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four i'm from twenty four dot com. this is walking to live in paris world news andnd analysis from france i i cast on marco and the are the headlines. july because morning it's dead in the wake of the easter sunday terror attacks. the death soldiers in to over three hundred the phararmacist says the islamic state group may have been behind the actual cit. current drug mody costs is votes on the busiest ballot date in india's election the prime minister is in gujarat. a hundred and eighty million people of an eligible to focus cheese. rereports say nearly 90% of egyptian bow to sort of proved constitutional changes that could see president abdel fattah el sisi stay in power. until .
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twenty thirty y thank you very muchch for beingng with us. sri lanka is saying that the islamic state g group m may bee behind t the easter sunday atrocities a death tollsls now poss. three hundred the country's president has announced the heads of the defense forces are to be sacked the failing to prevent. attacks they've always been the clandestine rules of the data in taking place. so these are the latest images coming in from sri lanka. adding to the sadness of the shock of of this weekend's attacks. in kenya joins us n now should i could project directotor of the international crisis group on the thank you very much for being with us. and out what's your reaction to the news about these commanders them being. relieved of their duties over the security lapse [inaudible]
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well -- it was certainly someone needs to take responsibility. for the complete guide negligence and underer a responsibilityty of and to act n multiple warnings. of these attacks whether that should be the people in the police the army intelligence agencies or more likely the politicians. that remains to be seen but i'm what almost never happens we lock our politicians actually themselves accepting responsibility in resigning. were that to happen it might make some difference. and in terms of keeping show like a safe. from another attack. it sounds like from what you're saying the correct steps are being taken yet. well i will havee to let you see exactly what the steps are in anand who is who is being you signed it was being fired exactly. i don't have the details. but i think there's going to be a lot of skepticism -- as long as those in. and the top remain and refused to take any real responsibility
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anand simply say why didn't know and the other guy says i didn't know i'm it's going to be hard. first we all consuming the field anything meal has changed. soso i think there's a growingn. i'm some starting out so you ca. grow me. the politics of denial as you point. the way forward -- in terms of this idea that the islamic state group was behind this atrocity gee do you feel is any truth in that'll is is one of these. kind of false claims the kind of boost their a myth. well there was some doubt i think initially and i think there's some reason still. to await time final certainty but it does seem there's him you know the statements and the videos and the pictures they released -- with details of who was at which attack. i certainly the those who know more about prices than than i who i've spoken to believe. that that is fairly credible -- exactly what the relationship was what forms of communication
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training s support between. his wings and isis in other countries and those attackers in stronger that remains to be clarified. but there does seem increasingly strong evidence that there was a lilink and they were doing it in the name of isis and according to an ideology that's consistent with axes. we know how security files to see that happen in attacks in the states and in europe. and here in front of course -- the fact this is happening sri lanka --- perhaps doesn't come s a surprise to some observers. do you feel. ththat the mechanisms will alrey that to have full to have stopped -- what happened was sri lanka per pad was it a question of a communication breakdown you think? well it appears to be i'm yeah it appears to be. a difficulty in. taking information and doing something with it and whether that's a question of you know not having. not knowing who's actctually in charge of making decisions -- or some other problem i think that that remains to be seen just took to be sorted d out hopefuly
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will be -- i mean therere needso be a proper i investigation of proper inquire into what happeneded unfortunately. not because history is rife with in enquiring ease that either lead nowhere or that produce some good results and then never acted upon so calling for an independent investigation of this since rock as a bit of a joke because it never never adds up to anything. but i mean in ideal world there would be really get to the bottom of this and hire the right people and support those who are competent. there's never i don't think been a question about the technical competency of of this rock and police and intelligence servivi. i mean. we've seen recently in investigating some very high profile crimes committed under the former government. the the c. id of the police has done excellent work tracking down -- you know they they theyy have friends it capabilities there very competent so it strikes me that is more about -- bureaucratic incompetence and possibly -- the at this basic.
