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tv   France 24  LINKTV  March 11, 2019 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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paris. let's look atat the headlines. both black boxeses from the -pcrashed ethiopian airlines hae been recoverrd. eveeyone n the plane died. backlash grows against boeing. rouhani makes his f first aging president returns amid calls for him to go.
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he bids for a fifth term in office. coming up, eight years since aatsunami caused a meltdown. disaster continues in japannnn we look at the crippled reactorr we lk at the ballooning costs of the cleanup efforts. ♪ >> in ethiopia, investigators have recovered two black boxes from the crash site. everyone on board the died. the passenger jee was bound for nairobi, but crashed after pakeoff. ii has raised questions about thee safety of t t boeing 737
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max. it is the second, model has crashed in five months. we speak to our correspondent. what is the latess? news is trickling out today as people share they have lost familyly members, cocolleagu.. fororas a popular fllghght people baseded here to go back d forth. it was popularar for businesess travelers, tourists. reflect they were a verse -- they w were a diverse amount of travelers on board. losses. kenyayans died, as well as other nationalities, canndian, frfrench, brrtrtish. the u.n. lost t at least 19 pepe who o were staff members. some said to be heading here for a u.n. environmental summit.
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>> tell usus about the reaction. it is unclear why the plane are ad, but surely there lot ofof concerns whether techchnical or humanan error.. airlinenesofof ethiopian cannot say much. they have to comply with international regulations, which requires an investigatition that typipically takes several weeke. very experienced.enior pilot, fuelhas continued to speculation it could come down to the fact the plane was a boeing 737. has crashed in the last five months. ground that plane while the rack since his firrt -- arrived
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in iraq since becoming presiient. iraq is under pressure from washington to limit ties wiih itits neighbor sincece donald tp pulled out of the laadmark nucleaear deal. with more, we can speak toojames andre. what is the current state of relations? >> it is very strong. when the islamic state grrup to mosul,ol of mostly -- of the first ones to arrive were thh iranians. orre are many iranian-backed a rainy and-trained mililitias
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that arere present. although the iraqi state andnd these e militias say they are n1 directly backed byyyiran, these militias and the very close ties to both countries. they have buill over the years since sasaddam hussein was pushd out of popower back in 2003 and disappeared. he was a sunni. the relations countries have been if you go to baghdad, you will see iranian cars on the streets. most of the products on the market are irani aad. there are strong econooic ties. iran is tte secocond economic partnerr too iraq after turkey. thisis is whahat they hope to bd on, to boost thehe economimic ts
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between both countries. the relations are strong. >> they are set to make progress on that front. the trump adminissration not on board with this. >> this is a difficulty for the iraqis. they are stuck between a rock and a hard place, there is a stronggtie with its neighbor, iran, who it relies on for electricity. -pthey also import gas. the trump administration wants to sanction iran. iraq has been relying on two countries who re ennmies to fight tte islamic state group. now that this problem has solved, what they are doiig --% phe prime minister is playing a
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balancing act. he is holding a stick in the middle in order to try to f fina balancnce. iraq has been ordered by the united states to not apply u.s. sanctions on iran. iran hopes iraq will help it get around these sanctions. president rouhani's innate difficult situation right now. it is putting pressure on the currency. they need to develop business inside the region. iraq has been saying they will not follow sanction programs from foreign countries to their neighbors, but this is the toficulty for the irrqis, manage this balancing act. >> thank ou. and%g to syria, u.s.-backed
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kurdish forces have resumed fighting islamii state militants. they are expected to declare the end of the caliphate. it is still a majajor security threat. >> it is the laat city in islamic state group hands, under fire. days, theyn three will route the fighters outut. for weeks, they pushed militants into this territory. schelling is powowerful. >> the operation will continue until the terrorists are no longer actctive in the area. >> is this the final battle?
