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tv   DW News  LINKTV  February 28, 2019 3:00pm-3:31pm PST

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♪ blend: this is "dw news" live from berlin. benjamin netanyahu is charged with bribery and fraud, making him the first sitting prime minister in israel to be charged with a crime. netanyahu accusing his political enemies of conducting an unprecedented witchhunt just weeks before parliamentary elections. we will take you to jerusalem for the latest. also coming up tonight, sometimes you have to walk -- the words of u.s. prpresident donanald trump afterer he cut st
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today his a noise summit -- his hanoi sumummit with kim jong-un. >> today we decided we had to walk and we will see what happens. brent: trump said he ended the talks after the north korean leader offered only partial denuclearization in rereturn for an end to all sanctions. the north korean leader says that is not what happened. plus, pakistan tries to ease tensions over kashmir, offering to release a captured indian fighter pilot. i'm brent goff. it's good to have you with us. tonight, israeli prime minister netanyahu engine a netanyahu is accusing his political opponents of an unprecedented witchhunt -- tonight, is really prime minister benjamin netanyahu is
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accusing his political opponents of an unprecedented witchhunt. he said he will remain prime minister for many more years. the decision to charge him follows more than two years of investigations into allegations of bribery, fraud, and breach of trust in three separate cases, and it comes just weeks before new elections to the israeli parliament. correspopondent tonya kramer jos us from jerusalem. good evening to you. netanyahu reacted to this movove in a a very defiant waway. what more can you tell us? tonya: it wawas quite an impassionedd statementnt. he said hee wanted d to answeths announcement by the tornrney neral right away. he said what he had said all along, that this is a move to topple his government, pressure by the left-wing in order to
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install what he called a left-wing government. he also got support by his right-wing coalition. of course, his own party put out a statement saying this is political persecution. a criticized also the timing of the -- they criticize also the timing of the announcement, six weeks before the election. the head of the labour party calleded on mr. netanyahu to resign because it would be unfnt to run thehe country. brent: these charges are serious. we're talking about briberyry, fraud. whatat is the e story behind the chcharges? tonya: that is right. the decisionn was long-awaited y the attorney g general,, based a long invnvestigation b by israei polilice. ththey investigated for almlmoso years.s. they recomommended last year to indict mr. netanyahuhu in all
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three cacases. i propose to have a look at the background in these cases here in this report. >> benjamin netanyahu has been israel's prime minister for 10 years. he hopes to get reelected in april, but now his political future is in doubt. last year, a special police unit investigated allegations of bribery. it recommended netanyahu be indicted in three cases. these are known as case 1000. netanyahu and his family are suspected of receiving gifts. case 2000 covers suspicions netanyahu attempted to sway coverage of a newspaper to get favorable coverage.
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casese 3000 involves netanyahu swaying a news firm in exchange for favorable coverage. before thehe indictment, polls suggested he was still the favorite for prime minister for many israelis. however, in recent days, he is facing strong competition from a new candidate, a former army chief and a new center-right party alliance with the blue and white list. netanyahu argues a pre-election indictment could influence the outcome of the vote. he himself argues ththe allegations. brent: we know this is a controversial move by the attorney general, and it comes very close to these parliamentary elections. how isis this going to affect te elections? tonya: this is actually the e bg question being discusseded h he. among legal experts, there has been two schools of t thought.
