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it's ten pm herere in paris -- it's time now for a catch up on our headlines thihis evening on live from paris. a suspected bomb attack on a pedestrian street in the french city of leone has left at l lea. thirteen people injured we'll bring you all the latest up from france the second biggest city. country set may has finally announced her depeparture timetablee from downing street the british prime minister is set to step aside as leader. of the conservative party on the seventh of june but she will stay on as prime minister. until a successor is chosen. i'm donald trump announces that one thousand five hundred extra troops are to be sent to the middle east in the context of rising tensions with the right .
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hello and thanks foror watching france twenty four now we start to this addition -- in leone for anan explosion took placet five ththirty p pm local time on friy thirteen people are reported to be injured. after that explosion which was allegedlyy called by a parcel bobomb left at an intersection n the city center no according to french daily le monde. amman who was seen on a bicycle dropping off that parcel is now being sold by the police said the anti terrorist police have been alerted. one burnell has all the details. panic in leon as part of france's third largest city went into lockdown after an explosion in the city center. police quickly cordoned off the area after the suspected bomb attack happened around five
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thirty local time outside a bakery. french president emmanuel my clone named it an attack during a live interview on the olympian electitions. you know there has been an attack in leon.. i think everyone is aware as i've just seen many comomments d messages from people were rightly worry suki sukii beside you and i'm not able to tell you exactly how it happened a and yu me -- but at this stage of their sentence to be no casualtieies t the end of the day some people have been injured and i want to send my thoughts to them and their family base it off of me. sources say a man leftt a packae filled with screws -- falls in front ofof a bakakery on the cor of two popular streaks. searching for partially masked suspect on a bicycle. according to local newspapers one of the injured with an eight year old girl. now for more on that story we're joined in studio by y fancy fore emmett james said. hi am i what have you been seeing in terms of reactions on online or at the latest on yes it's a talking mule absolutely
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well as we still don't know i guess. nine days i think office. at well the french president was very quick touchy label this an attack which is unusual. for overseas to be quite so unequivocal so quickly as we saw in that report he was giving an interview on you cheap. and it was less than an hour after that explosion happened that he did go ahead and call it an attack he stopped short of calling it a terror attack -- but tonight she has tweeted again about this saying that he is thinking of those wounded by the explosion in the old and the families affected by the violence that befell their radishes in the street. and to all the leone the people who live in new york at we are at your site hee says and it really is yet more proof -- silently as a france needed at that these kind of attacks can happen anywhere it's a very ordinary pedestrianized street the calling that you could see anywhere. in this country now of course the size of a terror investigation i am the explosion happened outside this cafe bakery brioche doorway very well
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known at bridal chain of them face. and although it was witnesses say aloud lost it was not very powerful say reading the any damage that it did was to smash a few windows as you can see the broken glass in these in this photograph. and it did of course -- cools injuries but not serious ones thankfully how wet we we can imaginine fivive thirty pm on a friday the streets are easy to say this it's it's heading into the weekend it centrally owned lovely pedestrian as part of the city i'm. very familiar with us and you can imagine that there would be a lot of people in the streets very much said this was intended to maximize injury it was a very cynical attack. because this homemade bomb was packed with nails screws and bolts side the intention was that to maim and cause injury to as many people as possible. very heavy police presence in leon ever since that happened of course police urging people to avoid the area -- one controlled explosion has been carried out by bomb disposasal expert sincee now have t this one imagege of y
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grgrainy apple quality image of the man believed you have left the back -- having gone through on his bike he s set the bagag n a couple o of minutes later the explososion hapnedd w we can't really seeee m much other than s got his face covered he's wearing a black top and ligight colored s shorts. and chrisistoph castaneneda -- tweeteted thatt h he wanted t te ofof the couountry to really stp secucurity espspeclly f for any- events sporting c cultural or reliligious and he hasas j just arrived -- i in l leonte per nit busting to hear from him. and there is of course huge security with his arrival at this image from our local newspaper journalist fool -- distributed leo at shows a sniper actually positions at ready to keep an eye on everything that's happening in the streets that. i'm also security elsewhere and leon at sheeran is still going ahead with his concert fifty two thousand people expected to attend. certainly they will have stepped up -- the security for that one
