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tv   France 24  LINKTV  May 10, 2019 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> joined francece 24 on the red carpet in cannes. >> [speaking french] -- join us on the france 24 european tour. >> [speaking foreign language]
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spanish]ing and the european elections on france 24 and ♪ a warm welcome. you are watching live from paris.
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here are the headlines. released,gesre inclcluding two french tourists. the u.s. seizes a north korean ship as tensions rise between the countries. what appeared to be two short-range missiles fired from north korea. after e eightiss hour, months of calm, syria's northwest is a theateter for bloody military operations.
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thank you for watching. saidance, officials hostages have been freed in burkina faso. two french soldiers were killed during the operation. the hostages had been abducted on may 1 while they were on holiday. authorities warned tourisists nt to go. found after they were reported missing. we will bring you more developments on this story as they come in. france is commemorarating abolitionist sill avery. -- abolitionist slavery. they captured and sold some 1.4
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million people before slavery was outlawed in 1848. it is the same day france recognized s slavery as a crime against humanity. say it has done little. emmanuel macron spoke earlier at the event. >> we will build a monument in the heart of paris, a bigger museum to attract more guests, a foundation with international backing. too is what france will do carry on the memories. slavery remains a terrible and contemporary reaeality, experienced daily by over 20 million people over the world, women and children n in most
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cases. reportew sent us this from the luxembourg gardens. >> this was the first time the french president presided over this ceremony. he said slavery was part of france's history, linking it to former colonies. he paid tribute to the former whoch justice m minister, recognized thehe slave trade asa crime against humanity. he a announced measures aimed at boosting and bolstering support at museums and memoriaials, dedicated to the victims of slavery. there was aningng, exhibition presented to the president.t.
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several readings of colonial literaturere and other french and france'ssent education minister, whose presence was important because of the schchoolchildren who took festivity. they created a cartoon in which they depicted a former slave who writes a letter to his former slave master who wants him to work again. he does not want to, he refuses
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to, because he prefers his life as a free man. >> north korea fired two short-range missililes in less than a week. ththe news comes three months after donald trump and kim jong-un failed to reach a nuclear agreement. shot to donald as north korea carried out a second weapons test. they fell into the sea of japan. after theyve days fired short-range missiles. speaking in washington, donald trump was quick to describe the mood.
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>> nobody is happy about it. we will see. the relationship continues. i know they want to negotiate. i don't think they are ready. >> it was allegedly used to export coal to china. worsening events, mid relationships. a meeting between kim jong-un , with the u.s.p desist itsorth korea nuclear program.
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>> talks are continuing this friday as the u.s. pulls the trigger on an increase in tariffs. france, the finance minister has said it poses the greatest threat to global growth and threatens jobs across europe. >> the chinese mystery of , sasayingeplied to this he regretted it and they would have to take countererasures. it can also mean non-tariff increase in then regulatory enforcements.
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there could be a number of different ways they can heard the economy. forbattleground states donald trump's reelection, for -- they can call on on patriotism by calling customer boycotts. there is another tool they can , currency devaluation to compensate the price hike that comes with these tariffs. >> troops have captured a northwestern village. ey continunue to push into the rebel held enclave. the fighting is seen as theheost serious challenge yet t ta cease-firere in the area.
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>> itt is the last rebel h held stronghold in syria.a. it has been aa refuge fofor tenf thouousands of displaced fightes and civilians in recent years. a siningleontrorolled by group.p. they are previously known as -- for france. it straddles major highways running south from aleppo to the capital and west to the port city. of war, , theyrs are determined to take the province and crushed the rebellion, breaking a cease-fire brokered by russia.
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momoscow has p provided aiair st while advising against a full-scale attack. is afraid of a major influx of syrian refugees. >> our country does not have the resources or power to take in another 3 million people. we must do what we can too prevent migration from t this ea. the u.n. has warned of a major humanitarian disaster. >> protesters are locked in a country'sith the
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rulers. the opposition movement is return to aa nationwide civil disobedience campaign. >> civil disobedience is the word they are talking about on the street. the plan is to move the protest beyond this site. strike could be ruled out as early as monday. junior police officers have gone on strike. those working in the post offices, the train service. thatey question is, will alienate sudanese who have not participated? i asked a couple of protesters
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and a couple did acknowledge it may backfire, given that there is such a stalemate at the ,oment in those negotiations they felt they had no choice but to take this protest further. the english premier league has marked its return to prominence. they face liverpool in the champions league final. the premier league has an unprecedented for teams. >> they are at the pinnacle of european football. they reached the champions league final.
