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yeah but it is welcome to live from paris world news and analysis from france twenty four i'm margot and these are the headlines. france's far right takes first place in the europeans this is the mainstream parties lose that both world grip on brussels the far right and the greens. the final say make decisions meanwhile t the u. . k. the bret party far outstrips the usual. political suspects. chance the kurds loses a vote of confidence oscars leader is swept aside and the continued fallout of the video scandal in vienna. twewenty four year old french has been arrested over the bomb attack leoeon last week thirty people were injured. devices detononated in front ofa
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three three others also being held. thank you very much for being with us a predicted tidal wave of far right boats didn't quite materialized in the european elections of certain countries those a clear message. as a center right in the center leleft block lostt its overall majority for the first time. who fronts the national rally came top of the pole the present among americans party came a respectable second place? you on the u. k. then use more severe for the mainstream political parties to reason as conservatives jeremy corbin's lay the party badly beaten the clear winner of the night in the u. k.. nigel farage and is newly formed breaks it polity. those british voters for brexit voted for him those for remain chose either the greens let downs. with the other group change u.
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k.. well that's enough for the you in an atmosphere whether a more questions than i thought about how it works what extension should be. is a slap in the new president of the european commission replacing juncal j junker lookig for a straightforward right now. and as a fringe candidate currently ranking outside. he has the support of germany's angle lemarchal. but has failed to convince the likes of french president emmanuel michael forty six year old bavarian man for the fiber trained as an engineer. and has no executive experience and national or easy level he's a candidate the center right e. p. p. group which won the most seats in the new european parliament wants to see elected. commission president there a patient folks but tied the european people's party cannot call itself the shining winner. the more. we will enter the talks in the next few days with humility ob but also with self confidence it isn't a sports but i know that we have achieved a solid results of the arms of the decade miss and that also leads to a claim to leadership. of the european people's party beating your patient expedite out.
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he's up against margaretta press steiger a high profile member of the outgoing administration. a finding of us internet giants for anti trust violations prompted president trump to dub for europe's tax lady. she has the backing of the liberal bloc which is secured just over a hundred seats in the new parliament. weakening any claim to an electoral mandates wakin chau change. by having the first gender balanced commission. because then people can mirror of themselves as who we are. as europeans women and men. making sure that we take action also in the race fifty eight year o old former dutch foreign minister friends timmermans. of the socialist and democrats alliance. he served as outgoing commission president un because depeputy ad laununched you legal challenengs against poland and hungary governments. to win the job he would need the greens liberals and socialists to unite behind him. meanwhile another name is being
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whispered behind the scenes sixty eight year old frenchman and e. u. brexit negotiator michelle bonnie a of the center right ppp group hasn't declared himself candidates. bought the french president has said he should be considered for the job. another development that in that the e. u. let's take a look at the results that in more detail now 33% of italian voters. cocosts that ballot for the far right matteo seventy the legal party. salvini the controversial anti mike went interior minister vitaly is haley this is part of a far right shiftft. in three of the major you nations france britain and of course. to hear him tell it the election was a triumph for the fall right. not only is the first part in italyy b but also minute then is the first party in france. niger for aj the first pararty n the u. k.. there for italy frane the uk it is a sign of a europe
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that is changing. changing yes but not as radically as salvini had hoped he'd wanted his new populist e. a. p. an alliance to be the second biggest. on t the european statage todayt projected to be the fifth. in its lee and in front sell beanies vision did prove persuasive but from holland to denmark and slovakia smaller members of the alliance didn't make the games they wanted. meaning salvini now needs to reach beyond the e. eight pm blog if he's to have the disruptive influence in europe he so once. i'm confident that the group to leave we will form will have up to a hundred fifty m. e. p.. and we will propose to form a government. such a grand partnership requires of negotiations build some meaning was a destroyer okay is like a than any star gary any game of thrones yes --
