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tv   France 24  LINKTV  April 2, 2019 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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the brexit negotiator takes aim at london. brexit dealexisting during the extension remains out of the question. the ak party of turkey's president loses its grip on his istanbul.on
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algeria president announces he will leave office before his term leaves that the end of april. ensureika is set to institutions continue to function. bank is nottral ready for a no d deal brexit. story and have that more. music fans, tatake notice. the met has a new exhibit called -- plant loud oror co- -- play it loud." the european union is digging in
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as the brexit deadlock continues in the united kingdom. wants a long extension, renegotiating the existing agreement remains out of the question. a no deal exit looks more and more likely. >> they need to vote on a deal. if the u.k. wishes to leave in an orderly fashion, there is only one treataty available, the one we negotiated with the u.k.. the option of a no deal looks likely. we can go to thomas brooks.
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with the discord in london, does the european union have the upper hand? >> they will try to get through a deal the prime minister agreed with eu leaders, not getting anywhere in parliament now, and needing an extension, it is not something the prime minister can use unilaterally. it gets things moving. a difficult u.k. in position given how much trouble the u.k. has had getting a deal through. >> it is unlikely the eu will grant concessions. > it is very unlikely.
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one can imagine if the u.k. wants it more than a few weeks, wanted a few months or more, keeping the unanimous view of all remaining states will be difficult. in lots ofbe demands areas for the u.k. to make greater concessions than the u.k. has done. it is unlikely that would happen. the eu will want certainty, it will want to draw a line. there is one way britain can do it, by choosing to back this deal. endother thing would be to the brexit process altogether. heard,hings, as you have renegotiating things with this government is not up for negotiating at all. europeans a are
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saying, if you want a long extension, perhaps you can get one, but on what grounds? this is the only deal you aree goining to get. deal the prime minister agreed to. the prime minister is trying to sell this to parliament and the irony of everything is the one bit causing her the most grief, the irish backstop issue is the one addition she put into the deal. that seems to be causing her the biggest headaches. the eu is not going to want this to drag on. that uncertainty for business is the u.k.'s it is not helping the eu. eu onlyly way forward if the is unable to agree to the deal now in parliament, it seems the
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eu should be arguing for perhaps the prime minister to take it to the people, to have a referendum on her deal, or to end brexit altogether. there is a majority now showing most of the public is not for brexit right now. if the public were to say theyey wanted brexit to stop, that would be in the interest to the eu and it would lead to a firm line being drawn for now. if the public voted for the prime minister's deal, that is a deal both sides agree to and it will bring the matter to a close. she hassa may has said to deliver because this is what british people voted for. if she puts her deal to a vote and it gets voted down, people who voted for brexit will be left aside. it is not atrue
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good option, it is better than it seems. what are the other options? theange of leader, but with same members of parliament -- going to open up talks that the eu doesn't want to do anyway. it could lead to a different government. maybe the labour party in government. thehere, as w well. are not the best option here. not the ideal option. it is the best compared to what is on the table. when it came to the british public voting g for brexit, they voted for brexit, b but not a particular deal. mps were against brexit, but they did support the prime minister trying to start those public'sause the
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grace was behind leaving. unablehat parliament is to come up with a majority of you for one brexit or -- a majority view for one brexit or a s support t to the prime minister, or the more likelyly scenarioio, where the public is not favorable to the prime it might drawl, this to a close for now. that would be in interest to both sides. >> every day we have another twist and turn. thank you for joining us. control of the capital, the ak party has lost control of istanbul. president erdogan plans on contesting the results in all 39
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districts. istanbul is- considered the biggest prize of all. we canan go to j jasper mortrti. lettingartyty is not istanbul slip frfrom its fingers wiwithout a fifight. candidate wonionn by slightly under 24,000 votes. 300,000 votes were declared invalid. the governing party candidates wants the electoral council to reconsider the invalidated votes. saidppositions leader has 8.5 million people voted,
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validated votes are only 3.5% -- invalidated votes are only 3.5% of that and you should not use the invalidated votes as an excuse to reviews to accept refuse-- as an excuse t to to a accept t defeat. the elector counsel is s not sen as impartial. he has told his monitors to watch carefully what the canceled those with the invalidated votes. >> now that we have seen the party,nt's party, the ak which has suffered setbackcks, will we sesee t the presidentnte his s policies? >> that is a good question. do after politicians things like this is they get together and they say we must take stock of these results and change our policies accordingly.
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in economic terms, i expect erdogan to do that. he knows the secret of this has long been his economic record. he blew it sunday because the country is in recession, inflation is 20%. i am surure he will wanant to rn the country y to economic healt. in political terms, i do not think he will change. resented that is most is he sees his opponents as terrorisists or terrorist collaborators. there is no legitimate opponent. they arare resented. i've talked to voters sunday. one said to me, we all pay our taxes, we all serve in the army. he shohould consider us s equal. i wasas speaking to a dipiplomat
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a rerecession lastst week who sd if erdogan loses, he e will bece more suspicious of his enemy. the diplomat was right. when his back is to the wall, he is not more bighearted and generous. it has been six months since jamal khashoggi walked into the saudi consulate and never left. mohammad binin salman has been accused of ordering a hit on him. the kingdom says it was rogue agents and not the prince. the washington post has reported saudi authorities gave jamal children's four multimillion dollar homes in the country. his fiancee was waiting outside the consulate and she t told francece 24 everything she had died that daday.
