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around the world. welcome back to live in paris hit on a front twenty four is nine pm and hero all headlines. declareded unfit for office thoe ththe words of the cocountry's y chief in a bread i interventiony the ministry. made weeksks of anti government protests. a tentative ceasefire holds and gaza quiet rains in the region tonight but israel's prime minister warns that more violence is possible. the day after the last exchange of fire that involves. and the holding copyright laws the european parliament house is the first major online content reform since the buses you chie. opponents say the move threatens
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freedom of speech .. good evening the chief of algeria's army has said today that president abdelaziz beautifully got must now be declared unfitit for offffice. the e intervention by off my god salah l long seen as loyal to te president comes off the weeks of mass protests againinst -- to freak out. salah hold on the constitutional council supply also got a hundred and two under whichch paparliament can declare the president unable to perform his duties. due to illness let's take a listen then at two so last speaking on state television a short while ago today. meme surely there is a one solution that respondso the visisions of each party. and that can be accepted by all means you can talk about. this solution can be found in article one hundred and two of
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the constitution w we met t thas g. using the let's k keep talkig about the development -- in algeria that and bring in reports simonson at cashierss covering at this story for us up from the capital. was the laces tonight where you are. well actually after the announcement. for the moment there was actually there has been no reaction from the people are in in the streets i i think that people are wondering why article one hundred and two wasn't suggested before i mean when president announced his intetention to r run far. a fiftfth term in social media t for example in some boston commands. we can see that some people are are not really comfortable with this announcement they actually think this is another sheik -- plates from the region to to gain time and imposee a sensatin and are there on terms people however welcome this proposition because it starts of their
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demands and requests. tell us then what is it though that is so -- rasoul unique about what it was that the army chief had to say. he actually as we as we know he called efficiently this tuesday for this application not that plans the business all of the prison but the thing. is statements was announced live on the other in national television. you know that this article actually states that when the president of the republic because of serious. and lasting illness these totally unable to perform his duties at the constitutional council meets. at as of rights and after leaving verify the reality of these impediments by all appropriate means propose this anonymously the body meant to the clark declared the inability to rule the country. so in this context. according to the statements of games on that in this context it becomes necessary to an
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imperative to resolve the conflict to respond to the demands of algerian citizens and to respect the provisions of the constitution and the maintenance of state sovereignty. as solution at once. to a consensus of all the visions. my most of our cashier that talking to us at live from out as thank you very much indeed. next a tentative ceasefire is holding tonight in israel and gaza day after israeli forces and how mass exchange fire. mondays violence was the most serious in the region for months now injuring both israelis and palestinians. today israel deployed extra soldiers and tanks to its border with gaza and israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu said he is considering a furtherer minutes reaeaction. let's get the latesest let's crs our life now to jerusalem and bring in reports a semi circle is covering events for us out from that. i study festival tell us then about this exchange of fire. yeah well israrael is sayingng t it h has launched the largest.
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operation in the gaza strip asin said two thousand and fourteen and we had seen a destruction especially over there hamas islamic jihad other factions. and military insnstallations and we saw the destruction of ththe smile held new year the leader of t the h hamas is offices wort totallyy obliterat. and a lot of damage has beeeen caused at the same time. israelis were in the shelters and they were rorockets launched from the gaza strip.. i cann tell you t the throuought the day tens of thousands of israelis did not go to school. all the schools were shocked inn the southth o of israel we'rere talking about towns likike your shebeba i shoululd ask alone.. on top of ththat the railrlroads were a and notot functioioning s a prprecaution. shopping malls were empty and that was today a sense thahat things could e escalate and and whatat happened is throughout te day i i that and we've seen this
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stabization. of this kind of a cease fire that the egyptians have green hair brokering. sami all of this are happening as election campaigning formally gets underway in israel today netanyahu than fighting to hold on to his job as primeme minist. how might boys happening in gaza impacts -- that election. well let indeed that the big question a here in i israel is warm this should add backed. and t then thehere are those whe saying that it was hamas the war it was hamas that it. managed to bring a president is not there prime minister rather netanyahu from the united states to israel t to destruruct is elecection. campaign it was hamas that managed to paparalyze thehe souf israel this small organization and facing a very powerful military and israel was t too restrarained. that's been this is the perception in israel thahat been afternoooon when israelis were t
