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tv   Democracy Now  LINKTV  March 11, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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[captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacifica, this is democracy now! new rebel documents show the u.s. government has created a secret database of activists, lawyers, and journalists linked to the migrant caravan. we will get the latest from someone who has been chronicling the border and an immigration attorney in tijuana.
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the database includes the details about the car she drives, her mother's name, and her work and travel history. then, u.s. army whistleblower chelsea manning sent back to prison after refusing to testify before a grand jury investigating wikileaks and julian assange. from glenn response greenwald and pentagon papers' whistleblower daniel ellsberg. all that and more, coming up. welcome to democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. an ethiopian airlines s flight traveling from the ethiopian capital addis ababa to nairobi, kenya, crashed sunday morning, killing all 157 passengers and crew on board. the boeing 737 was carryining passengers of 35 different nationalities, including 8 americans.
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the e un confirmed at least 19 f itits staffers were on boaoard e plane. ththis iththe second f fatal crh of a boeing 737 max 8 in the past fivive months. that is aftft a donation lion air flight 610 crashed last year in october, killing 189 people. indonesia, and ethiopia are corrupting the aircraft after the crash. u.s. army whistleblower chelsea manning has been sent back to jail after refusing to answer questions before a grand jury friday. manning had been subpoenaed by federal prosecutors in virginia's eastern district to appear for questioning about her 2010 release to wikileaks of hundreds of thousands of state department and pentagon documents about the u.s. wars in iraq and afghanistan. manning was imprisoned frorom 20 to 2017 for the leak.
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manning's lawyer says s they wil appeal for her release. this is whistleblower daniel ellsberg, who leaked the pentagon papers in 1971, speaking to democracy now! > i think it is very importat that journalists and publishers realize that their own ability to operate under the first amendment and do the function in a free society is b being challenged, attacked, specifically through chelsea manning, as it has been for many years. it is still going on, a and she has never done anything more than her current refusal to take part in that assault on the free press. amy: we'll hear more from daniel ellsberg and speak to journalist glenn greenwald about chelsea manning after headlines. president trump is set to unveil his 2020 budget proposal today, and will reportedly request $8.6 billion to fund his wall on the
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u.s.-mexico border, alongside an additional $3.6 billion to make up for military construction funds he said he is diverting as part of his national emergency. in a joint statement, senate minority leader chuck schumer and house speaker nancy pelosi said, "congress refused to fund his wall, and he was forced to admit defeat and reopen the government. the same thing will repeat itself if he tries this again. we hope e he learned his l less" in addition to bordeder wall funds, trump's budget boosts military spending, cuts non-defense-related domestic spending, including slashing the budget for renewable energy and sets a 15-year timeline for eliminating the deficit. dana sabraw, the federal judge who last june ordered the trump administration to stop separating migrant families at ththe border and reunite nearly 3,000 children with their parents, ruled friday that families who were separated at the border as early as july 2017 should also be incluluded in his
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order and d be allowed to jojoia class-action lawsuit brought by the aclu. the order previously only included families whose children were in government custody on june 26, 2018. sabraw cited a january health and human services report that acknowledged thousands more children were likely ripped from their parents, starting much earlier than stated, but that the government failed to properly track those children. the house passed the "for the people act" friday, a wide-ranging bill that seeks to expand voting rights and curb gerrymandering, reduce big money in political campaigns, and strengthen ethics requirements for political candidates. one of the provisions would make voter registration automatic. this is democratic congress member john lewis speaking on the house floor friday. ?> is not us, then who
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if not now, then when? the time has arrived to tear down the barriers. part we are able to do our in this long fight for the very soul of our nation. amy: not a single republican voted in favor of the bill. senate majority leleader mitch mcconnell has already said he will not bring the bill to a vote. an investigation by "the new york times" found that several trucks carrying so-called humanitarian aid that were set ablaze during a showdown at the colombia-venezuela border last month were not set on fire by president nicolás maduro's forces, as was widely reported at the time by both the media and trump administration officials. national security advisor john bolton, vice president mike pence, senator marco rubio, and secretary of state mike pompeo immediately condemned maduro for the incident, using it to heighten callsls for his removo. but a new analysis from "the new
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york times" refutes this version of events and says instead it is likely that a molotov cocktail thrown by an anti-government protester started the fire. some were quick to point out witnesses and indepependent journanalists had alalready been countering t the u.s. government narrative. writing for the intercept, journalist glenn greenwald called out mainstream media outlets for republishing the false claims. he wrote, "every major u.s. war of the last several decades has begun the same way -- the u.s. government fabricates an inflammatory, emotionally provocative lie which large u.s. media outlets uncritically treat as truth while refusing to air questioning or dissent, thus inflaming primal anger against the country the u.s. wants to attack." we will speak with glenn greenwald later in the broadcast. in more news from venezuela, local reports have emerged that the ongoing power outage has killed 17 people in hospitals where backup generators failed. president nicolás maduro said last week anti-government