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was thinking about a new life, about marriage. now i am in thehe middle of an international crisis. the person i loved the most was savagely killed. they killed my life, my projects, my dreams. they killed everytything i had. >> you can watch that interview herere. next, algeria's president is set to leave the office before his term expires. to a communique, bouteflika will takake steps to ensure state institutions s will cocontinue to functition. has been welcomed with caution. >> he should have resigned in
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2014. he should not have thought of running. who signed the health certificate to validate his candidacy? >> i do not know what to expect. i do not have an opinion. there is too much information coming in. there is a new head of government, we do not understand anything. we are looking for the truth. >> stop announcing someone's departure and return of someone else. they must all go and let the people decide. resignation will take place under article 102. it provides a framework for a president unfit to rule. what happens next? thender article 102, nation's constitutional council has the power to determine
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bouteflika is too ill to carry out his duty. after weeks of protests from -- demanding his resignation. if the president decides to resign, the constitutional council takes over the transition process paired once the resignation is official, the council will need to establish the permanent vacancy of the presidency. the council must communicate to parliament, which then assembles. the chairman of the upper house of parliament could take over as caretaker president for 90 dayss until elections are held. his position, next in line is the president of the constitutional council. the caretaker president cannot be a candidadate in the presidential election and the winner of the elections will take office. replaceds maduro has his electricity minister.
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the latest move to tackle power outages after 30 day ration plan was announced. the crisis continues in the country. on monday, the chief justice asked ministers to stririp juan of his -- roll is a new exhibit led "play it loud" showcases some of the iconic instruments. >> new york's metropolitan museum of art debuting its first exhibit on rock 'n' roll music. it features more than 130 astruments dated as far back 1939. livinge are a lot of
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legends who could participate. object,d lend their lend their expertise to the show. that is why it is a perfect time to do this expedition. holly's guitar, a piano customized for lady gaga. withdees included artists instruments featured in the show, such as the eagles john felter and his double net guitar, the one he uses to play "hotel california." >> to be hanging on the wall here is the highest accolade, the highest honor i could get. opens april 8.on you can catch all of the relics through october 1. negotiator brexit
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takes aim at london. any of the same ideas remains out of the question. onkey's party loses his grip local elections. president announces he will leave office before his mandate expires. it is welcomed with caution. time to look at today's business news. you are starting ouout with asningsgs from central bankers the possibilility of a no o deal brexit blooms lalarge. >> top european n central bankes are warning they have not priced in the possibility of a hard brexit.
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markets are counting on a political resolution in the u.k. that may not be coming. a no deal scenario cocould amplify that downward trend. a leading u.k. business group says the requirements of preparing for a hard brexit are taking a toll on investment. having to dos, continuous planning, hopefully they will not need to because --re will starling taking a hit on the
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cucurrency markeket. losing ground against the dollar and the euro. 1.305.nd trading around london's ftse 100 up. frankfurt dax up halflf a percrcent. , overn with a big rally 15%. briefly breaking in the e $5,000 mark. of low-costtllapse airline wow air has takenen a tl on the economy. >> it could hardly have been
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worst news. airlinesas one of two based in reykjavik. it means significant job losses. has never happened before that so many people have lost their jobs at the same time. the workforcet of was dependent on the jobs created by tourists that wow brought in. over the past year, 2.3 million people came to visit iceland. itselfntry is bracicing for a a dip in tourist numbers.
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>> looking forward into april, may, we have had many cancellations and changes in bookings due to wow air. >> unemployment have jumped since the collapse. the government has made emergency funds available. >> boeing's planned update for his 737 max 8 series jets is taking longer than expected. is suspected of killing people. budget airline says it is
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waiting for results before completing its purchase. the aviation minister says it will remain banned from airspace for the time being. >> it shows the efficacy. --will be following including any recertification that maybe happenining a deal sees talus boosting its presence in the security market and expanding its reach. it was expected to add 3 billion euros in annual revenue. it had been delayed by an antitrust probe.
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the beef?ss, whereris nonot on t n new whopppper. they relelsed a versrsion i its flagship burger featuring a meatless patty. it comes as consnsumers aree tuturninto p plant b bas m meet alternatives. tastes like a beef burger. food is the latest fast outlet to flirt with veggie burgers. >> there is a a huge surge in consumer demand. it is amazing to me compared to when we started, to see how much wowork is being done now to get into this space.
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>> as attention focuses on the ,azards of meat farming interest in veganism has quadrupled in the last five years according to google searches. businesses are rushing into meat the demands. companies like impossible foods and beyond meet are not just targeting the conferred it -- the converted anymore. even marketing kosher and how long varieties. areitional food businesses jumping on the bandwagon. unilever announced the acquisition of the vegetarian butcher. movement gaining
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momentum is clean meat, dutch 7.5tup announced it raised million n euros to bring it to e market by 2021. food tou want your taste lilike meat, eat meat. >> if you want to reduce climate , assions, a animal agriculture are moving away from me to combat climate change. our fooood to be less processed? >> that is a concern for some people. this food is not made in an airtight lab. grown, most of the
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time, , organicalllly. >> thank you for the business news. we are going to take a quick break.
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adam harvey: isis has arrived in southeast asia... [group shouting, chanting] adam: fighting to carve out a caliphate in the southern philippines. seizing and still holding the city of marawi for two months, despite everything the philippine military throws at them. woman: i don't think anybody expected that they had the skills or the intention of taking over a city.


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