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i one anything tonight which is a very good news for those in the area. is that this -- it's not been confirmed the bomb did not contain any kind of toxic substance so it is only those already injured who are likely to feel the ill effects of this up lost. and we'll findd those on n this- foforces in n the a area all urg people not to spreread rumors or fakeke knees i unfortunately whn these k kind o of thingsgs happn socialal media does tend to be a hot bed of people just wanting to get attention -- and stale -- jing people to make it easier basically on the emergency services and those investigatin. at by not spreading false news on social media. okay i'm a james thanks a lot for those -- first i suppose that reactions and insights into what's been going on at this evening in the note the writing has been on the wall for some timeme but on friday the moment finalllly camee after. succccessive failures to get her on popopular breaks a plan approved by y parliament to rean may i set a date to go mrs mate
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said she would step down as leader of the conservative party on the seventh of june.. and d then as prprime ministerre a replacement has been chosen let's take a listen. to an emotional trees in may making the announcement. all politics may be on the straight. there is so much that is good about this country. so much to be proud of soap box to be optimistic about. i will surely leave the job which is being the owner of my life to hold. the second female prime ministe. but certainly not the law. i do so with no ill will. but with enormous hunting during gratitude. to attach the opportunity. to serve the country i doubt. we can cross not allowed to london and roberts hazel a constitutional expert at university college. london at robert thanks for
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talking to us on france -- twenty four and we just saw three so may they're making the announcement of her departure and emotional treats in may. many observers would say her tenurere has b been disastrously divivisive and inconclclusive. how do you think she will be remembered by history? i'm afraid she'll be remembered for a new one thing which is backstage. and her failure to deliver brexit. although she began with high ambitions to tackle. alll sorts of other social and economic issues -- i had time in office is being completely dominated. by her attempts to deliver brexit. and in the last year or so her failure to do so. as a constitutional experts. where do you now we see the whole break the question and indeed the constitutional question? going. for that for the u. k. i would from this point forward are we are we l looking nowow am
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a greater likelihood for a hard break that for example. i think we are -- because they problems facing her successor whoever that is [inaudible] our that. there isn't -- any clear majority in parliament. for any form of brexit. older -- had to reason may. started. at the beginning. to try to establish. what kind of brexit parliament might improve? she might have found it [inaudible] less difficult. then reaching out to the opposition parties. right at the end of her term just in the last few weeks and months. but anyway -- that's not out in the past. the parliamentary arithmetic hasn't changnged -- and so. both parties are deeply divided. it will be very difficult for
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the next prime minister to crofter former brexit which parliament might agree. to it's likely joining the conservative leadership election campaign. that -- candidates. will say very strongly. that which they are willing to contemplate no deal if they can't get a better deal. with a view to trying to strengthen their arms in seeking to renegotiate. the deal with the european unio. but in so doing. they risk increasing the likelihood of us sending. leavingg the european union with no deal. where does not leave britain then in terms of this is being called brags of spoport of coure it's realllly more -- it's not necessarily including -- that that the scottish question the northern irish question. where will this leave to the u. k. constitutionally i mean are we looking us almost that the certain fragmentation -- of of
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the united kingdom if if if we do go towards a heart brings it. well. i don't think it's necessarily certain but again it increases the likelihood. if we do have a hard brexit -- with a very severe economic consequences that would entitle. and also rememembering.. that scotlanand and northern ireland. ththey should to remain with any you not to leave. so a heart breaks it undoubtedly increases the prospects of a sesecond independence r referenm in scotland --- and the difficulties associated with the border in non and increase certainly the risk of f tension. possibly a return to the troubleses. which we haven't with a. g. ass in northern ireland. between the nineteen sixties and the nineteen nineties. and it increases the possibilit.
