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tv   Al Jazeera English Newshour  LINKTV  April 12, 2019 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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♪ .nnouncer: this is al jazeera ♪ >> hello. this is the newshour live from london. >> this is for the benefit of our nation. >> the defense minister is theping down the day after former president was overthrown in a two. coup. protesters say the victory is the people's will.
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also coming up in the program. protesters return to the streets of algeria, calling for the removal of former members of government. the u.s. president is considering sending illegal immigrants to cities controlled by his political opponents. ♪ welcome to the program. theegin in sudan, where head of the military council announced he would step down. he was sworn in on thursday after the military removed the president. his appointment sparked protests. demonstrators have been unhappy about the military takeover.
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this is for the benefit of our nation. i am honored to say this country has great people and a great army. i would like to recommend you work together and hope you will reach a solution speedily. i would hope that this decision is not as interpreted. i wish my brothers success in what is beneficial to our country. long live sudan, a peaceful and honorable country. >> this is the man that is going to replace him. been sworn in as the new chief of the transitional council and the country's new interim leader. he is the commander of the sudanese ground forces. the main opposition group has call for further protest. we are joined on the line.
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scenes ofen celebration on the streets. it seems protesters have no intention of leaving the streets. moment, they are celebrating the fact their protests led to him stepping down as head of the military inncil after he was sworn for a two-year transitional period. this comes after a press conference saying they are open for dialogue and will include all parties. people were protesting that the general, who was a member of the former ruling party, is a member of the president's government.
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is partialaying he of the order. [indiscernible] we know the former president is also wanted by the international crimesl court for war and genocide in darfur or. . fact, he is not well known. people have not heard much about him. might be ableg he
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to represent something. [indiscernible] thing they have put in front of the army at the moment. we will have to wait and see. >> right. this is still a military person leading the transitional government. us ifey react will tell the lieutenant general will -- >> we will leave it there because the line is unstable. apologies for the intermittent nature of that. that is a report from the capital. i think we got a sense of the situation there. are scenes of celebration and jubilation in the sudanese
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capital, but tinged with caution, because the man that is replacing the defense minister is also a military man himself, and ultimately people want to see a hand over to civilian rule in the country. , our guest joins us now in the studio. your reaction to these developments tonight. >> thank you. , you have to be very cautious. it is a step in the right direction. we have been working very long since the protests started in december. now we come to this point of are asking, but we our people to be on the street until we see a handover to a civil government. >> i don't know how familiar you are with the general.
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there are people who are happy their protests have result in this move, this decision by the military council. minister has stepped down and we have a new figure in charge. what are your views on him? >> is about the system. a civilto see government taken over for the transitional period. he could have a role in that government come up but the shape of the government should be coming from -- >> it hasn't happened. the people are still celebrating. >> i think the celebration is something we can do, but we are still focused on our goal of getting our civil government in place. we will not leave until we see the civil government in place and handed over to us. significantnt that
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these protesters were able to reach the military headquarters. when thatome time ago happened. they were able to remain in place. we have seen them encamped at the main military compound. the protesters will remain in place and continue to demonstrate. >> is a beautiful protest. you have seen a lot of music, art, and everything coming from the street. last time, we will state until sense, ais war, in a we getl transition, and our government back from them. >> do you accept this as a process that is going to take some time. ousted,ident has been
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now arrested. there is this transitional council in place. very difficult to uproot the regime and have this sudden, immediate change happening all at once. >> i don't know how long it takes. it will take some time. i can see that. nicole we are focused on this we will not leave it. our goal is to have a civil government in place for the transitional period, and we will not shift away from that goal. >> thank you very much. appreciate your thoughts this evening. want to speak now to our guest live from the united nations in york. we have heard for the call of an immediate handover to civilian rule in sudan. they also want the avoidance of bloodshed and violence, but we have not seen that happen tonight, have we? the man who will replace the defense minister is also part of the military. >> absolutely.
