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tv   France 24  LINKTV  March 12, 2019 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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the u.k. attorney general says the revamped brexit deal does not eliminate the risks u.k. could be trapped in the irish backstop. a blow to theresa may's hopes of persuading lawmakers to vote f r her deal in n parliament tonigh. more live coverage on the way. algerians celebrate at decision from their long ruling president not to run for a fifth term. his postponement of next month's election h has critics wororried he's ying t to hold ontnto power anyway.
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in venezuela the blackout continues for a fifth day crippling the nation's oil exports and leaving millions scrambling to find food and water. the congress there declaring a state of alarm. also this hour, more countries 8ound boeing 737 max aircraft. american authorities insisting it is safe to fly. news, zinedine zizidane heading back after leaving his post 10 months ago. first, our top story, live from paris.
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british attorney general jeffrey cox dealt a blow to theresa may's hopes to get from brings it lawmakers to vote for her revamped deal in parliament scheduled for today. he has come out saying her breakthrough deal could leave the u.k. trapped in the backstop to the irish border indefinitely. that opinion is a blow to mays hopes of persuading programs it lawmakers -- designed to maintain an open irish border could trap written in lockstep with eu rules. staying on top of every development from london. she joins us. benedicta, another truly incredible move hours before this new vote on the d deal was meant to take place. >> yeses. we had the last-ditch talks last nightt between presisident juncr and d theresa may. now wewe've got the latest development.
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the legal advice givenn by the attorney general l jeffry mpsx to the government and to . hehe says the latest changees "reduce the risk of u.k. indefinitely being held in the irish backstop." but then he says the legal risk remains unchanged. no legal means of exiting the backstop without an eu agreement. i could the labor reaction has been swift. accusing the government cost strategy of being in tatters. that is a real blow for this prime minister who is trying to sherse the historic d defeat had in t the house of cocommonsn the 15th of january. you remember the deal betwtween the u.u.k. and the eu that has taken two years to negegotiate s actually fiercely rejected by
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the house of commons by 230 votes. she is desperate to turn that around. >> what was the deal or the may have beenthat negotiated with eu? is she likely to pass it or will it be a repeat of what we saw in january? g guess as tobody''s what will happen tonight and we expect the vote to start around 7:00 p.m. lolondon time. interestingly, standbyby for theresa may actualllly kicking f that debate. she is really adamant and very to get this what we will be watchching for , possibly not a victoryry because it looks like this is such a blow. it would have been almlmost an impossibible task. anything is possible. we think w what we will see is a defeat. what we will be watching for is how bigig is the defeat, 4 40 o.
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that could almost be perceived as a victory if it comes down from the 230. fofor that she will need thehe s for that she will need the votes of the du p -- actually trying to avoid this physical hard borderer between u member state which will continue to be so. northern ireland, , part of thee u.k.. she was saying there were legally binding verifications
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and assurances that that was legally binding and therefore trying to give a big boon or a red piece of meat, sometething e hard b brexiter would be hahappy wiwith. is this enoughgh? let's see. the latest attttorney general wl be on his f feet.. we will be caring that live in about 20 mininutes. what w will be interesting i gather the government did not want him to go and make a statement and answer questions. they wanted to merely published his advice. to much pressure from the house of commonsns and very fruststra, dayse very frustrateded mps away from the 2929th of march. genie: we will cover that statement from jeffrey cox. cox.
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at abobout 1:30 p.m. >> chanting in unison waving the national flag and horns late into the night. festive celebrations resembling those that would typically accompany a sports victory. algerians are rejoicing after two weeks of massive ,emonstrations against his rule the president has abandoned his
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bid for reelection. >> is a happy day for every algerian, from the eased or the west i cannot express what i feeling right now. . ray of sunshine an undeniable success. they say they will not stop just yet. eflika is thet first domino to fall. >> this is our country and they all have to leave. >> what would make us happy would be for the current government to leave. ganguld like to see this
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---- g gang it is a very partial victory. compared to what the algerian protesters or the street got in the past which was nothing because there were no protests, this is a recognition from the powers that be that they had to listen to something. but the question is what are they actually getting? what we're really seeing is a speeded up version of what bout eflika proposed. there will be early elections. only in a limited time. anew convention to draw up new constitution and have new
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presidential elections. he's ditching the fifth term. the some observers is not matter. he is taking his eggs and putting them in another basket. when he's managed to do and some say it is a wily strategy, he has managed to name himself as the overseer of this transition. fifth termeeking a in office. that was a main demand of the protesters until that demand metastasized into something bigger, getting rid of the system. that is s what we are not seein. we are not seeing him, the rival clans, the army, the security services, his presidential entourage, we are not seeing them step aside. the government itself, , there s a reshuffling going onon but thy will be the ones overseeing the transition. what the algerians are saying it's an extension of his fourth term rather than running for a fififth.