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of a referendum in nortrthern ireland --- whihich thehey calla board of total. by which they mean a referendum on whether the north of ireland should be reunited with the south the republic about. just one question to finish with and robert before before we go where where do you see things in a couple of months time we're we're we're we've we're we're right in the middle of the e. u. elections as well which of course could change - -- the situtuation quite fundamentallys well in europe -- vis a vis at the political stance -- but at least it in in the coming months and yearsrs towards that wherero you see things going in the next couple of months can you give us a sense of how. you view the near future in terms of break this on to the you. well to resume has announced she was done done. as conservative party leader onn ththe seventh o of june. so that's just in two weeks tim. the conservatative party leadership election will then take place [inaudible]
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because please select to root for the new leader of the conservative party. of the one hundred and twenty thousand also members of the conservative party. most of whom support brexit. and many of whom support a hard brexit. the likelihood is that the next leader. will. be certainly. a brexit yeah. and probably a heartbreak sitea. who will therefore go back to the european union? and try to negotiate a harder for brexit. so i can see big tensions because the european union has made it quite clear. in the last few days. that the withdrawal agreement. is concluded it's been signed by the british government. and they didn't wish to reopen that quite understandably. so i think we see our question lots of tensions ahead. between the new prime minister and the european union. and the european union is
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rightly fearful. last the new prime minister. is quite disruptive within the european union so long as the uk remains a member state. which we will certainly until the thirty first of october at the earliest. okay robert his resolve to leave it there thank you for your call sir. robert he's a constitutional expert at university college london. now at speaking of european elections they're taking place as we speak here at the continued on friday in a process that is set to take four days in total. irish voters cast their ballots after campaign domination by concerns over neighboring britain's. messy bid to leave the block the czech republic also began their voting at which is to last into saturday. eurosceptics are hoping for strong results across the continent but the momentum took an early hits our production example on thursday suggested pro p. u. parties. are headed for a surprise when they're at the netherlands and britain kicked off the voting
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process. on t thursday. no prisoners rights group in venezuela says twentnty three inmamates have didied aftfter gs opened fire to subdue an uprising the jail is in the central state. of portuguesa at some three hundred fifty kilometers from the capital caracas. a spokesman far venezuelan president at the venezuelan prison observer treat said eighteen guards were also injured. in friday's clash venezuelan authorities have not commented on the incidence of venezuela is in the throes of an historic crisis marked by shortages of food and medicine. that is driving millions to flee the country critics say about thirty prisons spread across i have been his weight are severely overcrowded. one thousand five hundred additional us troops are to be sent to the middle east amid heightened tensions with around the us president donald trump. made the announcement said on friday saying that their role would mostly be a protective want. a trump has in recent weeks alternated between tough talk.
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towards iran on a more conciliatory message insisting he is open to negotiations with the islamic republic let's take a listen to him speaking at the white house earlier. well what i've rejection of the middle east for going to be sending a relatively small number of troops mostly protective. and some very talented people going to the middle east right now. i will see how. i will see what happens -- it'll be about fifteen hundred people. the strait of formosa which is the world's most important oil archery has been at the heart of tensions between washington. and tehran in recent history at its narrowest point ship sponsored through iranian and omani walters but the us says it these are internationonal waters from three for somee shanti taks a look at why this passage whose maritime ownership i is contestd by the dififrent players.
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why this passage is so significant let's take a look? the strait of hormuz is one of the world's key maritime passages. this narrow stretch of water connects the indian ocean with the punch in gulf. it says that you three kilometers wide at its narrowest point but the shipping made itself. is just three kililometers one n either direction. despite its narrowness the reaches deep enough for some of the world's. largest oil tank. why is this through to the central mounting tensions between washington and tehran? well f firstly the strait of hormuz separates around from the united arab emirates and oman. to countries that have strong defense connections with the united states and saudi arabia. it seems that the united states in particular i is looking at te stars of hormones as a site -- for increasing pressure on iran by highlighting -- iranian
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activities and that's area thus far alleged to be a against all. so the targets for example or are you a u. targets it's also one of the world's most crucial transport groups for oil. in fact 30% of the world's crude oil flows through this water away [inaudible] approximately seventeen million barrels per day. meanwhile the passage is also a vital route for liquid natural gas from qatar. one of the world's largest explosions. this is why transit through the strait of hormuz is based as security a and ann ecoconomic ie and it's seen plenty of tension. despite rising tensions between the united states and iran it doesn't look like either side wants to and to our hop confrontation with one another at least not directly. what is more likely is thatt their allies -- proxies in the middle east region applauds mice and so some sort of escalated
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confrontation perhaps in a place like syria everything is including in twenty twelve twenty eighteen and again now i. twenty nineteen iran has threatened to close the straight especially in the event of a white conflict kind of a blockade. would d send oil prices skyrocketing i think taking the steps would be rather extreme on part of iran and therefore i c - to declarations about the whole to war -- is beginning and i don't think that at the moment - any -- country in the region is interested in this kind of escalation. the us saudi arabia on that analyzed for that part of previously conducted naval drills in the stretch of porsch. divorce they deployed carriers and boneless haas forces to share their willingness and ability. to hit was on the go