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the international community is watching carefully because of sudan's history. the takeover that is happening there, almost as soon as word got out that he had been deposed , the security council call for a briefing today behind closed doors to get the latest on the situation on the ground. no action from the security council just yet. no statement on behalf of the council. by one diplomat that some african members of the security council were wanting to wait to let the african union way in a the weekend before the security council took official action, but speaking after the meeting, the president of the council, the german ambassador, at the fact the council met at all and so quickly should signal that the international community is watching and concerned. he said they would meet again as
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soon as monday if things did not go well over the weekend. also, the united kingdom has also been speaking out on the situation from their vantage point here at the united nations, saying that they are concerned about the rights of the protesters, not more bloodshed, and the timetable for the transition to civilian government. all of that percolating here at the united nations. earlier in the day, the sudanese charge d'affaires took advantage of the meeting to reassure them government in power was committed to a peaceful handover to a civilian government. have a listen. the military transitional council was responding to the sudanese people's desperation for change and works to protect the lives of its citizens, as
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well as their well-being. this council will be the guarantor of us of in government be formed in collaboration with political forces and stakeholders. no party will be excluded from the political process, including armed groups. moreover him of the suspension of the constitution could be lifted at any point and the could benal period shortened depending under the limits on the ground and agreements from stakeholders. the sudanese representative stressed that this was a domestic issue for sudan. while the government may appreciate international support , they were going to handle the situation themselves. this, against a backdrop of an outstanding icc warrant for the president, and the general who was until just hours ago in charge of the military was also implicated
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in some of the crimes against the people of sudan that the president is wanted for by the icc. he is accused of genocide and war crimes. he has not stood trial for those crimes. critics and human rights activists saying the general put in charge was just as cold .lobal -- as culpable so pressure was on him from inside and outside of the country, and that brings us to the situation now. keepingrity council is a close eye on the situation on the ground. >> thank you with the latest from the united nations. thank you. we return to a reporter following the story closely. ae pictures certainly suggest festive atmosphere in the country this evening. tell us why people are celebrating. for one thing, the first
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thing there are celebratiting is the fact that the people of sudan were able to make an army general who was going to be leading sedan for the next two years stepped down around 24 hours after he was sworn in. he never managed to implement any vision. the fact that the people did not want him play the role. people were protesting since the announcement was made yesterday around 2:00 in the afternoon that the president was no longer in charge in the military council will be leading the country throughout its two-year transition period. people are ecstatic, celebrating even before the announcement was made that the president was no longer president. once they heard the announcement the person who would be leading the transitional period,
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that happiness turned into anger and frustration, because as my colleague said, he does have a tainted history, just like the former president. he has been accused of war crimes in darfur for. also part and parcel of the regime. he is from the ruling party. he was the president's vice president and defense minister. he was once upon a time the military intelligence chief, so equal say they still have the regime in power. they were protesting not just the president, but his regime and ruling party as well. from thet want anyone ruling party and former regime to be involved in leading the country to its transitional period. that is one thing that sets him apart from the other person. that iso affiliation
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known to the people and the public. he does not have a tainted reputation like his two predecessors. , ande are feeling that people on the streets are saying we have managed to doo it, to bring in someone who is not part of the old regime, somebody who is not tainted, who may be able to represent us, but for us to know that person is the right person, we will have to wait to listen to the political parties and the reaction. we will have to listen to the sudanese professional association as well, the body spearheading the protests and demonstrations, and has played a big role in bringing down the president and his successor, who lasted for 24 hours. >> the movement has been remarkable for the way it has been so widespread in the country. but you were mentioning, the point you were making about
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initial jubilation after the ousting of the president, very quickly turning into rejection and disapproval when it emerged that the defense minister would leave this transitional council of this interim period that the country will now have to go ththrough. i guess people are basically skeptical, they -- - en'tt they? they are worried whether the military will ultimately hand power over to the civilians. regime isear the trying to survive by engineering this whole thing. i suppose that concern will still be there even with this new head of the military council. >> the lieutenant general this not hold the political affiliation. that is one thing that sets him apart from his two predecessors.
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people are willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, but we will have to wait and listen from the lieutenant general himself, who is now the leader of the military council that will be leading the country through the transitional period. we will have to see how he will be with the people who are standing and staging a sit in in front of the armed headquarters. right now, they are celebrating. there is euphoria and people are celebrating they have somebody not from the old regime with a tainted past. tomorrow morning when this happiness evaporates come and will have to face the reality that they will still be led by military person, somebody who was in the army, and they have been asking for a civilian transitional government, so we will have to wait and see once will bepenes if they happy to be led by someone who is a lieutenant general in the army.
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see howhave to wait and the people will take that. will they be happy? we will have to wait and listen from the man himself. will he be open to dialogue? how will he he addressed thousands of protesters in front of army headquarters? what about the people who have been killed? there are so many questions and challenges that the current leader of the transitional military council has to answer, and the sooner he addresses the people and gives them answers to the many questions, the more likely and the earlier we will know if the protests that have continued for the past months will injured or continue. -- end or continue. >> thank you very much. of course we have been speaking about these demands for regime change in sudan.