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some have said it might be unfair to o release this d decin shows -- ththis decision so shortly before the elections, but the attorneyey generalal lad out reasons why he came to this decision, thatat it is important to him that the public is informed that everybody is equal before the law. we just saw in the report, this new alliance. they have been doing quite strongly in the polls. the question is all about running a coalition in israel, so every votee now counts,, butt now thehe question is if allll e allies of mr. netanyahu will stand by himim. i talked to suppoporters, and ty said to me and the polls said
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that he is the best president we have had and they will supppport him even more bececause they say this is politically motivateded. i think the elelection will be l about this indictmenent. brent: an indictmentnt that will lead to m mudslinging in the campaign for sure. tonya, thank you. u.s. president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong-il and have -- kim jong-un has ended their highly anticipated summit early and without agreement. mr. trump said talks went down after he refused to lift all sanctions against north korea in exchange for only partial denuclearization. >> there was no lunch and no signing ceremony. president trump's motorcade headed away from the summit after talks broke off prematurely. the hanoi meeting was the second he has had with kim jong-un
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after a summit last year. critics called that one bid on style and low on substance.. donald trump was under pressure to deliver results, a clear timetable from pyongyang for dismantling its nuclear program, for example. from the outset, he made it clear he would not be rushed. >> i would say very much h from the beginning that speed is not that important to me. >> and perhaps the most public commitment to international demands yet, a comment from north korea's kim jong-un when asked if he was ready to denuclearize. >> if i'm not willing to do that, i won't be here right now. >> that might be the best answer you've ever heard. >> but with pyongyang pressing its own n demands, president trp was left to explain why the talks felell apartrt. >> basically, they wanted the sanctions lifted in their
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entirety and we could not do that. they were willing to de-nuke a lalarge portion of the areas we wantnted, but we could not givep a large portion of the sanctions for that. we had to walk away from that particular suggestion. we had to walk away from that. >> it was a dispiriting end to a much vaunted meeting. it appears the road to disarming north korea will be a long one. rent: -- brent: for more, i want to take the story to washington, d.c. i'm joined by doug from the cato institute, a think tank in the u.s. capital. we know the u.s. president says talks in hanoi wrote down because north korea wanted all economic sanctions lifted. north korea in the last couple of hours has set that is not the case, says that kim asked only
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for partial sanctions relief. whatat are we supposeded to makf this? > this is a a major differen, anand it makes a lot of diffffee in the issue because a a pososin of partial elilimination of nuclear weapons s in exchangnger partial licking of sanctions makekes sense. to ask f for all sananctions off clearly would b be a stretch for the united states. we need to have clarity here and understand to the parties not understand each other or is somebody telling if it -- telling a fib to try to justify their position. brent: what do you think this says about president trump's approach to the art of the deal? has it failed? is it time to go that to the working groups and the longeger, more methodical,l, patient procs we h have seen in the past?
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>> those a are obviously necessy ifouou are going to flesh out any agreement. the critical thing is to have the top peoplple ready and out there.e. the presidenent hasas q quietede of his critics in america, so if he comes up withth a d deal n ne could say he walked away from one anwawas tough. that might help him in the long term as long as the u.s. goes back and works with north korea. brent: what do yoyou think about the prospect of a third summit happening. >> it is certainly g going to happen. the chinese have had four. kim really likes summits. i suspect trump does as s well. i suspect they will not do anything until they have something locked in and the summit will be a celebration of assigning as opposed to a broken agreement like this one. brent: it will be interesting to see when that third summit does indeed take place.
