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tv   DW News  LINKTV  May 24, 2019 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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♪ >> this is "dw news" live from berlin. britain's prime minister says she had no choice but to quit. theresa may will resign on june 7. her failure to deliver brexit nearly three years after the u.k. referendum sealed her fate. also coming up, it is day two of voting in european elections. some 400 million are eligible to cast their ballot, but turnout in the czech republic is said to be low. voters care more about issues close to home than developments
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in brussels. and sealed with a kiss. after a 30-your struggle, taiwan becomes the first place in asia to legalize same-sex marriage -- after a 30-year struggle. thank you for joining us. the outgoing british prime minister, theresa may, says she will always regret failing to secure a deal for the u.k. to leave the european union. she announced she will resign on june 7, almost three years after the british voter to exit from the bloc. she was unable to get a deeply divided parliament to back her withdrawal deal. >> i will shortly leave the job that has been the honor of my life to hold.. the second female prime minister was certainly not the last -- but certainly not the last. i do so with no ill will but
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with enormous and enduring gratitude to have had the opportunity to serve the country i love. >> and emotional end to a turbulent time at the top. theresa may came to power promising a brexit deaeal and spent over a a year negotiating one. >> i have done everything i can convincing impey's to back that deal. sadly i could not do so. i tried three times. >> so-called brexit fatigue has many voters resigned to what comes next or just fed up. >> it does not change the numbers. it does not change the mess we are in. even if we get a program exit prime minister, what are they going to do you can >> i think it is about time that we get a leader that is going to deliver what people voted for. >> may's difficulties were
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compounded by infighting within her own party. boris johnson was one of her greatest tormentors and is now considered the candidate most likely to succeed her. whoever becomes pm will face difficulty from the brexit party. the brand-new group has a wide lead in polls for the european parliament. >> you want brexit, you've got to vote for brexit. we did o once and they ignored , so we got to tell them again. this time, they need to realize that it's not just the votes we get today but what we might get in the general election that will cost them their jobs. >> may list in the coming weeks preparing to pass brexit on to whoever is lucky or unlucky enough to get her job. >> the announcement -- nowhere was the announcement watched more closely than in brussels. did her resignation come as a
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surprise? >> not at all. i think other eu leaders, all of them politicians themselves, may have been more surprised if she tried to hang on past this point. we have heard time and agagain that she was likely to resign. there have been other announcements that tomorrow will be the day theresa may announces her resignation, as she has been called on to do by her own party, by her own parliamentarians. ii don't think anyone was surprised. >> how did it go down among eu leaders? >> let's not forget that other eu leaders would like nothing more than for brexit to be called off. the departure of theresa may by no means makes it more clear what the u.k. is going to do. they want clarity, and with her leaving and nobody having any idea who is coming in next, it makes the situation even more uncertain. that is what is bad for the eu side as well. we heard president macron coming
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out and saying we urgently need a clarification of what the u.k. is going to do while chancellor merkel sounded a bit more calm and saying what we really need to do is ensure that the process goes ahead in a smooth way. let's listen to her. >> brisson's departure from the euroropean union is a majojor turning point -- b britain's departure. regardlessss of what happens now in britain, the german government will contntinue to me every effort to achieve a good partnership with the u.k., and orderly exit, and good cooperation in the future, and i hope that we are successful in that. >> it does very much raise the question -- how does this change of leadership in london affect the brexit process? >> that depends completely on the u.k., but the eu wanted to get out earlrly today and make clear to whoever is in the running to succeed theresa may that they should not think that
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they are going to reopen negotiations with the other eu 27. we heard a statement from european commission president jean-claude juncker that says theresa may was a courageous woman and basically, now let's get on with brexit. asked time and again at the daily briefing of those a chance that negotiations would be reopeneded, the spokesperson sad absolutely not. we've got our agreement. it has all been approved. basically, brussels would like to see someone step up and take theresa may's place and somehow get this deal through the british parliament so brexit can move ahead on the basis of the withdrawal agreement that has already been agreed. >> looking at the reality of british politics, the new prime minister could very well be a hardline pro-brexit tier -- pro-brexiteer. with the european union except the reality of a possible no deal brexit? >> that possibility has always
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been there and it is not up to the eu side. as far as they're concerned, there is a deal and it is simply up to the u.k. to accept it. while eight no deal brexit may look more likely and we even see some of these potential candidates running on the promise of a no deal brexit, again, brussels is just going to be sitting here waiting for the u.k. to tell them what it wants to do. >> thank you. the announcement from the british prime minister comes as a key eu election has gotten under way. voters in the netherlands and britain have already cast their ballots. voting in the czech republic has taken place today and on saturday amid turmoil in czech politics. many voters are more worried about what is happening at home than development in europe. >> those working at prop voting stations are not expecting a huge onslaught of voters. only 18% voted in the last european election, second only