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any legalaying it is extension. the president himself is not allowed to self proclaimed in prolonging of his term. that is written in the constitution itself. a lot of legal questions about whether it is legal for the president to prolong his own term and apprehension about the fact that you have the regime with a slightly different castst of characters overseeing this transition. >> given the number of protesters we'e've seen in algea in recent weeks what would need to happen to actually satisfy these protesters? going to t take this latest move lying down? there's a question of >> what will it take to satisfy them a d then there is the queststion of how do you meet those demands. to satisfy them you need to see the reregime go. six about that. it's not just about removing one man from office, the president,
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is about the entire system around him, system that has perpetuated itself in power, markedly failing to groom any popular opposition or anyone ready to step in. protesters in thee street have demands. they are anxious for the renewal of their country, anxious to partake in what could be economic riches if evenly divided for all. what's keeping them, the institutions have not been ready for that. no obvious successor. former czechoslovakian president and leader of the velvet revolution talking about the power of the powerless. power.eet has shown its it has not been able to groom someone who could plausibly step in and take abdelaziz bouteflika 's place.
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the ability to seize the moment and take over these institutions. >> thank you, doug herbert. now to belgium where a criminal court has sentenced a french citizen to prison. claimed he fought alongside the islamic state group in syria. olivia salazar wins spirit has the details. >> and eight weeklong trial for symbolic attack the firstt on european soil for a former islamic state group fighter returning from syria. 33-year-old nemmouche's lawyer made a plea to the jury. >> as a criminal c court the sentencing is up to them and since they know mehdi nemmouche
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's life story they had to take into account his childhoodod whh was stolen from m him. costhdi nemmouche dissenters highlighted he had an unstable upbringing. the 92nd attack on the jewish museum was captutured by susurveillance footage shown during the trial. images that matched with this ak-47 and revolver found in mehdi nemmouche's possession. during the trial's defense team said the footage was fake and blamed the shooting on israel's intelligence agency claiming he was caught up in a plot to murder two agents. found guilty on four counts of terrorist murder. was handed a life sentence in the early hours of tuesday morning.
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>> venezuela facing its fifth straight day of a widespread blackout.. .n monday the opposition on monday the opposition leader and self-declared interim maduro.t juan guaido >> it's an emergency. a catastrophe that venezuela is going through today. it was not the product of a mudslide or earthquake, a
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tornado or synonymy. it was the product of corruption. venezuela'srked fifth straight day of blackouts while some areas of the country did have power restored over the weekend. what service exists remains intermittent. shuttered schools and businesses. a population strtruggling g aftr years of hyperinflation. refrigerated food spoiled. residents forced to scavengee .awater f from sesewage drains some 15 people are believed to have died after hospitals lost power to critical dialysis machines. theynce the power went out have been doing dialysis b badly or not at all. my husbaband was given 15 minuns so today theyre not giving him any dialysis because of the lack of electricity. >> maduro has blamed outages on u.s. backed electctromagnetic
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sabotage on the country's hydroelectric complex but critics say they are likely due to poor maintenance after years of neglect. oilr outages have disrupted exports costing milillions of dollars a day to one of thehe fw economic lifelines remaiaining n thee cash strapppped country. ththe maduro government has suspended school and business -- school in government business activities. >> a little sports news. football legend zinedine zidane is going back to manage real madrid after stepping down. the french player walked away after guiding the team to their third champion league title. june 20 22.ct until expected to be in charge of tuesday's training session ahead of the first game back at the helm on saturday. let's take a look at today's top
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stories. in the u.k. the attorney general has said the tweet brings it deal does not eliminate the risk the u.k. could be trapped in the irish backstop. upload to theresa may's hopes of persuading pro-brexit lawmakers to vote on her deal tonight. algerians celebrate a decision from there president not to run for a fifth term. electionnnt of months has critics worried he's trying toto hold onto powower anyway. time for the latest is this news.. yet beenenollowing the m market reaction t to the latest bringst news. >> a few hours ago we were talking about optimism on the market. sterling was trading upp after that deal had been announced in strasburg g last night. as the attorney general's legall advised has been published, we're talking about trading just over one d dollar and $.30 and around 116 against the euro.
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let's go to you and and. -- let's go to london. jane. for being with us, what was it in the legal advice that spooked the markets? >> just at thahat there was s nt enough o of a guarantee to i it. numbers.nough in their 'sny mps were looking at cox explanation of what went on last night as a reassurance. a legally binding arrangement with respect to the assurances that they needed on the irish backstop. jeffrey cox said perhaps there is not enough substantial changes legally for them to be reassured so the market is looking ahead thinking if this is the case theresa may's deal may not pass tonight. sterling has registered this disappointment.