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albubum of a deep and hatred tht the presesident has four is the prime minister and his wing of the government and the refusal - to to fully engage him in information sharing process. i thought it's a situation that it actually reinforces the depth and scale of this tragedy alan keenan -- sri lanka project director of the international crisis group thank you so very much for joining us here. on front so i can share your analysis -- with us we will keep watching will development say injured like what is a day of mourning -- where the dead are being buried and of course the morning i will contitinue for my days yet? staying should i get and negombo is one of the few christian majority towns the insured i kind of course as well one of these attacks that took place one of the three judges that we had -- was that 65% of the city's population -- identify themselves as bebeing of f the n catholic faith. one sunday this community took the worst hate the deadly series of attacks that took place. and todayy a day of national mourning a correspondent ascendd
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this from. the global. a gamble. a city in the north of the capital colombo resembles a fortrtress. the cacatholic community hill lt over a hundred peoplen sunday. at san sebastian's c church because of the attack i was a little everywhere. today it's time to mourn. castine sister was passed away and six years or older. right at forty for them [inaudible] duration. three in this predominantly catholic neighborhood the mood is somber. i'm like a mini royce lost several family members and i still coming to termss with this enormous tragedy. i wasn't. international i lost seven members of my family. and with a devastated. but w we will not seek revenge i trust the people of my village.
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the funerals have finally started a and grieve some being dog one after the other to accommodate everyone. amid the grief this fall so ank. i lost my mother inside the charge. this could have been avoided if thee governments a and policee e taken their responsibility seriously. we found people have opened up their homes to help the community in me. the overwhelming mood is one of resilience and saw the data. to the cleaning i cannot that are -- correspondents reporting from sri lankaka. next india's pririme minister narendra m modi's cast his voton the state of gujarat the set used a hundred eighty million pepeople. have been eligible to vote today the biggest voting day in india's marathon of action which of course is being held in stages over six weeks.
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the filming his civic duty along size tens of millions of fellow engines. prime minister narendra moody calls his balance in his home state of gujarat in t the third phase of india's general election. the leader of the hindu nationalist bjp policy held the vote as a victory for the world's largest democracy. days off to deadly bombings in the by sri lanka. while terrorists use explosive devices weapons ieds. the weapon of democracy is voter id. leave the power votes right these much greater [inaudible] these. in these elections are spread over seven days with tuesday's rounds marking the largest by far. one hundred and ninety million people were eligible to vote in one h hundred and seventeen constituencies. spread across fifteen states and
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union territories. voting took place amid high security classes erupted in several states. including hey in west bengal where one political worker was killed. voting also began in indian controlled kashmir. image persistence security threats. our school is an ugly as we want solutions to our problems. we want an end to unemployment. and more importantltly we want a peaceful life. i self ruled and jim we cast our vote so that a representative will speak for us in the i indin parliament.. we are witnessing bloodshed and repression here and i it has to stop. but i was i was a little government. face full of india's e election will take place on the twenty ninth of april. final results is set to be released on the twenty third of may. reports say nearly 90% of egyptian voters approved constitutional changes that could see president abdel fattah al sisi stay in power until.