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saboteurs backed by the u.s. took the nation's main hydroelectric power station at the guri dam offline. meanwhile, "the new york times" wrote friday u.s. sanctions have curbed venezuelan imports of fuel that could have powered the dam following the failure. opposition leader and self-declared interim president juan guaido said he will call for a state of national emergency in the venezuelan parliament today. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu declared that israel is "not a state of all its citizens" as he engaged in a social media spat with israeli celebrity rotem sela over the weekend. the well-known model and host wrote on instatagram saturday, "when the hell will someone in this government tell the public that israel is a country of all its citizens," after watching an interview with the israeli culture minister. netanyahu responded directly to sela on instagram, writing, "israel is not a state of all its citizens. according to the basic
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nationality law we passed, israel is the nation state of the jewish people and only it." the comments came days after israel banned an alliance of israeli arab parties from fielding candidates for israel's parliament, the knesset. and israel is one month away from a general election. in news from gaza, mourners held a funeral saturday for 23-year-old tamer arafat, who died after israeli forces shot him during friday protests at the israeli separation barrier. israeli fire wounded 42 others who turned out as part of the weekly great march of return demonstrations, which will mark their one-year anniversary at the end of this month. following the house's overwhelming passage of a resolution thursday condemning anti-semitism, islamophobia, white supremacy, and other forms of hate, fox news host jeanine pirro attacked congress member
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ilhan omar, one of two muslim women now serving in congress, for wearing a hijab. >> omar wears a jihad, which according to the koran, it tells women to cover so they will not get molested. is this indicative of her whichnce to sharia law, is antithetical to the united states constitution? amy: critics were quick to blast pirro's remarks, pointing to the first amendment of the constitution, which protects freedom of religion. as outrage mounted, fox news condemned her comments late sunday, saying in a statement, "we strongly condemn jeanine pirro's comments about representative ilhan omar. they do not reflect those of the network and we have addressed the matter with her directly." after her historic election victory last november, congress member omar spearheaded the
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overturning of a long-ststanding ban on headscarves and other religious headwear, becoming the first lawmaker to wear a hijab on the house floor. erik prince, founder of private security company blackwater, said in a recent al l jazeeraa interview he met with trump campaign representatives in august 2016, despite not disclosing the meeting during a hearing before the house intelligence committee in 2017, according to official transcripts. this is prince speaking with reportrter and host mehdi hassa. you -- specific specifically argue what context. >> i do not believe i was asked thatat question. >> you setetpart from writing pers and putting uyardrd signs, no. i have theraranscrt of t t conversation. >> i might have en -- i ink i was atrurump hdquartrts or cpaign heququarters. 62- 20 16th h of
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you, and israeli dude? amy: mother jones reported saturday that florida businesswoman cindy yang, who founded the spa where billionaire new england patriots owner robert kraft is said to have solicited sex, also ran a business selling access to president trump. kraft was charged last month with hundreds of others as part of a human trafficking sting. the self-described international business consulting firm run by yang is aimed at chinese executives, touting access to trump, members of his administration, and his family at his mar-a-lago resort. the story was published a day after a selfie of yang and trump emerged from a super bowl viewing party at mar-a-lago in february. according to "the miami herald," yang and her family have donated nearly $60,000 to trump's campaign and a trump pac since 2017. yang was not charged in last month's crackdown on florida day spas and has said she sold the spa linked to kraft in 2013.3. and massachusetts senator and
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2020 h hopeful elizabebeth warrn has unveiled a plan to break up tech giants like facebook, google, and amazon. in a post published on mededium, warren proposes classifying companies that bring in over $25 billion a year as platform utilities and barring these utilities from selling their own products. that would mean, for example, that google could not advertise google products on its search platform and that facebook would have to divevest from apps likie instagram. warren blamed tech monopolies for stifling competition, as well as overreach due to how user data was collected and used. at a rally in long island city, nenew york, where local protests and political pressure recently led amazon to withdraw its plan - warren shared her plan with -- withdraw its plan for a new
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hq2 campus, senator warren shared her plan with supporters on friday night. >> they think they can bully anyone to do what they want and scoop up our personal data and sell it to whoever they want and for whatever purposes. amy: and those are some of the headlines. this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. newly revealed documents show the u.s. government created a secret database of activists and journalists who were documenting the trump administration's efforts to thwart a caravan of migrants hoping to win asylum in the u.s. an investigation from san diego's nbc 7 revealed the list was shared among homeland security investigations, ice, customs and border protection , and the fbi. it included the names of 10 journalists, seven of whom were u.s. citizens, along with nearly four dozen others listed as organizers or instigators. some of the journalists and at