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in the streets aroround the gaza and they were s saying that isrl should have struck harder in how must have not been any casualties in hamas. and that wasn't s sure is a a lt and that is what they look great deterrence on the other h hand. the government is saying that israel is the the the force that broke the last strike at thrhr o'clclock am andow much d did nt retaliate which meansns israel s ththe upper hand israel calls me damage.. and that it managed to crcreate the kind off e eation that if hamas strikes israel israel is striking back. sammy a circle force the injuries them with the latest thank you very much indeed to tonight. next are the european parliament has passed a controversial law today on copyright which is physically resisted by tech giants like google and facebook. under the new rules tech companies only to sign a licensing agreements with musicians and writers in order to be able to post that content
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online. now singng as such as paul mccartney led the fight for these changes arguing that artists should be fairly compensated. in the digigital age catherine s as the story. sweeping changes to copyright rules are in store for the internet. with three hundred and forty eight in favor and two hundred and seventy four against the european parliament is back the e. u. copy right directive. wdtv sister copyright directive will enable us to rereach our common goal chief among which is that of adopting the copyright to the twenty first century but the unions yet. the measure has proved controversial pitting tech giants such as google against artists musicians in media companies. and sparking protests like saturday's big demonstrations held across germany. two clauses are at the center of the debate artiticle eleven an article. thirteen the first requires online platforms like google and
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facebook to pay media companies and other creators when linking are using parts of their conten. the second will hold tech companies like you to responsible for copy right infringement committed by their users. it's been dubbed the upload filter because in order to comply all platforms will have to build systems that check content before it's posted online. to filter out copy righted material. supporters say the new rules will ensure fair compensation for work produced by artists and other content makers. but opponents argue the changes will lead to censorship and limit free expression on in a statement google said the law will lead to legal uncertainty. the details matter and we look forward to working with policy makers publishers creators and rights holdersrs as easy you member states move to implement these new rules. once the european council approves the measure e. u.
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member states will have two years to implement the changes. more than on a sprining in elizababeth vintoton phony alias used the managing a directed the sweets just music publishers association a good evening to you thanks. very much for speaking to us tonight and you are a supporter of this little why is that.. yes i am and it's a very happy day for us today because corporate has been strengthened. and in the european markets -- and this new directive it means that we have a stronger --- position when we negotiate with the digital platforms -- we do have the rights -- to neo shade and we do have the right -- to contents but these digital services haven't had -- enough - our license agreements at license agreements that are good enough -- and now we have a stronger opposition. this must have felt like a long time at coming for you hasn't it because your main copyright
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legislation hasn't been updated since two thousand and one now that's before. the both of you cheat on facebook why do you think it's taken the low so long to catch up with the way -- content is consumed online. well it it often takes a long time to legislate -- it's just the way the politics works -- it tech the tech always comes first and then comes up the politics. and also there is very big commercial interesting this question so i suppose everyone doesn't really want this -- directive in place you touch then i on those -- those commercial issues and that has been lots of opposition. to this bill including from big at tech giants like google now they say either against this not just because they generate plenty of money but also. at because there is an argument that this legislation will limit freedom of speech on the internet. how do you respond to that? well directed directive expressively says that -- the directive shouldn't limit
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freedom of speech soo -- i donot think there is no need to worry about that -- of course it's very important to respect the people who are worried about it but will have to go through two years of implementation and discussions and and stay colder dialogues and i think it will be enough time to sort the details out some of that -- freedomom of speech also is respected. that said though that have been up protests even out on the streets in some european capitals about this why do you think that question -- freedom of speech online has become so controversial [inaudible] well. i think that the internet and these digitalal platforms were originally developed -- despite copyrights -- thihis by cororpoe rule soo now whehen copyright rs are a applied to the internet is quite disturbing but i think it's just a phase that will have to go through. and that that -- i it will be
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better for the users and also that there will be more. coporate material being spread in the services -- because of this new law. is it your expectation that and perhaps you hope that this is the beginning of a sea change in how -- online content is viewed all over the world and that other countries will now follow up will the u. the e. u. has done implement similar legislation themselves. yes it really is and i am so happy that the politicians turned off -- and speak very loudly pro culture in pro company right because that is very well need as all right that's elizabeth villain. o'neal is talking to us that she is the managing director of the swedish music publishers association thank you. very much for speaking to us tonight on fronts. twenty n next senna a a week ana half of the cyclone eat i hit southern africa the scale of the devastation that is only now. starting to become clear one point eight million people are in need of help in mozambique