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dragons anyway in. everything around the now he has to be you the house okay now is to be liquidation. as the horse trading begins salvini is now expected to reach out to all the right wing blocks as he tries to tells the european parliament. in his favor. european swing to the far right then in a truly snap elections meanwhile thingng called in n ee after thee release of it's a party wasas badly beaten in the european elections. prime minister alexis tsipras probably stung by the austerity policies. to refer over north macedonia. measurement button right after the second round of the local government elections on june the second. i will request immediate national elections from the president of the republic. going to blow this yes the greek people will be the o only ones taking the final decision. without notice to give us. and i see see press the snap elections are called in greece as a result of the yep poor
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performance of his party. in the european elections. moving on the chancellor of austria lost a vote of confidence about dean kutz becomes latest victim of the fallout over the video scandal when his vice-chanancellor's caught on tape offering favor to russians. courts had hoped to use your penalties as a springboardd back to a morore. politically safe place iss not presidining over a a cat take administstration pending nationl actions. i axed off to just eighteen months the best team because was europe's youngest lida now he's among its shortest serving. to a beaming talking about. just a few days ago the aim was to get rid of me as chancellor. such as a tactic makes a certain amount o of sense. but now wanant to topple the whe government just a few months before an election. well this is something i think nobody in the country can understand. his spectacular fall from power comes at the hands of his
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opponents the social democrats. that's simple disco really has deeply surprise me. is that the chancellor. in such a situation. has still to this day not offered one word of apology to the austrian people. you can cash down. to the social democrats led the campaign against because but it was his former allies in the freedom party that ultimately brought him tumbling down. a flat backingng the motion against becauause makining his departure a foregone conclusion. relations soured irrevocably off the because pulled the plug on my right wing coalition. the scandal that brought it down i. b. c. gate videoeo footage fm the spanish island ahmad showing the freedom possibly to the vice chancellor apparently offering favors -- to russian investor. the scandal may have tarnished the fall right brand but it hasn't put voters off because quite the opposite his party picks up 35% in sunday's
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european elections gaining on that twenty seventeen parliamentary results. a court in moscow is upheld extending the rest to twenty full ukrainian sailors seized by russia of crimea last year. to find an international tribunal that a judge that immediate release. russia in the band the fight on and sees three ukrainian navy vessels catching two dozen sailors near the coach straight. try to pass on the black sea to the as oxy it was the first opened militia clash between kiev moscow since twenty fourteen member russia annexed crimea. pro russian insurgents he wrapped it in the east of ukraine. police in front of the rest of the twenty four year old algerian computer students suspected of planting a bomb in leon last week the poem to thirteteen people. mama spotted by security cameras leaving the explosive device with screws and metal bolts packed into a paper bag. and a pedestrian shopping street in the cenentral french city on friday a minute before it exploded. three other people will spend arrested in connection with the case which
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is being treated as a terrorism investigation. off to a three day manhunt police have found the man they believed to be behind friday's a possible in central on amateur footage captured the moment they apprehended the suspect. the twewenty four year old iss n algeririan national and a ninety studentt with a clean policece record. if you earn a best seseing items i saw a person lying on the floor wearing light brown trousers a darker vest you can see. how people think that he was wearing a a foot so i couldn't really see his face but he seems out? a little. they handcuffed him the pick them up and they y put him in te car you know once you. he stopped in hair on board about eva signage just a few kilometers away from the explosion.. they repeportedly called the suspect as he was getting off the bus. the only man jacques coral says the cities of video surveillance cameras with key to the investigation. that the only -- w w found the suspect t thanks to our networkf
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cameras film to give me a lot use use bayay did we saw him on his way towards the mininel neighbhborhood exhililarated ate ththat yeah. and it's how we got to him dealing with issues getting the some two hundred and fifty people -- say came forward with information this ought to police on the public to help. this monday the parents and the brother of the suspects were also detained. friday's explosion w went off oa bubusy pedestrian street in frot of his third biggest city. the low intensity blast left thirteen people with minor injuries. because what you've older mom and so on that's a story for people currently are being held. over that explosion in the last week. next to the row over how foreign jihadists to being treated in iraq since the fall of the islamic state group mustafa muhammad ibrahim begin the fourth french citizen. to be sentenced to death by a bank that called for joining isis the group that once controlled of course large parts of syria and iraq before its defeat. this truck comes as questions swirled about the legal