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to slovakia with its 13% turnout. turnout is not expected to be much different this time around. >> people do not think the european election is important, unlike national or local elections. >> i'm not going to vote. i don't want to hear it anymore. they have all disappointed me. no vote for me. >> czech politics is getting turbulent. protesters have been demonsnstrating weaklyly againse prime mininister. they fear judicial independence is under threat and hope brussels will respond, but the prime minister has the best chance of victory. he's been campaigning against brussels in supermarkets. he claimed czechs are being treated as second-class europeans because the foodstuffs sold here are of poor quality. and a campaign video, he says, "we are not the trash bin of europe." the pirate party could become
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the second strongest party in czech republic politics. they message against strong cliques is going well with young voters. most member states will be voting on sunday, including germany, but the election campaign run by angela merkel's conservatives has come under pressure from an unexpected source. a group of the youtube influencers. this group of young people are not normally known for politics, but they are so worried that they have called on voters to boycott germany's main parties and vote forifferent ones instead. it started with a video posted by a young music producer. the whole thing has shaken the popolitical establishment. what is this video statement all about? >> this is a big deal happening in germany.
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this so-called youtube influencer talked about climate change, education, war -- all these major issues, accusing the government of angela merkel, even their junior coalition, the centnterleft here in germany, oa sickly failing them, failing their future and things going in the worst direction under their rule. now we have this statement that focuses just on climate change, bringing together more than 80 youtube stars to get young people awake and aware and out to vote in the sunday's european elections. we have a clip of it here. >> [speaking foreign language] >> [speaking foreign language] >> [speaking foreign language]
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>> [speaking foreign language] >> [speaking foreign language] >> [speaking foreign language] >> [speaking foreign language] >> so, no cdu, no csu -- those are angela merkel's parties, these establishment parties whoo have been ruling germany for years. many of f these youtubers and their audience, for almost their entire lives. they have really only known angela merkel and only known the conservatives and their message is you have failed us, for sake in us, given up on our future, especially by not tackling climate change. in fact, making things worse. they accuse them of being in bed with major companies and major polluters. >> we're talking about 80
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youtube influencers across germany calling on young peoplpe to essenentially not v vote forr these parties. how big of a deal is this for these parties? >> social media does not play traditionally a huge role in german politics like you might see in the united states or the u.k. or other domestic democracies, so the fact that it has caused such a huge uproar among establishment parties trying to figure out how to respond and that it has 8 million views is a big deal. the fact that these youtube stars are not known for their politics. they are entertainers. they put up silly videos and get a few hundred thousand views now and then. now they have completely changed tracks to deliver a serious message on politics to their very young viewers, many of whom might be too young to vote, and the hope is that they might influence their parents or
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grandparenents who might more likely be voting to vote for their future because it is the young people who will have to live with the effects of climate change where older people, pensioners might not be around for it. what they are seeing here may be the beginning of a political awakening when it comes to climate change, which is something that established parties like to talk about as being a good thing, but as we see now in the case of angela merkel's cdu, they might be careful what they wish for. >> do yoyou think this will have an impact? >> we have seen polls favoring the greens, the party of climate change, and although this particular video does not advocate for any particular party, they are saying climate change should be your number one issue in going to the polls. >> thank you so much. how are conservatives in germany reacting to this call from youtubers to boycott their
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party? dw asked the man who is running to become president of the european commission. >> it has been an eventful day in europe but also in germany. there's a new youtube video out were dozens of youtubers are calling on young people not to vote for conservative social democrats, basically, the established parties, but also putting into that bracket the far right afd. you did not mention that during the event today. what do you make of this? >> my interest is to care about the interest of the european dream, and we are strongly in favor of strengthening the economic strength of europe, the turkey question, that i'm not in favor of turkey jojoining the european union. it is open to debate and there is n no doubt about this. we are in a free democrats
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society. >> but your own union has been struggling in the past days to get to grips with the message and the sheer numbers of several million people listetening to youtubers. do the conservatives have a problem and actually addressing that kind of debate? >> the european parties are doing campaigning. we are o out of the street. we have hundreds of thousands of members inside of our party going out in the streets and telling people please go to vote . the result is the result. it is the democratic way. what i want to work for and fight for is democratic rule. everybody is allowed to position themselves via youtube, via media, whatever in which way, but finally, people decide. that is what we respect. >> we have learned that theresa may is due to stand down.