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alone. and a across mozambique malawi d zimbabwe an estimated seven hundred eighty people have been killed. or forced i should ismael traveled to mozambique's coast to meet some people who survived the cyclone that. in southern problems there is no electricity roads and fields are still flooded. these people have been trying to flee this dishonesty area for days. leaving on six is the only choice. marcos was been working on a consnstruction site in boozy tok the opportunity to hit the road as soon as the winter started receding. he walked for fifty kilometers this is the situation everybody's coming on from the from the sides so everybody's paying for foods. there is no food even we are seeing a helicopter passing on the top. but no one is we tried to make some s sign of a no o in this c. so we survived it. he clings to this plastic bag. that protects all these important documents from the
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rain. this is my life well that's what i'm getting like a baby. hello by most of the people they lost. everybody has a story to tell it's impossible to say how many people have died as a result of the cyclonene. the boise area has more than two huhundred thousand inhabitants. and people's yes say the four hundred seven dead announced by the government does not include does uzi. such down phone people over there relaying fishing nets and those nets catching dead bodies lionel mopped up almost all of it. there are dead bodies over on that side too he same vida as the sun comes out again theyy start rebuilding with the little they still have left. it is a habit. whenever it is raining -- sometime it happens. any all day trying to bush day by day. i know we are from far off. of free the blood -- toward the flowing. and now i'm here because i'm
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going out. so -- could feel with. a please. as for my becauause he's going home to the zambezi province seveven hundred kilometers from here. meanwhile at least twenty three people have been killed in iran and flash flooding that. the worst of f the weather hit e southehern city of shiraz when nineteen people are thought to have died. i was extreme weather comes as iran iranians are celebrating band you yeah and meeting the millions of people what are on the move this week. thousand of them have now been left strande. iran's energy minister has blamed the extreme weather on climate change. next question he's have voted to take control of the brexit time table taking it away from the prime minister theresa may and into the hands of parliamentarians themselves. the unusual move means that peace can propose a softer brexit a no deal exit or even know brexit a tool. but whatever route they agree on if any isn't legally binding on
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the government can choose to ignore the reqequest of parliamt so. what might happen now eric kinky runs through the options? for a likely turbulent journey into the unknown of the no deal brexit narrowly avoided. at least for the next couple of weeks. days ahead of the uk's originally scheduled departure from the e. u. a new decision making deadline looms so what now. british mps could vote to approve the existing withdrawal agreement. such a scenario would permit britain to leave the european union smoothly with the deal on may twenty second. but this scenario comes with a major hobby out. it would require the british parliament to support the deal in a new vote. deal they have already rejected twice and theresa may herself has signaled there will not be a third vote. britain could request the deadline be extended again to permit a total change in brexit strategy. the european commission has set a new extension should last at
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least until the end of this yea. in this case the u. k. would remain an e. u. member and therefore be legally bound to hold european parliament elections at the end of may. use remaining members have made it clear a long extension will require a major justification. for example a new general election or a second refererdum. if the uk governmenent does want to extend in this way it has until april twelfth to formally say so. if the existing withdrawall agagement faiails to convince by april twelfth into the uk government decides it will not opt for an extension. the uk could leave the european union without any deal at all. the so called cliff edge brexit. the british mps i voted against leaving without a deal theresa may has not ruled out the possibility. another theoretical possibility brexit being canceled all together. the six million people have asked for this to happen in an unprecedented the popular online petition. the government is not legally
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obliged to act on it. nexus bring you the latest twist that in the saga of the axe at just the smell that and the chicago police. today law enforcement offices in the city have dropped all charges against smell at five weeks. after he was accused of fabricating a hate crime. i was in january that was an outpouring of support for small that after he said he was attacked by two men. you shouted racist and homophobic slides him two men were arrested and then released after a much that they in fact new small that. police at that accuse the acts of organizing the hoax himself it is not yet clear today though why those charges against him of being drops. but the m. posto says this is being one of the hardest times of his life a sickness and thought he had to say. i want you to know that not for a moment. was it in vain. i've been truthful and consistent on every single level since day. one i would not be my mother so. if i was capable of one drop of
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what our new stuff. this is an incredibly difficult time. honestly one of the worst of my entire life. as a business news and now for you on the program with kate made his head on south me hii kate and idea and she should ping then the chinese leader is wrapping up his trip. to europe and you'd be looking down at the economic ties between china. and the european union so the chinese leader oversaw the signing of billions of yours worth of deals -- between chinese and both french and italian businesses even secured italy's commitment to become the first g. seven nation to join its. belt and road initiative -- despite some misgivings from brussels overall chinese investment in front is on the rise but it's increased inflfluence has also created controversy. and emmanuel macro has repeatedlyly called for more acaccess for europeaean c compan tuesday though he sought to show a united european front. no news of a big we have differences. new list because we respect china meaning we are committed to dialogue and cooperation. we expect our partner to respect