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for clubs from the same country dominatete the finals. underststand the level. the premiernt, league is the best in the league. pitchomination on the could be linked to another factor, financial strength, wasthing valencia manager quick to point outut after they were knockcked out by arsenal thursday. >> arsenal has the greater financial backing. we knew that. we have to make do with that disadvantage. that is just the way it is. >> six of the clubs in europe are english.
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this is a trend that is set t to continue. english clubs are able to recrcruit the best players. a pattern could keep football at the top of europe for years to come. four hostages are released, including twoo frenchh tourists after -- tourists. that is according to officials here in the country. a north koreans ship as tensions rise between the two countries. pyeongchang fired what appears to be two shortrt-range m missi. after eighght months of rerelate
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is the ththeater fofor bloody militarary operations. thank you for being with us. and it is time for the latest business news. of the top with one stories we have been talking about, the escalation of the u.s. china trade war. >> they have hiked tariffs on $200 billion worth of chinese goods. they are carrying out a threat made by trump last week. he comes as their continued talks in washington wind down today. china is prepared to take necessary countermeasures. a spokesperson for the foreign ministry repeated a call for compromise.
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in the interest of both countries, it is a general expectation of the international community. we hope the united states can make an effort with china to .oordinate both sides must meet each other halfway. >> investors do not like the rarampinupup of trade tensions. it meaeans higher cost for business.. markets have not responded negatively to the hike. major indices in europe seeing gains so far. that includes the dax and ftse. we saw a similar story in asia. japan's nick ayers -- japan's nikkei finished down. exexpecting aere ac
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hi.. there will be closer talklks in washington to see if there will bebe a s sign of a breakthrorou. emmanuel macron is set to meet wiwith mark zuckererberg. fire fromomer regularsrs and lawmamars. they look at some of the issues over the summit. >> they prepare to meet once more in paris. what has changed since their rendezvous a year ago. they will meet to discuss tackling hate speech online while balancing concerns of protections of freedom of speech. the findings will be presented friday. they have admitted the need for greater oversight. on the agenda, issues less
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welcome for facebook. the company is facing pushback's in europe. modeled after a german law that imposes a fine of 4% if illegal content is not removed. legislation is also likely up foror debate. >> a conontroversial reform m fm emmanunuel macronn hasas hit a setback. the constitutional council has given green light to a referendum over the privatization of the airport system.. the government thought to privatize the company in an initiative slammed by unions. privatization opponents need signatures from the electorate
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to move forward. the finance minister said they will delay plans as the voting process plays out. is never a bad thing to take your time when one is faced with an economic project of this importanance. day, it is thehe french people we are representing. they have not seen what it can represent. >> thehe wororld's richest man s gearing up for his next adventure, commercial flights to the moon. jeff bezos unveiled a mockckup f lander called bluemoon. space policy is something they can agree on.
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it is the policy of the administration and the united states of america to return americanan astronauts to the m n in the next five years. i love this. it is the right thing to do. for those of you doing the , that is 2024. we can help meet that timeline because we startrted three yeaes ago. it i itime to go back to the moon to stay. coopeper is setet to -- uber is set to makeke its debut on wawal reetet. some major questions linger over their future. anticipated most share sale of the year. uber is going public. giant,lready a global
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posting 90 million users a month. at companan has been valued $82 billion. is on the low end. has lost 27% of its price. there are questions over uber's practices that will not go away. drivers lack basic protections and protests across u.s. cities are a regular site as workers struggle to make ends meet. it is not just drivers. it has mattered little to investors who bebelieve fufuture profits will outweigh current
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losses. will see iffber's it can match the scale of its ambition. >> and iconic toy store is changing hands. mley'ses has been -- ha itsbeen best known for flagship store in regent street but has 27 shops across the u.k. and 1000 franchise outlets. it is the oldest boy retailer. it is pointing to the uncertainty of brexit as the uncertainty of its difficulties. >> it was a magnificent haven. thank you for that update. some of the top stories. we will shift to south africa, where the ruling -- is on course
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to take victory. on the latest results, the party is getttting less support than in the previous poll five years ago. the -- take a look at the rise to power. >> it was the dawn of the new era. nelson mandela was walking free in south africa was taking its first steps intoto a democratic future. therers later, it seems reputation no longer matters as much as its ability to govern. >> i hope they give us jobs.
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the distributions of resources, i feel it should be a --. the losses are start, with the amc losing out in its elections. africans were becoming fed up, not just with the party seemed -- the party scene mired in corruption. they spectacularly failed to live up to the role. were markedn power by scandals over abuse of power and a huge economic slowdown. >> in came -- and we saw this
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phenomenon. ecstatic be considerations. this is a new anc..
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