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tv   France 24  LINKTV  March 4, 2019 5:30am-6:01am PST

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>> welcome to live from paris. here are the main headlines. juan guaido is expected to return to venezuela after touring latin american neighbors in a bid to rally support. it is a challenge to nicolas maduro, w who will have to determine whether or nonot to arrest him for defying the travel ban.. protests in the algerian f the country's
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-- a fresh round of capital.n the algerian we look at what families living along the line of kakashmir are enduring. bulletin, china parliament prepares for their meeting. a lingering trade war are lingering over the -- are hovering over the proceedings. we take you to brazil as the carnivival seasoson is in full swing. we started in venezuela, where
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more demonstrations are expected after the self-proclaimed leader juan guaido called for protests against nicolas maduro. he is expected to return to caracas after a bid to rally support. his return poses a challenge to nicolas maduro, who will have to decide whether to arrest him for defying t the travel ban. let's go to catherine nourse trent. when ms. juan guaido expected -- when is juan guaido expected back in the e country? catherine: the details are being him anduarded secret by his team. all eyes and venezuela are on his return, when that will be, how that will pass off. he announced on social media to
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many thousands of followers he would return to venezuelan soil on monday, ending the broadcast by saying see you tomorrow at the protest. he said it will be a a challenge toto return. under a aido has been travel ban. when he left the country a week ago, he defied that travavel ban to see about eight at the border and to meet with m mike pence. there is a question about what will happen with juan guaido upon his return. arrests him or kidnaps him, as he put it, that would be a mistake. last thing --. there are questionss about how this return would pass off.
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julia: juan guaido has called on people to take to the streets again this monday. what can we expect in caracas? atherine: there is demonstration being planned for downtown caracas. is calling on people to come down in defiance of nicolas maduro. it will be interesting to see how many people turn out. manyny hundreds of thousands of people taking to the street. at the moment, it is carnival
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time, that was extended by nicolas maduro. bid t toy it is in a enencourage people to go on holiday. will l beido hopes there hugeumumbers of people coming out trying to challenge nicolas maduro. thank you for that. in the state of alabama are set to continue working. swept through the area. it was part of a series of storms bettering the southeast united states. alison sergeant has more. through debris
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hours after a tornado ripped through the e area. >> i grabbed my dog. i got in the closet. i could hear the winind. insidee. a lot ofof debris flying. we watched out the window. community helping the cleanup. >> this video shows the funnel cloud authority say travel down the road for a kilometer. it snapped off tree branches, downed a cell phone tower and flattened some homes. when they resumed on monday, they expect the death toll to rise.
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the tornado was part of f a powerful storm system moving through the united states. tornadoes were reported in florida and georgia while south carolina was put on high alert. the algerian president has defied protesters by announcing he will run again for a fifth term in april's elections. oversee a would national dialogue leading to fresh elections that he would not contest. several candidates announced they were running on sunday. has therters bring details. >> 20 candidates submitted their election paperwork on sunday. it has 10 days to examine them
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and decide who can run for president. incumbent, 82he years old, and a lesser-known candidate, including a retired general. he is not affiliated to a political party and promises a new republic. thee is a man formerly of nationalist movement. he received 3% of the vote in 2014. key figures in algerian politics are missing, such as the former to 2003nister from 2002 anand an n x secretarary-generaf the fln. he confirmed he was not running on sunday. >> n neither youou nor i can act a a role in this elections whose conditions have been rejected by the people.
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>> luisa made a similar statement and marched alongside protesters. another missing candidate, the president of the movement of society for peace, the main islamist party, which said it would boycott the election if the incumbent runs. have alsoal pararties called to boycott the poll/ . >> for americans and a helicopter pilot were killed after a plane crashed in kenya. the crash occurred sunday evening in the central island national park. two helicopters took off after a visit of a camp. the u.s. embassy has confirmed the death of the four americans. interview, emmanuel macron called for reconciliation with italy. this comes following clashes
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between the neighbors that saw paris recall itits ambassador briefly. italy and france are at odds on issues such as the italianan ste support of the yellow vests protests and how to deal with the crisis in the mediterranean. we spoke to our correspondent in rome and asked him about the announcements made by emmanuel macron on this popular italian tv show. unusual step on the part of the french president,t, reaching out direcy to italian public opinion on a popular television talkshow. topicsthrough the main that have divided france and and the serious diplomatic cririsis between thte two. he touched on immigration and that has been a constant source
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of friction, the sending back of migrants across the french italian border and also french unhappiness with italy's closing ports to rescue ships. hehe talked about his vision of the future, with europe, where he has clashed with italian populist and nationalist leaders. he talked about the high speed rail link, which has been a source of division and controversy in italy, and which the french would like toto procd without further delay. he is trying to mend fences and address all of the most sensitive topicss that have divided france and italy in recent months. julia: the lawyer who has been acting deputy mayor of the arthern polish city has won
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landslide victory in elections. two months after the then mayor was fatally stabbed at a charity event, residents were asked to choose their successor. the 39-year-old was expected to win the support of the town reeling from the tragedy. >> it will remain a liberal stronghold. the formeror was deputy. she was expected to succeed him. before her victory was announced, she said she would rather the vote never happened. >> i it is very unusual and tragic. we have done everything to make it happen so the residence of gdansk can get to the polls. >> her former boss was stabbed concert.