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twenty thirty lieutenant gen three the referendum was a size 88%. the actual council claims within twenty three point four million voters towowards the changes for random. chchit is raising questions. i'm concerned that each is heading back towards hard line rule. the kind of which was overthrown during the arab spring process of twenty eleven that's bringing corresponded with michaels. joins us now from cairo with getting to you. tell us more about this referendum until small but what this result could mean in terms of rules egypt.. well i mean i it's not overwhelmiming -- resesult is 9% the egyptians arere waiting to confirm the sweeping changes -- despitee it being points thatt questitions about how formamat l democrats. was free -- will use all -- into
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effect immediaiately a all all e presidenent concerns c can b be extended. to sixty which means present. if you run again in next in twenty twenty four contents into until twenty that see. in terms of who will meet in the future there are m many people o say t that t this could m mean t ceasing to be president hello. speaker musician comments is oregon. amending the constitution again- hi -- twenty twenty nine which to use. you u know bring more amendments the last. long after that. which would put him into the the realms of hostingg the virus inn ththe barrack rule for thirty years foror use of the throat agagain it't's the same kind ofa format was seeing if all of his neighbors. and i think that detected in your own so there is some kind of opposition to this but i am i rightt i in thinkiking this oppopositionon almost then i'll
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speak its voice. well that would be correct -- i mean most of the voices that i spoke to you. and what a hold placing. most. well underer w way and t that ts even b bn a no campaign to see i'i'm not quite undererstandabl. giveven that it t is impossibleo find a any barnard's telling people that they could vote no anywhere in n this week. one arm which is a one swearing corporates -- and that can change it is who -- when needing this campaign against the amendments were prevented from speaking in public meeting -- something were arrested the schools quite natural that anybody who went to the polls was complete in a way that it was possible for them to but no. and in terms of what the media says in terms of how this is publicized again on my writing presuming that there's no kind of telling of the otheher side f the story. you would be e correct --- balsm mount olold -- most of the media
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if you need it -- is controlled by the government in some way. or is your subject -- to extremely hospitals -- arounund censorship -- and around free expression which means that the only side of the story even here in egypt was one that talked about the actions of these amendments how they will bring stability i'll since he needs more time to complete. his reforms and so when i also people holes in a way to get your information from they said- from tv and phone lines and the newspapers right makes sense that they would only hear one side of the story. opposition hands it said that they trying to push a message online. simple to sign on it are we not only get so much reach enamels institution -- that was set up
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to allow people to say that they disagreed with the changes and that was repeatedly blocked by the egyptian governments and the people inside egypt couldn't see it. ruth i know that -- right now you're not being watched by some people in egypt so at least some part of the story is being told in some small way thank you very much indeed. after being with the seventh michael's on a course on a joining us from cairo w with thanks very mumuch again. what you'll developments on that story of course saddam the? affect the lcc looking set t to rule -- almost a life according to a correspondent and watching- how that? unfolds in egypt. x. the nobel peace prize laureate site not him right on denisa. wake a cold this tuesday the justice to the victims of sexual violence in conflict zones at the un security council approved a watered down resolution launching stripped of substance. press on the united states and russia. both on the german draft resolution was held on to intense last minute ago stations anand additional changes and working. thihirteen countries voted in favor while russia and china staying. human rights lawyer amal clooney much cool for the sexual crimes committed by the islamic state group. especially against yes city
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women to be prosecuted. lou. the crimes committed by isis against women and girls unlike anything we have witnessed in modern times this is your nierenberg moment. your chance to stand on the right side of history you owe it to nadia into the thousands of women and girls who must watch isis members shave off that bid. and go back to their normal lives well they the vicictims never can. your wrestler amal clooney that will have more on the story out later this live from paris program. that's over much of the main world news headlines. should like it is morning instead of the brake booster sunday terror attacks and deaths soldiers and over. three hundred minister says the islamic state may have been behind the atrocity. the run remote he casts his vote on the busiest ballot in this election the prime minister. was in gujarat state. hundred eighty million people of an eligible to vote please choose day. reportsasay nearly 90% rejection
