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anchoror: y you are watching "fe 24."." i'm gegenie godula in pa. here are theheeadlines. afteclose to 1 100 hours of presidentitial talks, , the freh government is set to come e out withth the f first findings frfm emmanuel m macron's great debat. thatat was kicked off in january to try to come up with some sort of solutioion to the ongoing yellow vesests protetests. e.u., matteo salvini in italy is trying to join together far right parties across europe,
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hoping to get some sort of opposition eurosceptic allnce inin the upcpcoming e.u.u. elec. will be correspondent reporting a a bit later r in the bulletin. and over 30 p people kikilled as fighting ragesesn in l libya. the rebel commmmander is continuing his oensive t to seize the capital, triripo. airstrikes going back and forth between his forces and libya's unity gernment, backeked by the u.u.n. also coming up this hour i in business, ninissan has officialy ousted forme chairman carlos ghosn from its board of directors at the company's first shareholder r meeting since in novembmber. his wife says he will release a video inteterview tomorrow. more coming up in our top story live from pariris.
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over the past t the months, french p president emmmmanuel mn has led dozens of local meetings around france, part ofof his grt naonal debate that kicked off in response to the yellow vests protesests that have rocked the countryy since november. dozezens have e taken to the sts across france, angry over their living standards and the business-mindedd macron. franance is due to hear the outcomome of the three-month debate with citizenens. here i is morore from the french ime e ministerer, speaking toda. these meetings lived up to the participants' e expectation. the reflected our nation, where everyone has a tasteoror politics. they reflecteded the desire for our cititizens to changege the d and franance. they r respect the valueue of dedemocratic d debate, a far cry from the violence thatat some
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people wanted to demononstrate every saturday.. armen georgian joinsns me to talk about t this. what else didid the trimester he to say today? armen: a quick word about that quote ababout how these consultations had happenened ina climate of resespect. the e trimester himselelf was heckled duduring the speech, showing the tempmperature has nt really been lowered d perhaps quite so much as the govevernmet would likeke to make out. inin any case, he mentionened fr main poioints that have come o t of this national debebate. onone, and i think this is the e hehe wants t to highlight the m, is exaspsperatioion felt by cits abouout their taxes. he s said we as the govererent .ust reduce taxes faster and d he specicifically refefert smalall and medium-sizeded businesses. what were the e other three pointsts? the secocond point w was about
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rebalancing g france's metropolititan arereas with smal communitities. that of course is the core of this whole yellow vests m movemt we have seenen and france overee past fewew months, this ididea t metropopolitan areas have benefited disproroportionately from funding. they have become very powerfrfu. they have e become forces w witn localilization. small commmmities have b been forgottenn by globalization. that was a point a adouard philippe was making. a third point t was aboutt democrcracy. he said, and i i think thihis ws based on h his information from the e screen debate, -- this grd debabate, at the frerench do not want direct d democracycy. they still want,t, according to institutionssting such as parlment, bubut they want more transparency and t the want politiciansns to behave ina more e exemplary way. yoyou mighght say of course it s the prime mininister to say the
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frenchch do not t want to change politicall institutions. ththe final point --- the fourth point was on thehe traition, t environmental transitioion. he said d according to whahat ce out of t these consultations the frfrench are n not limit s skep, just they do want a kind o of environmnmental transnsition. in other wordsds, that poor peoe shouldld not bear ththe brunt oe ecologicical transition. that ties up with whatat has already been d done in terms of fuel taxes and trying not to pepenalize those who canan least affoford it area macacron hahas readady de somome concessions on ththat issue. genie: this g grand debate comes after these e weeks, months of protests by e yeyellow vests movement. talk to us a bit m more about te context. armemen: this grand debate consisted of 10,000 sessionons. emmanunuel macron himself locked logged 92 hours.s.