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the e. u. and its values in return did you know up in. committee fellow killed both. now s since we're going by david collins professor of international economic law at city university of london thanks for speaking to us in this evening. how do you interpret what is something of a fine line for european leaders? up between encouraging chinese investment and protecting it national interests and industries. it's a difficult question in every country inn the world is grappling with these issues especially in relation to china. because it has such enormous market power and in that in that sense it represents an amazing opportunity for somebody countries as a source of external finance. but we also have the suspicions we see what's happened with quality in particular computer company i am canada and and many states are nervous especially when when you look at investmen. in sensitive sectors like telecommunications. fourteen infrastructure and the accidents is finishing up seems to be
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precisely what the belt and road initiative is is a new year. and then to make it even more interesting thehese are precisey the a areas that the but places like italy really need for investment so you have this -- this interesting conundrum were you paradoxically needed respite from shining you wanted but then you're also worried about what the to the consequences could be in terms of national security it's a very sensitive issue. and how do you think a manual macro and angle merkel who joined him at tuesday's meeting how do you think they've been dealing with that have that have hit the r right points. what will whahat microdistiller thinks it's highly symbolic and and what he has done it is? it is. we realize -- it president she had a date originally intended to be bach on water one by lack releases phrase china and macros it no. in fact this is basically you meeting so you invited angle of oracle and he also invited -- one of the e. u.. leaders as well very much saying
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symbolically we don't deal with france one on one you deal with europe i i see superstate. whicich was t the exact opposits what with what we saw in italy which was very much a one to one and i think the reason for thihs is obvious. the messages. that the e. u. is much larger and much stronger and has a if there is indeed a unified front. it's the kind of place that china can't take advantage of it we didn't see that with. lee so that the message is very much don't mess around with it. and we had a lot of talk about reciprocity did the chinese leader give any indications that he was willing to budge on issues. like opening up the domestic market to more foreign business- i think very much that was part of it t and it my understandndis thatat there are number of contracts signed it at least with t the italian. prime minister -- in relation to the italian companies operating. overseas i think there was something to do with the wind farm and all of you see with the the context of france there was
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a sales of airbus aircraft to the needed to chinese -- purchasers so that is obviously offering something in return we didn't see morore profound commitments and remember we have an ongoing trade dispute betwee. china and the us which involves thingsgs like t this force technology transfer as a restriction on access for american companies into the chinesese m mket we sawaw no movementnt on that at all. and we we d didn't see ass far s our you know any discussion about these very sensitive. dumping issues which of course the allegation that china has been selling products too cheaply you. are taking the advantage of it's the status of rooms really having a non market economy. that you mention that ongoing trade spat with washington does that make from beijing's point of view ties with european economies even more important. yes but i think it's precisely why washington has been watching what certainly what italy did it with some trepidation.
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and and we what it mean easily side of memorandum of understanding which is. perhaps again more symbolic than anything meaningful but it did sign on to the one belt one road initiative i think that makes some western countries nervous. it's the first of of the the g. seven card reset to do that australia turned down. one belt one road initiative. and i i i think t this is with making a unified western front. if you want to include -- the u. s. not. look a little shaky and i i i wonder is some chinese strategy something or perhapaps divide ad conquer approach. right president kanza for that's all we have time for thanks for speaking to us on front twenty four this evening. as a candidate trading action other major european indices closed higher accounts leaeading gains here in paris airbus shares jumped about 2% after chinese order for some three hundred of its airplanes. pound sterling rising as the british parliament moves towards a nother series of key votes on
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brags. wallstreet closed higher as well the dow j jones up about a third of a percentage point on the clothes at the s. and p. five hundred anand nasdaq doing bett. shares of bed bath and beyond sort 26% o on imports that it'sa board of directors could be shaken up. the new figures suggest that violence linked to the yellow vest protests here in france has led to two hundred million euros in insurance claims from businesses and individuals. french insurance federation said state included the huge damage inflicted along the shoreres of these eight tenen days agogo whh affected ninety one businesses. protest movement has been under way for over four months in february government saidid that they had already shade. 2% off the country's economic growth -- you can remember just have really devastating those scenes of violence were not yet at just about a week and a half ago the show's liza though looking ahead to something new. the gallery lafayette department store set to open a new outlet on the shows he's a in the days to comome you have to help you u
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too much in the b. hoping very much. that saturday will be a repeat of the violence we've seen indeed i think that certainly correct kay thank you very much to do that is kakate moody -- wh a business update on the program and it's time for a short break from us in the newsroom stay with us though. a little the headlines
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