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least one immigration lawyer had alerts placed on their passports that prevented them from entering mexico. others on the list reported they were stopped by mexican police or were subjected to lengthy interviews or searches when reentering the u.s. house democrats are now calling for the full disclosure of the government's secret list. on thursday, democratic governor gavin newsom of california said it was ironic the government knew more about journalists and attorneys than it did about the missing migrant children it had detained. >> there is irony in that, that we have better data collection against journalists than we do children and p parents. parents s have been removed from their children, yet there is deep data collection on all of you. that is america and 2019. amy: well, for more, we joined now by ryan devereaux, a staff
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reporter at the intercept, where he covers immigration enforcement, the drug war, and national security. in early february, he wrote an article titled "journalists, lawyers, and activists working on the border face coordinated harassment from u.s. and mexexin authoritieies." and in tijuana, mexicoco we're joined bninicole ramosos, direcr of the b border rights prorojecf alal otro lado, a projoject that workrks with a asylum seekerersn tijuana, mexic the group p also conducts human rights monitorining on the u.s.-mexico border. ramos is one of the people on the government's secret list. nbc 7 reports her dossier includes personal details, including specific information about the cacar she drives, her mother's name, and her work and travel history. ryan devereaux and nicole ramos, welcome to democracy now! ryan, talk about what you uncovered and the significance of this list. >> in early february, we published a report revealing sweeping government intelligence
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targetingoperation journalists, lawyers, and advocates working in a border area around tijuana in san diego, folks in contact with the micra caravan. rick -- the migrant caravan. the uptick in activity picked up around december and january in conjunction with a couple high-profile events in the area involving tear gassing migrants. we discovered that mexican municipal police were sort of wall,around around the approaching photojournalists, photographing their passports. case, journalists were approached by mexican lot whorcement and were asked they were taking photos for, and they said for the americans. a number of journalists were subjected to secondary screening when they attempted to go back into the united states. they were asked questions about
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activists working or the border. phones were confiscated and electronics were searched. advocates with migrant organizations were taken into custody and pumped for information. volunteer i spoke to was handcuffed to a steel bench for five hours. all of the questioning described to us points to a u.s. government interest in targeting activists involved in the migrant caravans, seeking their way into the united states. they have inflamed the outrage of president trump. amy: nbc followed up and come more examples of the surveillance. >> the nbc news report, in extraordinary fashion, confirmed what we reported in february. made of so-called instigators, organizers, journalists, activists, and it
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is consistent with what we found last month. i spoke with folks who were presented sort of sheets of paper with photographs of activists, asked who they know. the government clearly went to significant links here together connectedn on people to the caravans. amy: on thursday, customs andnd bordrder protection said the secret list was a necessary response to assault against border patrol agents that took place last november and in january. assist in a public affairs said the agency identified individuals who may have information relating to the instigators and organizers of the attacks. adding, efforts to gather this type of information are standard law enforcement practice. cbp does notd that target journalist based on their occupation or reporting. >> a number of the folks who operationted in the
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were not present at the events, but some of these interrogations began months earlier. and number of folks were not even there. second, in order for the government to take a hard look at a journalists work, they have to meet a certain sort of bar, a .igher threshold those sorts of protections exist for many reasons. what seems to have happened here , and the words of the aclu, is the borderthority at the border did an end around doj restrictions on how they could approach journalists about events they witnessed, information they gathered. what we're seeing here seems to what we're seeing here seems to be a real effort to circumvent those restrictionsns. amy: nicole ramos, if f you can talk abobout what it means to be on this list, how you discovered
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you were on it, and what has happened to o you since. > what it means to be on n ts list is thatat you are an indidividual with either challenged u.s. customs and bordrder prorotectionn policy ad violations of a asylum-seekers rightsts or you have s somehow documented that as a journalalit or werere in witness to it asasn actitivist or a member of the clergy. with respect t to the impactf the e list on myself and myy codirector, on january 10, the global entry pass was confiscated andnd revokoked whei entered the united states from mexico. i have crossed dozens of times using my global entry pass, which allows me expedited pressing, cutting my travel time from 20 minutes from what could essentially be three hours. last crossing prior to it being confiscated was on jittery seven. -- on january 7. the c cover p page was january , and my entry was revoked on january 10.