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treatment of thousands of foreign nationals who formally with the extremist group. sentenced to death the fighting for the islamic state group the baghdadi court says a t thirty seven yeyear old frenchmhman shd face capital punishment for his role in the so called caliphate. the decision comes just a day off to three other french citizens was sentenceded to deah for similar crimes. a lawyer for one of the men s sd the e trial was a sham. the p post on the trials lasted about ten minutes fororach person. they based it only on confessions made e iraqi prisons.. without lawyers we don't know what was said or what happened. france has long insisted that adult citizens accused of being jihadist fighters in iraq or syria should face trial locally refusing to repatriate them. however on monday the french foreign ministry did say that it was doing what it can to persuade iraq to avoid using capital punishment. frances on principle against the
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death penalty anywhere and anytime the french embassy in iraq in particular through its consular services has been doing the necessary to remindnd iraqi authorities. of france's on changing positio. in total there are a dozen and known of french nationals in iraqi custody on suspicion of being jihadist combatants. iraq has tried more than five hundred suspected foreign members of the islamic state group since last year. many were condemned to life in prison and others to death none have yet been executed. the plaintiff a certain french nationals citizens who went. to iraq and syria to fight for the islamic state group. next donald trump's presidential visit to japan may have hit a bump. or lease a significant difference of opinion trump says he's personally not bothered by the recent missile tests carried out by north korea japan this long voice concern about short range misissiles bececause of te threat they pose. to well japan and its security
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shins obvious hosting trumpet for a statate visit full of pageantry and pump and now. the control to see. the win win relationship that's what japan's prime minister and the u. s. p president tape to guess house of donald trump's state visit. trump is and take you to highlight his close ties with chins there laughing all the while threatening to slap crippling tariffs on his his country's car industry. we are working on the imbalance of trade has been a tremendous imbalance so we're working on that and i'm sure t that that t. work outut over peririod of tit. idea mondaday trump announced tt japan would buy one hundred nine five us war planes. for the americans as a step in the right direrection regarding tradede however north korea remains a phony issue on the security front. take care witith angngry at pypyongyang's at latest missile launch. it at the c clinic -- north korea's short range ballistic missile launch on may ninth miley it's united nations
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resolutions and is extremely regrettable. but trump says he's quite not because all the fight that launch the us president did however means relatives of japanese citizens reportedly kikidnappedd by the north korean regime. abbe has made t the up dot t. issue a top priority. the japanese leader is alalso offering to mediate potential dialogue between the us and iran they thing to use his close ties with both countries to ease tensions. abby has rolled out the red carpet for trump the state visit included a meeting and a banquet with japan's and u. m. and empress. donald trump becoming the first foreign head of state to meet the imperial couple. donald trump in that japan. some of the day's bususiness coastal the start of the deal that could shake up the global. auto industry. mark fiat chrysler has proposed a merger with -- no not the deal goes through it would create the world's third largest automaker
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the largest if you count nissan and mitsubishi which are part of an alliance with renault. plan still needs approval from the french automaker but the french government which owns about 15% of the company says it's favorable. now earlier in the day the ceo of fiat chrysler celebrated what might lie ahead [inaudible] also. i hope that the p past ten years we have gone through. yeah which have transformed the fiat and chrysler i into one of the biggest auto makers in the world. will be as manany and asas good. yellow eyes with renault we w wl create t the world's third largt automaker i'm without japanese pop ththat nissan and m mitsubi. the largest in the worldd. now investors have cheered news of thehe potential merger with renault shares j jumping 15% on monday. fiat shares also gained 8% on the italian stock exchange. markets also acting of course to sundays you parliamentary elections ushering results with some modest gainss. but see in london is clue is close monday due to a holiday
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but thee crack on and the dococs in frankford b bh finishining te day ahead. investors breeding a sigh of relief that pro ii you p parties managed to perform relativelely well. auster meanwhile closed for memorial day on monday in the united states. it's not just the e. u. elections that are moving markets though shares traded on the athens stock exchange are on track for their best day in nearly three years. of just over 6%. thursday came after left wing prime minister alexis tsipras called for snap elections on monday. investors evidently favor any opposition new democracy party scene is more pro business. yields on greek government bonds also fell after that announcement from the prime minister that means that more and more investors are buying state bonds assigned confidence in the greek economy. greg has returned to the country after three separate bathroom foreign creditors. but the rigging connie still just two thirds the size it was before the financial crisis in. two thousand eight meanwhile it's the year of the pig in the chinese zodiac counter but it's not been very lucky for the country's pork industry.
