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tv   France 24  LINKTV  March 25, 2019 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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a terrorist groups in southerern syria. includining hezbobollah continuo
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make the golan heights a potential launching ground for attacks. against israel. very violentnt attacks. any possible future peace agreement must account for israel's need to defend itself from syria iran and other regional threats. we do not want to see another attack like the one suffered this mornining north of tetel a. well let's go to jerusalem now and some meat suckle who is that and that similar start with that whatat is happening at in gaza that can you tell us more about the air strikes going on right now. yes well i can tell you that the reports coming from and how mas is that at ten o'clock am local time i mean it's just a few minutes ago a c ceasefirere was supposed to come into place. and this is aa ceasefire that they say was broken by the egyptians and we know that there is any gyptian delegation in the
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countryy right now in israel.. and they've b been trying to create this seeee set f fire n n the israeli side there's no confirirmation that t ere is acactually a a cease fire goingi handled needsds now heard itt fm the gaza strip.. ishat after thehese see slightly firere deaeadline there have ben air strikes in the gaza strip.. soso i am hamamas would very m h lilike to end this round. we know that there was this rocket w was launched frfrom the gaza strip and hannah how is it destroyed it in the north of that delegates. at the sinince they're a is what hahas been striking the gaza stp and the the a palestinian factions have been launching rockets and a door to the south of israel. and a this is a point that they would like to have a ceasefire and we know also the united nations i've been trying. to negotiate a ceasesefire now t is rarely - -- observers they sy
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that a ceasefire for net on your own now would not be good enough because he has to show the israeli public that he's striking hamas hee is now. in in this afternoon there have destroyed the also says always smiling here who is the head of the hamas thehe political bureau there's another building and how much the thrhree story building that was. destroyed in air strikes israel says that itits head of the intetelligence and ballasting ia saying that itit's a commercial buildiding -- we we really don't know what was in this buildingg withth their calls f for commerl or whether there was intelligence there and there were other little cations that have been striking as we're speaking now. israel is this is continuing to strike and to retaliate in israel they're saying that they want to restore the deterrence
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all their israel and its military. so you've gone at this dramatic escalation with thomas and on the same day what president trump. at signing a notice saying that he recognizes israeli sovereignty over the golan all of this just two weeks before the election how is it going to impact that teasing. that will no doubt as did the signing of this order by president trump in a in wawashington is a big achievemet for a prime minister netanyahu. and that is the fact that any president trump is backing the tiny out not only on the question of jerusalem being that capital of is run not only on the question of moviving the embassy. from tel aviv to jerusalem notot only on thee question of the round but also on the future of the golan heights it was. ththe unitedd nations s security council that isis called the gon heights occupied syrian land and now that she's still. and to a position that the saying no this is israeli land so this is a big shift in policy
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and this is something in fact that t the israeli publicc opin. is is very pleased with and in totoday's publilic opinion i i l is not in the same row withdrawing from the golan heights and a and we have a situation of course with this being a civil war in a in c. or else you're is very weak and die understanding here is that there i is no partr on the other side -- that -- who would we return the golan heights so this is the kind of talk that exists today in syria peace with syria doesn't seem to be on the agenda rigight now? and in fact alsoo the other majr parties like a yes shot the the headed by a lucky and god says they've been it got so o sparky who'o's who's now leading in the polls. he is also. this is a position of trial regarding the golan heights so it seems that into tiny now has gained a few points today in washington dc sorry thank you
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very much semi circle that. to the u. k. now went to resize brexit plan has hit another roadblock she admits that she doesn't have enough support to cut her withdrawal agreement ford for said vote in parliamen. and pays are expected to hold indicative rates on alternatives to may's plan later tonight the government i would have no. legal obligation to abide by those results a sick listen to my speaking g softly. so it is with great regret that i have had to conclude that as things stand there is still not sufficient support in the house to bring back the deal for third reading. for five i continues i continue to have discussions with colleagues across the house to build supupport so that we can bring the full. full which this week and guarantee brexit. if we cannot the government made a commitment that we would work across t the house to fifind a majority on a way forward. let'ss get to westminster f. moe that falls twenty who's been ides papier is outside parliament senate benedict
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essentially theresa may's plan hasn't changed -- despite to what we have in the u. summit last week she is still trying to persuade mps to back her plan. wellll -- she i is havaving ongg talklks w with the g. u. p. it s to be said that they are not going well since -- arlene foster the leadede of the democratatic unionistt party tht know the non party helpingng --o thisis government t to have a majority in parliament hasas sad that i it's not g going to chane hiss mind i is not going to vot. for the deal as far as the deal not changnging it has to have changed -- you'll remember the speaker john bercow -- last week said that it was not possible up without a substantial change for the prime minister to bring bac. the deal the deal whihich is the one that was agreed between the e. u. twenty seven member states and the united kingdom of course the scheduled date of departure.