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voters have approved constitutional changes that could see president abdel fattah el sisi stay in power. until twenty thirty was a correspond put it. top of life. time at the tone or the business and who better to join us the capability. hi markk d donald trump is s onf most prolific uses a twitter and he's in pricing that position even as he criticizes the pot for being. too political yes and no prizes for if you can guess where he was making its putting out those messages mark on to i. as you said a series of messages posted this tuesday he was present agreed with the fox business news journalist. who said that he was the best thing to ever happen to twitter? but he accused the social network of not treating him well as a republican and of the blocking his supporters from signing on and that made a message he urged congress to take action. now all this as twitter announced better than expected results for the first three months of the year. revenues increased 18% from the same period last year its number
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of monthly active users rose 3% from last quarter but was down slightly from a year earlier. this is the last time the food will be publishing that particular measure of user growth. it's switching to a new parameter which is supposed to give investors and advertisers a better idea of where they're targeting is most effective. twitter shares surgedd as s mucs 17% after those results were published on tuesday morning settling up about fififteen anda half percent. and that is to trade on wall street with the s. and p. five hundred and nasdaq each notching up new record closes. stronger than expected quarterly results from lockheed martin and procter and gamble also contntributed to those gains. major european indices so a more muted but still positive close earlier on fifty one hundred out performing in london. oil prices have hit their highest level since november reacting to news that the us is ending its waivers for countries that have been importing the funny in oil. international brent c crude closing at about seventy four dollars and forty eight cents
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per barrel used to be t. i. at sixty six thirty eight nations had been allowed to continue buying oil from tehran after washington reimpose sanctions back in november. three have since phased out their imports but china india japan south korea and turkey it'll requested further extensions. moving on from the days of the business headlines now on amazon is expanding its partnership with french grocery g giant cas. the deal will allow customers to pick up amazon orders at supermarkets selell casino brand products on the email commerce site. and expapanded delivery service with subsidiary moto free beyond the initial tests -- in paris. shares of coca cola jumped as much as 3% on better than expected earnings. beverage giant reported strong demand for its new healthier offerings like flavored waters low calorie soda a new coffee products. and the sun is expected to reject another call for closer ties with the b bruno. japanese media reports the french carmakers put forward a
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proposal for a full mererger whh nissan plans to reject. ththe alliance parartners have n struggling to find eight new directions since the arrest of former boss carlos ghosn. in argentina sizzling inflation high unemployment and sharp currency depreciation had made it increasingly difficult to charge for arjun times to make a living.. many are nowow leading the couny in search of new opportunities uncle last story. twenty seven year old thomas reese has lived in argentina all his life. he worked a as a cafe manager rn the capital. it even when he e picked up exta shiftsts he was still living paycheck to o paycheck. noww like many young arjunun tis he's decided to return to his ancestral home. in dublin ireland far away from argentina'a's ecoconomic probler mr soon kay and t the bodieies y cocountry sitituation prompted o take this s decision. the cocost on the constant frustration of feeling like you're living on the edgdg.
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asas seen -- barely making g ent the enend of the month. it wears you down in the home. and at more than 50% annually inflation in argentina played a key role in pushing the poverty level up 232% of the population. it also push the governments to seek a record fifty six billion dollar bailout loan with the international monetary fund last year. which came up with a crippling austerity program. the government cut state jobss public u utility subsidies and budgdgets to programs like sciee and dance. protests erupted across the country against austerity and president reseal mochrie. as mac repairs for elections in october his government is trying to win back support from hard hit consumers. last week argentina froze prices on dozens of staple food oducts and public services. julie the keeping them as to what i need these measures tend to bring relief to improve purchasing power. especially staple food items. and the compliments rather than
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have the medium term plan an a plus. some economists say the controls do little to bring down inflation well marking a shift back to more populist policies. whwhat's morore challenges ahead with people of argentina mark and date kate thank you very much in the committee with all the business as ever and lightning stuff [inaudible] that's the changed his angle of the other side of our studio where. james is waiting. to talk -- from his mediawawatch perch gret to seeee a study with a fake nes company in france if -- that you're telling me. might not even be offend you scandal a toll. well the story within the story unfolds this is this it was sort of a case of people getting ahead of themselves i think. because a grain of truth in a split them. did it have to be a forest and it. might be slightly better but these are the images that cat. and many of my colleagues in two k. at which is where he two k. look to get. which is where he and his --