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this is the scene. we have also heard similar calls in algeria. at least say they have arrested 100 protesters in the capital algiers, among hundreds of thousands of people calling for complete overhaul of the system there. algeria is under interim leadership, a longtime ally of the former president. we have more. >> clad in traditional algerian robes, this woman cries out to young protesters. >> me and my children are the algerian youth. you are blossoming like flowerss in the spring. with you, algeria will be flourishing. >> in response, the crowd cheered, long-lived algeria. demonstrations again on of juries streets despite increasing efforts by security forces to reduce the size of the crowd. >> there was road blocking.
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they embedded people from joining the capital algiers. there was also the use of want to kansan -- water cannons against students. there was the use of a sound cannon, so this is also the military sending signals that the messages we heard you, indeed. we gave you few concessions, but do not ask for too much. days sinceeen 10 stepping down after two decades as president, following weeks of public demands for him to go. protesters sang everyone in the government needs to be removed. allyincludes a long time and man appointed under the constitution to act as interim leader. presidential elections are july 4.
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protesters are calling on military top leaders to resign, , whoming one general protesters accused of not doing enough to rid the country of what they call the power. it is a group they say has been secretly running algeria in the shadow of the former president. >> algeria doesn't need you. there are plenty of people that can rule algeria. we want them all to leave. we want all the government to go. you need to know the people have in powered you to get rid of the game. -- gang. >> it is 40 million algerians, onmen, men, old people the streets asking you in the name of everything that is holy to leave the country loan, to leave its people be. a jury is a great nation. it is greater than any of you. government may be
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hoping of electing a new president will satisfy the protesters. but, the economy is struggling. unemployment is high. demonstrators say they will stay on the streets until all those they blame for algeria's problems are forced to go. there is more still to come on this newshour from london. the u.s. secretary of state calls on the saudi crown prince to cut ties with his top aide over the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi. 20 people are killed in a bomb blast at a fruit market in the pakistani city. -- a pakistani city. france looking closer to home for a new rugby coach. we will have the details in sports. ♪ >> donald trump says he is
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considering sending immigrants in the country to so-called sanctuary cities, new york and san francisco included. that is if local authorities don't cooperate with ice. president trump says it is important to retaliate against democrats. he has criticized his opponents for refusing to change immigration laws. we have the latest from washington. >> this story has flipped around. if you spoke to the white house first thing friday morning, you were told things are talked about all the time. this is a plan no longer under active consideration. then donald trump suddenly comes out and says, you know that story you may have heard about that i was possibly moving undocumented migrants who come across the border to sanctuary cities, well that is under active consideration. what was the plan? in november last year, the department of homeland security was approached by the white house to move these people
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coming across the border into sanctuary cities. this was seen as donald trump essentially punishing those who were opposed to his view on immigration. sanctuary cities are localities, administrations, authorities cooperate. do not that has infuriated donald trump. he has talked about it many times. pelosi who nancy represent an area and san francisco, which is a sanctuary city, said this is donald trump using undocumented migrants as political pawns, moving them around the country to make a political point, and he is using children in this way, and that could possibly be ordering on the illegal. -- bordering on the illegal. said it isp has
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something that are definitely looking at, something that would please his base. there is the possibility that this may come up again, even though we were told very clearly that this is one of those ideas that gets discussed, but did not go anywhere. it was certainly shut down by the department of homeland security. the international criminal court has rejected a request to investigate war crimes during the 18 year conflict in afghanistan. judges say there is not enough evidence. mike pompeo said washington would revoke or deny visas to staff investigating such allegations. a prosecutor as judges to open a case into a ledge war crimes by afghan security forces, the taliban, and u.s. forces. more still ahead on the program. desperate times in venezuela.