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was this coming friday we know that last week the prime minister in brussels office the twenty seven of the leaders for an extension -- she said she regretted at the time and she repeated it today that she had to do so. so if there is not a deal that is brought to the house and for the moment the prime minister made it very clear. that there was no -- majority as yet but that she wants to bring back that meaeangful v vote agan this week so we think it might be thursday -- if it's doesn't pause -- the next thing would be she said possibly a longer extension we now have a new expression coined by the prime minister. we've had a hard briggs it we've heard of a quick break that we've had all kinds of praise i. today she introduced the notion if that was a long extension of a slow -- brags it all right well that hash tags labor exit gaining momentum the new password at westminster i'm sorry and these will be holding the so called indicative foad
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spend a date is that right tell us how that will work and d d whwhat will nonot play rock. well somethingng that the treesa is very much against and will b- skiing. conservative mps to vote against and yes it's brought -- by -- all of the let twin a tory m. p. and he wants he's pushing for this amendment that has been selected tonight -- on that will be voted on just after about ten pm local. time here and that is to allow time and an opportunity for mps on wednesday to vote up for that to be a series of votes to find what there is a majority full in parliament one of the criticisms by the prime minister. as we saw last week by d d. e. u by many tory mps and others iss ththat this parliament that is n an imposter a deadlock. has not been saying what it is full but really saying all the time what it is against so we think that that is that is
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indicative votes. might it might lose they might win even if they lose the prime minister has indicated -- that - that she would a allow time on wednesday fool these votes although she is against it sasas that could come out with a contradictory outcome into the great disappointment of certain and peas said she would not feel bound. by water ever out come up. was to come out of these indicative votes meanwhile she is still talking for example -- to in private also to the leader of the opposition jeremy cororb. she spoke to him a mess him for an hour early on today however he is not impresseded he said he had a frank exchangnge of views which generally is. diplomatic speak for had a real route and certainly in the house of commons he said that - -- ths whole process was a national embarrassment. all right betty thank you very much benedict heavy i outside parliament that as his business we now catherine that it is here this high to catherine feeling i'm gonna start with those at trade deal signed today between
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china. from. that's why is this week quite a fruitful visit for both science. france and china have signed off on fifteen business contracts worth around forty billion euros and metal not cold made a great show of china france unity. and is no wonder he's please afteter the two leaders signed n enormous deal with abbas. china has committed to buy two hundred ninety and bus a. three twenties and ten eighty three fifty l. line is. this is a huge jump from the original order for only a hundred and eighty four planes which was first announced in january last year. let's take a listen to a monumental now. so they own a teacher. like with the conclusion of an aviation agreement involving the airbus a. three twenty and a three fifty marks an important advance and an excellent sign in today's context. i have to say it's exactly what you told me in january. twenty eighteen which shows the strength. and reliability of our exchange. you don't could therefore said that if he did it a shower for
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the good news is on also agreed as a one billion year contract for edf frances energy provider which will build an offshore wind farm in china. a shipbuilding contract worth a billion euros under the lifting of embargo on french poultry exports. unlike its fleet michael didn't quite go as far as to endorse china's belt and road initiative but france will be cooperating on a number of investment projects in the country's a alog the so called in you is still correct. meanwhile the european commission is keeping a close eye on china this week is launching a review of the securirity risks associated with wall way and other chinese tech infrastructure. is asking you countries to shed more data in order to combat cyber security risks over five g. networks. he was actually taking a softer tone in the us on this u. s. congress has already banned the use of while the devices and government agencies and is lobbying for the e. you to do the same. still in europe the brussels is fine to ninety eight twelve point five million euros for breaching anti trust rules.
