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tv   Quadriga - The International Talk Show  LINKTV  February 27, 2019 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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in a slightly we declaring the national emergency to begin with and then of course there is the battle and in the legal realm as well and and it's not just. you know the the lack of speed with -- building the borders the legislation he signed off on to get the one point three million as opposed to five point six you originally wanted now -- and i'd like to ask you this question immigration bill that the president signed -- on to to get the scaled out of funds it has two provisions first of all. hibbett strum from using homeland security. funding to build the wall interpret hippest the deportation of any -- illegal aliens were part of a
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household we're thinking about becoming part of the household who are. eighteen or younger under -- eighteen so that means basically any eighteen year old unaccompanied minor. are in the country cannot be deported now this is absolutely. unacceptable to his base he signed off to a to a portion of his base at any rate. bomb is it the kind of compromise -- for for from the president when talking about borders and migration is it a step. at as much as on you know you don't approve of of the wall in trump's policies on the wall in the right direction. for the migrant community. well i mean you mention something very important which is that a combined of minors not mean that the process is already and once again i want to bring it back mexico right now and the border mexicans dealing with this entire situation especially with the carbon all. say that coming from from central america so he's over there deporting especially people who are coming along a young young man young young young people --
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but the process is taking so long and especially the ones that are then combined of miners that ari and in the verse to turn a team they're just making the process longer to them send them back right they're not sending back. or during not in. the labor process of course of children will comes with with their with their mom since on that it's part. it is it is affecting the migrant community for sure because this is an improvement would you say that the the democratic legislation basically the signed off on yeah but i mean. but then we have to we have to understand that of course and as i sat. there is already an order any less a basically a strong order from homeland security to mexico same deal with this right. so so at the end of course you well already exist right there already making all the the effort basically to put mexico to deal with this. i'm at sending performed because for many years and we already know even barack obama deported more people than and and then anybody before right.
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so it is time for fun but we have to be super careful here because once again how is he referring about this people you just mentioning. alien with. i will come out the way the legislation in right. that this is how this is horrible we're coming back to a tool to this after i don't know eighteen years when people for some jewish and in in germany were called rats. i we looking at the words that they're using to kind of label and this my friend so could be improvements in. a mess in the legal framework but it's not about improvements deserve the right of these people because they're they're seeking for asylum in their right to be process to apply for asylum by person. not to break the law of the country. we have to be clear about this this is it's not legal to enter a country without documentation i certainly couldn't go. to mexico for example without the proper documentation when you're looking for a highly it's a different situation because you're fleeing out from violence in your fleeing out for a situation and many of them they don't even have the chance this is also why do you have the right to apply. for asylum because you are in danger that's what many people for example from under us were traveling of
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course i mean there's a there's a line here about four can be an asylum seeker who can be a refugee for instance and in the future. and and the lack of recognition of what is happening applying as an asylum seekers and that is a complete the situation as you and i have my friends right so we have. to make the the mission we have to make this a very very clear because the ones who were coming from this government they are asylum seekers and they it's their right to go through a legal process. until united states decides whether they can they come in the country. sitting too important aspects to keep in mind about this entire border wall debate or one that illegal immigration exactly actually declined in recent years. and that the majority the vast majority of drugs confiscated at the border are coming through legal ports. so it's not whether walls worker don't worry but will it addressed the problems he and that's where i see a difference in that that brings up an important question is the wall
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in fact a show piece of political showpiece that. has no real function in terms of dressing the problem but is a set piece kind of attempting village if you will -- for the president. in his reelection bid exactly and this is another problem we tend to put all of our attention on these symbols that president trump put forward when we should be focusing on comprehensive immigration reform in this country which has been. a significant issue for years and yet you're spending our time talking about a wall which way which may or may not address the issues at stake. presidents have come forward with special initiatives that they wanted to get done in the past bill clinton wanted to pass healthcare george w. bush wanted to pass social security reform. congress did not approve of last or not passed in the united states it's not by national emergency acts okay we'll have to understand as well as i mean if you ask how popular is the wall.
