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tv   France 24  LINKTV  March 21, 2019 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> this is france 24. it is time for 60 minutes live around the world. brusselssummit in eight days before the brexit deadline. theresa a may trying to persuade leaders to delay brexit up to three months. life reaction from the eu on the way. for emmanuel macron hisr the french senate asks former aide endoscope others for perjury. new zealand puts a ban on military style weapons as authorities have identified the 50 victims of the terror attacks
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on dose coat mosques i nee christchurch - -- mosques in christchurch. president xi jinping is taking off his tour in italy. skepticismowing about his infrastructure and trade project. european leaders are worried feelings ons joining it. ♪ genie: the brexit battle moves back to brussels. theresa may is there to convince eu leaders to approve her request for a threeee month del. donald tsk says the -- donald tusk says it could be approveded
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if they validate the withdrawal agreement next week. more of a reaction, let's bring in dave keating. how are people reacting to this request for delay? the eu leaders are meeting in pre-summits. i am here where the eight liberal prime ministers of europe are meeting to decide what their response is going to be to theresa may's letter. talking to these liberalal polititicians, i am hearing a preference for a long-term extension if theresa may cannot get her deal through the british parliament, rather than the untilshort-term extension the 2323rd of may, which is the other option on the table. their familyececause
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party, the liberal democrats, want to ca long-term extension, a second referendum called during that. the liberal democrats, want to see a long-term extension, a second referendum called during that. leadersrs are building their party positions and we will see what they say when they arrive at the european council. genie: france is the biggest unknown at the moment. it threatened to reject the delay if theresa may cannot prove the british parliament will approve her divorce deal. how are they going to get president macron on board? question. is the big he is the wildcard because he is not part of a europeaean politil family, at least not y yet.
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the one no onone really knows. it is probabably a lot of toda's ououtcome will rest on himim. france's most skeptical of a long-term extension. they do not like the idea of the british h having a vote in eu lawmaking over the next one o or two years while e they are going to be leaving ththe eu. ththey think the british wouould hold the eu b back. macron can stomach the long-term extension is the question o of the day. the noise is so far not good. be convincedmaybe if the british promimise not to vote on serious issues. in exchange for giving thahat oe year extensionon, the british would say, wee would not exercie our right to vote as an eu memberer state, maybe on particular issues, or all
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issues. that m may be needed to convince macron. we will find out later today when he hears from theresa may. he will let his pots be known. genie: dave keating reporting fromom brussels. thanyoyou. rmand joins me on set. what is the labor leader, jeremy corbyn h hoping to accomplish? corpsman --problem thee problem jeremy corbyn has s the decision of the eu council of 27 member states. what are they saying? they are saying we could consider a short extension if there is a positive vote on the withdrawal agreement in the house of commons. whose decision this is, is hoping to get theresa may's deal through the
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u.k. parliament, not jeremy plan.'s alternative that plan was defeated in the house of commons in february. at the moment, there does not seem to be room in the eu council's thinking for jeremy corbyn's idea. what is not helping him is it is not clear what he wants. there was a vote in the house of commons on a second referendum. jeremy corbyn abstained on that vote. if he could say to michelle garnier, me and mike -- michelle please lean on your colleagues to extend this to figure this out. jeremy corbyn cannot do that because the labour party is divided. genie: theresa may made
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controversial comments. did t the speech hurt her or hep her? theresa may trying to seize t the high ground, saying she was on the side of the people. the logistics of the parliament is at fault. that went down badly with mps. has said as a result of these remarks, some conservative mps who had been minded to switch and back her deal might not do that anymore. choiceother hand, what do they have? what can they dodo at this late stage? therere are only eig d days left to go bebefore brexixit. it is either her deal or they
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have no deal at all. it may b bthe least bad optptio. that i is why some conservative mps s have been coming around to her position as the brexit deadline l looms. factor, i dider say a vote next week, perhaps, on her deal. whwhat if that vote does not happen? cow says the burk deal has not changed enough for me to o bring it to a thdd vote. what happens then? what if there is no third vote? we would be within about three days of brexit. genie: the far right party of victor or been has been suspended.
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all but three of the members voted to suspend the party after inorts of heated discussions brussels. several wanted him expelled. this would have turned the evp into a narrow, left-leaning organization. this is coming on the eve of ourrtant elections and opposition can not get a greater gift than the heated debate in the epp. the courts are asking to look into cases of aids in emmanuel macron saying they may
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have purged themselves. mark, who are these three men and why are they important? are three top aides in the palace. the most important one is alexi, who is the secretary general. n's right-hand man. he has a key strategic position. ofis chief o of -- his chief cabinet isis alsonone of thosesn theble and the head of security of the palace is also been cast by the sesenate ass meonone who may hahave perjured itself bececause they testififid before the senate committee that of anvestigating the cases
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macron,d of emmanuel who has been accused of violence during a may day demonstration and since then, they are held his position and negotiated contracts. -- third was to post a say was supposed to say whether those people who testified light to them. another police officer clearly lied. they would recommend to prosecutors to look into those cases. what was not sure was whether the top aides, because it is very sensitive, they would recommend the prosecutor to look ininto the case. infuriating for the executive, because this points the finger to emmanuel macron. -- genie:at happens
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what happens next? this is bad. when the senate commisission put out its conclusion a month ago, we solved the prime minister going front of the camamera sayg this w was a political vendetta, this was not an investigation. the fact the senate says we do not care what you say, we are just following what we feel our conclusions tell us to do, which to lookhe prosecutor into those cases. very vivid reaction. prosecutors need to look into those cases and decide whether they should be at trial. this is far off. the problem is the image of macron's top aides lying to the senate in order to protect themselves and saying ththings
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ththey should not have said in alexander protect maybe and maybe also emmanuel macron. genie: thank you. forceszuela, security have searched the homes of two supporters of juan guaido. he is escalating a campaign to oust the p president, nicocolas maduro. ofnts entered the homes lawmakers. prime minister is putting a ban on military-style weapons. jacinda ardern says the ban is effective immediately. it will be followed by a complete ban on the weapons once the new law is pushed through. it is part of a widely praised
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response's to her nation's collective -- a widely praised response to her nation's collective grief. >> these images of compassion shot clock's -- shot across the globe. leadershipern's style has caught the world's attention and garnered praise. she called the act of a white supremacist an active terrorism. she will not call the murderer by name and give him the media attention he sought to crave. decisive steps to enact political change has been combined with outward expressions of empathyhy. her language has been lauded as exemplary, like when she told donald trump the best way he could help her nation is by showing sympathy and love for muslim communities, or here,
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when she addressed a inticultural new zealand malawi. arabic, and time herot the first leadership s style has m made headlines. it,e is a term for jacindamania. her celebrity status jumped up last year after being one of a few world leaders to give birth while in office. she got her baby to the un's general assembly. her star power has been met by criticism at home. undergoing a housing crisis and economic woes. lawhas to push through gun reforms and govern a coalition government with a party known for its opposition to mass immigration.