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not to say sterling remains the best concurrency to date. quite a lot of optimism built up about the process of a hard versus can be avoided. lamarcus anticipating that theresa may's deal will not pass tonight. there's still the scope within the markets that hard brexit can be avoided. the markets are hoping there will be votes in parliament to avoid a hard brags it and perhaps to delay. the market right now is reading this. still this will to avoid a hard brexit. >> we have those three votes today on the deal tomorrow on ruling out a no brags it and a third on thursday on a potential extension of the brexit process. when is going to be the key point for currency traders? the big hurdle there be -- they will be looking to get over? >> tonight is still a big hurdle. we need to know if it will be
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accepted or rejected. if it is accepted tonight whether be a big rally in the value of the pound? a lot of political uncertainty gets removed. .he mamarkets going to focus sterling is likely to celebrate no deal and rally on that. if there is a vote delay on thursday, that is likely to push the pound higher. uncertainty there. theresa may has to about perhaps a three-month delay. where does that leave us if parliament cannot agree on amended withdrawal agreement? a lot of uncertainty. assuming a delay is the outcome of this week's political innglings still uncertainty the months ahead. >> how far does that scope for volatility go?
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we are below where the pound was when the u.k. voted to leave the european union. it's been performing pretty well recently. is there a potential big swiwing in e either direction if we get particular news?s? >> yes. a lot of good news for already. cap sterling is more exposed to negative news. if the political outcomes meaean hard brexit it is still an option that meanans sterling i s very exposeded to that. could fall quite dramatically. >> jane foley thank you for speaking to us. let's see how that's going down in the stock markets. ftse 100 trading up a short time ago. that is normal given many of the firms rely o on exports. cheaper sterling is good news for them. we got falls in paris and frankfurt. >> more countries have granted certain models of boeing planes
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-- have e groundeded certain mos of boeing planes. >> all flights arriving or leaving that a rock -- that involve the boeing 737 max aircraft. there are also individual airlines from india to argentina grounding their 737 max eight until theyom service have more information on what happppened on sunday. this was the second crash involving this kind of plane in the past few months. in the united states the federal aviation administration n has sd the plane is still safe to fly but listed the actions it's asked boeing to take after last year's lion air crash that included implementing upgrades to flight controll sysystems mag design changes and updating the manuals and training for pilots and flight crew. the alliance -- mr. b she has announced a new board that will
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ruthe papartnership.p. >> it't's going to be leled by renaudud's chaiairman. gone releaeased on bail last week after more thanan thre montnths in custody over c chars of f financial misconduct. denied permission to attend the board meeting. >> they are calling it a new start for their alliance. the leaders of nissan and mitsubishi are forming a new board. the company's three ceos will meet monthly in paris or tokyo led by renaud's new chairman. spiritant to enhahance the of this alliance. and re-create the spirit the way it was at the very beginning of this alliance at the end of the 1990's. totally respectful of the cultures of our company.
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not creating carlos gomez double role by the coming the chairirmn of nissasan. that role will be chosen by a nissan panel of outside experts. thiscession to give japanese partner more autonomy. enault owns a stake in the sun. carlos gone has blamed this alledge resentment for his ousting and arrest. the former chairman who built attendiance thought to the meeting where the new board was announced but was blocked by a japanese court. >> the court would not give permission to attend. >> carlos gone is still technically in the sun board member but that is expected to change on april 8 when an
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extraordinary meeting of shareholders is likely to remove him. >> that will wrap up now. the estrone and alan qantas has reached out to a new competitor. wrote0-year-old boy who to ask for a on starting his own airline. the company tweeted the original letter and the original response from alan joyce asking the ceo to take him seriously as he made a list of things he would need like the types of planes and catering. a cfo. hired use asking alan joyce for idides and advice for sleeping on long-distance flights. alan joyce says he does not usually give out advice to competitors but he is making an exception. he invited young alex to a meeting to discuss qantas's plans so they could find out all about sleeping on long flights. >> got to love kids with dreams. you started that way i'm sure.
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>> not that ambitious. >> thanks so much, stephen. coming up, a blow to theresa may's hopes of persuading programs and lawmakers to vote for her deal in parliament scheduled
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man: i love st. petersburg! thank you. [man singing in russian] [man speaking russian] campbell: he's the man vladimir putin fears most-- a charismatic opposition leader exposing the kremlin''s corruption... and he's gunning for putin's job in the march election. [man speaking russian] [singing continues]


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