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you just mentioned all the polls saying not very popular are the majority but be against it but if you ask another question. are you in favor of more border security to control the borders majority is in favor of that because who doesn't want to have bought a controlling the border security. so. i guess it's a very fine line the president has. to according to your question basically following what you're saying i mean it's just basically a political promise so he's gonna go always and i woke the whole way until he does it because he is betting on that he's in matches is. totally weak at the moment especially after the sudden the shut down. i'm. gonna have to leave the whole thing. the politics of symbolism here - in terms of the wall and and move on to of which of course i. rejected by berlin and by brussels on they don't only though reject use administration's approach borders migration they also are a gas the prospect that america would impose tariffs. to give its own economy a leg up unilateralism they say undermines the current multi lateral system that benefits everyone including american
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workers now. jostle mackel express her dismay when she responded to the prospect of possible terrorist being slapped on european automobileles. only. so we e should be in thosese cas are beining built in the us. in south carolina is the largest factory for bmw not in t this aa in south carolina itself. in those cars are not less of a threat because they're being built in south carolina as opposed to the very. now a all of a suddenn they're being viewed as a security threat to the united states and that shocks us. because in the district and stuff. well it shouldn't be so shocking really when one considers how washington has already received a check a trade war. with china the world's second largest economy -- regarding terrorists to rebuild its own own economy amala trump administration argues the nation has surrendered its manufacturing base to foreign competitors over the last four dedicate their decades and now wants to get it back you think
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that's a justified argument. it's it's it's difficult to to look at all the things trump did in -- saying no to to to climate change to all the packs to traffic due to all the the things and saying it's all the same that shows his pattern we clearly have to look to the to the subjects. and i think for example the renegotiated and i think better terms for american idol will before. so what he tried to do is to get better terms out of german. out of germany it it it i i think germany and and america or if you want to personalize it of angela merkel until trump on some kind of an two posts -- soon that explains a lot of mistrust between the so so what do you think a lot of thunder and bluster -- tory is and then when it comes down to it'll be like china which apparently there's a a deal in the works right now is reading and in the press today that there might be an end to the the the possible trade war
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between trying to trying to the u.. s. there so is this just bluste. butt just like with the border security conversation it's not necessarily arguments being made but the process by which president trump is trying to get things done. does the united states have an interest in renegotiating trade deals re working some of its agreements with china and germany in the european union. yes but is the best way to do that to threaten 25% tariffs on car imports into the united states [inaudible] german car not sure in the united states a threat to us national security i think that that is an important question to answer and in my mind it's not a very. credible argument for the united states be making okay think it's a stretch as well and absolutely i mean especially. especially in right now as i said i mean with with with the term it much being weakened if he just basically gonna fire back old these people were not going to be in his sight.
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america right now i suspect it's basically like two different polls and we will see more of america coming up until she lives. and i hope that you will use and the power to she has right now basically to this math and and these arguments that have absolutely no sense okay well of malta but when you look at this- exports of course crucial for germany -- similar situation here to try 250% of the economy is dependent on exports. under think business leaders are are sitting up and paying attention to what they're hearing from washington that that. this is a president that potentially could make good on that threat yes business leaders are looking up for that about mom quite sure about it because it's it's potentially i mean. the central question is do you have an inter dependent globalized trade world with certain rules with certain agreements that everybody keeps or do you want to have every nation state having the old trade agreement with the other nations stated i think. that's the way trump is trying to do. it is working in some parts installed working other parts s-
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i think it would be dangerous for germany about free dangerous for those states as well i mean all these cars and factoring in south carolina. exported to asia for example so okay to actually to american workers because so many of these cars are in fact. made in factories like spartanburg in other parts of the united states that are turning out bmw's and beat of his well thought they german automakers employee over a hundred and fifteen thousand what american workers in there - factories in the united states over seven hundred and fifty ththousand cars were produced german cars were produced in the united states in two thousand and eighteen alone when we talk about the harm that could be done to the united states economy in return. the european union is already threatening to enact retaliatory tariffs if trump does make good on his threat to enact 25% tariffs on on can soybeans --
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the the agricultural. harley davidson i think they've already been had -- so it so there's a real boomerang affect -- threat out there for america's center yeah and i and i think it in many regards president trump tries to make arguments where exactly as you said we're living in an integrated globalized economy in which the united states can't remain. unharmed buyer spiraling trade war with the e. u. or with china and so again it comes back to process it comes back to procedure how the united states works to renegotiate a trade deal. with competitors and with allies is critical to the success to the us economy. installed for the question what is a german car. i mean because the company is owned by a german and as no other peoples have any shows in it over the most of the parts of the building that comes from germany all the parts so it's really hard to define what really is a german car. so that shows how how complicated you look at them. migration and trade and close
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borders and open borders do you see a connection between the two okay i mean especially now talking about the german market and it be outshone mall while industry. germinates workers. german its workers in these workers are not here in germany you so. you work with migrant chance here in germany i do they have this is a big concern when we talk about and this brings everything together trade migration. the skill sets of the qualification the ability to to meet the needs of this big discussion about that. question about it and perhaps we need to know the program to discuss about it because at the same time m. let's say the german government has to do a lot of improvement in the whole integration process. because it it's not going hand in hand to build skills and that's something that we need to make sure i mean right now especially with. david the industry's needed to people to work blast where we are at the integration process is not adding is not matching so shall we return and shipping them to refer brush unless i see these. taking into account on what the
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market needs absolutely. have you think this as an application then view i'd states to and and could be an argument that. actually united states in away from economic point of view it's been an example in the united states a pencil migrants i just mentioned tool sixty two billion dollar sitting in in a decade in revenues out of only people with refugee background. i talking about my friends here right silica money is being by migrants so the economy of the company of course of course and develops and grows with my friends in germany should be looking at it. under america understands that and basically we as well wherever you're viewing us from around the world. for joining us here at quadriga don't forget you can always send us your comments with twitter facebook or you tube as well for now though for me brian thomas the entire team. thanks so much for joining us hope to see you again next time bye bye
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phil: this is "dw news," live from berlin. donald trump's former attorney gives congress a damming indictment of the president. mr. . cohen: he is a racist, hes a con man, and he is achieved. phil: and he unleashes a torrent of allegations. the white house says michael cohen is lying. also on the program, the second summit between the leaders of the and north korea gets off to a friendly start. donald trump and kim jong-un opened her


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