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now break an outbreak of african swine flu has devastated china's pick population. millions of animals have died from the disease and calling pushing up prices for pork around the world. again for it has more. in front slices of still see some art culinary delicacy but people will soon be paying more for that pork. the prices of all the switches on we're going to go on first prices to go up to be for this is the song. unfortunately they y may increae by 50%. the increases down to an outbreak of african swine flu in china. the flood of the country's pigs could die from the virus and calling in. twenty nineteen knots around two hundred million animals. and the epidemic is having a knock on effect on the global supply chain. pork prices in france have gone up 24% since early march with the rise of as much as 30% for some ingredients used in making deli meats. like saucy song c cooked ham and dry cured ham eleven a new one
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she wants the chinese demand is high in ordrder to compensate for its losses. so imports are increasing which raises the price of popork. and so the pork cuts used by telling me produces to make the products they sellll. in the pool you can zoom in on the action. swing free first appeared in china last august and has already decimated the pig population. the stream isn't contagious for humans the virus is deadly to pigs. and for now there's no cure or vaccine. china is the world's largest consumer of pork. and the price of the meat good for the sky rocket as a supply titans. ththe worldld's largest retailes facing growing calls to rein in executive pay. two key shareholder advisory groups are recommending votes against compensation plans that walmart just ahead of the company's annual meeting next week. last year ceo doug mcmillon earned twenty four million dollarars most of it tied to walmt stock peperformance.
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that's a little over one thousand times more than median pay for employees. shareholder visor groups say mcmillan's pay is not justified by the company'serformancece. however the rebellion is unlikely to convince a majority of sharehoholders a similarar et last y year garner just 10% support. and finally wall street maybe close to start the week but trading in big coin has not missed a beat. in fact the crypto currency hit its highest level of the year on momonday soaring 9%. price of a single bit coin had an average of eighthty eight hundndred dollars. operating online and without a central bank digital currency has seen renewed interest the past few weeks. still well below its all time peak back in twenty seventeen one big corn could cost you nearly twenty thousand dollars mark still not sure you wanna be rushing to invest in big corn. many critics still warning that it's it's about what. co thank you the advice which i've noted thank you much of a couple that with all the but the script. yeah really straight away you know thanks called all that well good stuff.