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many blame hate speech for his death. he was a defender of migrants and refugees and of lgbt rights. as liberal gdansk and the face of another poland. his former deputy promised she would continue his legacy. julia: indian and pakistani eachers have targeted other. as tensions between the two nations increase over airstrikes, so did the intensity of s shelling and cross-border firing. this continued after pakistan released a captured indian pilot. families living along the line of control have been the worst affected, with many having to move to safer areas to escape
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the. >> in the town, about 50 kilometers from the indian -pakistani line of control, this has been turned into a temporary shelter. from a places are situated near the militarized border between the two countries. the village saw intense shelling on thursday and friday. >> we were sleeping. we were woken up by a l loud nonoise. the kids got scared, so we packed up and d left. we were scscared. we want the shelling to stop so we can go home. authorities believe more families might come here in case shelling continues. out eight emptptied classrooms for thehem. the desks are outside.e. local administration has arranged meals for them.
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a cease-fire agreement has been violated frequently over the past couple of years. there is a senense of hopopeless among these people. >> this is the situation. one daday it stops, then it starts. they shall in the middle of thee night. it is never going to stop. we don't have bunkers or refuge, no safety. people die needlessly. we are the ones who suffer. indian authorities have been constructing bunkers. at least eight people have died inin the violence e d dozens hae been injurured on both sides of the border. kashmiris have been on the front as india and pakistan battle over their region. expectedan guaido is
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to return toto venezuela after a bid to rally support, a move that is said to challenge nicolas maduro, it will have t o decide w whether to o arrest the leleader for defying the travel ban. algeria ailing president says he will run again for a fifth term. tensions soar between india and pakistan over airstrikes, we look at what families living along the line of control in kashmir are enduring. we take you to rio de janeiro, where the carnaval season is in full swing. people flock to share their love of salma. up to 7 million people take part in the festivities.
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>> it took them 40 hours to fly to rio de janeiro. brazil.rnaval season in -- this is the only -- from japan. carnaval kicked off on friday and is in full swing. sunday and monday night is the time for professionals. stuff.rut their >> i prepare all year for this. >> this year, it is more than just fun. it is the first since the election of bolsonaro and the political situation is on the minds of many. janeiro has been suffering for a long time. things keep happening in the worst way possible.
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>> every year, people flock to the city from all over the world. it is time fofor a lookok at the top business news. i am joined by brian quinn. we start with a new report the u.s. and china could be closing in on a deal that would end their trade war. the wall street journal, reporting the largest economies are in the home stretch of hammering out an accord. china is offering to reduce tariffs and restrictions while the u.s. would reverse nearly all the extra duties levied on the trades since dispute began. hurdles remain,
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particularly over chinese industrial policy seen as firms.y favoring its both sides seem optimistic after several rounds of negotiation. >> chinese and u.s. trade and economic delegations had a productive a consultation. -- they havetained achieved sububstantial progress. both countries have reacted positively to this. brian: the national people's congress is set to begin its session tuesday. at foreignimed investmement is expected, as we,
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and improvovg b business climate for outside companies. growth hitting a three decade low, pressure mounts on beijing tax. party willcomommunist get the ceremonial parliament to credit measures to make cheaper and encourage sales o of consumer good. the government is expected to announce a lower growth rate target. effects from the ongoing trade war with the u.s. are being felt in china. a stock company is struggling. it exports 80% of its products to the u u.s. >> some u.s. clients have moved to southeast asia where labor costs are lower. impact on us. it will get bigger if the trade war escalates.
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>> the other development, passing a law on foreign invest meant. ban forced to technology transfers and illegal government interference in foreign business s practices. > we are the world's factory. we wilill reposisition ourselves a capital gains center. china needs to attract more foreign investment and provide opportunities to investors. handing over technology was one of the reasons cited by donald trump when he launched tariffs on chinese imports last year. >> the europopn index is higher. 100 up around
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signs on theopeful trade war front, it is not sunshine and rainbows for u.s. china relationships. meng wanzhou is stuck in canada as china seeks or extradition. -- as the u.s. seeks her extradition. she has filed suit against the government saying her constitutional rights have been violated, saying she was detained for hours before her arrest. to sue the prepared government thatt strengthens - - on propoposals. beijing is calling on the u.s. and canada to free her. >> the u.s. and canada have
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abused the treaties. this is a serious violation of legitimate rights and interests. canada to release her so she can return to china. >> carloss ghosn is seeking bai. he has been held in a detention arrest.ince his breach ofharges of trust for trying to transfer personal financial losses to nissan's books. he maintains his innocence. his supporters say he is a target of a japanese coup.
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>> essssentially, nissan should have dealt with and rectified these cases. they had 10 years to do so. it is peculiar they brought the cases to prosecutors s w. the geneva international motor show gets underway this week. carmakers are looking to jumpstart lackluster sales figures. a new deal brexit -- a no deal brexit is threatening to put the brakes on the auto industry. off their latest models. britain is the second biggest market for cars and the fourth biggest manufacture of autos. announced forssan business reasons, it would not in theng the x trail suv
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u.k.. >> there is no question they are weighted with baited breath to see what happens with brexit. they fear a hard e exit. no deal means bad news. the e entire british car industy is on tender hooks because they need to have security. >> the car industry is dealing with slowing sales in china. car maker jaguar land rover announced it will cut 4500 concernsddress brexit and slowing demand in china. to address the on carbon dioxide emissions and many are betting on electric models. expanding the range of electric hybrids will bring down the
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average. it is a challenge they will have to face as they contend with direct -- disruption. notot much brexit is touching. that. i think you for don't go anywhere. we will be back in a few minutes.
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