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therere were 16,000 books of complainints, a throwback k to e last d days of the old regime in french before e the french revovolution 1616,000 books of cocomplaints.. those e produced o one and a haf million individidual contributis and 1.1.8 million onle comments. all of thihis habeen processed with the help of various officials that werere thanked t the primehilippe, ministster, and with thehe helpf artificialal intelligence, becae it cannonot be d done purely b y humamans. all of thihis is being made sese of at the moment, and we are expectining trench presentnt emmanuel macron, in mid april,, histyty soon, to gigive conclusions and whatat he intens to actually do with alall this , or i if he does d moreying to create progreressive taxes, what does that mean for the budg
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deficit? ere are all these bigg questitions to answer. there are elections coming up in may as well. genie: w with european elelectis cocomingp and the two biggest politicacal blocs expected to le their majorority, far right parties across europe hohope to band togetether in an opposisitn eurosceptitic a alliance, led by matteo salvini, who is launching the campaign today in milan. he has h had a hard time c comip with a b bro front, , being joid by just ththree relatively small far rigight parties. wrong correspondent stephen grouped up told us more -- rome correspopondent told usus more. reporterer: thesese are right-wg nationalalist, mobile listt parties, bremen them togethehern what he saidill l be a new momovement tt is essentitially anti-immigrantnt and euroscepti. hehe is speaking today in milano launch his campaign, togetheher
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with thehe lears of smsmaller right-wing p parties. hehe said the european u union s bebetrayed i its princnciples. it has done more to hinder them toto help its citizens. he believes europe has beeeen rd by bureaucrarats and bankersrs. wants t to move toward aa commn sense eurorope. but he is hoping toto do is putt totogether an n alliance of like-minded leaders t to upend e dynamics. they will comome in there, geget more seaeats in the e europe parliamement, and thererefore ce the powewer dynamic in b bruels. we will l have to see whwhethere actually manages to do that, though. genie: fema grououped u up -- fh gupta reported from rome. the prime minister hasas annound that if reelected, he will annex jewiwish settlements in ththe wt banknk. one has called benenjamin netanyahu's move e the end of
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peace, as netanyahu is facing come petition from the newly formed blue and white party, led by former army chief b benny dadance. benny gance. reporter: it is the city israel haifa.s as a model, muslimsms, and christians live inin harmomony . ththese arab-b-israeli companyny centnters work toward d that go. >> here, we learn n how to redue the tension.. to deliver, no matter who you arare -- you are ok and we can live together.r. something hapappens, we do not blame the whole society. there is an organized visisit for arab women. it lets them know the history of their city from muslim and
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jewish perspectives, to o promoe coexistetence. in haifa, bebefore the creatition of israel, in 191948e liveved together, anand always . reporter: despipite this posisie image, daily life is not always easy for arabs in haifa. they say they often feel like second-class citizens, even in the mix neighborhood. most investment> goes to the jejewish community.. thatat is discrimination, the se way y there is a commission to e country y as a whole -- ke with schools,s, with everything. just a few oft is the two sides is trying to do something else. israeaeli arabs constitute the third larargest bloc in israel's parliament, b t it remains difficult for them to blend in, as israel's right-wing parties accuse them of being traitors intent on destroying
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the jeshsh state. next, to libya, where over 30 were killed anand anothr 50 wounded inn writing outside the capital, tripoli. the papast four days, rebel commander khalififa haftar has been leading an offensive to seize the capital from the unity government backeby the u.n. the fighghting could be the firt step to a full-blown civil war, with the u.n. ying over 2000 people havave alreadydy been displaced by clashes around the capital. nick rushwhworth has m more on e rebel militatary man leading the charge. nick: he has the supupport of russia and egyptpt, and controlf the e east and much southernn libya, including the country's mamain oil terminals. 75-year-old khalifa h haftar portrays himself as the only man who cacan bring stabibility and crushed isislamist influence he was one of the soldiers who helped colonelel moammar gadhafi
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seize power from king address in in 1959.g idris gadhafi gave e him command of rces in chad. his capture their saw him disowned. states, in the united he worked with the cia t to tryo get rid d of gadhafi. haftar return to libya dururing the 202011 uprising, siding with the islamists, , and came center stagthree yeaears later, when he tookok on islamistst groups thad taken controof part of eastern libya. he is ideologically close to egypt's abdul fattah asisi, and has gained support in the west for his antnti-islamist ance,s, including -- st including from france. his opopponents see him as a potential dictator in the gaddafi mode. his oppoponents say whatever hahappens inin the battle e for tripoli, he has become the key player in libya. genie: 25 years aftfter the stat
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of rwanda's genocide, the president says the country is rebuilding with hope. paul could go me made e -- paul kagami madade those comments in two golly. people f from the suits the tsiority and -- the tu atha wereend moderate h kikilled rereporter: hundrededs of flamen memoryry of the 80800,000 men, women, andnd children killed in ththe genocide. the vast m majority were to thre -- tutsisis. 70% ofof that minorityty were killed. tus were a ao murdered. in the stadium in 1984, you and personnel gathered tutsis, tried to protect them fromom theillers outside. > this histstory wi not repe. ththat is ouour promise.
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-- forgive. l learn but we do not want to forget. sunday's commemoration started at this memorial, where a quarter million victories are buried. -- victims arere buried. among the momourners, only one european leader, a a belgian. he n noted that world powersrs e also to blame. , , theas to be said rwandan genocide also representedd the failure of thte international community which could not prevent it, could nott babar it frorom happening. it couldld not stotop this crime against humanity. rwandan authorities have gone further, accusing france of supporting the hutu forcrces. presesident emmanuelel macron sd last weekk t they willll determe what exaxactly happened.