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ttey thought it would wipe out the militantt. on march 1, it suspended the fighting, concerned civilians were trapped. since then, thousands have fled. among thhm, civilians and gunmen compliantnt. this is from inside the village, where the camp is located. >> it is estimated they are determined to defend their last stronghold. algerian judges said they would fail to uphold the electionn if the current president runs. three weeks of antigovernment
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he would be seeking a fififth tm in offffice. that has become the biggest challenge to his 20 years in power. back in algeria, the president landed at the airroot on sunday. residence in as suburb. he spepent the last two weeks ia swwss hospital, undergoing routine medical checks. ii hardlyhis return cause for celebration. students took to the streett or the thirr weekend in a row. they are prrtessing against his bid for a fifth terr. want his term. we are fed up. we came to fight for our rights.
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pur right to education, better future. we do not want to be left behind. fifth term.% i want him and his masses to leave. >> numererous shops andd busines are closed acacross t the count. >> w we are going to keep strikg if we have to. we cannot stand this regime anymore. >> the protests were triggered by t the announcemement last moh that h he would d seek a fifth m ininffice. he released a statement, saying he would stetep down early if reelected. anger. many will be watching the constitutional council, whehen t is due to deeermine the
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legitimacy offthe presidential election. >> a sentence is expected to be panded out for the frenchman that carried out a shooting in brussels in 2014.. prosecutors are demanding a life sentence. he was found guilty of the terroristtmurders. he opened fire in a jewish and returned to ccrry out an attack onneuropean soil. a womaa accused f murderingg3 e half brother of the north korean -pleader has been unexpectedly freed. custody. jong-name for kim remains elusive. inin an unexpected move, malaysa releeaed one suspepect accused
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of c carrying out hihis killing. statement, she saidd she was surprised by the decision. >> thankkyou to the president, the ministers, and the emembassy, who appointnted the lawyers. her lawyer believes his client was a scapegoatt >> the gloves ttat were founded not have her dna. forhe codefendant has asked the charges to be dropped. prosecutors have neglected to do
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so. her trial resumes tuesday. four northth koreans have been chargeged with the killiling, bt there wherereabouts are unknowo. cctv captured imas of the at an airport, accucud of smearing nerve a agent on his face. authoritieesblame north korean agents for orchestratinn the murder. hired as part of a prank for rate that desk for a reality tv show. venezezuela's blackout stretches into a fourth day. it is the worst power outage in living memory. it comes amid a power struggle guaadoo electricity or ater.
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looting and arrests have been reported. claire rush has more. >> tensions spike in thee6 c13 1 venezuelan capital as residence yell at riot police taking looters into custody. tte fourth day oo the worst blaccout in reccnt memorr left some desperate for bassc goods, like food and water, leading to arrrrests, leaving >> we have too search for water. 12th floor.e i have to walk the water up. i have to o go out and look for food. every day is an ordeaa. >> residents wait in long lines for essentials, like petrol and ice. some have come to this pharmacy to charge their phones. many remained without power and
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communications. for action.called national assembly to declare a state of mergency. >> authorities have restored power to some areas. has announcedro sshools and workplaces will remain closed monday. >> the strategy behhnd this attack on the electrical grid s anddturn despair venezuelans against eacc ther. paduro faces hyperinflation and a political crisis. >> it is a big week in the
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british parliament. there are three potential up-down votes. with the deadline looming, brian quinn looks at what is ahead. church as may leaving sse heads into a week where she will find little sanctuary. by the ides of march, or government will have faccd three crucial votes s on brexit. tuesday, arliament will decide whether or not to support the deal theresa may has hammered out. to ratification and an exit from the eu gets underway march between ninth. that outcome looks unlikely. defeateal was handed a in january anddlittle has changed since. if it is shot dowown again, wednesday y willlsee a vote on whether orrnot to crash out oo the eu withthout a deal in plac. many see no deal as better than
