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tv   France 24  LINKTV  March 19, 2019 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> hello and welcome to "france 24." fearered dead afteter a cyclone slammed mozambique.e. france take to the streets to denounce economic policies of the president at the same time the government is protests,ellow vests coming into question.
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he said he would be remaining in the country beyond his mandate -- country's top job beyond his mandate. boeing's chief executive tries to calm investor fears. max planes have been ground around the world. that's coming up in business. how much would you pay for a racing pigeon? record-setting sum has shocked analysts. 1000 people feared dead in mozambique after a cyclone rammed into the country. submergedlages were after rivers broke theirir bank.
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the storm also hit zimbabwe and malawi. experts will now fly o over the area to try to find out more. at the same time, another group of expererts and volunteers will help the peoplple. d difficulties in providing food and the most flooded areas. we will organize airlift's from ships. some planes are grounded still. kenya is waiting for the airport to be operational. story, wee on this bring in matthew cochran from the red cross, joining us from geneva. just how bad is the devastation from this cycyclone? >> speakaking to cololleagues oe ground, ththere's a view that ts is t the worst humanitararian catastrophe e to hit mozambique in n 20 years..
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sunday,am arriveded onn finding 90% % of buildings seseverely damaged or destroyoy. eveven outside the c city, the ---pact seeeems to bebe the wot floodwataters completely c coveg homes and trees and lightht pol. it is still unclear the full human toll of this disaster. >> it's unclear for now. what have your colleagues on the ground b been saying they need o despererately? >> their first priority is too imimprove access. the airirport is open but not fufully o operational. it''s completely cut off by roa. there's s no way to o get in by road. supplies are coming in by boat, which is important.
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that's the first hurdle,e, to on a humanititarian line. shelters a are in majojor need. water and sanitation is also important. the major focus of everyone is on saving lives. a are huddling on r rooftops. ththey are trying to get them to safety as quickly as possible. >> south africa says it will be sending helicopters. what more do you need from the internatational community to sae lives? >> helicopters are crucial. it's good to see thatt governments in the region have steppeup i in sololidarity. areas complpletely inundated. boats will be important. i mentiononed the
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operation around shelter, water and s sanitation. wewe need money quiuite quicklyr that to start bringing in supplies and expertisese. launched anng, we've appeal for 10 million swiss francs. we arere urgently y calling g on govevernments and papartners ard the world to support our efforts and other organizations who are there. >> how much time do you give people who are waiting to get rescued? >> i wouldn't want to start a a countdown c clock on that. obobviously, i it is urgent. there's a huge amount of water in zimbabwe and malawi to the west of the disaster zone. that can only go one direction -- into mozambique.
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the risk of flooding is quite high. there's a desperate sense of as many people as possible to safety. >> are there disease is starting to spread? >> it's always a concern after a flood, after a disaster of this kind when people don't have access to clean water or sanitation. ththat's a a priority for us. i i haven't heard anythingng specifically about these outbtbreaks yet. itit's alwaysys something we wah closelely and try to respondnd o before the problem emerges. >> thank you for joining us on the program today. biggest unions are going on protest this friday, days after the yellow vests protests turned ugly once
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again. fires, looted shops and clashed with police. bannedme minister has protests -- the paris police chief is being replaced over the police's failure to prevent t te protesestsrom m spaling g out of controrol. we see the government has its back against the walk. >-- the wall. >> heads have started to roll after weeks of being unrest and being caught off guard -- after weeks of unrest and being caught off guard. saturday, there were rumors that the head of the police in paris would be sacked. this happened yesterday evening.
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he was replaced. one. not the only 1 his cabinet chief is also being shown the door. the top hierarchy of the paris police that has been government because something needs to be done. the authorities have said the problem was not only those people but that they did not implement the orders given by the government to be more mobile and more aggressive against the violent demonstrators. not only a lack of leadership but also lack of implementation of the orders given by the government.
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>> we have some people being fired from the police. on top of the police comes the interior ministry. the interior minister will be in the hot seat. thehe head of the police in france is the interior minister. questioned by the senate commission and then tomorrow by the national assembly commission. there are lots of calls for his resignation coming from a number -- heple in the party was photographed a week ago partying. this came up in the press.
