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gage with what's happening in our lives today. presented by jackson confronts twenty four and twenty four don't call. yeah but it is what is a life in paris will news and analysis fromom francee i cap i'm margotn these. other r men well these headligh. one quite a lance back in venezuela greeted by thousands of supporters the self proclaimed. interim president risks arrest and jailed. victoria reverie sheen ordered not to travel. protests on the streets of algiers tens of thousands expressing t that anger. over the president's abdulazeez beautifully got wrecked prefer
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presenting himself again. as candidate for election. the politics business while way cfo's to suit canada arrest. in china says it's accusing to canadians of stealing state secrets dave coles arrested is seeming to count to move. in the wake of mang one choose custody prison is whether we can old cold wawar to prevent himrom traveling outside venezuela that was an order from ththe regime. of president nicolas maduro amouount why do is seeking to replplace. when i wasas able to and to venezuela thanks to you annual mobilization in old venezuela? we feel that today we have made a decisive step towards the
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conquest of our freedom.. a small victorory today this soh american title. this congress everyrywhere thans to you o one is waiting people. reason to celebrate and so on or off. hold on yes that's allll it is. on saturday will continue in the streets old venezuela were turned to the streets. decided and determined to mobilize in search of freedom. we will not rest one second. untitil freedom is achieveved. let's begin our food account through norris trends she joins us now live from caracas i c can outt saying -- the veteterans venezuela iss a ststate off rule and t that n ny
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measures will be t taken agains. a warm quarry t they're not it's not exactctly clear what that means but of course the opposition leader in self declared intnterim president was not arrested on landing in the coununy andnd we saw him. going into caracacas i in speakg to a crowdwd of thousasands of s supporters triumphantly that had been faye is that t he would be ararrested.. don't t write very on touch down because he had - -- to violated the terms of a travel ban imposed by. the supreme court here which i s loyal to nicocolas maduro -- but he wasn't immediately taken into custody -- t pererhaps thehe hint not from the venezuelan vice presidentnt that they could b be measures taken against him. in the days to come no one quit- has warned against that he spopo ouout on social media is warning the govevernments of nicolas maduroro not to o in his words kidnap him. saying that if they did that that would be a mistake on the
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loss mistake they ever made. catherine quite -- clearly a man with the plan is there any sign. coming from his sources as to what that plan might be what happens next. what happens next is one wider has said that he will spend tuesday meeting with union leaders with? civil service public sector well he's trying to keep up the momentum he's an artist his supporters to keep on the streets to keep on demonstrating to keep up the pressure. on that nicolas maduro and his government. he's also called for more mass ronnie's in venezuela across the country they sent today hoping to keep up that pressure. i'm hoping that we'll have some kind of affect. aside from not there's not much more detail about what concretely he plans to do at one stage that wall stroke of foreign military intervention possibly involving. the u. s. so that does not seem an imminent process possibility
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at the moment. no restaurant in c caracas thank you very much indeed. of course to be old about women set from venezuela as we get them. next protests a growing against algeria's veteran president. standing for re election not to se his booooted feet is eighty twtwo he suffefered a stroke crs say succumb a figurehead for a corrupt group of people managing the presidency. process to say the state is not being run by the military -- diflucan made it known he'll not serve a full term if re elected for what would be a fifth time. hasn't imprints the protest as many saying that because unfit to govern. due to his continued ill health. the one to new leader but not just because they think the eighty two year old president is unfit to lead. is also growing unease about the few and rising resentment of a corruption. more than one in ten algerians unemployment and among the young
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this figure is far higher. this matters because the average age o of the population is tweny two years old. it's young people in particular who is taking part in the rat protests. previously the government is maintain stability by creating affordable housing hunting l. generous loans and investing in infrastructure. but it't's o over spends algeris a huge fiscal deficits and the value o of its imports excxceeds that of its exports. this now little money to sustain the projects and schemes that kept dissatisfaction at bay. the government can no longer solely relying on oill t to funt spending. a few years ago oil prices began to drop the slumpmp h has slowed downwn here is a call mee down o almost to stand still. in addition to their economic woes people also angry about corruption. in recent years various scandals have led to the sacking of several top officials. protested see corruption as an endemic problem what's the