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public. now in the second major international climate march students all over the world -- skipping class in a coordinated effort to bring attention to climatat change organizers e ex. at the fridays at protests around the world will surpass. at the more than one point six million people who took part in the first global climate strike last march this time round demonstrations have been planne. in more than one thousand six hundred pounds in one hundred and twenty five different countries in brazil alone i there were. fifteen at there were protests in fifteen different cities against president tire paulson hours environmental policies which have seen. xcelerated deforestation. erin okay takes a look at the day's events across the globe. she's barely tall enough to reach the top of her banner. but neither her stature nor her age of preventing greta tune burke from inspiring a growing global movement of young activists. on fririday june bergen along wh hundreds of thousands of school
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children on six continents walked out of their classrooms to urge their governments to act on climate change. and then again at the facility of the older generations as it pertains to the climate crisis. will in the future probably be seen as the worst betrayal of them all. but there's still time to put things right and that is why we are here today that is why we will continue being here as long as needed and believe me it's going to take time. from syria to india from new zealand to paris their unified message was clear. younger generation stand to suffer most from rising global temperatures. but as it is young people are well positioned to respond to this problem and so we're going to do what we can to act to make up for the inaction of the generations before our eyes. we want the government to wake up we can act individually but that's not enough. nothing's changed so we're here because we have to show in
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numbers that we want to save the planet. the young activists insist their impassioned calls to action are based not on youthful idealism but scientific evidence. last march specialist said to you when hearing warms the world now just has eleven years to prevent and cure reversible climate catastrophe.. okay it's time foror catch up nw on all the business news with that cool standard cleaning coal and gems now you're starting with the market reactions. to treat them as announcement that she's going -- in what we have to wait and see exactly the date but she's are stepping down as conservative -- on the seventh and soon after right now businesses and investors do not like uncertainty and the situation in the u. k. is as uncertain as ever. country is slated to leave the european union on october thirty first but it's not clear under what circumstances brexit will take place. wiwith the deal are without a dl it's not clear who will even be prime minister five months from now. at the source of frustration for
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business leaders many repeated calls on friday for a clear an ordered departure from the e. u. your bank could and would morgan of the institute of directors a prominent lobby. no deal remains a significant and growing concern for businesses and not cannot be wished away whoever is in power. when companies in the country needs serious considered decision making we have pantomime instead? we would ask for politicians to swiftly come to a solution which provides for a smooth and it is possible but that feels like a vain hope. at the moment. now the town has been all over the map on friday after that announcement from theresa may. sasank earlier inn the day after boris johnson a front runner to replace may said the u. k. could leave the e. u. with the no deal brexit. later stabilize trading up at about a dolollar and twenty seve centnts. wallll street finished the day with somome modest gains meanwhe the dow up about four tenths of 1%. investors reassured by us president donald trump suggesesting an end to the country's trade war with china
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on thursdayy still. doubt now registering its fifth straight w weeks of losses as lg as negative streak eight years. in all the major european indices a all finished the day ahead. of 1% also driven by hopes thats the e us and china might be lling to r restart negotiations. from his counterpapart teaching paying are slated to meet a at a summit in japan next month. meanwhile facebook is planning to unveil its own crypto currency by early next year. according to reports from the bbc the project is known internally as global coin. never cover about a dozen countries. the idea is to allow users to make payments to one another without having to rely on a bank account. regulators though are likely to apply some screwed needed a currency. based because already come under fire for not securing users privacy worldwide. french retail giant highly has been granted state protection from creditors. holding company owns brands like casino and mona please some of france's biggest supermarkets.
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company currently owes a debt of two point nine billion euros. source of anxiety for investors i will now be off the stock exchange for the time being. isn't occurring bankruptcy though today's move is designed to avoid just that. posted you'll know this procedure has been put into place to avoid significant declines in the casino a and its parent company share prices if you have a very important a klein in the shohop price. that will translate into risks of insolvency the company the concern among investors who no longer want to lend money to this company in the west case scenario. that can result in bankruptcy the guy was that he left a government of lebanon has finally agreed on a new budget. it's not going to please everyone. includes major cuts in public spending cuts the government says are necessary to reduce the country's budget deficit. from eleven to seven and a half percent of gdp. that's cuts are also designed to win approval for eleven billion dollars worth of loans and grants promise from international donors. public sector workers have led strikes over the proposed
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austerity budget. their frustration seem likely to continue into next year. the government's first step is to contain the increase in expenditures in two thousand and nine and hopefully in two thousand and twenty that would be more cuts in expenditures but the focus has been on increasing revenues -- unfortunately some tax increases which is not the ideal solution -- tool -- stimulate economic activity. and finally a friendly gesture from mick jagger and keith richards. they've handed over the rights to the song bitter sweet symphony back to the lead singer of british group the verve. and the dispute and it's back. to nineteen ninety seven at the time the verb asked to sample in orchestral cover version of the rolling stones hit the last tim. but they later the brief video by using a longer than agree to segment. leaving the stones in possession of royalties. and a change going forward according to richard ashcroft of the verb. with the rolling stones late manager who was responsible for much of the dispute.
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no hard feelings though for mick and keith james as crop has thank them both. praising what he calls a magnanimous s gesture. i don't know if i'm not too concerned you want to write a song. and i love that song soundtrack of so much of the east thanks aa lot nicolee and we'll take e a quick
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