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the u. competition commission that said that the sports ground had stopped retailers from selling club merchandise across borders in the e. u. economicc area. leading to raise prices and less choice for consumers. now let's take a look at the markets so that have been market just as recently following slowing economic growth and hints of a us recession. european shares a close in the red today with london's footsie down by almost half a percent the cat go home to dropping almost a fifth of a percent. on the docks also down by zero point 15%. over in the us is being a similar picture for much of the day's trading the s. and p. five hundred and the nasdaq closed at the same level just under the flat line. the dow jones opens down thehe persistence made a small recovery finishing in the green. deutsche bank is mulling over controversial merger with comics bank and its managers have been banned from selling any stock they own. now this may be standard practice wanna go she shins on
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going but this grumbling in the ranks as employees have seen that take home pay plunge over the past few years. beberlin i is bacacking the deaa way of stabilizing the country's banking system if the merger is finalized it would create the eurozone's second largest linda with one point nine trillion euros in assets. and in the southwest in the french town of lord is a major pilgrimage site for catholics. business in religious memorabilia and lord will set has been brisk ever since the town became a shrine to the virgin mary in the nineteenth century. but now the municipalities as a counter force to fix up shops in disrepair. is the locals are seeing the shops be sold from under them nick rushworth reports. no older in southwest france has around six million visitors a year and for pilgrims there is no shortage of shopping. stocks were little guys in holy water. needs to second -- from the rosary for every member of the family.
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want a change could be coming from many of the tourist shops here. with t the municipality saying t cannot afford to repair some of the dilapidated buildings. short of money for innovation the only solution is to set out says the left wing mayor of the town. i am certain i wouould be obligd to increase local taxes for the people of the town. to reserve they won't pay for sixty six taurus shops. that is nonot possible to proce. the municipality has since nineteen eleven thee sixty six shops at below market rates. two shopkeepepers payay currently betweeeen three hundred and five hundred euros a month. thatat now is ending with the local town hall putting the properties up the sale from between one hundred thousand and five hundred thousand euros. shop keepers have first refusal but do not like the town holes move. the lightly to see their rents rise one local opposition politician says they don't h hae the means to buy.
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if one shopkeepers a rather old and are not able to do this they don't have the funds because you all to come to me is declined under the last two local administrarations. the shopkeepers and not giving up they will try to stop the sale of thehe shops i in the lol courts. today apple announced that announced the launch of a video streaming service to rival and a amazon.layers l like netfx apple tv plus is the subscription tvervice free from advertising due to put. undue to become available in the ocean. the new product was announced as a glitzy live streamed events with onstage guests oprah winfrey reese witherspoon i'm steven spielberg who old books toto make exclusive shows for te service. apple is coming late to the video streaming game so it remains to be seen if economic well loved brands like netflix off the top shelf. it also announced an apple branded credit card in partnershihip with goldman s sa. what's the shiny new ideas it does seem to have impressed investors shares were down over
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1% after the event wrapped up. are insanely fine. katherine thank you very much indeed scattered but it never taking a short break don't go away when used headlines coming right up.. twenty four a different point of view
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03/25/19 03/25/19 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacifica, this is democracy now! pres. trump: it was just announced there was no collusion with russia. the most ridiculous thing i have ever heard. there was no collusion with russia. amy: no collusion. no more indictments. no obstruction of justice. as special counsel robert mueller ends his 22-month probe, democrats are calling on attorney general william barr to make public the full mueller


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