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tv   France 24  LINKTV  March 27, 2019 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> you are watching france 24. these are the headlines. lawmakers vote on an alternative to theresa may's brexit deal. algeria's army chief calls for the president to be replaced.
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protesters who have turned out by the thousands will -- fear it will bring more of the same. charges against faking his own hate crime charges dropped against jussie smollett. for the u.s. aviation industry as boeing and lawmakers sent to meetings that could get air travel regulated.
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british lawmakers are set to may's brexitsa deadlockry to end the from the exit t from the europen union. there are nonbinding propositions tonight. you can see the prime minister's speaking live in parliament ahead of the votes tonight. tois up to john bercow decide what is voted on. so many options on the table at the moment. what is most likely to be voted on? is a historic it is a cross party amendment.
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down to find atle majority for another brexixit optition. they want to try and find some majority coalesce. it is not sure they will find a majority. what are the options? g go crashing out or will it go to a referendum? options.erent
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are battlingmps out. they will be voting tonight. there are 16 or so propositions. the very difficult to predict with any certainty what there will be a majority four. aboutect the results in an hour or so. gocould the prime minister rogue. >> these votes are something the prime miminister doeoes not lik. she dislikes the fact it is
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sesetting a precedent in parliament. government gets its legitimacy from m parliamement. onee question we are going t to watch this afternoon is if there is a free vote of mps. ,f there is not, one minister there could be as many as a dozen mps who cease the government jobs. we could be standing by. she will be answering questions from our o own party. she will be having a crucial meeting at 5:00 p.m. with a committee called the 1922 committee.
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one of the big rumors over the , ofend in the british press her possibly resigning and annocingng a timetetable for h r resignation, many rumorsrs she could d give a date of her resignation and in exchange for that, mps would vote for her dedeal. could she bring back her deal tomorrow, that is popossible. there is no clarity on that. >> thank you. isalgeria, the army chief --- it is a major that supporort for t the presidentt is diminishing.g. mamany fear it will bring more f
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the same. to demonstrate every friday until they leave. it is up to us to elect our president, not them. we ask the army chief to be with the people. will our generation who build this country, not theirs. nothing to apply article 102. our problem in algeria is a breach of trust. trust betweenre the people and the government. we must review the electoral code. solution is to move towards the dissolution of all elected institutions. ouret's go to algiers with correspondndent. many protesters, speaking about
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fears and what they are afraid could happen. while the announcement might sound good, it might leave them that you mighteaeave them m with more of the e same. what do they want to happen? >> if they think this application will answer to their demands, they are still wondering why this application has not been done. in 2014, the president plans to go for his fourth term. they are calling for the regime departure. for application of article 102. it would declare the preresident -- >> we seem to have lost our
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connection. we will try to get back later to that if we can. an unofficial cease-fire appears to be holding between isrsrael d gaza. the violence has been condemned by the u.n.. as israel comes prepares for key elections in which benjamin netanyahu is seeking reelection. >> another sleepless night as the exchange of rocket fire and airstrikes continue. a projectile was fired from gaza. responsibility. israel w was click to respond wh airstrikes. if they think we will sit idly by, they are wrong.
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hamas says it is against an escalation. committed to a cease-fire as long as isisrael , too. the biggest escalation in months was sparked on monday when a rocket launchedd and gaza wounded seven. the israeaeli military carried t strikes on targets belonging to hamas. israelsis comes as prepares for key elections in two weeks, in which netanyahu is seeking reelection. floodwaters received, almost 3000 cases of acute diarrhea have been declared with
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new cases of cholera and other diseases on the rise. waitingple are still for aid. our reporter met some of the victims fleeing the floods. >> there is no electricity. these people have been trying to flee for days. leaving on foot is their only choice. opportunity to hit the road as soon as the water started receding. is coming from this side. trying for food. we see helicopters passing from ththe top. we survive it.
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>> this plastic bag protects his documements from the rain. >> this is my life. most people lost everything. >> everyryone has a story to te. it is impossible to say how many people died because of the cyclone. deade here say the 447 does not include --. >> the fishing nets are catching dead bodies. on thatatdead bodies side, too. >> they are trying to push day by day. we are from far off, afraid
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about the water flowing. i am going out. to the foothills, at least. he is going home 700 kilometers from here. states, a twist in the case of jussie smollett. all charges have been dropped against him. the assistant attorney says the chargesdropppped because he forfeited his bond payment and agreed to community service. clean prosecutor said as jussie smollett left court in chicago. >> i have been truthful and consistent since day one.
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>> he was charged with making a false report after hiring two men to fake a racist and homophobic attack. the actor maintains he was assaulted. notecutors belilieve he was the victim of a hate crime. he agreed to forfeit bail momony anand do community service and what prosecutors called an appropriate resolution for the case. the decision has angered the police superintendent, who said the city was owed an apology. the mailer says -- the mayor says he exploited the situation to further his career. >> there is no ownership of what he has done. >> the mayor says it damaged chicago's reputation.