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thanksks to the d dossier, my codirectors werere denied entry into mexico. reasonser for different for work and travel, and they were sububsequently removed frfm mexico. ironically in the case of my codirector, she, while working on thehe family s separation ca, as we were one of the only legal matters for parents deported from the border with other children, was separated from her own mexican citizen child because of the u.s. government passport.t. on her amy: so, what has the government said t to you aboutut why they e doing this? you arara u.s. citenen. >> the goverernment has not provideded any reason n her than respondnd, which includudes the varieiety of rereasons onont not qualify y for global e entr, including the fafact that one is under r investigatioion for a
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violation, u u.s. immigration, r u.s. criminanal law. that indicated to me that i was under some kind of investigation , but they would another confirm nor r deny whehether that was t. we have attempted to obtain more information about the alerts place on our passports through the disiscovery process of ourr litigation. however, we have not been able to obtain further information through that process. are a u.s. citizen? >> yes, i am. am. amy: how has this prevenented yu fromom doing your wowork? explplain whatat your group is. >> it is a binational lelegal services o organization that hes refugees and d deportees in thee titijuana border regions, as wel as undocumented individuals in los angeles cocounty. your rights knoww training and legal orientation to a silent secret to attract from tijuana by the u.s. government, preventing them from accessing the port of entry.
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and we are a thorn in the u.s. government's side. we're a litigant that challenges cbp's turning away of asylum-seekers at the port of entry. we have documented hundreds of asylum-seekers whose rights have been violated by this policy, and we continue to document to this day. as well as arm asylum-seekers with information about what their rights are in the system and how the u.s. government will seek to violate those rights, as well as tracking that they can use. we're frequently disdained by detained byls -- u.s. officicials at the poport f entry with our mataterial, a and they tell l asylumeekekers and we''re state attorneys, that we are troublemakers, that they have no rights, and that they
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should pay noah to to do anything that we say. -- they should pay no attention to anything that we say. documentation,o we bring this to the light of the public and of the legislature. frankly, they do not like being held accountable for these violations. it is ironic that the u.s. this lawt and enforcement agency has such a terrible record of following its law.ederal amy: last week in congress, there was a highly consensus -- contentious hearing with the democrats grilling the common security secretary kiersten nielsen. you say ththat she is s guilty f peperjury.y. why? >> t the parents that wewere deported w without their childr, of which our organization has casases,tently on these
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we have dodocumented, , and evey single case, every singlgle family, coercion oror physicacal abuse, and lies told to ththese paparents in order to geget theo removal.r theirir own they were told t that their children would b be on the plais with them or would be on sepaparate children's s planes. she perjured herself. and s secretary nielsen should t only be investigated for perjrjury, but she should be thk all the u.s. doeoes not summit o the jurisdiction n of the international criminal courts, because she is guilty of genocide. amy: explain that further, very serious charges, to say t t least. >> illllegal separaration ofof children from ththeir parents is genocide. this was a very well-planned, august raided policy designed to break the e spirit of asylum-seekers so they wouldld stop, to our bororder seeking protection. this is not a policy designed to
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deter illegal migration, because many of the families that were separated presented himself at u.s. ports of entry in accordance with u.s. law. this was a policy designed to prevent people from accessing their legal rigights. an the forcibled separation of families is an act of genocide. of theeminiscent separation of native arirican chchilen frorom their fafamilies when they were pceced i school which w also anct ofenocide. on fray, froms, federal dge expeed a ass-acti lawsuito includ thounds moreigrant famies boreateat theorder e trump ministraon' ze-toleran policy s anuncedn 201 ur response on t siificance of is. >> i thinknkhat should be expanded to weweave documented sepaparaon o of childre from their parents by u. customs
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and bder prottion offers nce at lst may o 2 27. furthe i wouldike to kw wh is gointoe the departme of homend securi's response f those currentldetainin and separated childre justwowo wee agoal otro lado presente29 paren forcibl sepated fromheir chiren d ordereback to ntral america. they rresentedhemselveto u.s. iigration authorities at the port of entry with documentation showing they had been forcibly separated and showing that they had true asylum claims that deserved to be heard by a judge. many of those parents are now detainined in ice detenention centnters, stitill not reunitedh their famimilies, susubjected to horrific. conditions.s. anan during processising byd cbd icice, they haveve been subjecto humiliation, verbal coercioion,