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that emmanuelorts macron was furious. there's an image problem. he was the target for the opposition. the assumption is he will remain in power. cabinetryd be a shuffle after these european elections. he could be one of the victims. he is very close to emmanuel macrcron. ththat's his best weapon to resist. >> protests have broken out in algeria once again. the president said he would be remaining in the country's top job beyond his mandate. he said a successor could only be elected after a new constitution was approved. the gogovernment responded to calls from the street. >> the upcoming presidential
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elections will take place under new constitution. this will l be orgrganized by an indedependent national electoral commission for t the first timin the history of algeria. ththe opposition will be able to join the government, which will oversee the upcoming presidential electoral process. >> earlier, i spoke to our correspondent in algeria. protesters weren't happy with the latest move from the government. hundreds this morning -- now, they are thousands. the depaparture of thehe entire that's refuses the extension -- the doctors declined the invitations of the government for consultation.
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ththey are organizizing large marches in all cities of the country. marching,lready calling for the realization of the aspirations of the algerian people and algerian youth, who are suffering. >> do they want a date set for the next election? --they are just trying to they are still not clear about what they are trying to protest. they want the power in the system to leave. >> syrian democratic forces have captured the islamic state camp but have warned that the fight is not yet over.
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the kurdish forces have issued a threat from damascus, pledging to retake all the territory under their control. set to file a lawsuit against the french state aid is say humanitarian needed. of president dashed hopes those hoping to bring back all the children, saying each child would be treated on n a case-by-case basis. >> dozens of french children are being detained. their parents are islamic state group fighters. two lawyers are filing a lawsuit against the french state. the lawyers said the french
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the majority of ich are leless than six years to deadlylyxposed diseases. by refusing to repatriate all these children, france is the lawyers are condemning the case-e-by-case basis recommended by y emmanuel macron. repatriation must be evaluated, which the lawyers are calling this commentary. it's a dilemma many european countries are grappling with. he begged her return to o the u. afafter giving birth in februar. the government refused and stripped her of her citizenship when she refefused t to renouncr allegiance to the islamic state group.
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heavy criticism after her baby died in a camp earlier this month. >> dutch prosecutors say a carer found in the getaway suggests a terrorist motive. he was arrested after several hours on the run on monday. authorities were investigating a potential family -- they have not found any link between the gunman and his three victims. zealand's prime minister is -oldng to deny the 28-year vowing tot -- deny the 28-year-oldld gunman's fame -- things from many his active terror.
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you will never hear me mention his name. he's a terrorist, a criminal, extremist, but he will, when i speak, be nameless. >> days after the deadly terror attack, new zealand is starting to rethink its gun laws -- authorities have begun releasing some that they have only identified 10 of the 50 victims. >> a row of 50 pairs of shoes painted white.. one for each victim of the christchurch massacre. a local church's way of honoring the dead. the smallest are tiny sneakers -- the youngest victim, a three-year-old. >> the shoes are taken off
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before you enter the mosque to pray. when you cononsider who o stoodn them, that brings home some of the weight of the tragedy. >> the whole neieighborhood is n morning. -- mourning. --s school lost two students one was 16. he dreamed up becoming a vevet. he a arrived in n new zealand ar fleeing the war in syria. >> it is still quite upsetting to know that these two shootings -- >> flowers keep piling up outside the site targeted friday with people leaving notes of support, but also pouring in of $3.8 the equivalent
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million so far for the victims' families. they were anxious to bury their loved ones fast as islam requires. they will finally recover the bodies on wednesday. the site is being prepared for the funeral ceremonies. 1000 people feared dead after a cyclone slammed mozambique. casualties also reported in zimbabwe and malawi. protesters taking to the streets to denounce the economic thecies of the president -- handling of the yellow vests protests being called into question. says herian president will be remaining in the country's top job beyond his mandate. a belgian racing pigeon has sold
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for $1.5 million after a bidding twobroke out between chinese financiers. demand has sharply driven up prices -- >> in the world of pigeon racing, none is faster than armando. hehe was expected to smash the record for the most expensive pigeon -- no one could have foreseen just by how much. followowing a tense last-minute bidding war, a chinese buyer a finalgot his bird for --ce tag of $1.15 million 1.20 5 million eu5 million euro. >> it was hectic and incredible.