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sync your own salary into that one moment. let's move on now james creek on the other side of usus did a god evening to you so hi mark -- obviously run allies in t the european elections and other major trends and it seems that the ball main parties took a real body blood in. the dates i press with everybody sort of claiming to bring a lis. right say they won the dreams of he did very well yes so at the the the kinda different spin on it depending on your perspective but i think what we can conclude is at this headline in the guardian is it this is. one element of an analysis of this coming back again and again french far right. is kind of no confirmed basically is a menu michael's main opposition to view it from through the prism of a french politics but actually. what the guardian pointed out here is that that's not really going of much of an impact on? the people become marcia and their policies the fact that you have at the far right kind of jumping up at the at their heels now or in deeds of one point ahead in the polls. but the fact that the greens scored 13% he will be seen as a major more a warning to amanda mccall you had to his environment minister nicolette - low who quit in fury last using the president was not doing
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enough on the climate crisis. and now because you have so many young voters in particular identifying the climate and the environment is that t when thers one other central concerns -- matt coles i suppose -- maybe not entirely satisfactorory at d say approach to exit climbers and amber at the climbers in c. or his response to it on a domestic level is something that might not have to be looked at as a major. priority at the traditional left right divide is giving way to win the reflects fundamental class conflict that will define the the west in the twenty first century this is about. the new fractures of our emerging the new fracture lines at so julie joan in france however. that would be impacting on things even though they had a group -- that scored very lonely in the election but i suppose the broader trends what you're seeing is working houses whose livelihoods have been hollowed out by globalization pitted against. the socio economic groups who have benefited from much that's a consultant he's speaking to the guardian. at seeing that thehese are. trends of your to stay and to long culture war had the word we're looking out i suppose a
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lot of people see as one of the positive aspects. at in this kind of an emerging culture war dot dot strong vote for green for the for green parties across the across europe this is the daily beast. at josephine and quickly and saying young voters to save the world might just save europe from public populist. not miss and so sing the environment as vital issue we sold surges in at in in in in populist groups bubut also at te time. this these particular part party did very well but then if there was another trying to identify it's the continuing collapse of the traditional parties began to look at the french. an example at the conservative political become party red mark indicates where seats have been lost or votes were lost compare. to twenty fourteen it's just right across the board it's like a it's a very concretely hey mitch of a party hemorrhaging basicallyy. and it's the sasame -- far att t the way it's the same for the socialist party at down here you can see mostly read that those maps on having the socialistt party course of bits of more or less walked on the previous election.
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that's right and so it was here is because it isn't even to the lodge a protest about the way europe is wrong i suppose thatt spawned the shehe's now a days t is certainly and at it some peopople say that some of the major questions r really didn't. get approached in this in this campaign for example at this article here in la moaned at point sites that -- you have you've countries for example mark 412% of bulgarians have never left their country at work in another european country you have 7% of polish role so at working in other european countries you've intra european migration that. got discussed at all because of the broader question of of migration. from i would say the e. you kind of dominating the discussion so because the debate was sort of a often reduced to issues alva onto european. sentiment versus european integration at the actual nuts and bolts of how things are working as a consultant that much of the terms of the the old sort of racist i did a few white you integrate and no one has but if you're not white. then you become a target but maybe so and that's it and i think certain adviser or suit
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losing at a loss a in in entry european migration -- germany and the uk obviously in some ways benefiting from from. this is kind of a side issue in many of us former aa manuaual vs the e former a and prime ministf francece who at was sitting. in for municicipal elections whh were taking place at the same times in barcelona gaze at she rigidly by birth. right kaplan castle and so was somewhat one summer can sing brave move you know european candidacy feel like *-*- this is really showing at what the future of europe could look like with a better but he he he a he we we still got a very. low low score he came in fifth place i would 12% about that did show what the future could look lilike well this is and that in fact it was this piece in a combat lan tick -- just before the election and i think it's on the top and quite there was one quote that sums up quite well his candidacy is a grand gesture one that represents the ideal of the e. u. but in practice. faucets campaign is a living example even a cautionary tale of a all politics is not is local and have that european ideal can be a vague and elusive obstruction he was basically.
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if in france conversing okay good riddance stay there you're not coming back into french politics now and he was getting the same sort of treatment in reverse in the castle on on social media will not people saying you've been partially did in here you don't belong here s. his whole campaign got to focus on making his making the point that he was a just miss sort of kansas i had and you know thought thougught obviously didt frfriends of mine gems of barcelonona what convinced. castle with that sin that's a 12% at just -- finish with this some weird anomalies as well at the animalistic party. yeah i use a nice beagle ass theirr theft that front starts well i suppose it's one concrcre we have a beagle -- so you know we'll see and it's something i suppose on people and maybe three on q. no nothing and i sometimes. and so they got a third of the social party votes just can put things in perspective but they'll get him in the head of flowing fillable the former. right on man of nine to ten to set up his own party the good account on that was. so it's for it's even a little is the you know cats dogs to get experimented on that thing it's one of the salad there are real happiness in life you know.
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i suppose the fillers people to come but the road in the concrete issue that they can feel certain of association was would put people vote that way in t the general election and if in the presidential election with the what they go that when. it's one of these things and it's it's it's the is that with the election. four tho
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