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and being told that they were liliars. thisis is not acceptable. the ryan devereaux, headline of your story is "journalists, lawyers, and activists working on the border face coordinated harassment from u.s. and mexican authorities." mexico's foreign relations office released a statement saying, the government of mexico disapproves of all acts of illegal espionage against any person, domestic or foreign. the mexican government does not conduct illegal surveillance on anyone for any type of category or activity. ask youo said it will is government to clarify any possible cases of illegal spying. the border and we went over to the mexico side and were coming back, mexican authorities came up with us and one of the guys said i just want to do a selfie with you, but this kind of documentation, we understood, was about getting photographs. the mexican government raised
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the specter of illegal espionage in the context of these revelations. what i was asking them about, but it is remembering the mexican government and law enforcement have been shown to use extreme measures and techniques to target advocates in the past, and we go back to the case of the 43 college students and their attorneys were targeted by powerful software that mexican law enforcement used to get into phones. we know that mexican law enforcement is going to push the envelope, so that raises serious questions about what the restrictions are that they are placing on their own officers as they work in conjunction with the u.s. government. we should take a hard look at that. amy: i want to thank you both for this. ryayan devereaux whwho wrote ths story and d nicole ramos. thanks so much for joining u us. group, lado is her
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targeted for doing her job. thank you for being with us. this is democracy now! when we come back, glenn greenwald, pool it's her prize-winning journalist, will join us from brazil to talk about a number of i issues, from venezuela to the jailing of chelsea manning. stay with us. ♪ [music break]
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amy: u.s. army whistleblower chelsea manning was jailed -- has been sent back to jail after refusing to answer questions before a grand jury in the case against wikileaks and julian assange. manning says she was subpoenaed by federal prosecutors in virginia's eastern district to appear for questioning about her 2010 release to wikileaks of hundreds of thousands of state department and pentagon documents about the u.s. wars in iraq and afghanistan. manning was in prison from 2010 league.for the president obama can muted her sentence before he left office. chelsea manning briefly spoke to
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reporters on friday on her way to court. proceedings are going to happen in secret. the language is sealed. haveyou confident that we a basis and grounds -- [inaudible] >> if it comes to that, i might not leave here today. amy: i in a written statatement, chelsea manning said, "i will not comply with this or any other grand jury. imprisoning me for my refusal to answer questions only subjects me to additional punishment for my repeatedly-stated ethical objections to the grand jury system. the grand jury's questions pertained to disclosures from nine years ago and took place six years after an in-depth
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computer forensics case, in which i testified for almost a full day about these events. i stand by my previous public testimony." on sunday, democracy now! spoke with pentagon papers whistleblower daniel ellsberg at his home in california. >> it is a continuation of the torture of chelsea manning in an effort to get her to contribute to incriminating wikileaks so that they can bring julian sans -- julian assange or wikileaks on trial for charges that would not apply to "the new york times." it has been speculated for years , and apparently the secret charges do exist against julian assange, and it is the same judges that i was, the first person prosecuted for it in 1971 , violations of the espionage
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act, conspiracy, and theft. it would be the same cases brought against me. unfortunately, bringing that against the journalist is even more blatantly a violation of the first amendment, freedom of the press. although donald trump has made it very plain he would love to prosecute or convict "the new york times," he does not have the gututs to do that, to do wht he wants, fortunately, because it would be obobviously unconstitutional. but his base would be happy with it and he would be happy with it, but he would get into too much trouble constitutionally. so he wants to find charges against julian that would be different from mine. if he brought the center does he brought t against me, in this ce against a journalist, he would click -- it would clearly be found unconstitutioional. so chelsea, having failed to give them what they wanted over seven and then half years here, she was incarcerated or sense or mainly falsejury,
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incriminating charges against wikileaks. toy are resorting again torture,e, which it does work at getting false confessions. that is what it is for, what it does. they wanted to contradict her earlier sworn testimony many times, but she behaved, in relation to wikileaks, exactly as she would have to "the new york times" or "the washington post come home -- "the washington post," to whom she went. but she took sole responsibility , not to o spare them but becaue it was thehe truth, and she told the truth. person. very patriotic i know no o one more patriotic,, actually, according to risk and even giving her own freedom, her own life in order to preserve our constitutional freedoms. i admired her then and admire her now.