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current president has failed to stop over full terms in office. so we see the angeger down the ststreets of via algae is capitl of algeria at the issue regarding the decision by a president beautifully could to stand again for what will be a fifth. term as president to bring in michael willis from walks university he's a fellow that in the mediterranean studies michael thank you very much for being with us -- in some ways to the store in separate fact from fiction on his health and clear mindedness but some do you think that you should have genuine concerns about his continued presence. on the presidential stage. i did these continued concerns i i i think they they have beat it is being the situation for lost six years since he had a stroke in -- twenty thirteen in one sense where basically a repeat of what happened five years ago when he
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decided to stand for a fouourth termrm despitete not being ableo campaign despite not really be able to stand all speak and have great difficulty actually doing with the formal swearing in. so. what people are concerned about is if he isn't involved in running the country the officials claim but he's still ? man who is actually running the country and who's making the key decisions nothing backs at the bottom of the concerns indeed he was interest them does it serve to have beautiful because still. as president. i think basically it's a it's a compromise a it avoids up setting this of delicate equilibrium of power between various individuals and groups that that the top of the political leadership -- who fail anything you think that was brought in that would upset things power would shift in different ways so in one sense booted lakers being quite -- to convenience they get to have their because he doesn't seem to be playing much of a role -- but he's able to be a figurehea-
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while others continue to exercise influence and again what exactly back influences when i'm showing a lot of people most people algeria feeling happy they don't know who is actually making the key decisions and did you speak to any algerian they'll give you. their own particular view on whwhat's actually happened i should say typical to really pinpoint precisely -- what the problem is however people unhappy about one thing in particular which is? corruption that would comes up time and again -- i was i think it is corruption has been a problem -- algieri has made a lot of money and make that you all of its foreign currency earnings from oil and gas sales. and they have been used to good effect but inevitably significant slices of act have disappeared there have beeeen cocorruption scandals that have grown more and more - -- andd i think peoplee got normal set up with thiss t that p partr given as your pollll that mentioned but withh the reportig the p price o of oilil. andd algeria spending beyond its
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apparent means at ththe moment. ththe algeriaian the popopulatio be entering a rather difficult fight. indeed. which leads me to my final question sir always seeing in algeria today almost an a arab spring scenario do you think. i think what we're sayining is unprecedented number off people cocoming on the streets tens of thousands of people coming on to the streets of all the major. the major cities i'm prorotestig against it the algerians and sounds. never like to be compared to the the rest of the rest of ththe region they like to thinings thingsgs that don diffeferently- back in twentyty eleven wh very little hapappens in algeriaa algierss seals it runsns by itsn rhythm and clelearly this is beg motivadd by the decision by. ability to defeat all the decision on behalf of that let's see if we got to to run for things that -- but this is very substantial there peoplple dememonstrating y in day out even through bill
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last night though big demonstrations and there is a big -- mobilization building i'm also almost exclusively peaceful it's quite remarkable and i think it's gonna be very difficult for the poliliticall leaders from algeria. to resist making significant changes michael willis of ox university thank you so very much indeed she on your analysis with a c. on fronts my cat we do appreciate it. of course we'll keep an eye on all developments in algeria. forty next image you sources say this is now the end game for the islamic state group. in syria troops are closing in on the town of baku's the last stand of the jihadist near its final moments. one hundred and fifty isis fighters surrounded left the town along with three hundred fifty civilians falling a bottle full of vital patch of ground. those that remain in by becausee of t that it's on the stood reay to fight to the death. the vice president emmanuel macron has launched his campaign for the european elections by outlining his plans for a revamped e. u. now this include.