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the u.s. threatens to choke the government with sanctions am a but will the people suffer the most? as turkey's president seeks to a null istanbul's election results, the candidate who one is tipped as a future president. , one of the fastest horses is set to raise for the last time. we will have the details. ♪ ♪ welcome back to your international weather forecast. northern new york, cooler than average over the last several days. things will improve slowly. we have clouds unfold across theory. that grade their towards warsaw is across the region. satuturday still looking at sine
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agents a across the reregion. some c cloudy conditions. dodown south, range, and it has been heavy. through h the rest of ththe weed into sunday, many locations s wl see e heavy rain, i including i, where most of italy will be rainy. expect airport delays for rome. athens with rain as well. for the northeastern part of africa, a switch of temperatures. a warm day on friday, dropping to 19 degrees. saturday, be warm on but your temperature will come down to 29. the northeast will be nice across much of the area. morocco, partly cloudy and 24. algiers, sunny and 23. ♪ ♪
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>> welcome back. top stories. transition saddam's military council has announced his resignation. on thursday in after the military removed the president. protesters have celebrated the announcement, saying his departure is the people's will. kraut spent thursday night on the streets of the capital, ignoring a curfew declared by the military. other headlines, police and algeria have arrested hundreds as they return to the streets of the capital. the former president step down from power 10 days ago, but demonstrators demand regime change. now we go to other developments.
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five civilians killed on the outskirts of libya's capital. rockets and shells hit a residential area west of tripoli. more than 50 have been killed over the past week. thousands have been displaced. u.s. media reported saudi arabia promised tens of millions of dollars to pay for the operation to take the capital. journalist say the offer came by several visits days before the military campaign began. says riyadh once to play a role in libya. >> there was support clearly, but that implies a change in the political role. i think saudi arabia wanted to increase its precipitation -- participation in the conflict in libya. contributed to the visit on march 27 to the kingdom, and his meeting with
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king psalm on and the crown prince. salman and the crown prince. he escalated his role with his competitors in libya, so clearly he got the political endorsement first, and i am sure he got the financial and military support afterwards, even though this is not the only party in the middle east that has been supported over the past few years. >> the u.s. secretary of state is reported to have held talks with the saudi crown prince. mike pompeo urged mohammad bin salman to cut ties with a close advisor link to the murder of jamal khashoggi. that eight has been recently sanctioned by the u.s. for his role in the killing. we are following these developments from washington. >> according to the guardian,
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saudiompeo has told the crown prince that he needs to cut all ties with his close political advisor and former social media chief. the newspaper says that mike that his ongoing presence is undermining saudi credibility when it comes to the investigation of the murder of the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi last october. that goes to the fact that u.s. intelligence has said that he was likely in full in the planning and carrying out of jamal khashoggi's murder, and it has also suggested that he is very much involved in ongoing efforts to repress political dissidents within the saudi kingdom. so far, the state department has given a new comment response to the guardian. al jazeera has also reached out
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for comment on this report about the mike pompeo pressure allegedly to make mohammad bin his aid as ap close political advisor. >> some more now on the departure of the head of sudan's military transition council, a breaking news story. the secretary-general of the sedan civil society initiative helped to organize the protest. he joins us live. can i start by asking -- apologies for that. if wek we can get back have a connection to him. bless you. i hope, i hope you can hear me. >> i am sorry. >> don't apologize. >> we just caught the end of your sneeze. let me start by asking you about some very dramatic developments in sudan tonight. what is --
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>> i think you are confusing. i am from algiers. >> we are sorry. the apologize wholeheartedly for that. we have two very big stories unfolding this evening. no,ously we have to -- no, we have protests taking place in , we do have protests taking place in sudan. we are following that closely. speak the, i want to guest we have their with us now -- there with us now. thank you for agreeing to speak with us. apologies for the confusion there. we have seen dramatic developments unfolding in your country, and some fascinating parallels with the situation in sudan. sudaneseeen
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demonstrators continue to turn out in protests night after night, similar situation and algeria, with an eighth successive friday of protests. how would you describe what is happening and the atmosphere in algiers at the moment? >> thank you. no worries for the confusion. eighthn algiers is the friday people go on the streets, people protest against this regime, the system. , because werticular have seen scenes we have not seen before. was a realitye today, and we have seen confrontations between police forces and protesters. and very, very aggressive, very violent repression of protesters. mood in thehe
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streets of algiers today is very special, because people have understood that this regime is not ready to leave. it is not ready to drop. this is the first time, for example, for eight friday's that people remain in the streets after 6:00 or 7:00 p.m., so there are still people protesting tonight. because we have also seen the nomination of a new president, who replaces for , the president who resigned a few weeks ago, and the stronger and stronger role the army have had as they have taken more power over the situation. , weeople, i think algerians algerians, are losing patience over the inability or
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unwillingness of this regime to understand our claims, our eighth fridayis is special. >> i was making a comparison with sudan. we have seen remarkable determination and protesters in both countries. they have managed to get results. they have managed to bring about some change through the sheer force of their will. in both cases, we have seen protests against economic grievances developing into a demand for regime change, but with the arrest of over 100 people today in algiers, do you worry that what you have managed to gain from these protests could quickly dissipate, that these gains are very fragile? >> i do agree with you that the gains are fragile, but i do not
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think the people will abandon the fight. it is very similar to the weanese scenario, because everything who did they could to impoverish the population. , protesters in algeria and sudan, are fighting for the same thing, dignity, freedom, a new vision of the respective countries, so i do not really think these arrests or this police violence would discourage people. it has the opposite effect because people are still in the streets protesting and were not discouraged and did not abandon their claims.