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ensued on have moved in to try t to break up ms protesests outside the army headquarters in khartoum they f fired tear gagas and chad at thoususands of people who h d camped oside t the building for a second night, demanding the resignation of lotime leaeader presenent omar al-bashir. protests began in dececember, wh actitivists calling on the armyo take their side. and in i iran, continueded heavy rain has caused more evacuation as a new round of flooding is expepected. the interioror mininister says hundreds of thousandnds more people could be exposed to the disaster, which has already caused 70 deaths. peter o'brien reports. theommander of the iranian revolutionary guard makes an unusual visit. hud special l forces leader
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was there to survey ththe floodi. three weeks of exceptitionally heavy rainfall have seenen 20000 communities inundated, andnd around 90,000 people moved to emergegency shelters. >> we momoved her belongings to the roof. wewe had no choioice. we are surrounded by water. we are going to have to leave soon. peter: the southwestern province is widely flooded, , and up to 400,0,000 people there are risk. local authorities have e opened some reservoirs to prevevent overflowand bridges. the red crescent has distributed butrialal aid to victims, says sanctions imposed by ththe united statetes have prevented t from accessising financial aid from broad. the u.s. statate deparartment sd last week ththat washingngton ws ready toto help via the red cros and red crerescent, that acaccud unpreparered for the emergency. dedespite its budget been stretched undeder u.s. sanction, the iranian government has told citizens their losses will be compensated. while no major cities have been
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evacuated, the flooding has damaged more than a third of the country's entire road network. genie: in thu.s., homemeland sesecurity sececretary kirstjen resignened, putting an end toto her tortured rerelatiop with donald trump. the president reportedly blamed her for a recent surge in migrantsts crossing the southern boborder from m mexico, saying e was not tough enough to implement his s crackdown. alexanderacosta - -- has the dedetails. alalexander: reston elstonon sid on at the start of donanald trump's presidencycy and headed the agency for the last 18 months, , during which time she became synonymous with a controversiall p policy a separating migrant childreren fm their parentnts. this made her a frequentnt targt of the democratic o opposition,s wellll as progressive groups. she was alsoso criticized byby trump, who q questioned her ability to do thee job and blamd her for a recent surge in migrants crossing the border. have likely howewever, he thinks
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nielsen -- publicly, he thanked her for her service. replaceas activive secretarary. ththe change at the top of homeland securitity comes da afafter trump and n nielsen visd the mexico borde where h he appears to be hardeng his position on m migrants still further. pres. trump: the systetem is fu. and d we have to say, i am sorr, we cannot take visitors. alexexander: thehe border will a part of the cacaaign for reelection in 2020. the longest government shutdown in u.s. history, 35 days from december to january, prompted the president to declare a national emergency a month later so he could access billions of dollars for the wall thahat cocongress refused to give him. this recently caused the president to threaten to close the mexico border altogether. geni let''s looooat today''s headlines. after 10,000 meeeetings anand ce to 10000 hours of presisidential
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talks wiwith citizens across the nation, , the french government coming o out with ththe rst findings from emmanuel macron''s greatt debate.e. at was k kickeoff in january to try to come up with some solution to ththe ongoing yellow vests prprotests. europopearties acrososs hoping to band together to form an opposition euroscepeptic alliance in the upcoming e e. electionon. killed as0 people fighting rages on in libya. rebel cocommander r khala haftar contntinues his offensive to see if the capital, tripoli. time now f for a l look at tod's business news wiwith brianan qu. you are starting in japan, , ere nissssan held its firstt shareholder meeting since the arrest of the former chairman, carlos ghosn, in november. brian: nissan shareheholders hae officiallyly removeded ghosn frm the board d of directors. the newwenault chairman voted onto thehe boardrd as the e coms seek to maintatain their allian.
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with shares down 10% since the manyy investorsrs arare unhappy with the m managet of the crisis. reporter: nissan has cut i final ties to carlos ghosn. in the firsteneral meeeeting since his november arrest, company shshareholders are votig to remove the former chairman from the b board of directctors, with ghosn facing accusations of financncial misconduct spendndig years. the ceo apolologized forhe scandadal. >> we e have experienced unprecedented executive misconductct. given the longng history of thts , , it is very hard to comome to a result. reporter: many shareholders exexpressed anger not only with ghosn, but with leadadership in general for r overlooking the allegation so long. some even called for the resignation of nissan's entire managegement team.