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a bad deal. parliament hs voted against a no deal brexit once. if it t does so again, thursda's vote will be on whether the government shohould ask k for a short, limited deeay for brexit day. not solve the underlying conflicts. key among them, the irrsh backstop plan. france's europe minister says a >> we have talked for two years pbout tte issues. if there is nothing new, more time will not do anything but create more uncertainty. uncertainty creates anxiety. opposition party are in favor of a second referendum. aadelay could lead to know brexit at all -- could lead to
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o brexit at all. grows against boeing. more on ththat, coming u up. whwho son rouhani -- hassan iran. baghdad under u.s. pressure not returnsailing president amid calls for him to go. he says he will run for a fifth time for usiness. beginning with the latest on this ethiopian airlines crash, a groundinga airlines flights. >> china and ethiopia havee6 cc1
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grounded their entire fleet. alla has about a ququarttr of 737 max used in the world. it is a central part of their strateey to compete with airbus. >> all planes in china and indonesia, the boeing 737 max, grounded. a below to bbeing. the 737 max was released in 2017 320.mpete with theeairbus the 737 max makes up nearly one third of boeing's prooit and is set to brrng in $300 bilillion n annunual revenue. at the end o of january, boeing deliverered 350, with a quarartr
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going g to chinese airlines.s..1 the model has seen its seconond fatal accident in five montts. is our number one prioritt. this point, based on the information available, we do not have a basis to issue guidance to airline operators. stocks rebounded to 18% higher thhn they had beffre the accident. ethiopian airlines has grounded there 777 plane. southwest said they are connident t in theesafety o of r fleet. boeing g tuubled. 12% ii thhs dropped
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wake of the lion aar crash. losses, but down more thahan 10% in premarket hours. higher,hares are mostly recovering from last week's losses. iivestors are aiting for further developments. bank merger it may be pn the horizon. >> it has beenen rumored the two biggest banks might join. deutsche bankkhas agreed to hold low performaace had been piling% pressure on deutsshe bank.
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if it happens, the merger ould create the second largest lender with about 1.9 trillion euros in assets. is outt fghosn ddtentioo but haa been barreded fromom attending the company's board meeting. -- hasmpany has worked rejected a request to attend the board meeting for theefirst time since he was freed from prison. he has been dismissed as chairman. carlos ghosn is still a boboaad member pending next month's shareholderrmeeting. nissan and renault are in talks a new headquarters. they are set to give a ppess conference tuesday. >> eight years sinceethe fukushima disaster. much it is to cleannit up. >> the disaster is ongoing.
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the nenew figures arare accordio the latesest inforormation froma conservative think tank, w wch gave far bigger figures han the ggvernment's expectations due to itit is expected to take at leat another decade just to cool the reactors down. across northeastern japan, residents begin the day with out remembering the triple theirrophe that changed livesseight years ago. the disaster is ongoing. efforts continue to shut it down for good. duty tove a sense of accomplish our goals. we will do our best. >> the cost estimates keep
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rising. in 2016, the government revised euros,al to 176 billion twice as much as its original target. last week, a think tank put the cleanup cost at 648 billion, four timimes the lltest govevert estimamate. ththe biggest cost is also he biggest hallenge. disposing of nuclear waste water. reactorsduced when the are douued in water to keep cool. -poveerone milllon tons of the wastewater has been produced and the water is building up in030. storage tanks acroross the site. operators consider permanent solutionss the cheapest option would be to cover the reactors and release the wastewater into the sea. fishermen say consumers are already reluctant to eat fish
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from he area. option.ts do not like the they say covering up nuclear debris would force them to give up hope of returning to their homes. planning to raise prices, but keeping shops open. >> they will increase prices of high-end m models by 3% on pverage. after teslaays woworried investors by revealina plannto close retail source stowe -- retail stores so we could make the model 3 cheaper.1 the company says it will close significantly fewer stores than planned. buyers will have a week tooplace orders before the prices go up for m models s and x. moment.
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