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what kind of impact do you expect that to have on the vote on sunday? >> the decision of theresa may is again a signal of uncertainty. who have no idea about the future but only want to destroy the european ideal. that is the outcome of that is why my main message is having brexit in mind, do not follow the populace. try to strengthen thosose who bebelieve in e europe and want o reform europe. draw up a new chapter of europe. that is what i want to do. >> as we heard a little earlier, the climate crisis is one of the biggest issues driving young voters. on friday, hundreds of thousands of students took to the streets around the world to demand action against global warming. they skipped school to press political leaders to do more. it is the second globally coordinated school strike for the climate. >> what do we want?
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>> climate action. >> when do we want it? >> now. >> they are demanding more action on climate change now. >> we are wanting the government to declare a climate emergency. >> why should we wait until the is more of a problem when we can see it's a problem now? >> in germany, there were similar scenes. thousands of schoolchildren gathered in berlin. as european elections get under way, students are demanding european politicians do more to protect the climate. >> i would like to see all political groups of the newly elected european parliament across party lines actually put climate policy on the agenda. >> a few months ago, fridays for
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future started with one person in sweden. now it is a global movement and governments around the world have realized a have to take the protests seriously, but according to the students, there's still room for improvement. >> it is an extremely important issue and has to be implemented. it is a project we actively have to go through with. >> a worldwide climate strike is planned for the 20th of september when people of all ages are expected to join the fight for climate protection. these young protesters really have succeeded in bringing climate change onto the agenda, especially right now in the middle of the european elections. many of them are not 18 years old yet. they cannot go to vote, but they want to influence the adults around them, and that has been happening. >> antiterrorism authorities are investigating an explosion in a french city. president macron has described
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the incident as an attack. the blast happened in a busy pedestrian street in the center of the city. at least 13 people were injured. none of the injuries are said to be life-threatening. french police are searching for a suspect who was caught on camera leaving a suitcase at the scene shortly before the blast. let's get a round up of other stories making news around the world. u.s. president donald trump has announced he is sending 1500 troops to the middle east to beef up defenses against iran. the move comes after the pentagon said that iran was waging a campaign in the region and was directly responsible for a tax on oil tankers in the gulf earlier this month. hollywood producer harvey weinstein has reached a provisional deal to settle multiple civil cases against him for sexual misconduct. the deal is reportedly worth $44 million, but it has not yet been signed. weinstein also faces criminal charges including rape. indian prime minister narendra modi is holding talks and a forming a new cabinet and
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setting a date for his inauguration. the latest election results indicate that a landslide victory has given his hindu nationalist party and even bigger majority. kenya's high court has upheld a ban on same-sex relations. the ruling is a huge setback for lgbt activists who have fought for the law to be changed. the legislation dates back to the british colonial era and makes homosexual acts punishable with up to 14 years in prison. it is a different story in taiwan, which has made history by becoming the first place in asia to legalize same-sex marriage. dozens of couples have celebrated by tying the knot, but the battle for equal rights is far from over. >> a historic day for taiwan, sealed with a kiss. these couples are among the very first to tie the knot on the day the island's landmark decision to legalize same-sex marriage came into force. taiwan became the first place to legalize same-sex marriage in
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asia. it is a momentous day many couples have been waiting a long time for. >> today i can candidly tell everyone in front of so many people that we have gotten married. we are homosexual. i feel that we are so lucky. >> hundreds of couples have been seizing the first opportunity to tie the knot. some 300 pairs are expected to register today. this registration office in the capital, taipei, was packed. it is the culmination of a three-decade fight for a quality. the weddings came a week after lawmakers voted to legalize gay marriage. the new law still contains restrictions not placed on heterosexual couples, including that same-sex couples can only currently adopted their partner's biological children, but gay rights groups say they are willing to accept this