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we appreciate your insights tonight. thank you. here are some of the other stories now making headlines around the world. donald trump's former lawyer michael cohen is testifying before congress for a third day, this time behind closed doors. on wednesday, he made standing allegations against the u.s. president, accusing him of breaking the law. trump has rejected cohen's testimony, calling it just lies. then as well as opposition leader says he will return monday despite threats from nicolas maduro's government -- venezuela's opposition leader, juan guaido. he is seeking support for his bid to oust maduro. the president of senegal has been reelected for a second term. figures released by the
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country's national vote counting division show that he won the first round outright, picking up more than 58% of the vote. his closest rival, the former prime minister, took just over 20%. pakistan's prime minister says a captured indian fighter pilot will be released tomorrow on march 1. he told a joint session of parliament that the move to release the wing commander of the indian air force is a gesture of peace. tensions between the two nuclear armed neighbors soared after each carried out airstrikes against the other over the disputed region of kashmir. >> "god is great" and "long live the pakistan army," chant these soldiers. behind them lies the wreckage of an indian fighter jet shot down by pakistan's military on wednesday. in the pakistan held area of
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kakashmir. an indian pipit surviveded but s captured. >> i was with two other colllleagues when we coffee indn pilot. we snatched his pistol and identity documents. as soon as pakistatani soldiers arriveved, we handed h o over to them. >> to prove it, pakistan released video of the man they claim is the pilot. the decision to arrest and hold him has incensnsed india. protests demanding the wing commander's release have been held across the country. he has become the face of simmering tensions between rival powers as the disputed kashmir region has again brought the nuclear state to the brink of war. the latest escalation began t t weeks ago when 40 indian police were killed by pakistan-based
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militants in a part of india-controlled kashmir. pakistan's prime minister told parliament the indian pilot would be freed. >> the indian pilot is in our custody. we will release him as a piece gesture and return him to india -- we will release him as a peace gesture. >> the country is still on high alert. >> i wish to assure the nation that we are fully prepared and in a heightened state of readiness to respond to any provocation by pakistan. >> with hardliners on both sides of the border calling for a tough response, the real challenge will be trying to keep the peace. brent: to lebebanon now where an activist group's naming and shaming employers accused of abusing domestic workers. it is called this is lebanon,
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and it is active across social media. -- an activist group is naming and shaming employers accused of abusing domestic workers. the group says it wants to end what he calls slave like conditions for workers living in lebanon. what is the truth here? >> there is this system still in place in lebanon and other middle eastern countries, and it is a sponsorship system through which migrant workers are recruited to work in the country, usually as housekeepers, cleaners, caretakers. this system binds them completely to their employer. the employer is responsible for their legal status in the country, and the result is that many migrant workers are reporting abuse, ranging from not being paid to physical abuse, sexual abuse. sometimes they have their passport confiscated. they cannot even talk to the
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family sometimes. they cannot leave the country without permission of their employer. we got some of these m migrant workers' accounts. >> [speaking foreign language] >> he e hit me, a and he is a vy big guy. afraid he ght t hurt me.e. maybe e i die. >> according to human rights watch, there's about 250,000 foreign domestic workers living in lebanon working under this system, and the number is much bigger if we look at the entire region. brent: those videos they are, this is lebanon -- how is it fighting this horrible situation? >> they are taking quite a
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radical approach. when a case of abuses reported to them, they first try to get in touch with the employer. -- when a case of abuse is reported to them. the message is that if they do not ease their practices, they will expose them online, and that is what they do. they posted a picture of this couple, these employers, a link to their facebook profile. there is even the phone number. it is really naming and shaming. lebanese families do not want this kind of exposure, of course. the founder of the group, we talked to him. and about 50% of the cases -- in about 50% of the cases, they are able to resolve the situation by talking to the employers. that does not always work, but they are able to help a lot of people, get them that to their
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countries in some cases. in some cases, these people were enslaved for years. their family even thought they were dead. brent: it is an extreme situation these people are in, but naming and shaming is also an extreme solution. why are we seeing that instead of just going to authorities and reporting these crimes? >> i'm sure a lot of them have tried that. i can take the case of the founder of the group. he was in lebanon. he was abused for five years by his employer, and he tried many times to report that to authorities. this is actually how things backfired against him when he tried to report things. > i was beaten by the police. the investigoror offered coffee, he offered tea in frfront of me.