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friday, i've really think this week as well during the weekdays will be decisive for us, because we need to fight and we need to stay in the streets, and we need to remind them of the importance of our demands and the non-negotiable of these demands. >> i appreciate what you are saying. obviously people there want to continue participating in these protests, but do you fear the costs, the human costs, of all of this? there have been arrests in the region. we have seen these mass inements that have resulted the replacement of one dictator for another.
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we have seen people tortured, imprisoned, killed. did you fear for the future as well? hope, and this is a hope, that this regime will --erstand that they are their cause to stay in power, because it is something they really want. fragile,y small, very 40 million people demanding they leave, so i really hope they will understand that we outnumber them. we are stronger than them. we are all the people. they cannot rule over people who did not want them, so i hope they will not use more violence than what they did today. demands,fear for the
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because i know they are the jim demint, but i certainly -- they are legitimate, but i want the s to consider they belong to these people. we are in the same situation. vulnerablees are people who did not have a high quality of life, as well as belongers, as they do not to the same social category of ,ur rulers, the regime itself so i think they will understand they should join the people and not fight them. it happened in the past. and during the 1990's, we had them. >> thank you for sharing your thoughts and views with us this evening.
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apologies for the confusion earlier on. >> my apology for the sneeze. >> no, that is absolutely fine. stories, to some other at least 20 people have been killed in the pakistani province of a bomb blast in a fruit market in the southwestern city. by market is owned and run members of a minority targeted by sunni groups in the past. we report from karachi. >> the explosion is believed to be triggered by a suicide bomber. those shopping in the market took the full force of the blast , along with the people serving them. >> we were busy, then there was a huge blast. the blast happened in a potato warehouse. there were bodies lying on the ground. >> people suspect the motivation
5:43 pm
of the killers was sectarianism. several officer says were among the dead, along with people working. among the dead, at least one paramilitary officer, part of a cultural group protecting the people. -- of a patrol group protecting the people. >> there were other people to who were targeted and killed. we are at the crime scene and investigations are ongoing. we are trying to figure out how this incident happened and what explosives were used. the community has been targeted before. there have been several attacks on the people in the past. very brutal act and should be condemned. i spoken to the police chief, the health authorities, and the interior minister to expedite the search operation for the terrorists. >> more than 500 have died in
5:44 pm
attacks over the past five years. on friday, many took to the streets to call for more protection. the pakistani prime minister and the president issued statements of condemnation, but said this would not weaken the resolve of the country in the fight against terror. now turkey's ruling party is demanding a fresh vote in istanbul two weeks after the country held municipal elections. seen as a test of president erdogan's popularity at a time of growing uncertainty, we report from istanbul. more is a city divided by than the boss first. it is split into half between those who support president erdogan, and those who support the chp.
5:45 pm
att division was seen here the ballot box and elections for . new mayor oneial results could candidate ahead of the other. ankara by ay one in bigger margin. the other party responded by contesting the istanbul result. president erdogan claims almost all voting was marred by irregularities. >> the electoral board will announce the results. if we have objections, we will appeal where needed. it doesn't matter if we get a positive outcome or not. the supreme electoral council has granted only a partial recount across istanbul and is yet to reveal the final result. , the chp candidate has been attracting attention.
5:46 pm
his supporters believe he has the makings of a future president. it is a brutal blow to president erdogan's party. he is confident that he is the winner. >> there is only one thing the ruling party expects, to annul the selection and have a rerun. this election has been won. there are zero doubts over the results. >> losing istanbul to the opposition would be a blow for president erdogan. he launched his career as the city's mayor in the 1990's. people's concerns about the handling of the economy appeared to have been reflected in the results. the national currency has plunged 30% in recent months. inflation has risen and turkey is now in recession. the ruling party was so confident it would win in istanbul him of that the morning
5:47 pm
after the election, these posters spring up across the city, thinking people for their support. but those thanks may have been premature. we go now to venezuela, where a u.s. military official says armed forces are ready to move in on the country. he told the magazine that intervention might be needed if sanctions failed to force president maduro from power. analysts say similar sanctions have destroyed companies, not help them. we have this report from northern venezuela. >> you should not have come back. vader and u.s.h sanctions against venezuela have in common? everything, according to u.s. national security advisor john bolton. he likens the sanctions to darth vader choking his enemy's throat.