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right now, she is refusing to take part in basically a this country,inst led by the president of the united states and the secretary of state. amy: whistleblower daniel ellsberg speaking on sunday to democracy now! theent on to talk about historical significance of chelsea manning's actions. >> we know the questions that were asked chelsea on the day she spent at the grand jury, and they also asked another witness who testified, and in both cases they were asked only about the relations with wikileaks in 2010, now in years ago, , long before the v very controversial actions and wikileaks in the last year or two. this is when wikileaks was putting out what chelsea gave them, the video of collateral murder, which i urge people to look at. i assure a very few have seen that in the last nine years here at what they are witnessing is a
4:38 pm
very typical, by all reporting, that asurder, and i say a former green operations officer, third battalion, second reins. i would hope that anyone i taught would recognize in that film that what they are watching is murder. , and she revealed it. >> clear. clear. have a van in the middle of the road with about 12 to 15 bodies. >> yeah, right through the windshield. >> three field massive, widedespread murder being conducted by our iraqi allies with our knowledge. it went into president obama's
4:39 pm
term from george w. bush, so it is a lot of resentment and the intelligence community and the army, in general, but the shameful things she revealed. also a assassination squads, deh squads, and corruption, in general, that we condoned in our asies, among dictators, such one that was for supper nonviolent protests on the basis of chelsea manning's revelations. amy: daniel ellsberg speaking sunday to democracy now! about chelsea manning. he himself faced life in prison after leaking the pentagon papers about the vietnam war. he was a high-level pentagon official who obtain the papers while working at the rand corporation. when we come back, we will speak to pulitzer prize-winning journalist green greenwald of the intercept. this is democracy now. back in a minute.
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mostmusic by brazil's famous samba school, and last carnival and rio de janeiro, getting a perfect score for honoring a councilwoman who was assassinated on most a year ago. this is democracy now!,, the war peace report. i'm amy goodman. chelsea manning sent back to jail after refusing to answer questions about wiwikileaks and julian assange. manning has been subpoenaed by federal prosecutors to appear for questioning about her 2010 leak to wikileaks of hundreds of thousands of state department and pentagon documents about the u.u.s. wars in iraq and afghanistan. to talk more about the jailing of manning, as well as other issues, including what is happening in venezuela, we turn
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to glelenn greenwald, speaking o us from brazil, a pulitzer prize-winning journalist, one of the founding editors of the intercept. welcome back to democracy now! talk about chelsea manning once again being jailed. >> i do not think it is a surprise to anybody that chelsea manning is extraordinarily heroic. she has demonstrated that repeatedly over the last decade in all kinds of ways. is what she is doing here really remarkable, because the context is that the trump administration is trying to do with the obama administration tried to do but ultimately concluded it cannot do without jeopardizing press freedoms, which is to prosecute wikileaks and julian assange for what it regards as the crime of publishing top-secret or classified documents. and the media in the united states has spent to plop years screaming about the threat that trump poses to press freedoms
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because he says mean things about the media on twitter or insulting wolf blitzer and chuck todd, yet here we have what is clearly a great threat to press freedom, the attempt to make it a felony to publish classified material, which is what wikileaks did. even the anti-press freedom obama administration said this was a bridge too far for us. and while most reporters are mute on this scandal, on this controversy, and why a lot of democrats are supportive of it, because they still hate wikileaks so much from the 2016 election, that they are happy to see julian assange go to jail, even if it means standing with the trump administration, chelsea manning is not just opposing it, she refuses to participate in it, even if it means, as it now does, that she is going to be jailed for refusing to comply with the
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subpoena. toall owe immense gratitude chelsea manning for r everything she has done over the last decade, but even more so now. back toould like to go 20 17th when mike pompeo talked ababt chelsea a manning in his first direct -- first address as cia director in apapril of last year. >> she walks and talks like a hostile intelligence service and has encouraged followers to find jobs at the cia in order to obtain intelligence. they have directed chelsea to specific secret information that overwhelmingly focuses on the united states well seeking support from democratic couountries andnd organizations. it is time to call out wikileaks for what it really is, a nonstate, hostile intelligence by state actors like russia. amy: that was mike pompeo when he was head of the cia, now secretary of state. >> this is the part i found so amazing.