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i was welcomed. i spent six months i ithe detentntion center.. l the priority wasas given to my emplployer. it was all written horribly in the witness statement. i do not know if they wrote things correctly or not because i cannot understand it. >> according to this report and other reports, it is hard, i if not impossible, to get justice through normal channels. social media is helping. of course, it is not a solution until the system is changed. brent: also, it's hardrd to imagine you have someone in your house working for you and you are treating them that way. it is not humane and all. as always, we appreciate your reporting. thank you. the german empire controlled
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much of namibia around the turn of the 20th century and murder of to 100,000 inhabitants. it is considered the first genocide of the 20th century. two artifacts belonging to a hero of the resistance against german colonial rule will return to namibia in a ceremony today. namibia's vice president says it symbolizes closer ties with germany, but some say it is not enough. >> the bible and the whip of a freedom fighter finally reading returned home and taken to his hometown. the items were brought t as part of a cereremony to remember the horrors of the colonial war. hundreds attended the ceremony. >> [indiscernible] an atmosphere of peace,
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positivity [indiscernible] by misgivings and hostility. >> the devout christian's bible and whip were likely t taken duringng a raid on his home and somehow wound up in germany's stuttgart museum. for years, germany has been negotiating unsuccessfully with namibia in an effort to make amends for his -- for its actions during the colonial war. members of an ethnic group had rejected the return of the bible as long as germany refused to pay any reparations. >> it is important not to expect gratitude because after so many years we are finally taking steps to come to terms with our colonial past. >> the village elders decided to take custody of the bible and the whip, even though they do not believe that this is the end of the matter. brent: you may not have noticed
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it, but there is a new space race -- to be the first to build a new telecom infrastructure in the sky. the first six satellites have just been deployed from a launch site in french guiana. it's part of a new low-cost method to bring internet to even the most remote parts of the world, using satellites which order much -- which orbit much closer to the earth than normal satellites. >> 3, 2, 1 -- and lift off. the satellllite has -- the ship has six satellites onboard. it has backing from powerful players -- airbus, coca-cola, and the virgin group. it has big plans to bring t the internet too those regionsns i e world that have scant o or eveno access to it. >> there are in mexico 120,000 schools that do not have conductivity.
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if you are going to have a child who is going to be a a participt in the modern economymy and have opportunities, they have to be connected. it is not a choice anymore. conductivity is -- conductctiviy -- connectctivity is a necessit. imagine 12 years of school with and without connectivity. it is a total difference in outlook. >> the plan is to launch with a dozen satellites onboard until there are thousands of satellites in orbit. the concept is convincing and attracting players including spacex for now,w, though,ne web is leading the waway. >> that gave uss a t three-year advantage over o o principal cocompetitor, , which is onon m, o alalso plans to o put a large
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infrastrtructure up therere. our network wiwill happenn quicr than his. having said that, there will be enormomous demanand for h h net, enormomo demand for our network, and we can both live a alongside each o other. >> as for the satellilites, once their works s done, they w will reenter ththe earth's atmosphere and burn up, turning into man-made falling stars. brent: football coach claudia remarry was fired with the club 's record looking increasingly bleak. he's both known for leading leicester city to an unlikely title back in 2016. germany's puma has signed a deal with manchester city.
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the team will wear the company's gear after years with nike. it also includes sister clubs and australia, spain, uruguay, and china. uruguay has a chance to stay levant after losingg its previous sponsorship. the german city of cologne has kicked off the first of five days of carnival festivities. oh, yes. the massive street festival sees hundreds of thousands of people dressing up in all sorts of customs and kissing a lot. the first date is known as the women's carnival. it is predominately celebrated in the catholic west and south. here is a reminder of the top story we are following for you
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-- israel's prime minister, benjamin netanyahu, is to be charged with bribery and fraud after a two-year investigation. netanyahu says the allegations are politically motivated. the news comes just weeks ahead of the country's parliamentary elections. you are watching "dw news" lies and from -- live and from berlin. after a quick break, i will be back to take you through "e day." [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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. like a house of cards . thank you very much for being with us. the sumummit in hanoi vietnam te put the leaders of the united states and north korea together for the second time ever. ended abruptly this listing and as you might expect each side is being given. reasons of why it happened putting their own spin. on the facts us president donald trtrump got his without first trump says he walked away because kim jong went too far quinn if sanctions to be lifted. with the other side


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