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the euro climate bank banning form funding of political parties and reform of the border free schengen zone. president icon is also the speaking on italy's rai television where he warned against t the dangers of resurgt nationalism. and try to heal the wounds of the spent last month of fronts briefly recalled its ambassador to rome. the reform of published in maine daily papers across the twenty eight state block on tuesday. estonia's status where minutes first ever female prime ministe. katja calluses center right parties upset the full book master of the brig power callousness to negotiate with colleagues and bottles to form. a ministration in thailand. now she is the leader of estoninia's center rights opposition.. they owned this is a tremendous acknowledgement a tremendously strong mandate that we receive from voters. the reform policy one almost 29%
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of the vote in the general election and is expected to try and form a coalition. the one party they've ruled out working with is fall right accr. also celebrating on election night. the nationalist and anti immigration policy more than doubled it seeks tali compared to the last electction. as he arrived party leader malls homeless showed off a pair of donald trump braces. lawrenceburg will already be there the donald trump is fulfilling his. promises to build a photo wall. bomb a cat interest tax relief and so. we will do exactly the same. so those all. around 63% of a stone is nearly one million eligible voters cast ballots slightly less than the previous selelection. pope francis is announced plans to f fully open the archives of his predecessor pius the twelft. it's a move called for by jewish organizations the decades
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because of allegations of collaboration with the *-*- in world war. two and as you say pious hearing from nineteen thirty nine to nineteen fifty eight didn't do enough to help those facing persecution by *-*- germany. the decision by francis has been welcomed by jewish groups and by israel. some say pope pius the twelfth secretly saved lives others that he turned a blind eye to the persecution of jews. it's a long running debate that could finally come to an end in march. twenty twenty pope francis has just announced that the church will open up its world war two archives to the public thank you son of the church is not the history. of the country a lot of sense he also was the same trust is that of my predecessors i open and entrusted to researchers this documentary heritage. highest was elected on two six months before world war two erupted in europe. the vatican kept to a strict
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policy of neutrality during the war and d did not denounce nazi. but according to his supupportes pious used behind the sceness diplomacy to save jews. and instructed priests issue baptism certificates to hundreds of jews in it today. hi yes the twelfth died in nineteen fifty eight and the vatican usually wait seventy years after the end of the pontificate to open up any archives. but it has been under pressure to make this documentation available while holocaust survivors are still alive. hi yes was declared venerable in two thousand and nine part of ththe process towards sainthood. the issue of his conduct during the war is likely to affect how the procedure moves forward. that is a rescue recovery operation conontinuing in the us state of alabama tornadoes killed at least twenty three people. the authorities say that children are sadly among the dead the damage caused by the killer wins been extensive as you can see homes much to the foundations. shredded metal hanging from
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trees and even dead animals lying in the open. after least one twenty eight of it through a rural alabama community. so the situation that as we say still the rescue recovery operation underway and the damage. they said very very visible that in alabama. small set use the hot throwback to luke perry has died of a stroke. was famous maps was role in the hit series beverly death from stroke age fifty two was brought tributes from old acrososs hollywood and beyondd. assist in los angeles says the death follows stroke that. the actor suffered lastst week. luke perry who's died at the age of fifty two after suffering a stroke. time to business take me to join this hallway is stepping up its legal offensive. against both canada and the us talisman mother two distinct battles that while way -- is really fighting here mark at the chinese tech giants
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financial officer is chief financial officer rather is suing the canadian government over her ongoing detention ther. she said to appear i in court on wednesday when a judge will set a date for hearings on her possible extradition to the united states. separately the new york times and financial times reporting that always preparing a lawsuit against the american government. over its decision to ban of federal agencies from using bobby technology the trick of reportrts. beijing isn't mincing his words that wants telecoms giant fourways chief financial officer released from detention in canada. the u us and c canada abubused t selectction dition treatieies to take coeoercive measures on chinese citizens this is a serious violation of their legitimate rights and interests. canada rested banging one jalan washington's request while she was changing planes in vancouver in december. the united states accuses her of lying to banks over her company's dealings with iran. this is the us lobbies its
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international the world's lalargest telecoms equipment provovider over security concer. chinese law requires these farms to support and assist beijing's vast security apparatus without any democratic checks and balances on accesess to or use f data that touches the networks right when it installed and supported by these companies around the world. canada for its power his course in the middle china requested two of its citizens shortly off the mains detention and a third already serving a prison time that was we tried and sentencedd to death. she faces what could be months or even years of extradition proceedings. maine's own lawyers with gearing up for another legal battle this one targeting canadian authorities. allege maze belongings were unlawfully such and that she was compelled to provide information without counsel for three hours before she was arrested.
