy to their country. amy: the trump administration has tapppped elliot abrams, a right-wing hawk implicated in


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