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partial equality in hopes of winning more rights later. >> there is still no sign the boeing 737 max passenger jet will return to the skies. it was pulled from service following two deadly crashes. regulators from around the world met on thursday to discuss the future of the grounded aircraft. more and more airlines are seeking compensation, and for boeing, the costs are piling up. >> stranded on the wet tarmac. nobody knows exactly when the boeing 737 max will be allowed to carry passengers again. thursday's gathering of regulators in texas reached no official conclusions. there may at least be some signs things are moving in the right direction for boeing. sources with the u.s. federal aviation administration say the 737 max's return to service could be approved as soon as late june. that does not mean other regulators around the world will all of. what will not come as any
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comfort to boeing is the growing list of airlines seeking compensation for having their shiny new planes grounded or delivered late. china's cararers are thehe latet to make their demands, 10 in total. analysts on chinese state media say the airline will try to keep thinings friendly. >> for one thing, the chinese aiaiines mustt start flying a substitute for the max model in its fleet. i think both sidedes will make their efforts to settle this dispute t through negotiation rather t than l ligation oror arbitration. >> china's airline association says the grounding will cost them more than 500 million dollars by the end of june even if the claims do not end up in court. boeing's problems look set to roll on even after passengers are back on board. >> for the first time in
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germany, doctors have delivered babies born to mothers with transplanted uteruses. neither mother could have given birth without the procedure. >> a groundbreaking birth for germany. this is the first baby to have gestated in a transplanted uterus. the end of a decade-long psychological and physical journey for the mother. she was born withohout a uterusr vaginana. two and a half years ago, her own mother donated her uterurus. since then, she had to take medicine to make sure her bodydy did not t reject the new womb. her eggs were artificially insemiminated using her husban's sperm, so the baby is genetically her own. a professor at the university of tubingen has researched the topic for 16 years. critics say the procedure is ethically dubious or worse. >> wanting to become a mother
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and have children is a completelyly natural need, and since surrogacycy is not possibe in germany, the uterus transplant was the only choice we had. >> i think it is problematic to do everything medidically posose to fulfill the desire to bear children because there is simply no life-threatening disease here. we should really be more cautious. >> t the researchers nowow wanao gain more experience and soon create a uterus transplantation center. >> there is a big weekend ahead in motorsports. formula one's flagship race, the monaco grand prix, takes place sunday with a special tribute for the racer who died this week . it is also the indy 500, north america's big event. the new kid on the block has its latest race, formula e. the series using only electric cars again in 2014 and has been
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growing in popularity ever since. one fan of electric powered race is 2016 formula one champion niko ross berg. he talked about how it differs from a fossil fuel held race. >> formula one is the gladiator sport, the ultimate motorsport. formula e is the technolology of the future, where carmakers develop their electric motors. itit is much more relaxed. itit's easy foror families to gt close to the race. it's not as noisy, so it's much more child friendly.y. alsoso the race comes to the people because it's in the city, so it is easier for people to come along, so they are very different beasts. of course, formula one is still king. >> a reminder now of our top story we are following for you -- british prime minister theresa may has announced she will resign as leader of party . that comes after heavy criticism
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from within her own party after she failed to get support for her brexit deal. theresa may will stay a caretaker prime minister until a new leader is chosen. that process could take several weeks. we will have more news coming up for you on our show "the day." you can always get the latest on our website,, or you can follow us on twitter. thank you for watching. ♪
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. it's ten pm herere in paris -- it's time now for a catch up on our headlines thihis evening on live from paris. a suspected bomb attack on a pedestrian street in the french city of leone has left at l lea. thirteen people injured we'll bring you all the latest up from france the second biggest city. country set may has finally announced her depeparture timetablee from downing street the british prime minister is set to step aside as leader. of the conservative party on the seventh of june but she will stay on as prime minister. until a successor is chosen. i'm donald trump announces that one thousand five hundred extra troops are to be sent to the middle east in the context of rising tensions with the right


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