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the second on the day's trading action now a lot of folks still on the trade tension between the us and china. major europeaean indices saw a slight boost -- following weekend reports that the two sides could be close to a deal just the dacs closing slightly below the flilight line wallstreet pared back some of its steeper losses by the closing bell. the dow jones had plunged over three hundred and fifty points earlier recovering slightly y to close down. two hundred at the s. and p. five hundred settling below the key level of two thousand eight hundred it is past for the first time last week. close guns families asked the un human rights office to investigate what they believe is a case of arbitrary detention. the former chairman of nissan and renault has been under arrest in tokyo since november the cues to financial misconduct charges he denies. on monday his lawyer submitted a third request for him to be released on bail thank you will accept camera surveillance if necessary. his family has repeatedly complained of the say his rights have been violated. you can is shown the does the conditions of thehe tension on potentially de humanizing we
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have to stress we have called on the u. n. working groups conclude that carlos ghosn's's e tension is arbitrary god is goo. ththgeneva intnternational motor show gets underway this week on the prospect of a no deal breaks it is threatening to put the brakes on europe's auto industry catherine viet has the story. showing off their latest models amid worries over the impact brexit will have on the automotive industry. britain is europe's second biggest market for cars and the fourth biggest manufacturer of autos. facicing possible tariffs of up 210% and supply disruptions the stakes are high. last month nissan announced that for business reasons it would not be making the x. trail s. u. v. in the uk. there is no question that the install -- european car industries waiting with bated breath to see what happens with breaks it i think they fear most. i called exit snow you deal forr person means bad news for that concert was into person i think
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the entire british car industries or sayay on tenterhos because they needs to have somoe security. thee timing could hardly be wore as the car industry is already dealing with slowing sales in china the world's largest market for automobiles. it is car maker jaguar land rover announced in january that it will cut forty five hundred jobs to o address both brexit concncerns and slowing demand in china. carmakers also havave to address tough new limits on carbon dioxide emissions and many are betttting on a lecture models. the targets will apply to average emissions across their fleets still expanding the range of plug in hybrids and fully electric autos will help bring down the average. it's just another challenge the automotive industry will have to face as he contends with disruption from m new technolog. the full coverage of the geneva motor show as it gets underway on tuesday mark take a motor running.
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kate thank you very much a d. cabled business. three to see. it's been some hard mediawatch because i'm getting to you cannot -- clearly we're all over the lg restore hit from so i can consult year very big for us. it was so many movies of as before but helps but well i've been taken a particular look mock at the will coverage and the local coverage on everything that's been going on today and the differences -- in the i'd like to start us off straight away with a cartoon that's been buzzing all day and it's by famous cartoonists dm and i'll share. with the the title lyrics on because you don't said as with i've lost the presidential election is has already been played is already decided. is a loose translation and we can see the people are really frame then you can see the little asterisk at the bottom with. the slogan lookbook repeat all the people presidents of the republic so this isis a big hand to the fact that the people have one at the bustle with.
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president bush to freak out of course and that's one of the main opinionss of which is comig through this is a cartoon in l. what's on which is -- the most followed french speaking paper in -- jewish says thousands of students continue -- to protest against -- beautifully because by a candidacy -- but he defies algerian the cops is with beautifully kept sitting down he looks very ill so again very productive and a little hands actually to french president emmanuel my call with the key to getting the shot *-*. coming get me which he famously said to the judicial and it's interesting to the place that theyey do like french crs down there to be fattened exactly. very very aggressive but if you look as well -- a little bit lost in in the facial expressions of the police officers. let's move on into -- el mucho aidid this is a much
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more pro government paper -- and they simply glossed over the protests and i've decided to focus on the promises to six promises made by presidents beautifully can sell much more mutual approach it -- drawing attention to the fact that he's making promises that that is hope that that is a future if you follow him so much more pro government. m. approach that l. could bar which is the most one of the most prominent arab papers in algeria going back to the idea that the president is ignoring the protests against his fifth term as president that he has chosen not to responond. to the people's the monster you have really a wide spectrum. of of reactions and as he was signed mark fronts twenty four very important. in algeria -- one of the most followed -- for how he's handled ig area how his presidency and how it's
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changed over the years in t. fifth reelectioion if he goes ad wins it and then we'll see what happens next of course of course all the specs of the story for you -- simon you moving towards one which i thinkk deals with and some level domestic violence. a south african see the babes with demo hate life on instagram by her boyfriend so base a demo- mark is a singer who uses instagram to live stream songs and in this particular one she was singing along and she has a discussion with her boyfriend he comes into the picture you can see a picture that i don't want. to play the video because it is a little bit vitamin a you can see that the hand is on her and he slaps the repeatedly live on instagram. and this is created a huge wave of outrage as these -- article headlines on because it is not the first time this has happened. and it is really part of a broader movement in africa which is drawing attention -- to sexual violence to abuse
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against women of course we have the fest parker's story -- coming out of the king of father the other day -- and to show how important this is of course the french -- article against -- africa under the shock of the respond. if then if she has some get away would be not base with him alive an incident we surely know that the south african justice system has failed. my mother's sisters and daughters says this user and the government have actually responded this is the chief whip all of the a and see who says. that the only way to stop this is to a rest -- month fico who's a very well known dj in south africa so -- a basin do mondays what do my saris boyfriend also unknown figure and again this is the minister of culture and arts who says the same thing absolutely horrified he urges her to press charges. but people are actually contest
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another saying she doesn't need to come to the point where you press charges caught someone. just take the initiative to help out and this is what money nvidia felloww a actress says tt should b be peoplele who witnesg this from thehe music industry re
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