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>> pigeon racing involves releasing pigeons hundreds of kilometers from home to see which one gets back first. it's becoming increasingly popular in asia. five-year-old armando may be well past his golden racing years, but his owners will likely use him to breed the next generation of champions. money. a waste of boeing starting out with and the news of new investigatations folollowing tht ethiopian airlineses crash. >> that's right. federal prprosecutors in the u . were poorly investigating how the company was regulated. the ceo has pledged they will have new software in place for the end of the month for 737 max
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jets. >> we are united with our airline customers, international regulators and government authorities in our effoforts to support the most recent invevestigation. undersrstand the f facts of what happened and help prevent future tragedies. we regret the ongoing challenges surrounding this cause for our customers and the flying public. >> facebook has released more the vidideo ofut the attack pososted on its platform. company is facing harsh criticism for not doing enough to block the feed from being shared. the broadcast was watched foror ththousand times before it was times before- 4000 it was taken down. it was quickly copied and shared on other sites. >> the brazilian president is in
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the united statates. trump ofman knonown as the the tropics is seeking g to boot bilateral trade ties with u.s.. the response from washington may be lukewarm. bolsanaro seeks to approve satellite launches from the brazilian coast -- more -- the newde of leader calling for booststing bilateral ties. >> i would like to have more partnerships beyond d the one we -- we cand about the cooperate in many other areas such as minerals. agriculture and biodiversity.
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>> it's unsure if his enthusiasm will be reciprocated. south america as a whole is not high on the u.s. agenda. still, the u.s. is brazil's second largest export market. productsagricultural -- its imports from the u.s. outweigh its exports. minister reminded chinausinessman that would be there to pick up the slack of america didn'n't openen itself to more b business wiwith his ununtry. >> shares of a sow plunged 8% the company posted
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lower-than-expected sales figures. a slump in sales growth in the u.s. has spooked investors. to bounce back in the coming months. >> how are thehe marke d doing this tueuesday? >> major european indices holding steady at the open. deutsche bank and commerzbank down 2% as s they begin talks or a potential merger. >> france's health minister suggesting an n incrsese in the country's retirement age. >> emmanuel macron's governrnmet leave itdgeged to unchanged at 6 62 -- some worryg they might increase the retirement age after all. for pension recipe has so-- emmanuel macron
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far promised not to raise it. sunday, one of his ministers spoke in favor of such a measure. >> i'm a doctor. we know life expectancy increases by the year. >> that comment surprised the commissioner in charge of was limp byrm and trade unions -- lambasted by trade unions. >> to keep the retirement age unchanged. however, theeets, reaction was mixed. >> another five years? no thanks. >> people nowadays are staying fit and young for their age.
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they can probably work a bit longer. >> we have to keep working to pay for our parents' pensions, so we don't have a choice. >> many people have already started pushing back their retirement. raised in 2010, it is still among the lowest in eueurope. italy has decided to increase it to 67. a new ranking of the world's most expensive citiess -- someing g both off us can n rele to. >> paris is tied for number one with hong kong and singapore. cost of personal care,
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recreation and entertainment are high -- a woman's haircut will cost you just over 100 euros, ,wice the price of osaka japan.
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macdonald: so, the argument goes that young aussies are spending way too much money on expensive avocado on toast and that's why we can't afford to buy a house. but in truth, we all know it is much more complicated than that. whether you're young or old, retired or working, borrowing for the first time or already up to your ears in debt, that old australian dream of owning your own home now seems harder to achieve than ever. don't even bother turning up here unless you've got a couple of spare million rattling around in your pocket. but the point is, australia is not alone. we're now part of a global phenomenon, where housing affordability is reaching crisis point. so, tonight, we're taking you on a journey, a global journey in search of some solutions.


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