4:45 pm
do democrats not realize the irony here are cheering for the most reactionary, right-wing forces in the trump administration who are the ones trying to imprison julian assange and wikileaks in order to criminalize journalism, namely mike pompeo and the present rivers about to put wikileaks and assange behind was then attorney general jeff sessions, who has since left the trump administration? the obama administration tried to create theories to say that wikileaks did more than just passively received documents from chelsea manning and then publish them, because they knew they had to do that to prosecute wikileaks. otherwise, how do you prosecute wikileaks and justify that? obama, they searched high and low for evidence that wikileaks participated in chelsea manning's taking of those documents but found no evidence.
4:46 pm
oath thatied under she acted alone and they played no role whatsoever in her dedecision to do that. y yearsdenly, seven later, mike pomompeo claims that they havave evidenence or that y believe that wikileaeaks told hr to do it, therefore they intend to prosecute wikileaks. unfortunately, between the republicans who have exposed the -- who hatef wikileaks because of exposing war crimes and democrats who hate wikileaks because of harmful documents a reflected poorly on hillary clinton and the democratic party, very few people are willing to stand up to this very serious attack on press freedom, and thankfully, chelsea manning is one of those people. turn to johno bolton speaking about chelsea manning in a 2012 bbc film about wikileaks.s. he was intnterviewed. treasononnk he cocommitted and should be prosecucud to the
4:47 pm
llest extetent of theaw. treasoson is the onlnly c crime definened by our constitution. consisttreasason shallll ononly of levyining war againsne unitited stes or adhering toto their enemimies, giving g them d and comforort it he gaveve our enemieies a lot a aid and comfort. who should be prosecuted and if found guguilty, punishshed to te full iextetent possible. >> what is that? >> death. >> you think he should be killed? >> yes. should behink you killed? yes, respondent john bolton, now national security advisor. of course, bradley manning became chehelsea manning. she announced her transition the day she was sentenced. glenn n greenwald? know, the sentiments that are driving the current attempt to prosecute wikileaks and assange, and those are the
4:48 pm
monsters who are responsible for it. so i would hope that, however angry someone might be at julian assange or wikileaks for whatever they think they did as part of the 2016 election to undermine hillary clinton by publishing truthful documents about the dnc, however angry one might be at wikileaks for having done that, one can separate those emotions and understand --t the trump administration that the trump administration had nothing to do with the 2016 election. leading to chelsea manning's dealing for the second time, it is all about documents published in 2011 and 2012, and it is being done by people like john bolton who believe that if you public -- if you publish top-secret documents a report on the criminal acts of the u.s. government, you are not only a criminal but a traitor who deserves to be killed.
4:49 pm
you just heard that with your own ears.. trumpone supporting the administration's efforts to put julian assange imprisoned because you are angry about the 2016 election, you are aligning yourself with an empowering those sentiments that you just heard come out of john bolton's mouth. alsoglenn greenwald, i want to talk about venezuela. showed severaln tricks caring so called aid set ablaze during a showdown that a-venezuela border last month or not caused by president nicolas maduro's forces, which was reported by the media and trip administration officials. this is vice president mike pence. maduro's loyalists turn on their own people. as the world watch, they set fire to trucks loaded with food and medicine desperately needed by the venezuelan people. journalist maxt
4:50 pm
blumenthal first rights questions about what happen in a piece unfit joy for, headlined does burning aid and intervention and deception at the colombia-venezuela bridge. exposétest piece is an on the lies about burning a t-rex and venezuela, showing how the u.s. government and media spread pro-war propaganda. talk about the latest in venezuela and how this has fueled that. toevery time the u.s. wants start a new war, it does it in the same way, inventing some really inflammatory, emotionally wrenching lies that gets peoplee to hate the government they want to topple so much are they said there you rationality aside and support their work -- support the war. liza startrted the vietnam war. they claim that saddam hussein had been ripping babies out of incubators and kuwait to start the gulf war, a lie.