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>> i think the bad governance at nissan was the issue. it is really disappointing. unless the management is restructured, the company will not be able to rebuild it. reporter: sharehoers also approved the appppointment of te renault chahairman too nissan's board, a as the companieies seeo presererve the sucuccessful alle ghosn himself engeered 20 years ago. arrested aforetime last week for allegedly using compy funds for his own personal enrichment. he maintained his innocenence, suggesesting the charges werere cocontrived d by nissan n insids seeking to take control of the company. the meantime, alice golson's wife is cacalling on te frenench government to do more o help him. brian: ghosn i is a french citizen.n. his recent arreswillll keep himm in a tokyoyo detention center untitil at least april 14. he has already spent more than 110 days behind bars.
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japan's justice system has come under criticism during the affair. pretrialnged detentions are sometimes descriribed as hostagage in jus. the was a video interview to be released tuesday afternoon. in t the meantime, h his wife is helping prpresident emmanuel macron to help secure his release. husband to bet my above the law, but i want him to be judged in a fair way. i know he is innocent and i am theng that he be granted presumptioion of innnnocence, le all french citizens. francece must do sometething. gegenie: let's check on thehe mamarkets. how are ththey looking? brian: the e european indexes mixed momonday as investors look ahead to whahat is expected tbe a disappointing corporate earnings season. witheck around -- the cac tepid gains, the dax down as
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research shows german imports and exports falling in februaua, a slew of troubling figures out of the top economy. hitting a high as opec supply cuts, u.s. sections, and fighting in libya drive priceces highgher. brent crude trading higher. wti arouound 63 anand a half. genie: the chairman of korean air has died sixix months after being removed d from the boardr. brian: he passed away monday in the united states of a chronic ailment. he was removed from the board threree weeks ago in what was sn as a landmark victory fofor shareholdeder activism in korea. the e companany has been doggega striring of scacandals involving family members with h powerful company positions, including 2014's infamous n not rage -- nt was i incident where a flighght forced to returnrn to the gagatt jfk. he himself was facacing chargesf breaeach of trt. gegenie: in france, legigislatos
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are set to begin debating a proposeded tax on digitalal gia. brbrian: digigital firirms haven advantage of e e.u. j jurisdicts ofoffering l lower tax rates. cocoanies pay y 40% lessss in ts than other forms thahat otherr firms. the law w came as the country grapples with the onongoing yelw vest protestst movement,t, whics bebecome the targegeted school justicice. fiscal justice. reporter: france seeeeks to lead what it calls an international crusade against perceived unfair tax policies. harris w will move forwaward wih plplans to tax d digital giants, with french lawmakers detiting the proposed legislation this week. the so-called gap attacks would set a 3% levy on digital advertising, the sale of personal data, and other revenue for other tech companies earning more than 750 million euros annually worldwide, and thosee making 25 million euros annually in france.
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the french economy minister says franance hopes to lead by examp. austria, britain, spain, and italy are considedering similarr domestic policicies, while the operation fofor economic developmpment is working on a global sololution. by y 2020 we cann reach an agreemement in the oecd on the taxation of lararge digil companies. as soon as we have this, we will withdraw our national tax. reporter: the levy would applply to around 30 of the largest tech companies, including google, facebook, apple, amazon, twitter, and airbnb. it could bring the french million insome $400 2019 alolone. dedecision has faced stiff resistance from washington, with mimike pompeo reiterating the vw citizenss.l hurt attacks offificials of thehe u..
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ll look into considering a complainint withhe wto, ararguig that taxes are potenentially didiscriminatory. nie: to wrap u up, and unorthodox-- an rereduction ofof emissions. brian: tesla's electric vehicics told be counted as fiatsts avoid e.u. fines on by letting emissions regulations. emissision standards take effect next y year, mandating an averae fleet limit of 95 grams of co2 per kilometer. companies are lowed to form open pools with each other to bring average co2 output to a a level to l level. tesla a has reportedly m made oa billion n dollarars in the u.s.r the past three years by selling emissions credits. it does not have any real effect on the climate. but it i is a policy initiativeo try to bring down those initiatives. gee: thank youou for the look at ththe business news.s.
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coming up, a look at a groundbreaking new exhibit at the news a door say -- musee d'orsay on black models in art.
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man: the islamic state's brutal reign of terror in raqqa may be at an end. woman: raqqa is now almost fully under the control of coalition forces. man: the liberation of the syrian city is celebrated in the streets. a shadow of the group remains. man 2: hi. i'm stuart ramsay in raqqa and this is "hotspots." tonight, we're gonna take you behind the scenes of the world's biggest and hardest-hitting stories. we come face to face with cops playing for keeps. from america's south, the teenagers being sold for sex. woman: women are being trafficked. children are being trafficked. ramsay: and we meet the


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