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wife of a second home. finds a nice place that's right and he's sick a few days break. and so these are images of a reportrt was broadcast i think yesterday. includining crowd squeezing him photography p photography a a al thatat kind o of stufff just can brief m moments interspersed wih images of the crowd welcoming and acceptt thosese pictures whh wewe saw the s start of the rept they may have appeared later on the board as well. take from twenty eighteteen because i noticiced the catchesa twenty ninineteen twenty firstsf april twenty ninineteen that's right t just tt's jusust look straight to the eagle and another giveaway detail alexandra been on i i was featuring in those images is since -- at fire to security guards -- s so in any case you d you would people tweeting things such as this at comcast which means. basically can fake musically trickery -- makaking p people believe that this how this occurred when he was a regular two k. yesterday you know in twenty nineteen that he was getting this you know big welcome for the crimes because we know that among your michael has. his popularity has since gone down right so my young talking
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about seeing use which is this was the second biggest rolling news channel in france probably. f. a. fantasizing about this -- credit the credible coming in with other headlines like that as well then you had stuff like this going up in social m media can all toward a disgracace.. you u even h had -- i it treatsn english t thanks f french tv nes channel s show s scenes of michl visiting at two k. with nono sis of t the ualal als residents tak about fake news cops walking of the deceased. not the reality here is it was a human error he was a junior journalist who's a freelancer -- i think what happened was there was some archive footage used to sort of flash -- to report because they're what make people's me huge amount of a soldier saleable and it was a mistake it should have been picked up on bali at the end of her is it worth checking into reports and what not .
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it wasn't a willful desire -- on the parts that journalist it appears to deceive the public so effectively this is sheldon use practice not such shoddy newsroom gases that led to this sloppy era which led to all the storm on the internet. access and it went even further because soccer go shoot straight to his friend's yacht not the best images of peoplple i don't nott the best imagege stock stok stock to make about an older one as well as anything. thank you see you other tweets and saying see news owned by cannot crucible hey the friend of my home but so people are imagining the search of far reaching conspiracy theories to eighteen us is tight host. that's going to be a front person. think about two weeks is that you don't know who it is. who they're working for the motivated by his pave the us so it's it's a cesspit carefully was a case of people getting ahead of themselves and? bitterness is now no longer working for seniors i kind of
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feel a little bit sorry because i think maybe they maybe didn't have to well they look for scapegoats. that's just the people who com run the organization look fofor scapegoaoats of lemomon. that's a day feeling on this old saying they don't want to be that they want to look like a bubble of i'm beyond reproach and we know that now the young. freelance journalist has since been -- told thank you goodbye - bought plus at wash all the hierarchy bandora how how muddy thank you she's just. jane i just said one of the big further up the chain. so there you go mark that's kind of i i guess when when we when we see things like. this was not a case of fake news as as it would be imagined i think because it's such a degree of paranoia nowadays. a post well yes in newsrooms about sort of the in the in a season this is an example of any items sold out my old entities to cool bowl paper you pull. over your voice when you lay down on the table the tracks in order to put the pictures of of the story yes and they put the badly used. old images as well paid instead of that she said of writing around and saying what actually is and it's bad it's bad practice yeah that's a picked up by the hierarchy by the sea.
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and it is by the manages what date they could response was the back to him absolutely but i i think realally it is a a list ol of what would you say a a certa- this year of paranoia ononline e inter workings of having do in the slot you see that all the time. missy really wearing fully don't have the time or the organization yeah to be thought. you know will flee deceptive no. it's just sloppy side. but one person the youngest the weakest link in the chain the youngest person most experienced person carries the office by someone else doesn't competence and that stinks i think that's unfair i'm sure you agree yes i do. changes as ever and lightning speed to use a great thank you very for the mededia watch okay withth the business. we can't do without her. and thank you for watching is because of that it is worthwhile
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