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>> fake reports of an attempt to kidnap children has led to an attack on roma people. police are trying to stop the claims from spreading on socicil media. >> false rumors turn into real violence. gangs went a after local roma people after hearing members of the minority group or kidnapping children. armed with batons, baseball bats, men terrorized this encampment. >> they came with gas to make a fire and told us we were going children.h our this is not normal. this is racism. >> fake reports spread on social media.
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the paris police chief posted fake news. police have been hearing false reports in person. >> into cases, the leader admitted to lying. police have arrested 20 suspects for potential violent charges. no injuries have been reported, but the attacks instilled fear for their safety. cut theirpeople have drinking in half but there are the biggest consumers of alcohol in europe. 10.5 million people drink too much.
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a public health campaign to remind drinkers when to stop. >> alcohol-related deaths are the second cause of avoidable deathh in france. fefew people seem to q question their drinking habits. >> i drink two beers per day when i finish working. beer at four cansns of day. i should stop, but it is not easy. >> i know my body. i do not drink more than one or two glasses, except for parties and special occasions. >> 33% of men and 14% of women exceeded drinking guidelines. the agency recommends drinking weekre than 10 glasses a and to avoid drinking every day.
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>> one can enjoy the pleasure of alcohol and wine consumption, but drinking more than that is problematic. >> that is the objective of this drinking campaign. doctors warn women are more vulnerable to the adverse effects of alcohol consumption and recommend the avoidance of alcoholic drinks altogether during presidents -- during pregnancy. french drinkers increasingly turn to beer and hard alcohol.
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note, the louvre is famous for the mona lisa and it's in norma's glass -- and it's enormous glass pyramid. ago, hee three years made the 70 foot high pyramid disappear. this time it will reappear. volunteers volunteered to picture. >> we are in the process of covering the whole place with a .ollage we are going to create an image
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appear. bethat optical illusion will visible friday. let's look at our top stories for you this hour. british lawmakers are due to vote on an alternative to theresa may's brexit deal.l. algeria's army chief calls for the president to be replaced. protesters demand change. that will bring more of the same. charges of faking his own hate crime against jussie smollett. slammed thator decision from prosecutors. time for youour business u updae with brian quinn.
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today is a big day for the aviation industry. t to meet ats set theieir company headquarters whe it will explain changes made to its software. the software is the leading factor in two aviation crashes. the nation's capital and the faa will appear before a panel of lawmakers to explain how the 737 max 8 was certified. both boeing and the government rebuilding to gogovernment trust. >> i want to know how it impacts
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the entire system of the aircraft. to be more than a one hour session to get us training. >> purdue mamakes oxycontin. the company denies wrwrongdoing. itndnd the wealtlthy family who combined $270y y a miion n in a wave of lawsusuits. nick reports. >> opioid abuse in the united states is killing 150 a day. crisis withonal people hooked on drugs. pharma has, perdue settled in the first lawsuit of
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the many it faces. >> perdudue changed the perceptn , attempted to persuade physicians of all s specialties that this hundred plus years of medical wisdom was wrong. >> the company is paying the state of oklahoma. more than one hundred million dollars will go to support addiction research. >> purdue is facing a wave of near 2 2000 l lawsuits, considering whether to file for bankruptcy. it i is due to face anand oklaha court in late may. thoseintend to hold companies responsible for the
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mess they have made. what i one piecee of would describe as a comprehensive approach to deal with the epidemic. >> the health scandal is massive. thousands of opioid-related deaths in 2017. us through the markets. isthe french carmaker planning to pursue a merger with its japanese alliance partner. to merge with fiat chrysler. european index overall slipping a bit wednesday amid fears of a u.s. recession. frarankfurt dacs just under in midddday trading.
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>> employees are not known for their workaholic tendencieies, d a r report reinforces that puputati.. >> civil service reform will be on the a agenda on wedndnesday. the discussion takes s place asa report has been leak showing state employees are working less than the 35 hour standard work week. workance has a 35 hour week. it is one of the shortest in the world. around 310,000 civil servants are doing less than 35 hours. 190,000 of them without certification. extra holidays are granted to certain civil servants called ministry days.
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>> we have a weak extra. we do not get pay increases. example concerns the french prison servers. one union says that is how it has to stay. >> when people work in the same department, it is difficult to pit one civil service employee against another. >> i would like civil servants to work 35 hours. the c case, the report susuggests there could be fewer civil servants. to cuts government plans jobs by 2022.
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>> up in the sky, it is your blood test resusults? the first launched use of unmanned drones to deliver medical samples. the company has teamed
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claudette zepeda-wilkins: american is a relative term. what is american? personally i think the border is, you know, just a speed bump in between two countries. as a child, i think we took tj for granted not because it was a different country to me. to me, it was just like, "oh, it's just tj. it's where the other half of my family lives." and even if i i was in tj my entire lilife, being this far n north,u aare sort ofof removed f from te other parts of f mexico and the cultuture. youu're mexica b but you don'n't really know. my last restauranant was mexica,


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