4:51 pm
weapons of mass destruction was a lie to start the iraq war. now you have marco rubio and john bolton, the neocon crew, experts at lying to start wars, goining around and telling lies about what the maduro government is doing. regardless of what e-cig about president maduro or his government, you should be highly angry at your own governmnment d the help from the media lying to you to start a war. this incident is incredibly important because that imagery of burning humanitarian tracks is very powerful. and the claim that it was maduro 's s forces that did d itame not just f for marco rubio, whwho cd anti-vittorio media ballots. the world,ight to claiming their own journalists witness with their own eyeyes madu's foforces throwing incendiary devices that said
4:52 pm
those trucks on fire. right away, independent journalism, including max rt,enthal and dan cohen of looked at and study the available footage anand said it was clear that the anti-maduro protesters said those trucks on fire, but those people were ignored my the corporate media and the united states, which only paid attention to the people who were lying on behalf of the u.s. government, only aired the lies that it was the maduro forces that did it. suddenly, "the new york times" comes at with a exposé that proves it was a lie. lie.did show it was a since then, marco rubio has got caught in two otherwise. inclaimed babies were dying hospitals, and it "wall street journal reporter in venezuela and to that hospital and said no babies died. and he claimed a dam had collapsed because of the energy shortages, in reality, there was
4:53 pm
no dam that collapsed. the person that reported it was named german dam, and marco rubio refuse that. so he is acting like a buffoon and a clown with john bolton and elliliott abrams in order to try and start a new war in venezuela. media,l, the corporate unlike democracy now!, which is put venezuelan officials on to give the other side of the story, the corporate media and the u.s. have completely excluded any questioning or defense of any of these storylines and have allowed these lies to go unchallenged. in the case of cnn, they have often vouched for the lies themselves. amy: i wanted to go to this issue you just raised on local reporting emerging that ongoing power outages killed 17 people in hospitals, where backup generators failed. president maduro saying antigovernment saboteurs attacked by the u.s. to the
4:54 pm
nation's main hydroelectric power station offline. meanwhile, "the new york times" reporting sanctions have affected venezuela's ability to produce the fuel that could have backed up the dam once a failed. if you can respond to all this, especially president maduro's accusation that the power outage which has plunged the country into darkness, though the electricity is coming back now, was as a result of a p plot bacd by the united states. i think glenn is having trouble hearing us. do you hear me now? are trying to hear glenn
4:55 pm
greenwald. he is speaking to us from brazil, the pulitzer prize-winning journalist, one of the founding editors of the intercept. we are going to play a bit more of vice president pence. this is pence. maduro's loyalists turned on their own people. as the world watched, they set fire to trucks loaded with food and medicine desperately needed by the venezuelan people. maskstrained thugs in ski went roaming about border towns, shooting randomly at innocent civilians. more than 300 people were injured, and at least five venezuelans lost their lives, including members of an indigenonous tribe. what we have seen in the last two days was not a bold stroke
4:56 pm
it wasiumphant leader, the desperate act of a tyrant clinging to power with violence and intimidation. since day one of this pleased toion, i am report that the united states is recognized the threat that thelas maduro posed to venezuelan people and two nations across the region, inclcluding ours. and our administration has taken decisive action toto stand with the people of venezuzuela as thy seek to reclaim their freedom. amy: that was vice president .ence talking about venezuela we have been speaking with glenn greenwald, the cofounder of the on the u.s. media's role in spreading unsubstantiated claims about a number of issues in venezuela, including the burning of the
4:57 pm
so-called humanitarian aid trucks along the colombi a-venezuela border last month. we seem to have lost glenn. he no longer is able to hear us in brazil, speaking to us from rio de janeiro, but we will link to his piece headlined "new york times exposé and the lies about burning aid trucks in venezuela shows how u.s. government and media spread pro-war propaganda." this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. we are going to turn right now, as we end the broadcast, to a few seconds of what happened over the weekend, women celebrating international women's day, these voices from spain. translator: march 8 is very important, the day of the working warm and desk working women,, celebrating women who have risen against injustice, and we take to the streeeets for
4:58 pm
austerity. amy: and this woman from argentina. i canator: personally, because we are being killed every day, different girl in any part of the country. we have to go out onto the streets. it is the only way we can be heard. amy: and that does it for our show. [captioning made possible by democracy now!] democracy now! is looking for feedback from people who appreciate the closed captioning. e-mail your comments to or mail them to democracy now! p.o. box 693 new york, new york 10013.
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