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bus driver abducted 51 students in northern italy, threatening their lives for 40 minute and setting the busus on fire. the driver said he wanted to vindicate migrants who have died in the meditererranean sea. ququick's we have to live withh this kind of thing. we cannot keep our children hidden at home. ifif it were up to me, i would e outside the jail, waititing forr the man. quick's my daughter kept telling me mom, i could have been on that bus. josephine mckenna told us more about this story.
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incididt. a shopping he rededirected the bus going ta -- policice set up a roaoadblocd the e bus was rammed into the roadblock k and set on fire. all of the children managed to escape. it is a shocking incident herer, which has shockeded people acros the country, particularly parents whorust their children to drivers every day.. many were shococked and shaken y what happened. now,w, questions are being asked about what sort of checks and control are being conducted on
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other drivers. he said he wanted to vindicate europe m migrants. this is very sensitive stuff in italy. >> that is r right. he is a 47-year-old believed to be of s senegalese ororigin. has been an italianan citizen for r many years. he said,,king revenge, for the migrgrant deaeaths occug across thehe mediterranean. bizizre. certainly that was his intention. police a are looking to get to e bottom of what happens. this has tururned intoto a major polilical issue.e.
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matteo savini is threatening to revoke his c citizenship a and e has facingng charges, including hijacking and terrorism. genie: let's look our top stories. is underway in brussels. theresa may is trying to persuade european leaders to delay brexit up to three months. emmanueuel macron after the senate asks the court to investigate three top-level aids for perjuryry. new zealanand puts a permanent n on military-style weapons. they have identified all 50 victims of an attack on two mosques in n christchchurch. president is kicking off his tour with a visit to italy.
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there is concern about the beltlton r road inititiative. they have the project at the heart of his strategy. together, the connected area would account fofor about one third of global gdp and 3/5 of the populalation. it has sparked concern over china's growing domiminance. leaders -- >> leaders are holding a summit. the goal is to restore some
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balance. brussels is calling for them to work together as one. >> none of our member states have the size, the impact, the power to negotiate anything with china. expire --ether we can we canan aspire to good negotiations. aloneis going it saturday. rode initiative aims to create a new silk road along the old trade route. if china and italy can reach an agreement, it would be beneficial to our respective countries. eu states are divided on the issue. sweden, and the netherlands are keen on chinese commerce.
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we turn to the fatal crashes of boeing 737 max plains. pressure keeps growingng against boeing and thehe federal aviatin auththority which approved thehe model. around 300 of the 737 max planes have been grounded ararod the world following dose -- following two fatal crashes in five months. there are clear similarities between the accidents. the focus is on how a computer ordered the plane to dive in response to input from a faulty sensor. confirmed an off-duty pilot was in a cockpit on the same claim the day before which encountered but survived similar
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problems. the national transportation safety agency can confirm there were other pilots on the flight. a pilot finished carrying out his duties and was returning to jakarta. a boeing 737ed as max 8 pilots. let''s lookok at the markets now. stocks have been wobbly this thursday, except in london. investors'igh on minds. banknking shares have been weekd afafter the federal reserve decided to keep interest rates unchanged. vests protesters
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are said to take to the streets for a 19th saturday in a a row. this movement has hurtt businesseses, but i it has not n all negatitive. hit hard byas been -- partlyce, but ththanks to the yellowow ves conceioionsthther the the government made. it may be short-lived. >> paris has shown different sides in the protests. it has had a significant impact on tourism. international flight arrivals were 7.8% lower than at the same time last year. the impact is being felt in the capital. forcedtel owner has been to decrease rates each weekend and that has not been enough. at t our hotel, but
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we have more vacancies over the weekend. european customers are not traveling to paris at the moment. >> the french economy has been doing well in recent months. the projected growth sits at zero point 4%, better than many of its counterparts. financiale in part to gains made by the yellow vests movement. 10 government has spent billion euros in new measures. officials expect this will increase purchasing power by 1.8% in january. companies have to follow suit and hire people. do not hire or invest, it comes to nothing. a small increase in gdp and back
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to where we started. they project 70,000 new jobs will be created in the first six months of 2019, enough for unemployment to continue its decline. economy hasuela's been suffering, but a move by a anking giant is pulling further blow.. planning to sell tons of venezuelan gold. maduro plus -- maduro's government has been using gold swaps to gain cash since 2014. it was supposed to buy back $1.1 billion on march 11. that did not happen, prompting the precious metals. thank you for the look at
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business news on france 24. hour, up in the next half the press review. sex review on social media and and embalmed to
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