5:48 pm
that he says is what we would do to the maduro regime. >> the economic crisis existed long before the sanctions, but the strategy is to provoke the total collapse of what it sees as the enemy. >> the u.s. treasury department has designated not just the oil industry but its entire banking sector as a target of u.s. sanctions, and that makes venezuela untouchable for companies and banks that do business with the u.s. venezuela's main ports for bringing in everything from food, to fertilizer, to manufactured goods, but there is very little activity. ,ccording to the government this is because u.s. financial sanctions are scaring off shipping companies, and those who do venture to dock here are charging a premium. taking a tollare on venezuela's crumbling economy
5:49 pm
and on ordinary citizens. the theory being that they will provoke a painful but quick ouster of president maduro. recent history, however, disproves this theory. >> look at the sanctions against cuba. the day remove the castros? no. did they remove bashar al-assad insidious -- in syria? no. did you get rid of them because you applied sanctions? no. months, thest three government has been finding ways to circumvent the sanctions. venezuela's foreign minister traveling the world over, closing deals in countries like turkey, syria, and south africa, out of reach of u.s. sanctions, not to mention military and oil deals with russia. >> they said venezuela was isolated, but nothing can be further from the truth.
5:50 pm
we are working hard to diversify our commercial ties with other countries. the world is bigger than the united states and europe. it is not the countries that follow washington's orders. >> these efforts are unlikely to reverse venezuela's are found economic crisis, but could give president nicolas maduro more room to maneuver. the u.s. the house to tighten the financial news, but if that tosn't work, it could resort other direct methods of obtaining regime change, with all they imply. we have all the sports news still to come on the program, including the toughest foot race on earth has ended with a familiar winner. details on that story are coming up. ♪ ♪
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>> as promised, sports. >> thank you. we start with the latest from the nba. the lakers have parted ways with their head coach. the three years, he never let the lakers to the playoffs. his departure comes after magic johnson resign. things were looking good for the lakers when they signed lebron james. prompted dipses and form. a failure to sign anthony davis unsettled the locker room. many players are being expected to betray traded to make way for the star. they finished 10th in the conference, 11 games off the playoff spot. in thethe leading scores
5:52 pm
english premier leak could miss the rest of the season through injury. a come back before then would be difficult. on tuesday.ankle the captain has 17 goals this season, and his joint third in the charts. the draw has been made for this year's cup in egypt, which begins in june. it is bringing some exciting matchups. senegal and group c with algeria. egypt and nigeria have been given kind draws. morocco and the ivory coast in group d. tunisia in group e. ghana should qualify for group f. australia is bidding farewell to a wonder horse. years.unbeaten in four she can extend her record before retiring saturday. we have this report from sydney.
5:53 pm
>> she is one of the world's greatest athletes, having a final early morning stretch of her legs ahead of her final race. she has won her last 32 races in a row. on saturday in sydney, she will go for the 33rd. her owners and trainers say after that will be retirement. they want her to go out on a high. >> she know she can do it. she has that extra capacity, extra speed, extra bit of energy. old, she has run 36.aces and won the last time she felt was more than four years ago. >> the a motion that she attracts, i am not oblivious to it. ifeel it as well, but for me, am proud to be an integral part of what she has been able to achieve. she gives me confidence.
5:54 pm
>> many in australia have fallen for the horse. there is a mural in sydney city center. dozens of journalists came to her final practice run thursday. it takes quite a celebrity to get this many people from the media out at 6:00 a.m. she is that horse. she is say many undoubtedly the best horse racing anywhere at the moment. she could be the best racehorse ever. >> you look at the times she has done it racetracks, track records, and even now as a seven-year-old, when horses are not supposed to be doing as much. horse calmer was a vaguest showgirl. she was named after a famous vegas burlesque show. her last show will be the one show all are watching. moroccohe eighth time,
5:55 pm
-- a moroccan person has one a six-day race through the desert. he took top honors in the men's category, while his brother mohammed was not for behind in second. that is all your sports for now. now back to london. >> lovely. thank you. that wraps up the news hour. i will be back with more of the day's news. i will see you shortly. bye for now. ♪
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